"Purple and Gray: Part 4,
Act 3: Rangers Unite!"
by Aaron Thall

Catbot looks down at the Techno Rangers. "You don't look too tough from up here Rangers! I'll shred you like a scratching post!"
Wendy turns to Matt. "We don't have a choice Matt."
"Agreed. We have to finish this battle as quickly as possible!" ***
Spearhead fires another barrage of energy spears at the Rangers. As they flip away from the explosions, a metallic hand clamps down onto Spearhead's shoulder and lifts the creature up before throwing it into a tree.
"BLUE SENTURION!" exclaims Tommy.
"You are breaking intergalactic law. Surrender immediately or face imminent termination."
"TERMINATE THIS!" Spearhead launches a new barrage, but Blue Centurion transforms his Synergizer to sword mode and twirls it like a baton, effectively turning it into a shield that intercepts all the spears. As he stops twirling it, the Turbo Rangers join him.
"Thanks, Senturion."
"I'm just doing my duty. This creature is immensely powerful. My Synergizer cannot take another round like that one."
Tommy thinks for a moment. "I have an idea. It's a long shot, but it just might work!" As Tommy begins telling the others, Spearhead fires again, blowing chunks of earth up mere feet from the Rangers.
"Agreed Tommy. A strategic withdrawal is an excellent suggestion." says Blue Senturion before they begin putting distance between themselves and the creature.
Lord Zedd glowed with anticipation. In mere instants, the two new Rangers would be pulp under Catbot's feet and the Turbo Rangers would fall before his power.
"Spearhead can handle those six. I'm going to enjoy every moment of the Catbot's victory over the Techno Rangers!"
"As am I Zedd." says King Mondo. "It is most fortuitous that Divatox sent that second creature. It will keep the Turbo Rangers occupied until it is far too late."
"I know. Now... shall we proceed with the plan?"
"We shall. Just in case."
"We need more room to maneuver!" says Wendy before looking around. "The rock
"Good idea! RUN!" As the twin Rangers make a break for the quarry, Catbot fires it's eyeblasts at them. However, at it's current height, it is next to impossible to hit the two Rangers running from it.
"How's that hill?" asks Wendy, pointing to a large mound of rubble.
"Perfect!" Together, they leap up and land on top of the large mound.
"Now what?"
"LET'S DO IT!" Matt and Wendy take battle stances.
Power Chamber, Divatox's Subcraft, and Lord Zedd's palace respectively...
Outside Ninjor's Temple of Power, a rock formation begins to open...
Matt calls his specific Zord first. "STEGOSAURUS DINOZORD POWER!" ***
The rock formation splits completely open, revealing golden spikes. As the gargantuan zord roars to life, it's purple body armor gleams in the glare of the sun. It's tail slams the ground even as it's red eyes glow with power.
Wendy is next. "TITANUS DINOZORD POWER!" ***
>From it's long lost lair, the zord called Titanus awakens from it's long slumber. It roars and slams through a rocky barrier. It's armor shines as brightly as the day it first was summoned.
Both zords race for the rock quarry, where the Techno Rangers await them.
"GO!" They leap up towards the two zords. As they land in their individual cockpits, they revive the long lost traditions of the Rangers.
"Wendy here! It's time this cat got declawed!"
"Matt here! Let's finish this fight!"
Catbot races towards the two zords, her claws extending to sword length.
Calmly, Wendy presses a button and energy launches from Titanus's mouth.
However, the Catbot evades the blast by leaping up and away from the explosions. However, when she lands, she finds herself in an unpleasant predicament.
"GOTCHA!" As the dust clears, the Catbot sees that it's foot is on Stegosaurus's tail. The spikes snap together to hold it. Matt makes the tail swing around, bashing Catbot into a large pile of rocks.
"FIRE!" Titanus transforms into it's battle mode and fires from it's twin blasters, which slam powerful energy into the armor plating of Catbot.
"Nice one Wendy!"
"That's what teamwork's all about! Now how about you show her what your zord can really do?!"
"Right! DISK MODE!" Stegosaurus's eyes glow red. It floats in the air as it's legs fold into the body and the neck contracts, just enough to partially cover the head. The tail moves up, becoming a blaster. It races by Catbot and slices at it with it's spikes. As it turns back, it fires a powerful laser that Catbot barely deflects with it's claws.
"You two are really getting under my whiskers!"
"Just wait. We've barely begun to fight!" ***
Spearhead scours the park, but the Turbo Rangers are nowhere in sight.
"Where are they?! They couldn't have given up yet!"
He hears the revving of a car engine and turns to see Desert Thunder, car sized, racing at him. He tries to get a shot off, but he is struck from behind by Dune Star.
"This guy's finished!" says Tanya.
Desert Thunder slams into him, throwing Spearhead even farther.
"Yesterday's news!"
Mountain Blaster catches Spearhead and drives off.
"This is gonna be good..." says Justin as he opens the back of his zord and Spearhead falls out, landing hard on gravel.
"My turn!" says Kat as Wind Chaser begins to race at him.
"NO YOU DON'T!" Spearhead fires an energy spear directly at Kat.
Instead of veering off, Kat reaches up to the controls. "WIND CHASER SPLIT MODE!" The car separates into two components and the spear passes harmlessly
between them. Then they come together and hit the creature once more, throwing him into a grassy and deserted area. "Yes, I did!"
Spearhead braces himself for the next attack, listening for another engine.
He doesn't hear an engine... he hears _two_. He turns quickly and sees Robo Racer and Red Lightning racing at him.
"Let's finish him off Blue Senturion!" says Tommy.
"Agreed. His days of disturbing the peace are at an end!"
Spearhead fires at both cars, but misses.
