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Long Kept Secrets
by : AstroPurple

“Excuse me.” Sirena was uncertain of what Andros just asked.

“I asked if you were Karone, my long lost sister.” Said Andros again. This time he was more certain that she was.

Sirena was about to answer when the alarms rang signaling an attack. “Whew.” Thought Sirena. “At least she didn’t have to answer now.”

“Darn, I was so close.” Thought Andros. “She could’ve told me if she was or not, but the stupid alarm had to ring.”

Both had their own thoughts while they walked to the bridge. They were the last ones there.

“Hate to interrupt your get together, but Dark Specter and Astronema are attacking. Astronema the Earth and Dark Specter, us. Thanks a lot Sirena.” Said ACTOM. “Did you have to get on his bad side?”

“What did I do?” Sirena said. It was obvious she was referring to the comment ACTOM made.

“You had to make him hate you. And now he wants revenge.”

“So who cares. Okay, Andros and the rangers can go confront Astronema and her army. I’ll go meet Dark Specter head on. No questions or comments. Let’s move.” Sirena didn’t want the other rangers to be involved with Dark Specter.

In a matter of minutes everyone was on their way. The rangers, Trey, and the Phantom to Earth.

“All right ACTOM, disengage links.” The Galaxy Megaship flew into space for the fight of their lives. “ACTOM, shields up, weapons ready to fire.”

“Did that the minute I sensed Dark Specter. Didn’t want another broken instrument on-board. Hey, we’re receiving a transmission.”

Dark Specter’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey, theirs our old pal Dark Specter.” ACTOM said with sarcasm. “What does he want? Oh let me guess, the disk. Of course.”

The image on the screen started talking. “Sirena, I challenge you to a fight to death on the ruins of Eltar. If you die, I get the disk. If you live, Zordon will be yours. Be there in an hour.” The image faded.

“Sirena, Dark Specter’s ship is leaving. What do we do?” Alpha was frantic. He didn’t want Sirena to go fight, but he did want Zordon back.

“You don’t do anything. I’m going to Eltar on my galaxy glider. I’ll be their within an hour. If the others ask where I am. Tell them nothing.” Sirena turned towards the door. “Oh, you might want to start looking for another purple ranger to replace me, if I don’t come back.”

In the transportation chamber Sirena plotted the course to Eltar for her glider. “ACTOM, tell Alpha that even if I die, I’ll never let Dark Specter use the disk. It will be destroyed.” In a flash of purple light, Sirena was gone.

* * *

On Earth, the rangers were winning the fight with the help of Trey and the Phantom Ranger. Finally the last of the Quantrons disappeared.

“Come on, let’s get back to help Sirena.” TJ called out to the other rangers. He knew Dark Specter was a hard to deal with.

The rangers teleported back to the Astro Megaship. The Megaship linked with Pyramidas flew to where the Megaships coordinates said where the Galaxy was. The ship was floating there alone.

“I guess Sirena took care of Dark Specter herself.” Andros said. “Come on we can link up with her.”

On the bridge of the Galaxy Megaship they found Alpha alone.

“Hey Alpha, where’s Sirena?” Cassie asked. She sensed something was wrong. A look told her the others sensed it too.

“She’s not here.” Was all Alpha said.

“Is she okay? I mean if she’s not on the ship then where is she.” Ashley was really concerned. “ACTOM where’s Sirena?”

“I’d rather not say. Cause if she finds out and gets mad at me, I don’t like that.” ACTOM of course was scared of Sirena. “I know she didn’t tell me not to say, but if she doesn’t get back by tomorrow. I’ll tell, because then something’s wrong.”

“ACTOM, Alpha, if something is really wrong, you guys know we will go after Sirena and help her, but we can’t if you won’t tell us.” Carlos said.

“Well, you can help by suggesting a possible replacement for her if she gets killed.” Said Alpha.

“What do you mean if she gets killed!” Trey didn’t care if he was shouting. He had his own reasons with the Phantom for wanting her to be okay. “Has if ever occurred to you that she might already be killed?”

