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Authors Note: This is the first story in my new series 'Dark Times'! This series continues where my 'Coming Together' series left off. Some really neat plot twists are coming up and you'll see an old ranger come back! Which one? Well, wait and see! That will be later on in this series! This one has some characters you may be familiar with if you've seen the new Star Wars movie. Those characters will only be in the first 2 stories of this series, but it is a neat way to start off my new series! :) I really hope you like it and any feedback is welcome! Thanks and enjoy the story!

Tragedy Strikes
By Crystal Maiden

"Alright guys get the Astro Megaship in defensive position. Cassie, set course for the galaxy that is most threatened." Andros commanded.

"Which galaxy would that be?" Cassie asked him as she rushed to her seat.

Andros looked at the papers then up to everyone that was looking at him; "They're all being attacked with the same magnitude. There's only one Megaship...and thousands of galaxies."

"What are we gonna do? We can't just pick one!" Karone exclaimed.

"We should call on our zords and split up." Ashley suggested.

"No, that is way to risky." Andros stated firmly.

"Andros, we have no other choice. Splitting up is the only way any of these galaxies will have a chance of surviving." Zhane argued.

Andros stood there for a moment, then finally agreed, "Alright. We'll split up."

"Okay," Ashley started, "Zhane can go to the Illisar system, Cassie can go to the Nova system, Carlos can go to the Deretan system, TJ can take the Levox system, Phantom the Vizcoth system, Andros the Kerova system, Karone the Listan system, and I'll take the Milky Way."

"No way. The Milky Way is being heavily hit. I'll go there." Andros argued.

Ashley gave him an offended look, "Okay...."

"Wait guys, " Karone said and walked over to the map, "I have a problem."

"What is it?" Zhane asked.

"I don't have a zord." She reminded them.

The rangers shrugged and stood there quiet for a moment thinking.

"Well, the Listan system is being attacked more than the Illisar. In fact, there are only a few fighters in the Illisar system. Karone can come with me and we'll go to the Listan system." Zhane said and walked over to Karone.

Andros hesitatingly said, "Alright. We better hurry though, or there won't be anything left to defend."

The ranger started to leave.

"Rangers, I have faith in you. I know good will prevail." Zordon told them, "Me and Alpha will stay and protect the Megaship."

Andros nodded, "Thanks Zordon. Okay guys, Let's Rocket!"

The rangers morphed and ran towards the cargo bay.

Ashley and Andros were running behind everyone, but suddenly Ashley stopped Andros and pulled him aside.

"We have to talk later." Ashley told him angrily then ran off to the cargo bay.

Andros stood there a second at the spot where the yellow ranger had been, then ran towards the others.

* * *
"Mega Winger!" Zhane yelled and the Mega Winger appeared before him and Karone.

Zhane turned to her and stuck out his hand.

"Your transportation awaits miss." Zhane said sweetly and she took his hand.

"Wow, such a gentleman." Karone laughed through her helmet and they teleported on to the Mega Winger.

Karone looked around and noticed two stations, "I didn't know the Mega Winger was made for two people."

"Uh...well, yeah.... But uh...we better get going." Zhane stuttered.

Karone just shrugged her shoulders and sat down in the command chair beside Zhane.

"Okay, power up generators to max." Zhane said as he pushed a few buttons.

"Generators at maximum power. Shields to 100%." Karone said and flipped some switches on the panel above her head.

"Hyper rush 9 to Listan System. Estimated time till arrival, " Zhane said and looked over at the time clock, "3 minutes."

"Setting hyper rush 9 to Listan system." Karone confirmed then sighed, "Now I know how DECA must feel doing all this."

Zhane laughed then put his hand on the controls, "Engaging hyper rush 9. Hang on."

A bright burst of light flashed before them, then they were racing through hyperspace.

* * *
A bright light flashed and Andros's Mega Voyager emerged from hyperspace. Instead of seeing and endless sight of stars, he saw tons of fighters heading his way.

"Shields on full power." Andros said and pushed a bunch of buttons.

"Laser lock!" Andros commanded, "Fire!"

The laser shot out and hit 2 fighters dead center.

Suddenly 5 fighters took the place of the 2 he destroyed and Andros panicked.

*They knew we were coming...they were waiting for us...* his thoughts realized sadly and he continued maneuvering his Mega V quickly, to dodge the blaring lasers of the enemy fighters.

