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By Crystal Maiden

"Jar Jar mentioned something about a big battle here last week. What was that all about?" Karone asked Anakin as he and Obi-Wan walked with her down a street.

"Last week was big! A lot of things happened!" Anakin exclaimed, "The trade federation put a blockade in front of Naboo, so they sent 2 Jedi Knights out here to devise a treaty, but they were preparing to attack Naboo on the orders of a Sith!"

Karone looked at him confused, "Sith? What's a sith?"

"A sith is a person on the dark side of the force." Obi-Wan explained.

"Oh...so in other words, he's the bad guy." Karone nodded her head in understandment, "So what happened next?"

"Well, Obi-Wan and his Master, Qui-Gon, took the Queen to Corusant so they could appeal to the senate. But they ran out of fuel or something and landed on my home planet of Tattoine. They needed parts that were very rare, and the only way you could get them is to bet on them at the pod races. They met me, entered my pod in the race and I piloted it and won! They got the parts they needed, and I went with them to Corusant, to train as a Jedi Knight!" Anakin continued on to tell her all about Qui-Gon and Darth Maul's death and how the Jedi Council agreed to have Obi-Wan train Anakin.

"Anakin I must say that I've never met a braver person in my entire life. You must be very proud of him Obi-Wan." Karone smiled and ruffled Anakin's hair.

"What about you? I mean, I've only heard rumors about Power Rangers and stuff. What's it like?" Anakin asked her inquisitively.

"Well, It's not quite as complicating as being a Jedi Knight I don't think, but we have our moments. See in our universe, there's the really bad ugly guy named Dark Specter and he thinks he rules everything. He creates monsters and sends them to different planets, to destroy them. Our job is to protect people. We fight his monsters, reverse his spells, and help other galaxies when they need it. We're protected by a power too. Not by the force but... by an ancient power. There have been many different powers that Power Rangers have had. For example there were Zeo powers, Turbo Powers, Dino Powers..." Karone's voice trailed off.

Anakin shook his head in disbelief; "I can't believe this! All those years' people said Power Rangers weren't real! And look here," Anakin said joyfully motioning to Karone, "A living, breathing Power Ranger!"

Karone and Obi-Wan laughed as they started walking into the forest.

"Jar Jar said he would bring your friend to your crashed zord. They should already be there." Obi-Wan informed Karone.

"I'm afraid to even look at the Mega Winger. It's probably so wrecked." Karone moaned.

"When I heard there was a Power Ranger here, I thought you would be here to retrieve the hidden zords. After all, they have just been finished-" Obi-Wan started to say.

Karone stopped dead in her tracks and asked, "Hidden zords? What...What hidden zords?"

* * *
"Whoa, that was a long trip! Even for hyperspace!" Cassie exclaimed looking at her watch, "That took 15 minutes! And this is light speed!"

"Traveling to another universe takes time. Zordon, how will we find Naboo? We haven't even charted this universe yet." Andros asked him.

"The zords have high energy readings. It will be easy to identify them." Zordon explained.

"Hey guys look!" Ashley shouted to get their attention and pointed at a radar screen, "I'm getting extremely high voltage readings from this planet!"

"That must be it! DECA, set a course for Naboo and find a landing place near the high readings." Andros commanded.

"Affirmative. Setting course for Naboo now." DECA confirmed.

"What are we going to do about Zhane and Karone? I mean, we still haven't found out anything." Cassie reminded them.

"When we get the new zords we'll start searching for them. If we try and search now with our luck Dark Specter would send fighters and finish us off." Andros told her and they all started walking towards the Gliding Bay.

* * *
"So uh.... You live in a city.... Underwater?" Zhane asked Jar Jar as they stood by the wrecked Mega Winger waiting for Karone.

"Exquise me! We-sa prefer to call it an Enchanted Underwater World." Jar Jar corrected him.

"Oh...ok. So, you live in an Enchanted Underwater World?" Zhane asked him again.

