"Power Rangers Turbo: Purple and Gray, Part 3,
Act 1, Turbo Rangers Revealed!"
by Aaron Thall

Welcome back to the "Purple and Gray" miniseries! This is the big one people! This has surprises! Guest stars! Amazing revelations! And the Ninja Rangers will be unmasked! Enjoy the story!

Temple of Power...

Tommy and Kat teleport in and look around. The Temple is exactly how they remember it.

"Do you think he'll remember us?" asks Kat.

"I hope so. If anyone can tell us who those Ninjas are, he can."

Kat's eyes scan the room. They fall upon a blue jar on a pedestal. "I found it." She looks inside and nods to Tommy.

"Hello? Are you here? It's us! Tommy and Kat! We need your help!" The moment Tommy finishes that sentence, energy begins surging from the jar. It travels the gates. It traverses the walls. It leaps around the room with a speed that defies description. Then all at once, the energy surges to converge at a single point, directly in front of the two Rangers.

"TOMMY! KATHERINE!" The energy reforms into a humanoid form. The robotic blue figure walks over to them, genuinely thrilled to see them. "It's good to see you again! It has been far too long!"

"It's good to see you again too," says Tommy. "Ninjor."


Youth Center... Adam, Justin, and Tanya are helping with the cleanup efforts. Tanya looks over her shoulder and see Matt and Wendy, also pitching in, currently uprighting a table.

"Those two are really starting to creep me out! It's like they already know something big!"

"Not much we can do Tanya." says Adam.

Just out of earshot, Wendy begins wiping a table, overcome with disbelief and doubts.

"I don't think that we should do it Matt. What if we're wrong?"

"There's no chance of that Wendy. Scott's analysis was accurate. But I share your apprehension. But we've come too far to turn back now."

And out of their earshot...

"Adam, could you tell me a little about this Ninjor?" Justin says, positive in his beliefs that there are no hidden microphones in the vicinity.

Adam thinks for a moment. "It's a long story. But it all began for the Rangers when Rito Revolto came to Earth for the first time..." Adam then goes into detail of the adventure they dubbed "Ninja Quest". When he finishes, both Justin and Tanya exchange looks of complete disbelief.

"That's one heck of a story!"

Matt and Wendy finish up cleaning their designated area and walk over to join them.

"Ummm... Hi guys."

"Tanya. Justin."

"Hi Adam." says Wendy, rather sheepishly.

She likes him! realizes Matt. My sister's got a crush on Adam! Who would have thought?

"What's up?" asks Adam.

"I'm almost afraid to talk about it to be honest."

Adam begins to look worried. "Why? Is something wrong?"


Adam gives her a quizzical look. "Don't what?"

"Don't lie Adam. I know. I know everything."

"Know what?"

"I know..." she pauses for a moment, as though gathering the strength to say the words she so desperately wants to. "I know that you're the Green Ranger."

For the second time in as many days, the look on the faces of the Rangers turns to shock and horror.