* * *
"Where are all these fighters coming from?" Karone asked frantically, as the Mega Winger rushed through space trailed my dozens of fighters.

"I don't know! It's like they're appearing from thin air!" Zhane said, not believing the situation they were in.

A loud bang was heard, then the ship rocked violently.

Karone turned the chair around to some monitors in the back.

"Navigation's are down!" Karone shouted over the loud banging noises, "Zhane get us out of here now!"

"Without the navigation's system we'll have no idea where we're going! I'll try calling for back up." Zhane shouted back to her over the rumbling noises inside the ship. He pushed a button on the control panel and asked, "Andros? Andros are you there? We're in serious trouble in the Listan System and need backup immediately!"

There was nothing but static on the intercom and Karone began to panic.

The Mega Winger kept shaking and losing more power with every hit it took.

"Shields are down to 10%. If we don't get out of here now then we won't live. And that is a fact." Karone stated in urgency and Zhane took the controls.

"Hyper rush online," Zhane started and Karone gave him a worried look, "Hyper rush is the only way we're gonna out fly these guys."

"But without navigation's," Karone started, but Zhane interrupted her.

"Without navigation's we'll go through hyperspace in a random porthole. There's no telling where we'll end up. But at least we'll be alive." He told her seriously.

She nodded her head silently.

"Hold onto something. If we crash into something, you don't wanna fly out of your seat." Zhane explained and she grabbed her arms rests tight.

"Hyper rush 9, engage!" Zhane yelled and the ship sped through hyperspace.

* * *
"Rangers, let's re-group at the Astro Megaship. Repeat, re-group at the Astro Megaship." Andros reported over the communicator and he heard all of them say yes, except for Karone and Zhane.

*They must be to far away to be able to respond. I'm sure they heard me. * He thought and teleported to the Astro Megaship.

As soon as he got there he saw everyone talking at the same time about what they had seen.

"Millions of fighters! They were everywhere! We are not ready for this." Cassie exclaimed, shaking her head.

Andros listened to them talk, then interrupted them and asked, "Did anyone see Dark Specters ship? Or the Dark Fortress? I thought they'd be watching Earth but they weren't. I only saw fighters."

Everyone exchanged glances then Andros noticed something, "Where's Ashley?"

"As soon as she got here Alpha took her to the Medical Bay. Her Mega Voyager was destroyed when she crash-landed on KO-35. She took some pretty hard hits." Carlos told him and Andros ran out of the room towards the Medical Bay.

"Was it something I said?" Carlos joked.

Phantom looked around the room, then asked, "Where are the Silver and Purple Rangers?"

* * *
The Medical Bay door slid open and Andros came rushing in breathless as Alpha finished putting the bandages on Ashley's leg.

"That about does it Ashley! Stay off of it for a few days, then you'll be as good as new!" Alpha chirped then left the room.

Ashley hadn't noticed Andros run into the room since her back was to the door.

He stood in the doorway a moment, not moving. He could see her knee was badly bruised and scratched, but the fresh bandage Alpha had just applied covered the worst damage to her leg. He noticed she had changed clothes. He turned his head towards a chair in the corner. There laid her old work clothes, torn and burned in places.

"Are...are you okay?" he asked quietly walking towards her.

She jumped a little, no knowing anyone had been there, then slowly turned to face him.

"Yeah, Yeah I'm fine. I just...got in a little accident." She reassured him.

He walked up to her and gently brushed a piece of hair out of her face and saw a burn mark on her left cheek.

"How did this happen?" He asked softly, more to him than to her.

She looked at him confused, then said, "Andros, really. I'm fine. It's no big deal. I just had a little run in with Vixrothia..."

"Vixrothia??!! Where did she come from?" Andros asked her demandingly.

"I think Dark Specter teamed them up on this one. She sent me a transmission before they shot down my Mega Voyager." Ashley said.

"I can't believe this!" he shouted and slammed his fist on the cabinet.

Ashley shook her head then laid her hand over Andros's on the cabinet and looked at him.

"Andros, I'm fine. Really." Ashley said, trying to get it through his thick head.

"You could've been hurt worse. Much worse. And what if you had been? I wouldn't have been there to help you. None of us would. This is all my fault... You told me to go there. But did I? No. And look what happened." Andros snapped.