"Yeppey skeppy!" Jar Jar chirped.

They remained silent for a few minutes, then heard voices coming towards them.

"Looks-sa like you're friend is here!" Jar Jar told him, pointing at the moving leaves.

"Karone?" Zhane called out hopefully.

It was quiet for a moment, then Karone, Anakin, and Obi-Wan appeared from behind him.

"Zhane!" Karone yelled ran fastly towards him.

Zhane smiled and picked her up in a huge hug.

"Oh my gosh I was so worried about you!" Karone said as she held onto him tighter.

"Same here." Zhane whispered into her ear, then they finally let go of each other.

"I've got some terrific news." Karone said happily.

"That's good cause I sure don't." Zhane said motioning his head towards the completely wrecked Mega Winger.

Karone kept smiling, "There are new zords here."

Zhane shot her a confused look, "New zords? Where?"

"Here! Well, they're not exactly new. They were another Power Ranger Team's zords but then they got damaged and Zordon sent them here years ago to be repaired and they're finally done!" Karone told him fastly.

"Wait, you mean there are new zords...for us.... here??" Zhane asked her incredulously.

Karone nodded her head happily, "Yep! Believe me, I was just as shocked as you were when I first heard!"

Zhane shook his head, as if he might have been dreaming this whole thing.

"There are new zords...for us...on this planet...and we just happened to land on it?" Zhane asked her unbelievingly.

"Aren't we the luckiest people alive, or what??!!" Karone jumped and clapped her hands, then looked at Obi-Wan and Anakin, "Oh Yeah! Zhane, I'd like you to meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. They're gonna take us to our new Thunder zords."

"Wow...okay, so what are we gonna do about the Mega Winger?" Zhane asked her.

"You-sa can leave it here! We-sa use it for spare parts!" Jar Jar suggested.

"See! That settles that! And I have one more bit of good news for you." Karone told him, almost bursting with excitement.

"I don't know if I can handle anymore excitement." Zhane joked.

"Nubians spotted a ship land near the Zords hiding place!" Karone said and jumped.

"That could be Dark Specter!" Zhane said in a tone of urgency.

"No no no! It was the Astro-Megaship! They just landed there! We have to hurry!" Karone said, grabbing his arm and beginning to pull him.

* * *
"Uh.... Anyone here?" Ashley asked as they all walked of the exit ramp of the Astro Megaship.

"Personally, I'd rather not find out." Cassie said looking around the damp and eerie cave.

They split up into two groups. Half of them explored the left part of the cave, and the other explored the right half of the cave.

Ashley walked beside Andros holding his arm.

"This place is giving me the creeps." Ashley whispered.

"Ditto." TJ said from behind her.

"Hey guys! I think we've found something!" Cassie yelled from the other end of the cave.

"Alright, we're coming!" Andros yelled and they ran over to Cassie.

"Look!" Cassie pointed to a control panel on the side of the wall; "There must be a secret entrance here. But...we have no way of getting in."

"Oh man...the only zords left in the universe are right in front of us and we don't have a piece of plastic to put in the stupid door so we can get them?" Carlos sighs.

"You don't have them," a voice said from behind them, "But we do."

The rangers turned around quickly and saw Karone and Zhane standing there with 7 plastic key cards in their hand.

"Karone! Zhane! What happened to you guys?" Andros asked them as they ran towards the others.

"We'll have to catch up later! First we gotta get these zords and save the universe!" Zhane laughed and gave each person a special keycard.

They each walked up to the control panel and scanned their card through the slot. The last person was Karone and as soon as her card wen through the slot the door began to slide open.

There was a huge flash of white light and the rangers covered their eyes until they adjusted to the light.

"Wow!" Ashley marveled as she put her arm down from her face, "Look guys!"

The others followed her and looked at their new zords.

The Thunder Zords stood before them as if they had just been made.

"I can't believe this!" Carlos exclaimed.

"This is morphinominal!" Cassie chirped.