"SEE YA!" Both Robo Racer and Red Lightning strike Spearhead at the same time. Spearhead explodes and the two cars vanish in the smoke and noise. Kat and the others race over and watch as some of the smoke clears.
"TOMMY! BLUE SENTURION!" Kat begins to run towards the smoke, but twin engines stop her progress as the two cars race out of the smoke unharmed.
"Mission accomplished guys!" says Tommy as Red Lightning stops and lets him out.
"And now to get back to Matt and Wendy!" ***
Catbot aims it's claws carefully. The claws launch like missiles and hammer Titanus and Stegosaurus.
"We can't take much more of this Matt!" says Wendy.
"I know! We need a bit more help! NINJOR! WE SUMMON YOU!"
Catbot comes in closer, but she is thrown back suddenly by a golden kitana blade. Slowly, Ninjor floats down on a cloud, ready for another blow.
"I'm here guys! And I'm ready to make this thing use up it's nine lives!"
"Glad to hear it Big Blue! Wendy! It's time we went to full power and finished this thing!"
"No question about it, Bro! NINJA MEGAZORD POWER NOW!"
Not far from the battle, twin timewarps open and ten zords race forward.
Five are animal shaped and the other five have a humanoid appearance. The Ninjazord and Shogunzords take their positions.
The Ninjazords go first. The Frog flies up, transforming into legs, while the Bear becomes the chest. As both the Wolf and Ape transform into arms, large fists cover their heads. The Crane folds in on itself, revealing the head of the gargantuan zord. One by one, the five zords link together, forming the Ninja Megazord.
The Shougunzords follow suit. Red transforms into the main body, even as a crane-shaped helmet flies out of it's back. White and Blue transform into arms while Yellow and Black become legs. They too come together and the helmet lands on top of the zord, completing the transformation.
"Ladies first!" says Matt before the Ninja Megazord races forward and delivers a powerful energized punch to Catbot's face.
"Thanks Bro! This little kitty's been asking for it!"
Catbot's claws slash out again. "DIE!" It slashes at the zord, but Wendy brings down the Blue Wolf on it and shatters the claws. She follows up with a Red Ape punch that throws Catbot back.
"My turn!" says Matt as the Shogun Megazord races in and delivers a devastating punch to Catbot's face.
"Not good enough Purple Ranger!"
"Then I'll just have to try harder! SHOUGUN MEGAZORD INFERNO SABRE!" The
zord sticks it's right arm out and the fish hilted weapon appears, blazing with energy. Matt quickly slashes at the robot, but it dodges and fires eyeblasts, which Matt reflects back using the sword. Catbot reels from the onslaught it unleashed.
Ninjor pushes the two Megazords aside and faces Catbot. "I've had it with you Catbot! Your very existence is an insult to animals anywhere! THAT JUST BURNS ME UP!" Flames appear in Ninjor's visor and he begins to transform.
His head flips into his body, revealing a second head. His shoulder armor extends up and his leg armor slides down. "HERE'S CATNIP IN YOUR EYE!" Ninjor gathers energy into an explosive disk and launches it at Catbot.
Weakened from Matt and Wendy's attacks, it cannot dodge the attack and is thrown to the ground.
"We have to stop this thing! MATT! Call in Dragonzord and Falconzord, BECAUSE WE NEED NINJA ULTRAZORD POWER NOW!" says Wendy.
As if on cue, Titanus opens it's back. An image of the Dragonzord appears and the tail and chestplate solidify and attach to Titanus. Falconzord flies in. The Ninja Megazord leaps up and links to it, forming the NinjaMegaFalconzord, which then lands in Titanus. Stegosaurus folds in on itself and the disk it forms attaches to the back shield created from Titanus's open back.
"LOCK ON AND FIRE!" says Wendy as the Ninja Ultrazord lets loose with an unbelievable barrage.
Catbot takes the full brunt of the attack. One ear is blown clean off and the remaining claws and tail are shattered.
"Good going Wendy! Now I'll finish it! SHOGUN ULTRAZORD!"
NinjaMegaFalconzord flies up into the air and Falconzord separates before flying towards the Shogun Megazord. The arms separate and fly off as Falconzord glides in and attaches. The arms reattach, forming the ShogunMegaFalconzord. It lands in Titanus.
"Now this is just the firepower we need to finish the job! This cat's due for her catnap!" The Shogun Ultrazord fires and Catbot is demolished in a powerful explosion.
"And I thought that cats had nine lives!!!!" BOOM!!!! Catbot explodes into base elements.
"We did it!"
"We did it all right! Ninjor... thanks. We couldn't have done it without you."
"It was a pleasure."
"Let's get back to Adam and the others!"
"I hear you Wendy. Let's go!" They both exit their respective cockpits and leap to the ground, right in front of the Turbo Rangers.
"Good work you two!"
"Catbot's finished!"
"I know. Now we have to fix that scanner before it's too late!"
Tommy nods in agreement. "Just stay close to us."
The Turbo Rangers grab their Morphers and the seven of them teleport away to the Power Chamber.
Divatox's subcraft...
"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" yells Devatox as she watches the two monsters be destroyed.
"They failed! Now what??!!"
Porto carefully comes closer to her. "Captain, Lord Zedd and King Mondo have sent a summons to you. It is time for their plan to come to fruition."
"Very well. Maybe I can use this big plan against them. Yes... When this is over, it'll be Divatox that comes out on top!" ***
The seven Rangers teleport in, their uniforms still on. Matt and Wendy rush over to the scanner. Tommy and the others watch as the twins go over the device with precision and care.
"Well?" asks Tommy.
"Oh no..."
"What's wrong?!" asks Justin.
"We're too late..." Matt holds up the scanner for the Rangers to see. The memory capacity reads 0 and the sparking has stopped. "We've failed."
"Your friends will never be human again."