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Author's Note: Yeah I know, I said I wouldn't be writing another story in this series for a while but I can't help myself! This is just getting to exciting to hold off! :) Ok, when they get the new uniforms, The new uniforms look like they did in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. I LOVED that armor! Hope you enjoy this story! I sure had fun writing it!

A New Power
By Crystal Maiden

"You!" Karone shouted and pointed to the man on the screen, "You kidnapped me, you're making me have all these dreams!"

The others looked at her, then to the man angrily. The man in the cloak just nodded his head silently.

"Yes, that was I. There is a reason for all of the Karone, and soon, you will find out." the man told her in a low voice.

"You said I would bow down to you! I will never do that!" she yelled at the screen.

"You comprehended what I said wrong. You are confused Karone, and must control your anger." the man responded calmly.

Karone threw her hands up in the air, "Give me a break here! You're telling me that if you saw into the future, you wouldn't be scared and totally freaked out?"

"Rangers, I have your ship in an interdimensional sphere, I am warping you to my location." the man told them.

"Why?" Jason demanded.

"You are in need of help, are you not?" the man replied.

Andros shrugged and rolled his eyes, "Well, yeah--"

"Then I will help you," the man said and suddenly the ship was surrounded by light and began to shake violently.

"What's going on?" Karone asked as she held onto the table.

"We're in warped space. It shouldn't take long to get where ever he's taking us." Andros explained as he caught Ashley from falling.

Then, the ship stopped shaking.

"We have landed on an unknown planet." DECA informed them.

The rangers exchanged glances.

"Well, I uh-- Guess we should go meet this...who ever he is and demand some answers." TJ suggested, and they all agreed.

They walked to the exit ramp, and opened the door. It was a jungle planet, which was good news in a way. If this happened to be a trap, at least they wouldn't die of heat exhaustion or dehydration like they would on a desert planet.

"Where is he?" Ashley asked as they stepped onto the planet surface.

"Rangers," the man in the cloak stepped out behind a tree, "It is good that you are here."

"Not like we had much choice." Zhane murmured, annoyed.

"My name is Collier, I am the keeper of a great power." the man told them.

"Wait a sec, we had the great power. But it was destroyed." Rocky argued.

"I didn't say I had The great power, I said I have a great power." Collier corrected and started walking into a cave; the others followed him slowly.

"So what is, great power you keep talking about?" Andros asked as they entered the center of the cave and all stand around a circle table in the middle of the room.

"Rangers, your Astro Powers have been destroyed. They served you well, but now it is time to receive a newer, greater power that will help you defeat the evil you are about to be faced with." Collier told them, and the table suddenly lit up and 6 colored spheres flew around the center of the table, "I have merged all of the past powers, into one great power. This power has the strength of the Dino, Ninja, Zeo, Turbo, and Astro Powers."

The rangers exchanged glances and Collier continued, "These are old, great powers, that will aid you through any battle. Now, accept them!" he yells and the spheres go to their destined person, and fly into their hearts.

"Carlos, You will hold the Black Ranger Power. And command Turbo Car One, Black Thunder. Your weapon is the Power Axe." Collier told him and Carlos nodded his head.

Collier moved and stood next to TJ, "TJ, You will hold the Blue Ranger Power and command Turbo Car Two, Blue Crush. Your weapon is the Power Lance."

He now stood next to Ashley, "Ashley, you hold the Yellow Ranger Power and command Turbo Car Three, Yellow Bolt. Your weapon is the Power Daggers."

"Karone," he started and looked at her, "you hold the Pink Ranger Power and command Turbo Car Four, Pink Fury. Your weapon is the Power Bow."

He moved to Andros, "Andros, you hold the Red Ranger Power and command Turbo Car Five, Red Lightening. Your weapon is the Power Sword."

Finally he stood by Zhane, "Zhane, you hold the White Ranger Power and command Turbo Car Six, White Jackal. Your weapon is your sword, named Saba."

The rangers looked at each other, completely amazed.

"When in dire need of help, transform all your zords into the Turbo Megazord." Collier instructed.

Suddenly, their communicators began beeping.

"What is it Alpha?" Andros asked into his communicator.

"Ay yi yi! Astronema has sent a monster to Earth!" Alpha panicked.

"We're coming, don't worry." Andros told him and looked to the others, "Looks like we gotta go guys."

"Wait, how do we morph?" Karone asked, confused.

"Use your morphers." Collier said and waved his hand in the air.