"Andros, I take the chance of getting hurt every single time I leave the ship! I have duties as a ranger..." she started to say.

"I have duties too. And as the leader I'm supposed to protect my teammates from harm." Andros interrupted.

"You can't protect us from everything Andros." She told him quietly and touched his arm with her hand gently, "You just can't."

She looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to stop blaming himself.

"I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." He admitted quietly.

Ashley opened her mouth to respond to the heart melting comment, but the intercom beeped.

"Why now??!!" Ashley whined.

Andros laughed and pressed the button on the intercom, "This is Andros. What is it?"

The intercom crackled a moment, and then Cassie's voice was heard.

"Guys, you better get to the bridge quick. There's trouble." Her voice was urgent so Andros helped Ashley down and they began walking towards the bridge.

* * *
"What is it guys?" Andros asked as he and Ashley walked onto the bridge.

"It's Zhane.... And Karone." TJ said.

"Zhane and Karone? What's wrong with them?" Andros asked as he helped Ashley sit in a chair.

"They haven't returned yet." Carlos informed them.

Andros looked up at them with a confused look, "Haven't returned? What do you mean? I sent the re-group transmission 5 hours ago!"

Carlos, TJ, Cassie, and Phantom exchanged glances.

"The Listan System is only 1 hour away from here. They should've gotten back here hours ago. We tried doing a location scan but..." TJ said and swallowed hard, "Nothing showed up. The Mega Winger can't be found anywhere in any of the galaxies surrounding Listan."

"But that's impossible." Andros shook his head in disbelief, "That's...That's just impossible. The Mega Winger has an emergency beacon device. If something went wrong, it would go off and would notify us."

Cassie glanced at Phantom, then said, "The beacon could have been damaged during battle. The Mega Winger hadn't been fully ready for another battle."

Andros shook his head, "No. No, Zhane fixed the Mega Winger. With TJ. Tell them TJ."

TJ looked at Andros sadly; "Sorry Andros but...not all the damage from battling Fishite had been repaired yet. We were planning on doing it today but..."

Andros kept shaking his head, not wanting to believe it, "No. They are on their way home. Just scan some more until you find the beacon."

"But Andros-" Cassie started.

"Scan until you find them! I don't care if you have to scan the entire universe! Just do it!" Andros shouted then left the bridge.

They all looked at the ground sadly, then got to work.

Ashley walked over to Cassie and put an arm around her, "I'm sure he didn't mean to yell at you. He's just worried about them."

Cassie gave her a meek, but reassuring smile, "Yeah. Yeah I know."

* * *
"Owwwwww..." Karone moaned as she rolled over off the ground.

*The ground? * She thought to herself. *Why would I be on the ground when I'm on the Mega Winger? Unless we...*

She quickly tried to stand up, but fell back down because her legs were too weak.

*We must have crash landed...* she realized in her mind, "But where is...."

"Zhane!" she screamed.

She waited a moment and heard nothing.

She sat up against a rock that was behind her and looked around.

She was in a heavily forested area. None of it looked familiar though.

She looked to her right and saw the Mega Winger, lying on its stomach about 20 yards away from her.

"Zhane!" she called out again, but again heard no reply.

Her arm began hurting her, and she examined it and noticed her wrist looked unusual.

"Umm.... Umm...." she murmured, starting to panic, "Okay, I broke my wrist, Okay. Calm down just..." she looked around trying to find someone, anyone to help her, then screamed at the top of her lungs, "ZHANE!"

She leaned back against the rock and started breathing heavily.

"What am going to do?" she asked herself in between breaths.

Then she heard a shuffling noise.

She looked around and saw a bush moving around.

"Who is it? Who...Who's there?" Karone asked sternly, but still frightened.

"You-sa okay over there?" a weird voice asked from behind the bush.

Karone looked at the bush confused; "No I'm not! I have a broken wrist! Will you...Will you help me?"

"Me-sa think you-sa hurt me. Me-sa scared of strangers." The voice responded.

"No no! I won't hurt you! I ... I promise I won't hurt you! I need help! Please!" Karone pleaded.

"Okey Day!" the voice said and an alien like creature with long ears jumped out from behind the bush and landed in front of her.

Karone examined the creature and asked, "What...exactly are you?"

"Me-sa a Gun-Gun! Me-sa name, Jar Jar Binks. Who you-sa be?" Jar Jar asked cheerfully.

