Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 1,
Act 4: When comes the Catbot"
by Aaron Thall

Power Chamber... The five Rangers watch the recording of the battle with Catbot.

"If it hadn't been for Blue Senturion..." says Tommy. "We'd have been finished!"

"And Matt and Wendy got to try out that scanner of their's!" adds Justin.

Alpha interrupts. "About that scanner..."

The Rangers gather around the robot.

"I've got some more bad news for ya! It worked."

"But if they can use it to track our power signatures..." begins Kat.

"Then they'll know who we are the second they see us." finishes Tanya.

"And with Catbot on the loose, it's only a matter of time until they do." Adam looks back at the viewing globe to bring his point home.

Matt and Wendy's workshop... "We actually did it!" Wendy exclaims as Matt feeds the information into a special computer program.

"And now let's see if we can't remove the energy and see who's under those helmets!"

Matt types in a few commands. The image of the Rangers and the two monkeys begins to change. But in unexpected ways. The Rangers don't change. But something does.

"Matt, what's going on?"

"The Rangers' signatures are too complex to take away. But... hold on... something strange is happening with the two monkeys."

Wendy watches the screen in awe as the two animals begin to morph.

"No way..."

"A second alien energy signature."

The picture stops changing.

"But... Matt... according to this image..."

"Those monkeys were once very much human."

The picture on the screen is now of the five Rangers and two very desperate humans. Bulk and Skull...


Bloopers: as you know, Turbo features bloopers from each episode in the ending credits. This fanfic is no different.

The Park... Matt and Wendy are preparing their scanner.

"Extend tripod."


Wendy presses the button. Nothing happens.

"Could someone please fix this thing?"



Divatox's Subcraft... Elgar is walking away with his soup. He trips and lands face down in it.

"Delicious! Porto! You should give this stuff a chance! It's great!"

"Thanks no."


Catbot is growing to full size.

"I knew I shouldn't have bought stock in the ladder companies!" END OF BLOOPERS

NEXT TIME: "Purple and Gray" continues as the Rangers learn of Bulk and Skull's predicament. But Lord Zedd, Divatox, and King Mondo launch a new offensive with some unexpected results! And one of the Rangers makes a mistake that could cost them everything! Be here as the "Power Rangers Turbo" miniseries continues!