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Chapter 4: Are You Karone?
by : AstroPurple

The girls woke up to an alarm blaring all over the ship. Cassie and Ashley were confused as to where they were for a few seconds. Grumbling they pulled themselves up and dressed. The two met in the hallway.

“Have you got any idea as to what the hell just disturbed my beauty sleep?” Ashley demanded. Everyone knew how mad and cranky she got when she didn’t wake up naturally.

“I have no idea. It sounds like an alarm of some sort. Come on lets check it out on the bridge.” With that Cassie turned and walked off in what she thought was the direction. Ashley unwillingly followed, not wanting to be alone.

Cassie was right the direction they took was the right one. They soon found themselves in a big room with a viewing screen and lots of controls. Alpha 5 was there along with Sirena.

“Oh there you are.” Said Sirena surprised. “I hope the alarm didn’t wake you. You were still asleep when I left.”

“No we were already awake.” Said Ashley. “What’s going on? The alarms are ringing like crazy.”

“Aye yi yi yi yi. Two ships are heading our way. We have no idea whatsoever as to who they are. Plus, we got no response from the Astro Megaship. It seems as though all communications are dead or disconnected.” Alpha said in his funny voice.

“I’m not crazy about unidentified flying objects heading my way.” Called out ACTOM. “They usually put a great, big dent in my shining and new walls. It ruins my image on the babes.”

“Let’s see if we can help.” Said Cassie. She raised her communicator to her lips. “Andros, TJ, Carlos. Come in. Guys do you read me?” All she got was static.

“Let me try.” Ashley offered. “DECA, Alpha. Answer me. Is everything all right? DECA, Alpha. Come in.” Miraculously she got an answer.

“This is Alpha. Yo Ashe, what’s up?” Called out Alpha 6. “We’ve been trying to contact you guys for the last hour.”

“Same with us.” Called out Sirena. “Do you think it’s possible that our communications were jammed?”

“Could have been. Do you detect the ships coming our way?” Asked Alpha 6. “There are two.”

“Duh. Why else would we be trying to contact you. If they put another dent or scratch in me, I will no longer work.” Said ACTOM.

“ACTOM, will you quit it. I know you always end up working in the end. Your threats never hold out.” Teases Sirena.

“Aye yi yi yi yi, I’ve got the ships on the screen. Come and take a look at this. Rangers, the ship shaped like a pyramid is huge. It reminds me of Pyramidas.” Said Alpha 5.

“Idiot, that is Pyramidas.” Said ACTOM to Alpha 5. “Dolt.” ACTOM said afterwards.

“ACTOM, be nice.” Said Sirena. “And apologize to Alpha.”

“Aw man, do I have to?” Wined ACTOM. “I don’t wanna. You always make me do things that I don’t want to.”

Ashley and Cassie couldn’t help but giggle and laugh. They had never heard DECA talk like this. No wonder Sirena never died of boredom. Who could? Obviously an idiot with no sense of humor could.

“Hey, what’s going on over there? I heard fighting, then laughing.” Suddenly Alpha 6’s face was replaced by Andros’.

“Nothing.” Sirena immediately said. “We identified the ships. One is Pyramidas. That’s Trey of Triforia’s ship. He’s the gold ranger. Once a strong ally of the power rangers. Gee I can’t wait to see him.”

* * *

TJ pushed Andros out of the way. “Have you girls been turning Sirena into another valley girl?” TJ asked. He couldn’t help but ask.

All he got was a confused look from Sirena. And another from Cassie and Ashley that said “Drop Dead.”

The two ships came into view and the pyramid linked up with the Galaxy Megaship. Then the smaller one landed in the docking bay. To the rangers surprised the smaller one belonged to the Phantom Ranger. Cassie was ecstatic. Then as if by remote control the Galaxy and the Astro Megaships drew closer and linked together, too. A door opened on the bridge leading to the bridge of the Galaxy.

Carlos, TJ, and Andros walked through to join the girls. Together they walked to the transportation chamber and met Trey and the Phantom.

Trey looked like a normal human only he was wearing robes. He had dark hair and eyes. Ashley thought he was mondo cute. She erased her mind of every love aspect about Andros and replaced them with Trey’s.

“Guys, this is Prince Trey of Triforia, and the Phantom Ranger.” Introduced Sirena.

“Duh, we’ve met the Phantom before. He helped us when we were the Turbo rangers.” Said Ashley.

“And this is Ashley, TJ, Carlos, Cassie, and Andros.” Sirena supplied. “They are the Lightstar Space Rangers. My new teammates.”

Cassie and the Phantom got together again and they wandered off to talk, alone. TJ couldn’t help but wonder if the two would ever tie the knots. It was true, even Sirena could see the electricity between them.

“Sirena, DECA called me an egghead.” ACTOM’s voice came out of no where. “Can I hurt her? Nobody calls me an egghead then gets away with it.”