"My name is Karone. It's nice to meet you Jar Jar. Can I ask you a question?" Karone asked.

"Fire away!" Jar Jar responded happily.

"Do you know how I got here?" she asked.

"Me-sa saw everything. Me-sa tell you now!" Jar Jar said and sat by her.

Karone nodded her head and he started talking, "Me-sa just walking through the forest thinkin then WHAM! Me-sa see huge robot smash into the ground and you-sa fly out the eye. Me-sa say 'Whoa!' and jump behind a tree. Me-sa get very scared. Me-sa wait for a few minutes, then you-sa ask for help and here I am!"

Karone smiled then winced in pain; "Ouch...Could you help me. I think...I think I broke my wrist."

"Me-sa will take you to Gun Gun City! 'Tis a hidden city! This a-way!" Jar Jar jumps up and helps her walk towards Gun-Gun City.

On the way there Karone thinks to herself, *Zhane, where are you? *

Jar Jar looks over at her, "You-sa worried? You-sa look like you're thinkin 'bout someone."

Karone nodded her head, "Yes. I'm very worried. My friend was with me in the zord-I mean robot."

Jar Jar straightened up, "Did you-sa say zord?"

Karone nodded her head, "Yes. I'm a power ranger."

"Holy smokes!" Jar Jar jumped up, "How did a power ranger get all the way out here?"

"Me and my friend were defending the Listan system from Dark Specters forces and we got in trouble because the navigation's were all down. So we went into hyperspace with no destination." Karone explained.

"You-sa go through hyper space with no destination! You-sa very brave!" Jar Jar exclaimed, "Did you-sa say that you had a friend with you?"

Karone nodded her head, "Yes! Did you see him?"

Jar Jar thought a moment, then responded, "Me-sa saw another Gun-Gun help another stranger to Gun-Gun City."

"That's great! Did you see what he looked like?" Karone asked excitingly.

"Yep! He-sa had silver hair. Me-sa never seen someone with silver hair." Jar Jar told her.

She smiled happily, "That's him! That's my friend! Are you sure they're taking him to the Gun-Gun City?"

Jar Jar nodded his head, "Yep yep! That's where they take all strangers that need help."

"Oh and Jar Jar. One last question. What planet are we on?" she asked as they kept walking.

"You-sa on the lovely planet of Naboo." Jar Jar said cheerfully.

Karone stopped walking, "Na....Naboo? I've never heard of this planet. How can that be?"

Jar Jar just shrugged and pulled her, "Me-sa think you-sa need to get out more often."

They continued walking for a few minutes in silence, then Jar Jar laughed.

"What's so funny?" Karone asked him smiling.

"This seems to be a grand week for visitors! Last week there was big battle for planet with real Jedi. Now this week we get power rangers. This must be Naboo month!" Jar Jar said.

"Jedi? What are Jedi?" Karone asked confused.

Jar Jar looked at her like she was crazy, "Now me-sa thinks you really need to get out more often. Jedi are fighters. They are led by the force."

Karone looked at him confused again, "The force? What's that?"

Jar Jar shakes his head and puts his hand on his forehead, "Are you-sa insane?"

Before she could respond he said, "Me-sa will take you to Obi-Wan. He's a new Jedi Knight."

"But...what about my wrist?" she reminded him.

"Queen Amadala's doctor can fix you up!" Jar Jar told her cheerfully.

Karone nodded her head then thought to herself, *I just have to hope Zhane gets to this Queen. *

"Jar Jar. Can I ask you a favor?" Karone asked him.

"Anything!" he responded happily.

"When I get to where ever the doctor is, will you go to the Gun-Gun City and find my friend, and bring him to where I am?" she asked hopefully.

"Okey Day!" he agreed and then set off for Queen Amadala's palace.

* * *
It only took 30 minutes to get to the Grand Palace. Karone was feeling a little better now and walking a little faster.

A door slid open and they walked in.

Karone saw a little boy standing next to a man and to the left of them sat a young woman sitting on a throne.

"Karone, this is Queen Amadala." Jar Jar said as they walked up to the throne.

They both bowed then Karone looked at the Queen.

"Jar Jar told me you were a Power Ranger. May I ask, why you have come all the way out here?" The Queen asked.

"Me and my teammate were defending the Listan system from Dark Specter. The fighters damaged our navigation's system and there were just too many of them. So we went into hyperspace with no destination and somehow landed here." Karone explained.