“Okay, I give up! If she gets mad at me, you dudes will protect me right?” ACTOM tried to put some humor into this situation.

“Yes, we will. Now do speak.” Cassie had a dangerous edge to her voice.

“She is on Eltar, because Dark Specter challenged her to a fight to death. And if she wins, we get Zordon back, but if she gets killed, Dark Specter gets the disk.” ACTOM was glad that was over.

“Wait a minute, what disk?” The Phantom Ranger, who had been quiet spoke up. “Why does Dark Specter want a disk?”

“Can’t say, now are you going to go help her, or leave her?” The usually persistent computer was begging now.

“Yep, we’re on our way.” All three ships, fired up their engines and headed for Eltar at lightning speed.

* * *

Sirena arrived on Eltar. The place was barren except for some blown up buildings and some dead trees. Sirena felt tears come to her eyes. Coming back to this brought memories. Some were painful, others were happy.

“Are you here visiting your home, or fighting me?” An all too familiar voice said behind her. “Cause if your fighting, I suggest we get started.”

Sirena turned around. Dark Specter stood their alone. He was holding an ugly looking sword in his right hand, and smiling.

“I’m here to fight.” Sirena said with a strong voice. “Meteorite Sword! Dark Specter, get ready for the fight of your life. I’m not letting you win.” A long and exhausting fight started.

Sirena got a good hit on Dark Specter’s back, sending him sprawling onto his stomach. Both were worthy fighters, and the fight lasted so far without anyone getting a good hit on the other.

* * *

“We are approaching Eltar.” Said ACTOM with a fake captain’s voice. “Thanks, for flying with the great ACTOM.”

The rangers teleported to the surface of Eltar. A scan showed that two people were about a half mile north. The rangers got there just in time to see Dark Specter blast Sirena. The rangers ran over to help her up.

The first thing out of her mouth was. “What are you doing here?” She asked. It was obvious she was irritated.

“We can to help.” Andros said.

“Duck!” Ashley screamed.

They ducked just in time to avoid being hit buy a huge fire ball. Two more followed later.

“I’ll be back.” Dark Specter disappeared through a black hole.

* * *

Back on the ship, Sirena had a mondo tantrum that sent everyone ducking for cover.

“I thought I told Alpha that I could take care of this.” Sirena screamed. “I almost had him. But then you guys came. If I had won. Zordon would be with us again. But no, ACTOM and Alpha didn’t trust me. Now I have 7 baby- sitters.” She paused for a breath. “I can’t believe it. I had Dark Specter where I wanted him. Then you show up and he leaves.”

With that she stormed from the room. Slowly everyone came out of their hiding places. Unsurprisingly, Ashley was with Trey.

“Whoa, she hasn’t been this mad since Zordon sent her to safety. With the exception that nothing was broken this time.” ACTOM said.

“I think I’ll go talk to her.” Trey said and left the room.

* * *

Sirena was silently brooding in her room. A knock sounded at the door. “Come in.” She said.

The door opened and Trey stepped in. “I came to see how you were doing.” He explained.

“I’m just fine.” She answered. “Especially since I found out that Alpha didn’t trust me.”

“Hey he was just worried.” Trey pushed her over and sat down beside her. “My mom is the same. Once she sent a dozen guards to find me when I was just out talking with some of my friends.”

“Hmm. Thanks for making me try to feel better. But I still want a rematch with Dark Specter.”

“You are not serious are you?” Trey was beginning to get worried. “What would Alpha say?”

“He won’t say anything if he doesn’t know it. It’s as simple as that. Promise you won’t tell?”

“I guess so.” Trey felt like kicking himself for saying that.

“Great. Can I use your communication computers to send a message to Dark Specter? Alpha would know if I did it on the computers here. Besides, ACTOM is always on duty.”

“Okay. Meet me on my ship at 1:30 tonight.” Trey had no idea why he said what he said. “And make sure no one sees you. Especially ACTOM.”

“Fine, I’ll be real careful. See you tonight then.”

