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Ultra Problems
By Crystal Maiden

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Where the heck are we going at 3 in the morning?" Zhane asked as he walked onto the bridge.

"Triforia." Karone stated and continued punching buttons on the control panel.

Zhane walked towards her, "And we would be doing this because...why?"

"We think Trey might be alive." Jason informed him.

Zhane glanced over at Jason jealously and rolled his eyes. Then looked back over to Karone, who was standing there smiling at him.

"What?" Zhane asked innocently, knowing that she had seen the look.

Karone shook her head and smiled, "You are too cute."

Then she turned back around and continued working.

"Have you sent a message to the Triforian planet guards telling them we were coming?" Zhane asked as he started to help.

Karone stopped for a minute, "No, I don't think so."

Zhane smiled then said sarcastically, "Oh well, I'm sure that's okay. I mean, you know how much they love visitors."

Jason looked over at the two of them; "I take it Triforia isn't a very welcoming planet?"

"They ask all visitors to announce their coming to Triforia 2 days in advance for security purposes." Karone explained.

"And how long is it until we get there?" Jason asked.

Karone looked at her watch, then shrugged, "An hour."

"I'll send them a transmission." Zhane smiled and walked over to a screen.

"Hey, what's going on?" Andros asked as he walked onto the bridge, "Carlos is working on the engine and said we were going to Triforia?"

"That would be correct big brother. Jason and I were talking and we think that Trey might still be alive. You know how the Triforian government is about their leader." Karone reminded him and Andros nodded.

"Well, It's something to look into. How long until we get there?" Andros asked as he walked over to her.

"A little under an hour." Karone informed him and Ashley and TJ walked into the bridge.

"Hey guys! DECA just told us what was going on. Alpha is getting Rocky and Tommy up right now." Ashley chirped.

Andros shook his head and smiled. Only Ashley would be this cheerful and perky at 3 in the morning.

"Okay guys, engine problem taken care of." Carlos walked onto the bridge, wiping the grease off of his hands with a towel.

"Terrific. Now we just have to hope Astronema and Dark Specter aren't up to anything while we're gone." Karone said and they all exchanged glances.

* * *
"We have received your transmission Rangers and are accepting your request to enter the kingdom." One of the guards told them on the viewing screen.

"Now let's just hope we get good news, instead of bad." TJ said and the ship landed on a platform outside the castle.

They all exited the ship and were greeted by the leader's aids.

"Rangers, I am Uridice, loyal aid of Trey. We knew sooner or later that you would come here." Uridice said and guided them into the palace.

"Is Trey alive?" Andros got right down to it and Uridice sighed.

"Biologically, yes. But he will never physically recover." He told them and led them into a enormous hospital like room where they saw Trey laying on a bed hooked up to a bunch of different machines.

"So he was in Prymidas when the monster destroyed it." Carlos realized. "Yes, but luckily he had just enough energy to teleport back here." Uridice said, "We would have told you sooner, but for fear of Dark Specter finding out and attacking the planet, we decided to let you figure it out yourselves."

The Rangers nodded their heads slowly.

"We understand." Andros said solemnly.

"Who is in active duty here?" Karone asked curiously.

"Trey's second hand man, Obrick." Uridice said.

Karone nodded her head, "So he is taking care of all political and social issues for now until you can hold an election?"

Uridice nodded his head, "Yes that would be correct. You seem to know a lot about Triforian customs."

"I trained in the G.A for several years." Karone commented quietly, as if she were thinking about something.

"Let us know, if you need any help. We mean it. If there's anything we can do, just tell us." Andros stated.

"We will certainly keep that in mind. Thank you for coming Rangers." Uridice thanked and the rangers took one last look at Trey, then left the room.

* * *
"Well, he's alive. But not like I thought he would be." Jason said as he and Karone sat back down on the bridge.

"Yeah, but at least we know what is really going on now." Karone tried to look at the bright side of the situation, but it was extremely hard to.

"What is the G.A.?" Jason asked curiously.

"Huh? Oh, the Galaxy Alliance. It's an alliance of good. There's the Evil alliance, which defends Dark Specter, and the Galaxy Alliance, which defends freedom among the galaxies." She replied.

"You were in the G.A.?" He asked.

"Yeah, a few years ago I joined but, I just wasn't ready yet. It was too political for me. I'd rather be on the battle field than in a room with a bunch of arguing guys all day." Karone smiled.