"Wow! Did you come here on a zord?" the young boy asked excitedly.

"Shhh." the man standing beside him said.

Karone smiled and answered his question, "Yes, I did. I don't know if it still works, but that's what got us here."

"I can fix it! I can fix anything!" the young boy exclaimed, then turned to the man standing beside him, "Can we help them Master Obi-Wan? Please?"

Obi-Wan sighed, "I'm afraid that their technology is a little different than ours."

The Queen examined Karone then interrupted their conversation, "I see your wrist is broken. We must fix this immediately." She pressed a button on her throne and said into it, "Guards. Bring me my physician. Immediately."

"Thank you very much." Karone said politely and the Queen nodded her head.

"Come on Master Obi-Wan. We can at least help her find what parts she needs." The little boy begged.

Obi-Wan looked at him for a moment, pondering it, then gave in, "Alright. But we mustn't forget your Jedi training. You're already years behind."

The little boy jumped up and stood in front of Karone sticking out his hand, "I'm Anakin Skywalker! What's your name?"

Karone took his hand and shook it; "I'm Karone Lanrydan. It's nice to meet you Anakin."

"The pleasure is all mine! I can't believe I'm meeting a Power Ranger! This is my Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi!" Anakin chirped.

"Pleasure to meet you." Obi-Wan said and shook her hand.

"You too." She smiled.

"What color are you?" Anakin asked her.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You know, what color Power Ranger are you?" he explained.

"Oh! I'm the Purple Astro Ranger." Karone said and showed him the Astro-Morpher on her hand, "This is what transforms me into a Power Ranger."

"Wow..." Anakin marveled as he looked at the strange looking device on her hand.

Karone smiled, just as the door slid open and a doctor walked in.

"You called for me your highness?" the man bowed.

"Yes. Take this girl and have her checked out and fix any wounds. Then bring her back here." The queen commanded and the doctor left with Karone.

Just before the door closed Anakin yelled, "See you later Karone!"

* * *
"My lord, the Silver and Purple Rangers have vanished. They went into hyperspace before the fighters could finish them off. But, we did knock out their Navigation's system before they went into hyperspace." Vixrothia informed Dark Specter with a smile.

"Very good. They traveled through hyperspace without a confirmed destination. They could be lost forever. I like that. Very good work Vixrothia. Astronema, what else have you to report?" Dark Specter grumbled.

"The yellow ranger's Mega V was completely destroyed. This way they can't bring them all together. The other rangers Mega V's were severely damaged. Some of them are almost un-repairable. Others will take weeks, maybe even months to repair. But at any rate, they will never penetrate our new weapons system." Astronema told him.

"You two have done very well." Dark Specter approved.

"Shall we begin phase 2 my lord?" Vixrothia asked.

"No, wait. And let those poor excuse's of Power Rangers suffer, but for we strike." He said then the monitor turned off.

"We are finally going to destroy the Power Rangers...and evil will finally rule this universe." Astronema smiled.

* * *
"Dark Specter has taken over the Illisar, Yoshima, and Lyrian galaxies. We still have no sign of Zhane and Karone." Cassie reported to Andros.

Andros sighed and sat down in his chair, "The Mega V's can't be repaired. And if we did repair them, they wouldn't last 2 minutes in battle. We're going to have to find new zords. I just don't know how."

Zordon cleared his throat, "Come here Rangers, and I will guide you on how you will retrieve some old...lost...zords."

The rangers exchanged confused glances then walked over to Zordon.

"What do you mean, old and lost zords?" TJ asked confused.

"Ranger, years ago a team of rangers had a group of zords which they thought were completely destroyed. But I sent them to a very very far way place for repair. And that is where they have been since then. I was informed this morning that they were now completely repaired and in better shape than they ever have been." Zordon told them.

"That's great! Which zords are they?" Ashley asked excitedly.

"The great and mighty Thunder Zords. They reside on a planet that has never been mentioned of by anything or anyone for millenniums. They are in an entirely other universe." Zordon said.

"Another universe?" Carlos asked incredulously.

"Yes, they reside on the planet called... Naboo." Zordon told them and their eyes widened.

"We're going to a completely different universe?" Andros asked, as if he couldn't believe the words his ears were hearing.

Zordon nodded his head, "We must leave immediately."