They all looked at each other confused, then felt their back and on each of their belt buckles was a morpher.

"Looks like we get to test out the new powers." Zhane said and they all ran towards the Mega Ship.

When they all got there, they ran in, but Karone stopped in the middle of the ramp and turned around, "Thanks Collier, for everything."

Collier nodded his head; "You are all quite welcome. And don't worry, those dreams won't come back now."

Karone smiled, and ran onto the ship.

* * *
"Alright, where is this monster?" Karone asked as the group surveyed the park.

"He's gotta be around here-" Andros started, then a metallic monster jumped in front of them.

"Ha! Rangers! I am one of Dark Specters new monsters! It will take a lot more than space power to get rid of me!" laughed the monster.

Andros laughed, "Good thing, that's what we prepared for. Ready guys?"

"Ready!" they responded all eager to try out the new powers.

"Alright then, It's morphin time!" Andros yelled and they all got out their morphers and stuck them in front of them.

"Black Ranger Power!" Carlos yells and a black light surrounds him and morphs him in to the Black Ranger. He looks down at his uniform. It is black armor, with a white diamond covering the chest.

"Blue Ranger Power!" TJ yells and a blue light surrounds him and morphs him into the Blue Ranger. He also looks down at his new uniform.

"Yellow Ranger Power!" Ashley yells and a yellow light surrounds her and morphs her into the Yellow Ranger.

"Pink Ranger Power!" Karone yells, feeling a sense of Deja Vu yet again, and morphs into the Pink Ranger. She and Ashley are both stunned at their new armor.

"Red Ranger Power!" Andros yells and a red light surrounds him and morphs him into the Red Ranger.

"White Ranger Power!" Zhane yells and a white light surrounds him and morphs him into the White Ranger, and Saba appears in his sword holder.

"I'm alive! I'm alive!" Saba exclaims.

"Whoa! You can talk?" Zhane asked the sword.

"Why yes of course I can!" the sword chirped.

"Well rangers, it's obvious that you have new powers, but watch this!" the monster growls and grows enormous in size.

"We need Turbo Car Power, Now!" They all yell at once.

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder!" Carlos yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush!" TJ yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt!" Ashley yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 4, Pink Fury!" Karone yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening!" Andros yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 6, White Jackal!" Zhane yells and teleports into his car.

"Ha! You expect to beat me in those micro machines?" The monster laughs.

"Move to enlarged mode, now!" Andros yells and a bright light surrounds each zord, making it grow enormous in size.

"Uh oh." The monster realizes it's in trouble.

"Rangers, let's bring 'em together!" Andros commands and the cars transform into the Turbo Megazord.

"Turbo Mega Zord, Power Up!" they yell when the transformation is complete.

"I can still beat you rangers! I am made of a new kind of metal! Unlike anything else! You can't possibly destroy me!" The monster laughed nervously.

"Turbo Saber, Battle Ready!" they yelled in unison as the Mega Zord drew out it's sword and held it to the sky, "Yah!" and with a flick of the sword, the monster was destroyed.

"This power is unbelievable!" Zhane marveled.

"Yeah I know! And it couldn't have come at a better time!" Andros agreed.

* * *
Karone walked down the hallway of the Astro Megaship towards her room.

*Gosh I didn't think this day would ever end. * She thought to herself, and sighed with relief that if finally did come to an end.

She ran her keycard through the slot and the door slid open. She walked in, took her jacket off and sat down in front of her mirror.

She looked at herself and realized she looked awful. Her skin was smudged with dirt and so where her clothes. She un-tucked her pink tank top and looked down at her boots. They were worn and had mud all over them.

She groaned at the thought of cleaning them. Her muscles ached from the tension that had built up from the stress of the past few days. She just wanted to relax.

"But, I have to get clean and nice so I can go out tomorrow and feel the exact same way." She muttered hastily and took off her boots and laid them beside her.

She put her head down on her desk and put her arms over her head.

*I'm so tired...* her thoughts trailed.

She thought she heard a noise behind her, but she ignored it. For fear of someone wanting her to do something for them.

*I don't think I can stand anymore scanning or fighting today. * Her thoughts raged.

She put her hands back down on her desk and lifted up her head. The first thing she saw was a picture of Zhane and her tucked in the corner of the mirror.

She smiled at the memory of when it was taken and picked it up. They had all gone to the beach on Earth that day. Ashley had taken the picture. Zhane had his arm around her and they looked so happy.

*He told me he loved me for the first time that day.... * Her thoughts trailed off.

