The Origin of the Purple Ranger
Part 3
by Ultra_Purple_Ranger

As the mountain trek continued Combat began to tire and said "I must rest now". Omar nodded and sat down. Omar said "Grasshopper, you will not need much training, you are indeed more skilled then I had first thought.". Combat look at Omar and said "Thanks, I think", Omar said "After I'm done training you, I will still be around to watch over you." Combat replied "I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried".

Wisdom was looking at archived files of wizards that existed, and came across something rather interesting, a file about a wizard named Lerigot a small creature but powerful, he holds a key to a long lost island in another dimension, and he one of Alpha 5's friends. Alpha 5 is the robot helper of Zorldon of Eltar.

Combat was running up the mountain alongside Omar, and they soon came to Omar's house. A blue house on the top of a forested hill, with a silver door, and gold trimming around the windows. Omar said "This is my house, your room awaits you inside", Combat was still looking at Omar's house his gaze was fixed on it and he said "What a nice house, it's looks so big!" Omar replied, " well I made it myself out of the ruins of my spacecraft" Combat said "cool!" Combat followed Omar into the big blue house.

Wisdom was attempting to to get the design patters for a alpha wave communicator from the computers massive database. He was looking for a device that would let him or Combat communicate with telepathic beings throughout the universe, it would also have to have voice communication features so he could communicate with Combat and other non-telepathic beings.

Combat was walking up a flight of red steps behind Omar when he stopped suddenly, Combat also stopped, Omar turned around and assumed a defensive stance and said "Let's spar!" Combat was caught at a disadvantage with his bags in his hands and said "But, ...." Combat could not finish because the next thing he knew he was at the bottom of the flight of stairs, and his chest was hurting as if it had been kicked. Combat asked "What happened?!" Omar replied "I kicked you, your response to my question came a little too late grasshopper!" Omar chuckled "Get up grasshopper, I must show you your room." Combat got up and picked up his bags and walked back up the red stairs.

Wisdom was in his room waiting for a list of everything need to construct the tela-communications device he is working on. He noticed shadows of unknown people on walls from the street. An unusual feeling of being watched, he pretended not to notice but it was no use, when the list was done printing he grabbed it and ran, still unaware of who was watching him.

Combat was walking through a blue hallway into a purple room, with purple walls, a purple bed, purple carpet, purple everything! The only thing not purple aside from Combat and his personal belongings is an off-white desk, with an off-white computer system.

Omar entered and said "I hope you like it here, if you don't you can always go into another room." Combat looked at Omar and said "This is just fine, and I like it." Omar replied "Good, now get settled and meet me outside after you are." Combat nodded and Omar left the room.

Just then a Giant Pyramid was speeding to earth from Triforia, with 3 passengers on it.

What's in the Pyramid?
Who was watching Wisdom?
What's with all that purple stuff in that room?


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