Suddenly, DECA's alarm went off.

"A Monster on Earth has been detected. Setting Automatic course for Earth now." DECA voiced.

"DECA, Alert the others." Karone instructed, then shifted her attention to Jason, "We'll talk later. Duty calls."

Jason nodded and smiled and she ran towards the gliding bay where the others met her.

"We'd better teleport to the park." Andros said and they did just that.

* * *
"Keep your eyes peeled." Carlos said as they all walked around the silent park. It was daylight there, 9 in the morning to be exact.

Suddenly, a group of quantrons came out from behind a bush.

"Whoa! We haven't seen these guys in a while." TJ exclaimed in surprise.

"Let's show them our Ninja powers." Andros said and they all nodded excitingly in agreement.

"We need Ninja Power, Now!" They yelled in unison.

"The Falcon!" Zhane yelled and his Ninja uniform appeared on him.

"The Crane!" Karone yelled.

"The Wolf!" TJ yelled.

"The Frog!" Carlos yelled.

"The Ape!" Andros yelled.

"The Bear!" Ashley yelled and they all snapped into action.

"Ya!" Ashley yelled and kicked a quantron against a tree.

"Get over here metal mouth!" Karone challenged one and it started running after here, "Uh oh!"

Karone stopped then flipped over the quantron and landed behind it. It spun around and she laughed and waved, "Looking for me?"

TJ ran to a tree and ran up the trunk of it then flipped down and landed in front of a quantron.

"Ya!" He yelled and kicked it in its chest, sending it flying to the ground.

Zhane and Andros grabbed one by each arm and flipped it onto its back.

Carlos dropped kicked one and sent it flying.

All the quantrons ran over to the same spot in fear.

"Ha, is that all you've got?" Carlos laughed.

The quantrons disappeared, then a huge metal monster appeared in their place.

"Rangers, allow me to introduce myself. I am one of Dark Specter's new elemental monsters and it will take more than a few fancy outfits to destroy me! I am called Titanium!" The monster bellowed.

"Let's melt this metal head!" TJ encouraged.

"Right!" They yelled in unison and got out their morphers.

"It's morphin' time!" Andros yelled.

"Black Ranger Power!" Carlos yells.

"Blue Ranger Power!" TJ yells.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Ashley yells.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Karone yells.

"Red Ranger Power!" Andros yells.

"White Ranger Power!" Zhane yells and quickly draws out Saba, and strikes the monster's arm with no effect on it.

"Hiya!" Ashley yells and delivers a quick kick to the monster's chest, but the monster hits her and sends her flying to the ground.

"It's like he's made of steel!" Ashley groaned in pain.

"C'mon guys we can beat him. We did it yesterday, we can do it today." Andros reminded them.

"Power Axe!" Carlos yelled and struck the monster with it.

"Power Lance!" TJ yelled and struck the monster.

Ashley ran up a little closer to the monster and yelled, "Power Daggers!" then threw them at him, causing sparks to fly.

Karone was standing on a picnic table, "Power Bow!" she yelled and released a bow that struck the monster dead center.

"Power Sword!" Andros yelled and ran up to the monster and hit him with his sword as hard as he possibly could, causing the monster to fall back.

The Rangers regrouped and the monster stood up.

"I'm not done yet Rangers!" Titanium growled and suddenly, a green laser beam made him grow enormous in size.

"Astronema's fired the sattilasers!" Ashley realized.

"We need Turbo Car Power, Now!" They all yelled.

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder! Enlarged mode!" Carlos teleported into his car.

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush! Enlarged mode!" TJ teleported into his car.

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt! Enlarged mode!" Ashley teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 4, Pink Fury! Enlarged mode!" Karone teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening! Enlarged mode!" Andros yells and teleports into his vehicle.

"Turbo Car 6, White Jackal! Enlarged mode!" Zhane yells and he teleports inside his car, ready to rock.

"Let's bring them together guys!" Andros instructed and the zords began forming together.

When it was online and the transformation was complete, they yelled together, "Turbo Megazord, Power Up!"

Titanium fired an electrical blast at them, but the rangers drew out the Turbo Sword.

"Turbo Saber Battle Ready!" Andros yells.

Just as they were about to hit the monster, it disappeared.

