Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 2,
Act 3: Return of the Ninja Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Machine Empire Skybase... The three villains watch the unfolding drama on the planet below.

"This will be most entertaining, Zedd! Cybernetically enhancing the Tengas was a brilliant maneuver!"

Divatox turns, grinning. "How long can unmorphed Rangers last?"

"Let us watch and see!" ***

Youth Center... Chaos reigns. People rush for the exits of the building, only to be pushed back by the RoboTengas. The Rangers duck under a table.

"We have to morph Tommy!" Justin looks around them and sees that it's clear.


"So let's do it!" says Tanya.

The others nod. They bring their left arms up to call their morphers, but before they can, one of the RoboTengas lifts the table, bringing the Rangers back into view. It throws the table aside like a wad of paper.

"SCATTER!" Tommy delivers a low level kick and knocks the Tenga on it's butt. The Rangers separate to look for a private place to morph.

Tanya and Justin begin to backflip away from several of the RoboTengas that persue them. Kat and Adam leap over the heads of the creatures while Tommy takes on two of the things alone. He grabs a service tray and uses it to block the blows while he turns and slams the Tengas in their heads like Captain America might with his shield. He rolls to safety.

The five Rangers regroup. The RoboTengas quickly circle around them.

"We've got to morph!" yells Adam, just loud enough for the others to hear him.

"In front of everyone?" questions Kat.

"We don't have any choice!" ***

"They're going to morph!? Inconceivable!" King Mondo swings his staff around.

"This is even better than I could have hoped for! They're endangering their powers! Once they morph, no more Rangers!" Zedd laughs, which is a terrifying sound, made worse by the fact that he may be right... ***

The RoboTengas move in on the Rangers.

"It's now or never guys! SHIFT INTO-" Tommy never finishes making the call. A sudden flash of energy rushes past him, nearly knocking him to the ground. He gets a better look at the energy.

Twin beams of energy.

Colored purple and gray.

The twin beams of energy flash around the Tengas, knocking all of the creatures down.

Justin and Tanya watch in amazement, but Tommy, Kat, and Adam stare in shock as the beams stop and take new forms. Humanoid forms.

Impossible forms.

"THE NINJA RANGERS!!!???" The Turbo Rangers can only watch as the two ninjas face off against the RoboTengas. The Purple one moves first, not even making a sound as he slams feet first into the chest of the lead Tenga, making it fly back.

It's only then that they realize that the Gray Ninja is a girl. Her skirt flaps as she delivers a supercharged corkscrew kick to the head of another Tenga.

The two Ninjas seem oblivious to the presence of the Rangers. They begin to flash around the room, picking off the Tengas one by one. ***

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHO ARE THOSE INTERLOPERS??!!" King Mondo releases a geyser of steam from his crown.

"Ninja Rangers??!! This is impossible! I destroyed the Ninja coins myself!" Zedd slams his fist down on a piece of Mondo's furniture. The energies surge from his hand into the ground.

"Just what I needed! Another Gold Ranger incident!"

Divatox just continues to watch. Is she too late? Has the Millennium message come to pass?

It cannot come true! There must be a way to keep those Ninjas from teaming with the Rangers! But how? ***

Power Chamber... The two chimps sit on a table while Alpha runs tests on them. The alarm sounds.

"Just perfect! As if I didn't have enough ta do already!"

"Alpha," begins [New Replace Term], "Can you pinpoint the source of the disturbance?"

"Sure I can! Just hold yer hat fer a sec, all right?" Alpha activates the viewing globe and sees the two Ninja Rangers battling the RoboTengas. "YO YO YO! We got us some unexpected help over here! Who the heck are they?"

"I cannot say. Would you please keep me informed?"

"Sure. Sheesh!" ***

Youth Center...Two RoboTengas grab the arms of the Gray Ninja while a third slams into her with it's feet. Her tunic drops to the ground and she emerges, uninjured, ten feet away.

Purple Ninja fades into the wall and begins ambushing Tengas from behind.

Tommy and the others, seeing that the exits are now clear, begin evacuating everyone.

"Hurry! The Ninjas might not be able to beat them!"

But contrary to Tommy's doubts, the Gray Ninja leaps up and lands on Purple Ninja's shoulders. They then release a powerful burst of energy that throws all the RoboTengas to the far wall.

"We're outta here!" A cog shaped portal appears and engulfs the creatures.

Justin is the first Ranger to reach the room again, quickly followed by Kat and the others. They see the two Ninja Rangers interlock hands.

"Who are you?" asks Tommy. "Where did you come from?"

The Ninjas do not respond. They hit their medallions, both of which have the same familiar symbol. A symbol from the Rangers' past.

The sign of Ninjor.

Upon striking their medallions, the Ninjas fade into the ground.

"What's going on guys?" asks Tanya.

"Whoever they are," begins Adam, they just saved our secret identities."

"Look who's coming now." says Kat, pointing to a rushing Matt and Wendy. A device in their hands beeps loudly.

"What happened here? We were following the Rangers' energy patterns and..."

Wendy is the first to notice the mess that the RoboTengas made of the Youth Center. "I guess we're a little late, huh?"

"Yeah. And it looks like you were following the wrong energy. Two Ninja Rangers showed up and saved the day." responds Adam.

"Wrong energy? New Rangers? Just perfect!" Matt adds a sarcastic tone to the last word.

"See you later guys." The siblings turn away, even as Matt pulls out the tape recorder again.

"Wendy, it seems that the game has taken an interesting turn."

"Don't worry guys," calls out Adam. "You're not out yet."

"You're right. We've only just begun."

The sibs walk out, leaving the Rangers to exchange nervous glances. ***

Right outside...

"I know for a fact that we're not following Ninja energy Wendy. I think that we need to pay a visit to Scott."

"Right Bro."