Each of the rangers went to examine their new zord. But Phantom, Karone, and Zhane remained in the doorway until Karone pointed to a zord in the corner and shouted, "Zhane look!"

Zhane turned his head to face the White Tiger Zord, except it looked a little different.

"Is that what I think it is?" Zhane asked her as they walked towards it.

"It looks like the White Tiger Zord, but it's not a tiger." Karone said confused.

"I think they repaired it for only Warrior mode." Andros said as he walked up behind them.

"Awesome." Karone said, nodding her head approvingly.

"This marks a new era for the Astro Rangers." Ashley said as the rest of them came over.

"Well, we've got new, repaired, ready to go zords.... I guess all we have to do now is.... Go beat the bad guys." TJ said still looking at his zord.

Their communicator's beep interrupted their conversation.

"What is it Alpha?" Andros asked into his communicator.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers, Dark Specter has sent a monster to Earth and its terrorizing innocent people!" Alpha's voice whined.

"We're coming Alpha!" Ashley said, "Looks like we get our test drive now."

"What about you?" Cassie asked Phantom.

"I could take the Astro-Megaship back to the Milky Way Galaxy." Phantom suggested.

"That would help us out a lot thanks!" Andros said and they all stood in a straight line.

"Alright guys, Let's Rocket!" Andros yelled and they all morphed.

"Let's test out these new zords shall we?" TJ said excitingly.

"We need Thunder Zord power, Now!" They all yelled in unison and they heard crash of thunder and saw a bolt of lightening flashed before them.

"Mastodon - Lion Thunder Zord Power!" shouts Carlos.

"Pterodactyl - Firebird Thunder Zord Power!" shouts Cassie.

"Triceratops - Unicorn Thunder Zord Power!" shouts TJ.

"Saber toothed Tiger - Griffin Thunder Zord Power!" shouts Ashley.

"Tyrannosaurus - Red Dragon Thunder Zord Power!" shouts Andros.

"White Tiger Zord, Warrior Mode!" Zhane and Karone yell.

"Alright rangers, let's bring them together!" Andros commanded and the zords began transforming.

"Thunder Mega-Zord power up!" They all yelled.

"Alright, set a course for Earth!" Andros commanded and they began their journey back to their universe.

Before they took off, Karone took one last look at Naboo and whispered, "Thanks guys. We'll never forget you."

* * *
"Revoltor! Get in here!" Vixrothia screeched.

A huge ugly monster that looked like a boulder came running into the room and bowed, "Yes my queen?"

"Don't call her your queen! That's me you imbecile!" Astronema yelled at the monster and stomped on its foot.

"Shut up missy! I'm the boss around here!" Vixrothia growled at her, then turned her attention back to Revoltor, "Go to Earth and destroy it!"

"We aren't supposed to move to phase 2 yet! You will be going against Dark Specters orders!" Astronema yelled cruelly at her.

"Listen up here little girl. What Dark Specter doesn't know won't hurt him. If I - I mean, we destroy Earth, he will be thrilled that it's gone and will reward us!" Vixrothia told her menacingly, "That way we don't have to worry about someone else taking what is rightfully mine - I mean...ours to destroy...."

Astronema stood with her hands on her hips for a moment, then finally gave in, "Oh alright. I guess it wouldn't kill me to share a little of the reward with you."

"Very good." Vixrothia said and walked over to the viewing screen, "The Power Rangers haven't been seen around the universe for a day now. Go Revoltor, and destroy Earth!"

"Yes my lady!" Revoltor grumbled and teleported to Earth.

"Those pathetic rangers have lost their zords, and will have no way to stop Revoltor!" Vixrothia said and laughed menacingly.

"Elgar! Fire the satilasers on Revoltor!" Astronema said with a wicked smile, "By midnight tonight, Earth will be under Evil rule.... Or at least.... What's left of it."

* * *
"The monster is in Angel Grove." Ashley reported as the Thunder Mega-Zord began to land.