*God, it's hard to believe that was only a few weeks ago...* Her thoughts couldn't comprehend the events that had led them to were they were today.

"So much has changed," she murmured quietly as she looked at the picture more, her eyes focusing on how happy they seemed at the time. Not a worry, or a solitary sad expression on their face. Just sheer happiness.

"Not everything has changed." A voice said from behind her and she spun around to see that Zhane was standing there, with a serious expression on his face.

"Zhane!" Karone exclaimed and shoved the picture into her desk drawer.

"Karone, we need to talk...." Zhane started and Karone got a worried look on her face and stood up.

"About what?" she asked curiously, half of her wanting to know, the other half not.

"Here, sit down." Zhane said and she sat back down in her chair, and he pulled up another one and set it in front of hers, so he looked straight at her.

He remained silent for a few minutes and Karone's worry grew more and more strong by the second.

"Zhane is something wrong? What's going on?" Karone asked, and he sensed the worry in her voice.

He continued to look straight into her eyes, then finally said in a low voice, "Karone, a lot of things have changed, in the past few weeks...."

*Oh god, please don't let him be talking about us.... * Her mind worried.

"I just wanted you to know, that my feelings for you, won't." He told her quietly and took her hands into his, "They'll never change."

The promising look on his face melted her heart and any fear of her losing him diminished.

"Oh Zhane, that is so sweet." That was all Karone could say she was on the verge of tears.

"Karone," Zhane continued, "A lot of things have changed, and probably more will change. A lot more. With all of today's excitement, I feel like I haven't paid enough attention to you. I'm sorry."

"Zhane there is nothing, and I mean nothing you have to be sorry for." Karone protested and twined her fingers through his, "I don't expect you to pay attention to me all the time. I mean let's face it, we have a 24 hour job and it is not you taking care of me."

Zhane looked at her shocked, "You don't get it do you?"

"Get what?" she asked confused.

"When you're happy, I'm happy." He said softly and stroked her cheek, "When I see a smile on this beautiful face, it melts my heart. It's like, I'm finally getting over the guilt -" he continued, but at that word, Karone interrupted.

"Guilt? What guilt? Why are you feeling guilty?" Karone wanted to know.

"I was the reason you were kidnapped." Zhane told her, as if she should already know.

"What??!!" Karone exclaimed, in total surprise.

Zhane turned away and stared at the floor, as if he were ashamed, "It's true. It is my fault."

"How? How is it your fault?" she asked softly, "Please look at me."

He finally lifted his head up to meet her gaze and she saw pain, and regret in his eyes, which crushed her heart because she had caused it.

"I was supposed to stay with you and Andros that day but," Zhane started, and couldn't look at Karone anymore so he looked away and finished, "But I bailed on you two so I could be by myself."

Karone couldn't move. He finally looked at her again, and she looked deep into his eyes. She saw all the pain, and sorrow, and regret, and guilt she had put him through. She didn't see Zhane the White Ranger. She saw Zhane, the little boy who had beaten himself up over her getting kidnapped for almost 13 years.

"Zhane, please..." Karone begged, and swallowed, "Please don't blame yourself."

"But it's my fault-" he started and Karone shook her head.

"No. Me getting kidnapped is no one's fault. I don't ever want to hear you blame yourself for that ever ever again." She told him sternly.

"But-" he started.

"No! No Zhane! I will not let you blame yourself!" Karone argued with him, tears forming in her eyes, "If the blame went on anyone, it would go on Darkonda, or Dark Specter. Not you or Andros. You and Andros did everything you could to get me back. And today I am back. I'm here, I'm fine, and I love you. That's all that matters to me"

"You don't - You don't blame me?" Zhane asked her, surprised.

"Of course not!" Karone told him and pulled him into a hug, "Of course I don't blame you. How could you think that?" she asked and whispered into his ear.

"I just assumed-" Zhane started.

"Well dont. Don't assume that. Because it's not true. God Zhane, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you tell me you felt this way before?" she asked, still hugging him.

"You don't need to be sorry." Zhane said softly and drew out of her hug; "You never have to say you're sorry to me."

"Zhane, please don't blame yourself for something you had no control over. And don't assume anything about me. Got it?" Karone said sternly, and smiled.

Zhane cracked a smiled and hugged her again; "You got it babe."

"Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you." Karone whispered.

"You don't have to know. Because you'll always have me." Zhane replied softly.

* **
On Dark Specter's ship, Dark Specter has called a meeting with all the top villains in the universe...