DECA and ACTOM got into a mega fight and Andros and Sirena left to break them up leaving TJ, Carlos, Trey, and Ashley to get to know each other.

* * *

“DECA, ACTOM, break it up.” Shouted Andros over the quarreling voices. “You guys have got to stop fighting.”

“ACTOM, what did you do now?” Sirena asked. She didn’t need someone to tell her ACTOM had started this.

“Why are you always picking on me.” Whined ACTOM. “You always make it seem as it I did something wrong.”

“It’s like this. ACTOM and I decided to talk some more, but then we got into a fight. He called me an uncaring computer.” Offered DECA.

“ACTOM, say your sorry.” Said Sirena.

“I don’t wanna. She was being mean too, and said I needed to grow up. I’m only a few years younger than she is. Besides, she has to apologize for calling me an egghead.” Protested ACTOM.”

Andros was pretty amused. DECA had never fought with him before like this. Plus ACTOM was whining like a kid. “DECA, you need to apologize to ACTOM for calling him an egghead.” Said Andros sternly.

Both said sorry and made up. After a few seconds of silence, they both started talking again. Andros and Sirena left.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into DECA. She’s never been like this before.” Said Andros after a moment of silence.

“ACTOM does have to grow up, but still he is fun to be around. I don’t know if I would still be sane if it hadn’t been for his idiotic sense of humor.” Sirena thought of all the times when she would have gone crazy if it hadn’t been for ACTOM.

Sirena opened a door marked with purple. It turned out to be her room. Andros was also amazed at the luxury. He didn’t say anything. The door closed as they stepped inside. Sirena walked over to a pile of papers on her desk and pointed to a spot on the sofa. She sat down beside him.

“I need to know a few things about how you and the others met. It’s for my personal log.” She explained.

“Sure, I’m from KO-35, a space colony. The others are from Earth. We met in space after their shuttle was damaged. I had been attending a meeting Dark Specter called as an evil monster. DECA let the rangers dock and they got on board.” Andros paused. “When I got back, I thought they worked for the other side and started to fight them. Later we became friends and the Space Rangers. The rest is history.”

“Thanks. ACTOM demands a full report on the people I meet with or talk with. He is so overprotective.”

“I understand. DECA is a bit looser, but no better. She has no sense of humor. I wish she was like ACTOM.” Andros said.

“I’ll trade you.” Said Sirena. “ACTOM is getting too much to handle.”

* * *

Meanwhile, Cassie and the Phantom, were on the Galaxy Megaship’s simu-deck taking a stroll in a programmed park. The security was on, so no one could disturb them while they caught up on the happenings of life.

“So, are you married?” Cassie couldn’t help asking. The question had been nagging at her brain since Ashley planted it there.

“No.” Replied the Phantom. Cassie breathed a sigh of relief. “But, I have a son and a daughter.”

“How can you not be married and have kids?” Cassie felt foolish. Of course there are other ways.

“I never married the women. I left after the kids were born.” The Phantom felt bad at telling Cassie this. He had never meant for her to find out.

“Um, how old are they? How old are you?” Cassie couldn’t help asking those questions. True they were none of her business, but what if he turned out to be several thousand years old, like Zordon!

“I’m pretty old, and my kids are around your age.” The Phantom couldn’t not tell her. “I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.”

“No, I do. It’s just that I was curious.” Cassie felt like an idiot. So what if she wasn’t his first.

* * *

TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Trey walked to the sitting room on the Galaxy Megaship. Ashley made a point of sitting next to Trey. TJ and Carlos immediately saw that Ashley was in love.

“Oh brother.” They thought rolling their eyes. All they got was the evil eye from Ashley.

“So Trey, how old are you?” Ashley got right down to the basics. “Are you married? Do you have a girlfriend?”

Trey laughed. “I’m 18 in Triforian years, which is the same as the years you use. No I’m not married, and do not have a girlfriend.”

“Yes, score one for me.” Ashley thought. That means I can go after him.

Trey sensed that Ashley liked him. He thought she was cute too. But then on Triforia, the males aren’t allowed to show affection in public. Besides, it’s the law that the bride is picked by the mother. Even though he was the prince, he had to obey the laws.

* * *

Sirena and Andros talked some more. They discussed Andros’ life and Sirena’s past. The talk left Andros greatly curious about her. He was positive she was Karone, just confused as to why she wouldn’t say anything about it. “Is she afraid of something?” He thought silently.

“Um, Sirena. Can I ask you something?” He had finally gotten the courage to ask her this one question that was bothering him. “It’s kind of personal to me and maybe you too.”

“Sure. Go ahead.” Sirena was bright and cheery. Nothing could ruin her mood now. Except she was afraid he was going to ask her the one question that she was desperately trying to find a way to ask him.

“Are you Karone?”

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