Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 1,
Act 3: When comes the Catbot"
by Aaron Thall

Youth Center... Matt and Wendy continue their work on their invention. Suddenly, the monster alert sounds and a news bulletin catches their attention.

"Matt, what's the reporter saying?"

"I'm not sure. Hold on." He goes over to the television.

"All citizens are to remain indoors. There is a monster attack in Angel Grove Park. I repeat: evacuate the area around the park and stay indoors."

Matt rejoins his sister and relays what the reporter said.

"This is our chance!"

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Matt grabs the scanner and the two teenagers race out of the Youth Center.

Bulk and Skull rush out the door after them.

"Come on! If we lose them, we'll never be human again!"

Power Chamber... The five Rangers watch the Catbot on the Viewing Globe.

"Rangers, are you willing to take this risk?" asks [New Replace Term].

"Tommy's right." says Tanya. "We have to stop it."

"Even if it costs us our secret identities." adds Justin.

"Let's do it." says Kat.


The Turbo Morphers appear. The Rangers pull the Turbo Keys from their pockets and place them in the morphers. Then they turn the keys and make the call.

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER TURBO POWER!" Justin's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into place and he grows to adult size.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into place.

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" Tanya's uniform appears. Her helmet snaps into place.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" Kat's uniform appears. Her helmet snaps into place.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" Tommy's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into place.

Near the park... The five Turbo Rangers are suddenly racing through the streets in the Turbo Carts. Tommy contacts the Power Chamber.

"Alpha, what's the story?"

"Looks like some old friends o' yours are back! Go by the names a' Lord Zedd an' King Mondo! Ya got a three way threat here!"

"I thought Mondo was history!"

"Well he's back now!"

"This is as bad as it possibly gets. Could the Millennium Message be coming true?"

The Turbo Carts stop and the Rangers race to action. The Catbot turns and sees them.

"Welcome Rangers! Eager to meet your makers I see!"

"The only one meeting their maker is you!" responds Adam.

"You're going back to the scrap heap!" adds Tanya.

"I'd like to see you try!"

"GLADLY!" Justin leaps in and tries to kick the robot, but the Catbot easily outmaneuvers him and slices at him with it's claws. Sparks fly as Justin is thrown back.

"JUSTIN!" The Rangers rush to him. "Are you all right?"

"I'll be fine! Go get it!"

Tanya and Adam try next. Adam uses his Turbo Blade and Tanya uses her Star Chargers, but neither of them can come close to damaging the Catbot, who hammers them both with a long, metallic tail.

Kat lets loose with her Windfire, but the Catbot's superior agility allows it weave and bob through the onslaught.

"No way! This is impossible!"

Callous Catbot stops as it's eyes begin to glow.

"LOOK OUT!" Tommy rushes in and pushes Kat and himself to safety before deadly laser bursts erupt, burning the ground where Pink Ranger had stood only seconds before.



Machine Empire Moonbase... The assembled villains watch the battle below.

"That machine is performing even better than I had hoped Zedd! The Rangers don't stand a chance!"

"What say we give the Rangers a bigger problem to deal with?"

"Excellent thinking Divatox. Rita."

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd raise their staffs.


Lightning bursts from the staffs and heads for Earth.

The Park... The lightning strikes Catbot. It slowly rises to full height. It's claws extend into a makeshift sword.

"Bring it on Rangers!"


Elsewhere in the city... The street opens up and five gigantic vehicles race to the battle scene. The Rangers leap into the cockpits.

"Let's bring it together guys!"

Wind Chaser splits and transforms into two arms before linking to Mountain Blaster. Dune Star and Desert Thunder join together, turn sharply, and race for Mountain Blaster, which transforms it's front bumper to accommodate the two zords. Red Lightning flies in and ends up in the back of Justin's zord. The Rangers meet up in the main cockpit.

"Turbo power up!" Tommy takes his key and places it in the slot.

"Turbo power up!" The other Rangers follow suit. The wheels become handle bars and Tommy hits the breaks. Feet slowly form on Desert Thunder and Dune Star. Red Lightning's back folds back to reveal the Turbo Megazord head. Mountain Blaster's lightbar folds in and moves up, completing the transformation.


The Park... Matt and Wendy arrive on the scene. They see the Turbo Megazord and the Catbot in the distance.

"WOAH! Look at that thing!"

"Never mind that Wendy! Activate the tripod."

Wendy presses a red button on the base of the device. Three telescoping legs extend.

"Tripod activated."

"Prepare to scan on my mark."


The two teenagers turn at the sudden voice. The Blue Senturion appears.

"Return to your home. There is an emergency. You are in danger here."

"Listen... Blue Senturion, right? If there's an emergency, then why aren't you helping the Rangers?"

"Do not question my actions. Please return home."

Wendy rolls her eyes.

"Don't you have anything better to do? Why not go bug a jaywalker?"

"Jaywalker? Where?!" He looks around. "The Rangers do need assistance! Go home!" He teleports away.

"Nice one Wendy. We'd better finish before he gets back."

The battle... Catbot strikes the Turbo Megazord with it's sword. Sparks fly again.

"Artillery ready! FIRE!" Bursts of energy erupt from the Turbo Megazord chestplate, but again, the robot evades the blast.

"Nice try Justin. Now let's finish this thing! TURBO MEGAZORD SABRE!"

The sword appears in a pillar of smoke. The zord turns it's hand. It then races forward at blinding speed.

"Turbo Megazord SPINOUT!" The zord begins to spin and the sword glows with energy. The Catbot leaps up, evading the blow that would have surely destroyed it.

"My turn Rangers!" The Catbot begins to leap around the zord at a speed which defies description. Sparks fly with every strike of the claws. Explosions rock the five Rangers.

"Now to finish you!" The catbot strikes with all it's claws, tail, and lasers at once. The Rangers are thrown from the Turbo Megazord as it teleports away for repairs. They land hard in the Park, not far from Matt and Wendy.

"NOW WENDY!" Wendy presses the button and the device begins to scan the fallen Rangers.

The Catbot looks at the Rangers, and then begins to bend over to pick them up. A sudden blast knocks it to the ground. It turns and sees Robo Racer coming right at it.

"Later Rangers!" Catbot vanishes, having accomplished it's goal. Blue Senturion jumps down to help the Rangers.

Bulk and Skull watch from the bushes.

"Let's go!"

"I'm right behind you Bulk!"

The two monkeys leap into the Rangers' arms.

"HEY! Get down!"

The scanner analyzes the Rangers and the monkeys, who jump down and run off.

"Ummm.... guys? Take a look." Justin motions over to where Matt and Wendy are.

"Let's get out of here and regroup!"

"RIGHT!" The Rangers teleport out. Blue Senturion turns to face the two teenagers, but they are already gone from sight.

"They got away. Next time they won't be so lucky." He vanishes as well.

Machine Empire moonbase... "EXCELLENT!" King Mondo raises his staff victoriously.

"The Catbot made fools of the Rangers!" Zedd's visor glows with dark joy.

"And it would have finished them if it hadn't been for the Blue Senturion." adds Divatox.

"It doesn't matter." says Zedd. "He'll only be a minor problem. But we must repower Catbot. Mondo! It's time that we iniciated the next phase of our glorious plan!"

"Agreed. And may the Rangers tremble!"

End of act 3