"Begin scanning now." Andros commanded.

A few moments passed, then TJ said, "Coordinates locked! He's on the other side of the building to the left!"

Andros turned the Mega Zord around and the monster jumped out from behind the building.

"Ha ha! You puny rangers are going to die!" the monster growled. It stuck out one of its hands and a huge lighting bolt struck the Thunder-Mega Zord, but it didn't let up.

"He's got us in a Electro Magnetic Binding Device Hold!" Andros exclaimed.

"Huh?" Cassie asked confused as the Mega-Zord kept rocking back and forth, trying to break free.

"He's got us all tied up in other words!" TJ explained to her.

Suddenly another zord landed right by them.

"It's the White Tiger zord!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Did you miss us?" Karone's voice asked over the intercom.

"You'll have to excuse us Karone if we don't carry on a lengthy conversation here. We're a little tied up. Any assistance you could give us right now would be deeply appreciated!" Carlos told her over the intercom.

"No problem!" Zhane said and the White Tiger Warrior shot out numerous shots, breaking the Thunder Mega-Zord free.

"Thunder Saber Battle Ready!" they all yelled at once and then hit the monster dead center causing it to explode in a big burst of light.

"Alright!" Cassie said and they all high-fived each other.

"And that's how it's done!" Karone laughed.

* * *
"ARGGHHHH!!!!!" Astronema yelled and stomped her foot on the ground, "You see what happens when you send a no good monster to try and defeat the Power Rangers??!! They get new and better zords that kick our butts and make us look like fools!"

"Don't you even think about blaming me! This was your stupid idea!" Vixrothia accused her.

"My idea? My idea???!! I don't think so you old lady!" Astronema yelled.

"Well it certainly wasn't my idea!" Vixrothia yelled back at her.

"Why I oughta-" Astronema started to say but Dark Specter's picture showed up on the viewing screen.

"Astronema, Vixrothia. You may begin phase 2 now. Send Revoltor to Earth and have him destroy it before the Power Rangers show up." Dark Specter commanded.

"Uh.... There's one teeny tiny little problem Dark Specter." Astronema admitted sweetly.

"And what would that be?" Dark Specter asked angrily.

"ASTRONEMA SENT DOWN YOUR MONSTER AND NOW IT'S DEAD!" Vixrothia said in a rushed scream.

"WHAT??!!" Dark Specter yelled at them and the Dark Fortress shook.

"I did not! It was her stupid idea! And it backfired! The Power Rangers have new zords now and they killed Revoltor and-" Astronema went on but Dark Specter interrupted her.

"THE RANGERS HAVE NEW ZORDS??!! YOU TWO IDIOTS!! I should have you banished from the side of evil!!!" Dark Specter yelled at them.

"Noooooooooo!!!!!! Anything but that!!!!!" Astronema and Vixrothia whined. "We'll defeat them next time Dark Specter! We promise! You have our word!" Astronema begged.

"I will give you one more chance. If you do not defeat the Power Rangers or Earth by the time I engage Phase 3, you will be banished from the face of this universe! Do I make myself clear?" Dark Specter shouted at them angrily.

"Crystal." Astronema and Vixrothia said at once.

With that, Dark Specter's face disappeared from the viewing screen and Astronema and Vixrothia stood there, trying to figure out what their next and possibly last move would be against the Power Rangers.

* * *
"Wow, I don't know about you guys but I'm really tired." Karone said putting her feet up on the table in the dining area.

They all laughed and leaned back in their chairs.

"At least all the attacks have stopped. That's one thing we can be thankful for." Andros said.

"Yeah, that's true." Ashley said, putting her feet up on the table by Karone's.

TJ looked around the table, "Hey guys, where's Phantom at?"

"I think he said he was really tired and gonna take a nap." Zhane told him.

"Do any of you know why he hasn't demorphed yet?" Carlos asked them in a quiet voice.

