Power Rangers Turbo: "Purple and Gray, Part 2,
Act 4: Return of the Ninja Rangers"
by Aaron Thall

Power Chamber... Bulk and Skull look around.

"Looks like we'll have to hang around for a while Skull."

"No problem. We're monkeys."

"Don't remind me! If the Rangers can't change us back... we'll be trapped in these bodies forever!" ***

Machine Empire Skybase...

"The RoboTengas failed miserably! Those Ninja Rangers must be made to pay!" King Mondo swings his staff around like a maniac.

Rito and Elgar rush into the room.

"What do you want now Elgar?" demands Divatox.

"There's something you guys should know!" answers Rito.

Prince Sprocket listens in. "This ought ta be good!"

"What? Out with it!" yells Mondo.

"Two teenagers are trying to track down the Rangers! They've found out about the two humans I transformed!"

"Excellent! We can use that to our advantage! Keep watch over them, if you can manage to do so!"

"We're on the case!"

"These teens can be a boon to us Zedd."

"And the destructors of the Rangers!"

'And the ruination of the Millennium Message' adds Divatox, silently. ***

Youth Center... Tommy turns to the others.

"Any ideas guys?"

"Only one. There's only one being in the universe that can help us." answers Kat.

"Ninjor." ***

Matt and Wendy's workshop... Wendy goes online and checks e-mail. They had left the recordings with their friend Scott, who had access to the high school's wavelength analyzers, for study. She hoped that he has an answer for them.

"MATT! Scott's sent us the results!"

Matt rushes over. "I was right!"

"The voice recordings are a match. So?"

"Think about it Sis. One of those recordings was of Adam, right?"


"And the other was of our earlier guest. On a hunch, I recorded both voices. And they're a match."

"No way..." says Wendy, completely astonished. "Then this means that..."

"Adam is the Green Ranger."



Adam, morphed, is holding the monkeys.

"[New Replace Term], we have a problem."

"What is it?"

Adam feels something and looks down at his uniform.

"They just went to the bathroom."

"Sick!" yells Alpha.

"How about some help with this?"

"NO!!!" yells the others from off camera.


Next time: NINJOR RETURNS! The Ninja Rangers stand revealed! The Callous Catbot returns! And Wendy confronts Adam! All this and more as the "Purple and Gray" miniseries continues!