"In light of the recent mishap with 2 of my villianesses," Dark Specter growled, looking at Astronema and Vixrothia, then back to everyone else seated at the table, "I've decided to be more strict on Evil Alliance rules."

"Well I for one think that is a terrific idea!" Divatox exclaimed.

Dark Specter glared at her, and she shut her mouth, "As you all know, the Rangers have succeeded in combining their powers. This is not to our advantage. Their new power will make them 10 times stronger. And we have years until we can compromise their zord technology with ours. However, our new Metallic Elemental Monsters give us the upper hand. We will continue to send them to earth, and wear down the Rangers. Then, we will resume world domination plan 1 phase 2 again. But this time, we will succeed"

* * *
"Zhane you are remarkable." Karone complimented him as they both sat at her desk and looked through a picture album and he gave her a weird look.

"How's that?" he asked and smiled.

"Before you came in here I was so depressed and tired and hated working. And now, you have like, totally cheered me up." She explained.

"I love seeing you smile." Zhane replied simply, and reached his hand to tuck her hair behind her ears and tilted her head towards his.

For a minute, she lost herself in his silvery blue eyes. He was perfect. In every way imaginable. They were meant to be together, and they were. Forever.

"What are you thinking about?" Zhane asked gently, still staring at her.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts, "Huh?"

"I asked you what you were thinking about." Zhane said, then grinned, "Were you thinking about me?"

Karone smiled back at him, "I dunno.... Maybe."

Suddenly, Karone sat up and looked at her watch worriedly.

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed, standing up; "I completely forgot! I promised Jason I would talk with him about the Evil Alliance some more!"

Zhane stood up and a feeling of jealousy went through him, but only for the briefest second.

Karone looked at him and smiled, seeming to see right through him, "We're just gonna talk about the E.A. It's nothing major."

Zhane smiled and shook his head, "I sometimes forget your a genius."

Karone nodded her head seriously and put her jacket on, "Yeah, people sometimes do forget that."

Zhane laughed, then gently kissed her on the cheek, "I'll see you later."

"Definitely." She replied and walked out of the door.

* * *
"Let me destroy the Power Rangers!" Lord Zedd pleaded.

"I gave you a chance many years ago, and you failed." Dark Specter argued, "Astronema will remain in the Milky Way Galaxy. I am giving her one more chance to destroy them, or I will call upon someone new to take on the task."

* * *
"So, you're saying that Dark Specter is the head of the Evil Alliance?" Jason asked, trying to take in all this new knowledge.

"Yeah. He's always been the head of the E.A, but our intelligence just found it out last year. It isn't very easy getting information about the E.A, but when one of their sources leaked to us, we found out some very interesting facts about them." Karone explained.

"Like what?" Jason asked her curiously.

"Well for instance, we found out that the E.A scientists were constructing Zord like vehicles, that would over power any artillery that we already had. But we also found out that the evil zords won't be fully constructed for another 3 years." Karone continued, "Since then we've improved all military weapons, and when their zords are finally complete, we hope our weapons will over power theirs."

"Of course, this is all Rytan military intelligence. Since I've become a Ranger, it's more easy to get a hold of this sort of information." She told him and he looked mesmerized.

"Wow, and I thought Lord Zedd and the Machine Empire were tough. I had no idea there were politics and alliance issues involved." Jason sighed, "I don't know how much I'll be able to help you guys but, I'll help in any way I can."

"You're a natural leader and fighter Jason. And right now, in these dark times that is exactly what we need." Karone said seriously.

Jason smiled and looked around the ship, "I always knew the Rangers would go into space. I just, didn't think I'd ever get to see it."

He suddenly turned serious, and frowned. She glanced at him, and asked, "You're thinking about Trey aren't you?"

Jason looked back over to her, "Yeah, yeah I am."

"I didn't know him that well. Actually, I didn't know him at all. But when I was looking through your profile I noticed he gave you the Gold Ranger powers when the Machine Empire ruled. You two must have been close." Karone observed.

"Well, we didn't even know each other, really. Tommy found me and told me the Rangers needed my help. I went back to the Power Chamber with him and met Trey, and then he gave me his powers. All the time I had them, I felt some of Trey's emotions, then the Powers started to destroy me, so Trey came back after he was unified, and that's the last time I saw him." Jason told her.