"I was just wondering the same thing. I have no clue. I wonder what his real name is too." Karone said as they all leaned towards the table, talking quietly.

"Maybe it's some sort of thing about his identity. Maybe he just likes to keep things a mystery." Ashley suggested.

"Well, one thing is definite about him. He obviously doesn't want anyone to know who he is and where he came from." Andros said and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

They continued talking; not knowing that Phantom was around the corner listening to their conversation.

* * *
"Hey bro, what are you doin up so late?" Karone yawned and stretched as she walked onto the bridge and found Andros sitting in his chair.

"Just finishing up some scanning. You couldn't sleep?" Andros asked as he continued looking over some radar screens.

"Nope. I couldn't. Need any help?" she asked as she flopped into the chair next to him.

"Sure." He smiled and handed her a huge stack of papers, "Have fun."

"What are all these?" she asked as she put the huge stack of papers on a table.

"All the people involved in the Good Alliance. I'm searching for more people to help us." Andros told her.

"Wow, you mean like...other Power Rangers?" Karone asked him as she started thumbing through the folders.

"Yeah." He said.

Karone stopped and picked up a folder looking at it sadly, "I think you can remove the Aquatian Rangers from this."

Andros took the folder and looked inside it, "Yeah, they were great fighters, and fought till the end. Too bad they're not here. We could really use their help."

Andros put the folder aside and looked at Karone who had a sad look on her face, "Hey, what's the matter? You okay?"

Karone flashed him a quick reassuring smile; "Yeah I was just...thinking about the Rytans on Yobi...I hope they're okay."

Andros put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure they're fine. The attacks didn't even hurt Yobi."

Suddenly, DECA's monotone voice was heard, "Incoming live video transmission."

Karone gave Andros a funny look as they walked towards the main viewing screen, "Who would contact us this late?"

"DECA, trace the transmission." Andros commanded.

"Affirmative. The transmission is coming from Triforia." DECA informed them.

"Triforia? Who would be calling us from there?" Karone asked Andros but he looked like he was expecting a transmission from there.

"Accept transmission." Andros stated and a picture showed up on the screen.

"Who's that?" Karone asked in a state of confusion.

"It's Trey of Triforia, the Gold Zeo Ranger." Andros whispered to her. Karone just nodded her head, having no idea what a 'Zeo Ranger' was.

"Hello Andros. I received your transmission this morning and have considered your proposition. I am accepting it." Trey told him.

"That is wonderful news. It will be good to have you on board. When should we be expecting you?" Andros asked him and Karone looked at him weird.

"He's coming here??" Karone whispered.

"Shhh." Andros quieted her.

"I will be there in a few hours with Prymidas." Trey told him.

"Great, you can put it in the docking bay." Andros said and added; "I'll see you soon."

Trey nodded his head, and the transmission was cut.

Andros turned around and continued working, leaving Karone with her mouth open and a confused look on her face.

"Who was that? And why is he coming here? And what in the world is a Zeo Ranger? And what the heck is a Prymidas!" Karone exclaimed.

"That was Trey of Triforia. He's coming here to help us. A Zeo Ranger is a very powerful Power Ranger, and Prymidas is his zord!" Andros told her, "Have any more questions."

Karone stood there speechless, then just sighed, "No not really."

Andros smiled at her, then motioned his head towards the huge stack of papers, "Better get started."

Karone stuck her tongue out at him, then smiled and kept on thumbing through the papers.

"Hmmm....here's one, what about Tommy Oliver?" Karone suggested looking over his profile, "He has a pretty impressive Power Ranger background."

"Let me see." Andros said and took the folder away from her, "Wow, this is pretty impressive. You might want to contact him. In fact, tomorrow go down to Earth and talk with him. Maybe he can help us out a little."

Karone nodded her head, "Okay, no problem."

Andros walked back over to his chair and continued working on the radar scans, while Karone wrote down Tommy's address on a little sheet of paper, preparing for her unexpected meeting with him tomorrow.