Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 2,
Act 2: Return of the Ninja Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Machine Empire Skybase...

King Mondo, Divatox, and Lord Zedd discuss the battle.

"The catbot is a work of sheer genius, Zedd!"

"I know Mondo. I designed it!"

Divatox steps in. "So what's next for the Rangers?"

"Some old friends with a few new toys!" ***

Adam follows Matt and Wendy from a distance. As they reach the corner of the block, the walk light turns red. Adam slips into the shadows and activates his communicator.

"This is Adam. Tommy? Do you read me?"

"Yeah Adam. What's up?"

"I've found Matt and Wendy. They're definitely up to something. They've taken the two monkeys and are heading for their workshop."

"Keep with them Adam."

"Will do. But I'm worried about them."


"Wendy said something about possible danger. I'll keep you posted."

"all right. We'll meet up at the Youth Center."


The walk light changes.

"I've got to go!"

He deactivates his communicator and rushes across the street, making sure that the siblings don't see him. ***

Divatox's subcraft...

Finster is being given a tour of the craft by Porto.

"This ship is a work of art Porto!"

"Indeed! A true masterpiece, is it not?"

"We shall make an excellent team."

"How very true."

Goldar and Rygog are off in another section arguing.

"You're not so tough." growls Goldar. "I've faced those Rangers dozens of times!"

"Old powers only! You won't stand a chance against the Turbo power!"

"Just wait and see!"

"You'll lose!"

Elgar and Rito are fighting over the periscope.

"It's my turn you lousy bag of bones!"

"Says you!"

"Come on! I want my turn!"

Rito takes a look.

"HEY! What's with those teens and the monkeys?"

Elgar pushes Rito away and takes a look. Through the periscope, he hears everything that Matt and Wendy say.

"I can't wait to track down the Rangers Matt!"

"I know Wendy, but first we have to reverse the transformation used on these two."

Elgar stumbles back from shock.


"Know what?"

"I turned two humans into monkeys! Those kids are trying to change them back and track down the Rangers!"

"Come on! Ed'll want ta know!" ***

Matt and Wendy's workshop...

Matt sets up the transmitter of his longwave radio.

"Wendy, is the frequency modulator ready?"

"Yeah. How about the long range inverter?"

"Ready to rock. Now let's reach out and touch some Rangers."

Outside, Adam listens in to the conversation.

"S.O.S. I repeat: S.O.S. Power Rangers, you are needed at the source of this transmission."

"So they want Rangers eh? Well they're gonna get a Ranger! SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

Adam's Turbo Morpher appears. He quickly pulls out his key and places it in the slot.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam's uniform appears. His helmet snaps into place.

He teleports to the inside of the workshop, directly behind Matt and Wendy. Only the screeching of the chimps alert them to his presence. They turn in suprise.


"Thank goodness!"

"You called?"


"I thought so. Now I want to know just why you two were scanning us during our last battle."

"That's not important right now. What's important is that these two get the help they need."

"Come again?"

"When we scanned you Rangers, they got scanned as well. Through a few tests, we've determined that they used to be humans." Matt hands Adam the printout of the morphed picture. He sees Bulk and Skull.

"I see what you mean. I'll take over from here. Expect me to come back later."

"We're counting on it. And thanks."

"No, thank you." Adam picks up the chimps and teleports out.

Slowly, Matt pulls out a tape recorder. "No, I definitely meant 'thank you'." ***

Power Chamber...

Adam teleports in with the monkeys, still morphed of course.

"I can't believe it Bulk! Your plan worked!"

"Of course it worked! I thought it up didn't I?"

Alpha walks over and gives the monkeys a look over. "YO! Greenie! Don't ya guys have a no pets clause on the lease or somethin'?"

"Afraid not. Listen Alpha, we have to find a way to change these two back into humans."

"All right. I'm on it! No promises though."

"I have to go meet the others. Keep us posted."

"Will do!" Adam teleports out. Alpha walks over to the chimps. "Looks like the two of you are gonna be hangin' around here fer a while!" ***

Matt and Wendy's workshop...

A small device begins to beep loudly.

"MATT! Our scanner's locked onto the Rangers' energy signatures!"

"Grab the remote tracker and let's go!" ***

The Machine Empire skybase...

"The Rangers are all together now." says Zedd.

"And in public." says Divatox. "They can't morph without blowing their cover."

"Then what are we waiting for?! LAUNCH THE ATTACK IMMEDIATELY!" King Mondo waves his staff victoriously. ***

Youth Center...

"...And that's the entire story guys."

"I can't believe it!" says Kat. "All this time they were trying to get our help..."

"At least we can help them now." says Tanya.

"Guys, I've been thinking..."

"Go on Adam." says Tommy.

"Why don't we just let Matt and Wendy in on our identities? I mean, if it weren't for them, Bulk and Skull would have no chance of ever being changed back. And I don't think that they would reveal the secret. They had a chance to question me but they opted to help Bulk and Skull first."

"I agree with Adam. Plus it would keep them out of our hair." adds Justin.

"No way guys. Who knows what could happen if they knew?"

"But with Billy gone, we could use someone to back us up."

"Tommy, they have a point." says Kat.

"And with the Catbot around, we need all the help we can get." finishes Tanya.

"We'll ask [New Replace Term] later. Right now, we have to come up with some kind of plan."

"No argument! With those three teamed up, things are going to get a little hot under the-"

"LOOK OUT!" Energy flies in from out of nowhere. The Rangers barely duck in time to avoid being hit.

People begin to panic, running every which way in vain attempts to escape the attack. Feathered monsters appear, blocking the exits.

"TENGAS!" exclaims Tommy, but then he gets a better look at the creatures. They now wear cybernetic parts and armor.

"Wrong! Try RoboTengas!" says Adam as another blast flies through the air.

"We have to stop them!"

"Any ideas Tanya? We can't exactly just morph in front of everyone!" reminds Justin.

"No ideas. Absolutely none at all..."