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The Rangers of Love Trilogy
Candle Light
by : AstroPurple

Ashley Hammond walked slowly home with her best friends, Sirena and Cassie, listening to her Savage Garden CD. Her favorite song, “Truly Madly Deeply,” was on and her friends knew not to interrupt her.

“Beep beep beep beep beep beep.” The sound of their wrist communicator cut through the silent evening.

Cassie and Sirena dragged an, annoyed and mad, Ashley into a street alley.

“This is Sirena.”

“Astronema sent down a monster at the lake. The others are already there, but they need you.” Alpha’s childish voice said.

“Got it. Guys the others are in trouble at the lake. Come on.” Sirena said. A look told her Ashley was not listening. “Cassie tell Ashley.”

“I don’t want to. You do it.” Cassie knew better then to interrupt Ashe when she was listening.

“Fine. Ashley!” No response. “Ashley! Come on.” Sirena waved her hand urgently in front of her face. That got a reaction.

“Don’t tell me, trouble.” Ashley didn’t even get mad. She was use to the sudden attacks.

“Yep. Everybody ready?” A nod was all Sirena needed. “Let’s Rocket!” They punched in the sequenced they knew so well.

* * *

At the lake the other rangers were losing the fight. Astronema had sent down Ice Head, an incredibly strong monster.

“Where are the girls?” TJ asked as he was thrown down next to Carlos. “They never took this long.”

Before Carlos could answer three streaks of light came to a stop in front of them. Andros was thrown aside too.

“If your looking for trouble, here it comes back at ya.” An all too familiar voice said. Sirena was sure going to give this ugly monster a fight.

“Your going to get your butt kicked for interrupting my song.” Everybody could tell Ashley was mad. “Let’s get him.”

All three girls charged the monster in a team attack. But their efforts were useless. The monster absorbed their attacks and fired a shower of hail. The girls leaped out of the way.

“You know, I like snow, but this is ridiculous.” Cassie said to Sirena. Both girls were out of the way when another shower of hail came.

“Meteorite Sword!” Sirena’s powerful weapon came into her hand. “All right, let’s get down to business.”

Sirena flew through the air and was soon in front of Ice Head. Sirena soon found out that Ice Head wasn’t very intelligent. She faked a left punch only to deliver a sword through his belly. With a scream the monster exploded sending Sirena flying back. She landed on her back a few feet away from where she had been standing.

The others ran over to make sure she was okay. Her sword was stuck in the middle of a pile of ice that soon melted.

“Wow, that was so cool.” Ashley screeched. “You destroyed that monster by yourself. Too bad Andros isn’t able to do that.”

“Hey, Sirena is more powerful. She was created by Zordon to take on Dark Specter by herself.” Andros defended himself.

“That is true, but since I joined with you guys I’ve been learning more about teamwork.” Sirena explained. She looked at her watch. “Oh no. We were suppose to be at Ashley’s home ten minutes ago.”

The girls demorphed and took off running. The boys shook their heads and teleported back to the ship.

* * *

The girls walked quickly towards the Hammond’s.

“So Ashley, what do you think of Carlos?” Cassie couldn’t help asking. She had seen the way they looked at each other.

“I think of him as a friend and nothing else.” Came her prompt reply. “In case you didn’t know, I have no feelings for him.” Ashley seriously doubted her reply.

“But do you like him as more than a friend?” Cassie just wouldn’t give up. She had to know a yes or no.

“Well, I must admit, he is kinda cute.” Ashley hated it when Cassie won. “But he thinks of me as a friend.”

Sirena rang the door bell to the Hammond’s residence.

“Ashley! Cassie! Oh my gosh. We thought you guys had run away.” Mrs. Hammond had answered the door. She threw her arms around Ashley.

An older boy appeared in the doorway. “Ashley!” He also threw his arms around her. “Hate to say it, but I missed you.”

“So did I Mike.” Ashley replied.

“Who is this?” Mrs. Hammond asked.

“I’m Sirena of Inquiris, also known as the Purple Lightstar Space Ranger.” Sirena had no idea that you weren’t suppose to tell others of your identity.