"What? Where'd he go?" TJ asked.

Ashley looked over the monitor screens frantically, "I don't know. He just disappeared."

"He's nowhere on radar." Karone reported.

"So he's nowhere on this planet?" Zhane rephrased.

"Astronema must have teleported him back onto the Dark Fortress." Carlos reasoned.

"I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of these Elemental Monsters." Andros sighed.

* * *
"Karone, Andros," Tommy got their attention as he and Rocky walked onto the bridge, "We've gotta talk to you."

"Sure, about what?" Karone asked curiously.

"College is getting ready to start up again. And as exciting as this has been, we've really gotta get back to Earth." Tommy said regretfully.

"We totally understand you two." Andros assured them.

"But, that doesn't mean we still can't help you. See, Alpha made us each a communicator so that if you guys are ever in big trouble, you can always contact us if you need help, or a second opinion." Rocky said.

"That's great. And, I just wanted to thank you both very much. We all really appreciate you coming on such short notice, and staying for the length of time that you did. It was very kind of you." Karone thanked.

"Believe us," Tommy said and glanced over at Rocky and smiled, "It was our pleasure."

"Bye you guys." Andros said and Tommy and Rocky teleported off the ship.

Karone sighed, "We only have one extra house guest now."

"Rocky's not around to burn out the synthetron anymore." Andros shrugged and Karone laughed and hit him lightly on the shoulder.

Andros looked over at Karone and smiled, "Carlos was telling me earlier about how much we act alike."

Karone was sitting down tying her boots and she looked up at him and raised an eyebrow, "Really? How did he say we were alike?"

"We like to give orders, and something about our hair." Andros smiled.

Karone nodded her head thoughtfully, "The orders part I understand but...the hair?"

Andros shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh well! It must be something good then." Karone smiled and gave her brother a hug.

"Aww...look at the two of them." Zhane smiled as he and Ashley stood in the doorway, "Just makes ya feel all warm and cuddly inside."

Karone put her arm around Andros and sighed at Zhane, "You're just jealous because you don't have any siblings."

"Nah, siblings are ruthless, mean, they steal-" Zhane started then looked up at Andros and Karone glaring at him, "They steal...your heart away!"

Ashley and Karone giggled and Karone looked at her watch.

"Yikes, I have a video conference with Kyra, she's acting leader for Rytan now. She needs help with political issues. This shouldn't take long, I'll be back in about an hour." Karone said and then left the room.

"Where are Rocky and Tommy?" Ashley asked curiously, "I haven't seen them around."

"They had to go back to Earth, college was starting up again." Andros explained, "Which reminds me, School will be starting up again soon."

Ashley sighed and sunk into a chair, "Don't remind me."

Andros and Zhane both smiled.

"Aww c'mon Ash. You mean to tell me you don't like school?" Zhane joked.

Ashley just gave him an 'are you out of your mind' look and stood up.

"It's gonna be really weird not going to school with Cassie. I mean, what do I tell people?" She asked them.

"The truth wouldn't work?" Zhane asked.

Ashley shrugged her shoulders, "Somehow I don't think telling them she went to live with her boyfriend on a different planet would help matters much, Zhane."

"You and Cassie were best friends, someone's bound to ask you where she is." Andros pointed out.

"I know, I guess I'll just tell them she moved. That's not lying." Ashley suggested, "Anyone wanna go on the simudeck and practice?"

"I can't," Zhane admitted, "I promised Teej I'd help him out with somethin'."

"Okay," Ashley nodded her head, Then looked at her boyfriend, "Andros?"

"Sure, I'm right behind you." Andros said, still looking down at all the controls.

"K, c'ya Zhane!" Ashley said and walked out of the room with Andros behind her.

* * *
"How could you do this??!!" Astronema screeched.

"This is all your fault! If you would have let me stay--" Titanium argued but she interrupted him.

"If you would have stayed, you would have died you idiot! Why can't you do anything right??!!" She stomped her foot.

"All I'm saying is, is that you should have let me-" He tried to say but she wouldn't hear any of it.

"I only have one more chance in destroying the Power Rangers or Dark Specter will assign someone else to do the job and that cannot happen! Go back to your chambers and rest. You will not even think about attacking Earth again until you are fully ready and recovered. I will not let the rangers out smart me this time." Astronema growled.