Trey left with disturbed feelings. What should he do? He couldn’t let her kill herself. He finally decided to go and tell the Phantom Ranger about the stupid promise he just made her.

* * *

At 1:30 Sirena headed out of her room and toward Pyramidas. The minute she stepped on, the door slid shut behind her.

“Trust Trey to take precautions.” Sirena thought to herself.

Two bright lights came on and flooded the room she was standing in.

Sirena raised her arm to block her eyes. “Hey, turn it off.” She yelled into the light.

Her eyes adjusted to the light and made out two figures standing by the light switch. It took a minute for her to figure out that it was Trey, and the Phantom. Trey wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“What’s going on?” Sirena tried the innocent approach. She didn’t want ACTOM and Alpha to find out she was going to challenge Dark Specter to another fight.

“I think you know well enough what’s going on, Sirena.” The Phantom said in a pretty serious voice.

“God, I am in so much trouble, and it’s all Trey’s fault.” Sirena couldn’t help thinking. “Oh boy, am I gonna get it.”

Trey walked over and grabbed her hand. He and the Phantom led her to a room on the ship. Sirena couldn’t help wondering if they were going to tell Alpha and the others or not.

“Sirena, we need to tell you something.” Trey looked over at the Phantom uncertainly. “Well actually, the Phantom Ranger has something to tell you.”

Sirena looked over at the Phantom. She was really curious. “What did they want to tell her?” She thought silently.

The Phantom was having a hard time talking. “We decided... No, I decided... Well we decided together...”

“This must be one hell of a secret, if there is no easy way you can tell me.” Sirena said aloud.

“What the Phantom is trying to say, is that he decided it was time you knew who your dad was.” Trey said.

“Oh.” Was all Sirena could think of to say. Her mind was blank. She hadn’t thought of her father since she was a kid.

“Sirena, I’m your father.” A long silence lingered afterwards. “And Trey is my son with another woman. So technically he is your half brother.”

“Dad couldn’t decide whether or not to tell you.” Trey put in, hopefully to get Sirena’s attention.

A thousand questions and thoughts were going through her mind. She couldn’t keep her thoughts strait. She remembered hating her dad and mom for not wanting her. There were also times when she wished they were there to comfort her. Well at least she’s not celebrating her 16th birthday alone anymore.

Trey looked at their dad. He was pretty worried. Sirena had been really quiet for the last few minutes. He knew it must hurt to not know who your parents were, and she had every right to be angry at them.

“What do I do?” Sirena thought silently. “I wish Zordon was here. They can’t expect me to accept them into my life with open arms just like that. But Trey never did anything to me. And once, I had thought he would make a great brother. Maybe I should forgive them.”

“Sirena? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

The Phantom Ranger sat down beside her. He knew he couldn’t expect her to love him right away. It would take time. He was willing to give all the time he could to make this work. After all, she was his daughter.

Sirena looked up at him, and threw her arms around his neck, and hugged him tight. She felt tears come to her eyes. Finally after years of being alone, she had a real family now. The Phantom Ranger hugged her back with equal tightness. She let go and hugged Trey too.

* * *

“Wow, so the Phantom Ranger is your dad!” Ashley still could not believe what Sirena just told her. “And Trey is your brother?”

“Yep. I couldn’t tell Cassie, because of you know what. She really likes him. So I need your advice. Should I tell the others or not?”

"I think you should, because what if Cass found out. I mean she would be super mad at you." Said Ashley.

"I guess I will. Tomorrow."

“By the way. Do you think you could set me up on a date with that hot brother of yours?” Ashley decided to take advantage of this convenience to try and get Trey alone for herself.

“I’ll try. So you got a thing for my brother?” Sirena said in a teasing voice. “I mean if you two get together, you could be my sister.”

“And if Cassie and your dad got together, she could be your stepmother.” Ashley said. “How would you like that?”

Sirena made a face. “I guess it’s okay. She’s not really the wicked step- mom type that they always write about in storybooks.

* * *

The next day, the other rangers found out. Cassie was totally psyched. Both girls suggested a GNO on the simu-deck later that night.