"Triforians are powerful beings. Actually, when I first heard Prymidas was destroyed, I didn't think Trey was dead. I thought for sure he would have left before it was destroyed." Karone shifted in her chair a little to get more comfortable; "When I heard the Triforian Medical Examiners didn't find a body, I thought for sure he was alive. But the blast from the monster was so powerful, they said they might not have found a body anyways."

Jason sat up straight and looked at her, "They never found a body?"

"No. They didn't. After a few days of him not showing up, they came to the conclusion that his ashes might have drifted off. So they built a grave for him at the Ranger Memorial, and that's the last anyone's talked about it." Karone explained to him.

"Are they sure he died?" Jason asked.

"I don't think anyone knows, to tell you the truth." Karone raised her eyebrow at him; "Do you think he's still alive?"

"After receiving the gold powers, I felt Trey's emotions. When I heard he had died, I thought I would've felt something but I didn't. I didn't feel anything."

Karone stared at him for a moment, as if she were trying to decide what to do. And she reacted the only way she knew how. She was a born Commander, so that's how she acted.

"DECA! Set a course for Triforia!" Karone jumped up and ran over to the controls.

Jason got up and walked over to her, "What are you doing?"

"Sometimes the Triforian government will hide information about Trey's well being to make sure he stays safe. I have a feeling that they might be doing that now." Karone said as she punched buttons on the control panel.

"But, what if they aren't?" He asked.

Karone stopped and looked up at him, "What if they are?"

* * *
"Uh, were are we going?" Carlos asked as he walked onto the bridge. He had felt the ship suddenly stop, which had sent him crashing to the floor off his bed.

"Sorry about the little, turbulence problem. But Jason and me were talking and we didn't think the whole Trey dead situation made any sense. We're going to Triforia to clear up this whole thing." Karone explained to him in a rush and Carlos's eyes widened.

"Trey might not be dead?" he asked incredulously.

"Maybe." Jason said to him.

Carlos suddenly snapped into action, "Ok need any help with anything?"

Karone laughed, "Yeah actually! Go check out the Engine. DECA said there was a minor malfunction on Engine 4. It's not a big deal but-"

"It's good to fix it now and not let it turn into a big problem." Carlos finished for her and smiled, "Sure, I'll go do it right now."

Carlos walked off the bridge smiling at how much Karone reminded him of Andros.

* * *
"TJ?" Ashley called out her friends' name as she walked down the hall. She had not seen TJ since the day before and she was getting worried about him.

*He's probably still pretty sad about Cassie leaving. * She thought to herself.

No one took Cassie's leaving very good. There was something missing around the ship, and everyone knew it was gonna take some time to get used to the fact that Cassie was gone.

*Well, she's not really gone. * Her thoughts argued with her, *She'll still come back and see us. *

But a familiar male voice broke her thoughts; "I'm in here Ash."

Ashley ran into TJ quarters, and saw him sitting at his desk looking at a picture.

"Hey Teej, you okay?" she asked concerned.

"I'm fine, I was just looking at this picture. It was taken last year, when we first met Andros." He said, handing her the picture.

She took it and viewed it, Smiling at the memory, "This was taken when my Grandma was in town, and Carlos acted like my boyfriend so she'd leave me alone."

The picture had Ashley and Carlos wearing the same shirts, Andros next to them, and TJ and Cassie on the far left.

"We all miss her." Ashley consoled him, "But I know you guys were really close."

"Yeah," TJ said sadly, taking back the picture, "I never thought she'd leave."

Ashley nodded her head silently. She had never thought the team would change this much either.

They talked a while longer, reminiscing about old times. When they had their Turbo Powers, and when they got their Astro Powers. And they talked about recent events and their newer powers.

"What should we call these powers?" Ashley asked him curiously.

"Well, let's see, what word can you make with all the first letters of all the power's we have?" TJ asked.

"Well, there's D for Dino. N for Ninja. Z for Zeo. T for Turbo. And A for Astro." Ashley smiled, "DNZTA. I don't know to many words with those letters."

"You know, we could just call them Ultra Powers." TJ suggested.

Ashley pondered that for a moment, then smiled, "The Ultra Rangers. I like the sound of that."

"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." TJ laughed.

"Yeah, let's just hope we get to keep these powers a little longer than 2 years!" Ashley giggled.

* * *
"Astronema, go back to Earth on the Dark Fortress. It is now completed. Take all the Metallic Elemental Monster's I have created for you, and destroy the Power Rangers, and the Earth in the process!" Dark Specter growled and Astronema smiled wickedly.

"As you wish, my lord." She said sweetly.