“Sirena, you aren’t suppose to tell anybody.” Cassie said. Now the Hammonds knew.

“Zordon told me it I ever found you guys, to tell you that it was okay to tell your parents. You will be traveling a lot.” Sirena explained.

“Well you should have said that sooner.” Ashley said. “Mom, I’m the Yellow Lightstar Space Ranger and Cassie is the Pink Lightstar Space Ranger.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Astronema sent down a number of Quantrons. Their mother gasped and the rangers turned around.

“Not again.” Cassie whined. “She never gives up.” Mrs. Hammond grabbed Ashley and tried to get her to come inside.

“Come on, we gotta stop them before they do any real damage.” Sirena ran towards the enemy with Cassie and Ashley at her heels. Mr. Hammond comes out to see what the noise was about. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond and Mike watched amazed.

The three rangers swung into battle with amazing kicks and punches. Sirena delivered a series of kicks and it seemed her feet never touched the ground. And explosion sounded near. A new monster appeared. Sirena grabbed Cass and Ashe and told them to morph.

“What about you?” Ashley asked. “You can’t fight him unarmed.”

“It’ll only be a second. Besides you guys have to morph.” Said Sirena. She ran off to delay the monster.

“Let’s Rocket!” In front of Ashley’s family only, they turned into power rangers.

“Star Slinger.” Ashley’s weapon appeared.

“Satellite Stunner.” Cassie’s weapon appeared.

“Yaa!” The Red, Blue, and Black rangers flip into the fight.

The red ranger grabbed Sirena and pulls her away. “Get the people out of here and then morph. But don’t let them see you.”

“Andros, they already know.” Sirena said and then ran to the walkway in front of the Hammond’s house. “Let’s Rocket!”

Soon the Quantrons were destroyed leaving the monster. He was an ugly thing. Looked liked an over grown cabbage. As soon as it came, it left.

Making sure no one was looking, the rangers demorphed. They walked up to the Hammonds who ushered them inside. In the family room with the curtains drawn, the rangers told everything from the beginning.

“We promise we won’t tell.” Mr. Hammond said. “I still can’t believe you guys are the power rangers.”

“Kinda hard to believe right?” Carlos said. “We didn’t believe Zordon when he told us.”

“We’ll come visit, but now we have to go.” Said Ashley.

Everyone said good-bye, and the rangers teleported back to the Astro Megaship. Sirena went to her room on the Galaxy.

* * *

A knock sounded at the door of Carlos’s room.

“Come in.” He said.

The door slid opened and Ashley walked in. “Why am I doing this?” Thought Ashley.

“Oh god, it’s her.” Carlos thought silently to himself. The thing he dreaded most was the thought of being alone in a room with Ashley.

“Hi.” Ashley said sorta shyly. “Um, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Surf Spot with me?”

“Sure, come on.” Carlos breathed a sigh of relief. At least she hadn’t asked the question.

They teleported to an alley in back of the Youth Center. Because it was around 8:30, the place was almost empty. Carlos and Ashley found a table in a dark corner.

“Adelle!” The owner of the Surf Spot came over quickly. “We’ll take fries, two milkshakes, and two burgers.”

“Coming right up.” Adelle was back in a minute. “Here you go.” She left them alone to talk and eat.

An awkward silenced followed. Ashley looked over at some of the other tables with a few chatting students. “Boy, this place seems kind of empty.”

“Yeah, it’s usually packed.” Carlos looked down in order not to meet Ashley’s gaze.

After a silent meal, Carlos and Ashley walked outside.

“Do you want to go for a walk at the beach?” Carlos asked shyly. Ashley nodded. Carlos reached out and took her hand.

At the beach, the moonlight casts a romantic glow on the couple as they walked hand in hand down the beach. Carlos glances over at Ashley and discovers her looking at him. In the few seconds that pass, Ashley and Carlos finds themselves kissing. They part like a speeding bullet.

“Maybe the guys are right.” Carlos thought to himselt. “Maybe Ashley and I are meant for one another.” A smile told him Ashley had hit upon the same possibily.

Together they teleported back to the ship.

The End... for now