“What’s a GNO?” Andros, Trey, and the Phantom asked.

“It’s something really bad for the boys.” TJ said. “I hate it when they had GNOs. I can never get a date.”

“A GNO is a ‘Girl’s Night Out,’ that means that the girls spend time together doing their own stuff.” Sirena explained. “That also means, the boys, don’t get dates.”

“But this time, it will only be the three of us so the other girls on earth will be free.” Ashley said trying to be sincere.

“What do you guys do at a GNO?” Trey asked. He was greatly curious.

“Don’t worry, it the usual. We gossip, talk, paint our nails, and give each other a make-over.” Cassie was so matter of fact.

“Plus, we’re gonna be having heart to hearts, and a new item. We’re gonna talk about boys.” Ashley giggled.

* * *

Later that night, the three girls were comfortably sitting in the simu-deck program of a room in a log cabin. There were three sleeping bags of different colors. One for each of the rangers. In the middle was a pile of cosmetics and hair assessors.

“So, how do you feel about dating Sirena’s dad?” Ashley was teasing Cassie about her relationship with the Phantom.

“It is surprising. I won’t mind if Sirena doesn’t mind.” Cassie put it as lightly as she could.

“It’s all right with me. You don’t seem like the wicked step-mom type, Cass.” Sirena was painting her nails bright purple. “Hey do you think a black dot in the middle will drive my family crazy?”

“I say go for it. You don’t want to be the perfect daughter.” Ashley was repainting her nails yellow.

“Hey Sirena, since you call us Cass and Ashe, can we call you Si?” Cassie was re-doing her toe nails.

“No, it sounds too boyish. NOT!!! Of course you can call me Si, mom.” Sirena put in a little teasing.

“Thanks a lot. Do I look that old to you?” Cassie said in a mock defensive stance. “I should think not.”

By then their nails were dry. Cassie picked up a pillow and whacked Sirena in the head. In a few seconds they were having a pillow fight and screaming at the top of their lungs.

* * *

TJ was leaning against the door to the simu-deck, trying to hear what they were saying. He finally gave up and returned to the sitting room.

“Hey guys. You know, it’s really funny how the girls are talking one minute, then screaming the next. It’s as if they were being chased around by a mouse.” ACTOM, who could listen with out being detected said. “I’ll let you in if you tell them I was really worried.”

“Great, come on.” TJ jumped up with enthusiasm. The other rangers followed one-by-one.

The doors opened to a mess of flying feathers and loud rock and roll music. The shrieks the girls gave could also be heard.

“Hey, what the hell is going on here?”

All the noise stops. One of them turns off the CD. The room clears and it shows the three girls sitting in a circle innocently around a mountain of stuff. Three pillows were tossed in a corner.

“Who invited you guy?” Ashley called out, obviously irritated. “This is for girls only.”

Sirena whispers something to Cassie and they collapse in hysterical giggles. Ashley looks at them confused. Cass and Sirena settle down and they whisper to Ashley. TJ walks across the room and joins them. Cass and Ashe glared at him.

Sirena bent over to get something and bretended to kick him. TJ catches her foot and with a simple twist sent Sirena crashing into Cassie.

“Watch it!” Yells Cassie.

“It’s not my fault. Who ever said boys were aloud at GNOs?” Sirena untangled herself from Cassie.

“Alright you guys can join, but only it you quit causing trouble.” Ashley said. She was the only keeping her cool.

“Fine.” Said TJ. “But no make-overs.”

Carlos walkes over and sits on Ashley’s sleeping bag. Presently everybody else follows and sits down, and a GNO turns into a FNO meaning Friends Night Out.

The End

Hope you readers enjoyed this last chapter. I know I enjoyed writing it. To learn more about Sirena, read the Rangers of Love Trilogy(and no, this does not contain sex between the characters) that are coming soon. Some of you may be wondering why Sirena never answered Andros’s question about Karone. The truth is, I’m sticking by Saban’s storyline about Astronema being Karone. Don’t forget to write me at EmperiumT@aol.com. Hope to hear from you.