Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 2,
Act 1: Return of the Ninja Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

To all who read this, welcome back to the fanfic Power Rangers Turbo miniseries: "Purple and Gray". So far, the title makes no sense. That will change in part two as the reason for this title becomes painfully obvious. I say here and now that if this were a Power Rangers episode, nothing would ever be the same after part two of "Purple and Gray".

And now on with the show...

Power Chamber...

The five Rangers watch the recording of the battle with Catbot again.

"Catbot is the most powerful monster that we've ever faced." Adam watches the recording, hoping to spot some weakness in the robot. His efforts are in vain.

Tommy thinks back. The Rangers probably said the same thing when he was the evil Green Ranger. As Green Ranger, he was a menace. He easily defeated the Rangers and came painfully close to killing Jason, the original Red Ranger. Thankfully, Jason managed to defeat Rita's spell and return him to normal.

With Catbot, that wasn't going to happen.

"Guys, we can't do anything about that thing right now. Besides, we have bigger problems on our hands."

"Matt and Wendy." says Tanya. It wasn't a question.

"We have to stop them from figuring out who we are!" says Justin, obviously worried at the prospect of an early end to his Ranger career.

"And soon," finishes Kat. "Before it's too late for them."


Youth Center...

Matt and Wendy walk in and go over to the juice bar. Lt. Stone greets them.

"Hey guys! How'd your experiment go?"

"It's still a work in progress. But something weird happened during it."

"Could we borrow the chimps for a while? We need to run some tests."

"Sure. They're out back."

Matt and Wendy quickly get up from their stools and head out the back door. The two monkeys are actually waiting for them.

"They're here Skull! They've gotta help us!"

"I hope you're right Bulk. They're our last chance!"

Matt bends down onto one knee.

"Listen guys, we know the truth. We know all about you."

"We know that you were both once human."

The two chimps jump up and down happily.

"Come with us. We'll do what we can." Matt picks up the transformed humans and they head back inside towards the front door. As they reenter, Adam chooses that moment to enter the Youth Center.

"Thank goodness! You're all right!"

Matt takes the monkeys. Wendy stays behind.

"Why wouldn't we be all right Adam?"

"You told me about your experiment and I thought that you might have been hurt during that attack."

"Well we weren't. But thank you for caring."

"What's with the monkeys?"

Wendy looks down before answering.

"Listen, Adam, it's hard to explain. You're better off not knowing. If I tell you, you might end up in danger. Now please, I've got to catch up to Matt."

Not waiting for a response, she rushes past Adam and out the door.

"Danger eh? Something tells me that there's more to that experiment than meets the eye!"

And with that thought, Adam races out of the Youth Center to tail the siblings...