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Don't Wanna Lose You Now
By Crystal Maiden

It was 7:55 p.m. and Zhane was almost ready for his date with Karone. He stood before his mirror and examined himself. She had sent a message to him that afternoon saying to dress very formally, so that's exactly what he did. He was wearing a black tuxedo, and if he might say so himself, he looked smashing. He walked over to his desk and picked up the pink roses he had got for her just 2 hours earlier. He had the florist tie them with a pink bow. They were perfect, just like her, he thought. He turned off the light in his room and opened the door, locking it behind him. Her room was only a few feet away from him so it didn't take long to get there.

He knocked on it and waited for her reply.

"Just a second!" Karone yelled.

After a minute or two she opened the door and Zhane nearly lost his breath. For the first time in his life, he saw Karone in a dress. Everyone knew she wasn't a dress type of person, including him, so you knew it must be a special occasion if she wore one.

"Well..." She twirled around in her long pink silk dress, "What do you think?"

He just kept looking at her. She had put her hair up all except for the little brown streak in her hair, which framed her face elegantly.

"I don't look that bad do I?" Karone smiled.

Zhane picked up her hand and gently kissed it, "You look like an angel from heaven."

"Well you know," Karone smiled and took his hand, "You don't look so bad yourself."

"Yeah well, I try." He replied, then handed her the flowers, remembering what he had said when he was little, "Here you go my lady."

"Why thank you." She accepted the flowers, then suddenly, deja vu swept over her.

"Has this-" She started to ask.

"Happened before? Yes. It was the night of the Sector Festival. Except then, the flowers I gave you were purple." He told her.

"I barely remember that." She whispered, then returned her attention to him, "But anyways, are you ready for dinner?"

"I'm ready. Where are we going?" He asked curiously.

"Right over here." She walked towards a big double door, then pulled them open to reveal a patio outside, nicely decorated with a small table with two chairs on opposite sides with a candle in the middle and steaming hot food on the plates.

"Whoa! Did you do all this yourself?!" Zhane exclaimed.

"Well...no not exactly. I had Kyra do it when I was in a meeting. Do you like it?" She asked as they sat down.

"It's great." Zhane approved.

"Well, it's good that I can make up for a least some of the horrible stuff these past 2 days." She commented and he looked at her.

"Make up for what horrible stuff?" He asked curiously.

"For completely ignoring you the whole time we've been here. For being a terrible host. For making you put up with Cameron. For making you spend all your time alone." Karone opened her mouth to say something else but Zhane shook his head.

"Karone, I knew you would be busy when we came here, but I came anyways." Zhane told her.

"So, you're not disappointed?" She wanted to make sure.

"How could I be disappointed when I'm having dinner with the person that I love more than anything in the world and I'm sitting in front of a wonderfully cooked steak?" He smiled.

That made her laugh a little, "Okay well, enough about that. Let's eat, huh?" She suggested.


"Uh, Ashley, can I talk to you for a sec?" Andros asked her as she walked down the hallway.

"Sure, what's up?" She asked cheerfully.

"I'm sorry for not really paying any attention to you lately." He apologized.

"Andros it's okay, I mean, we've been incredibly busy lately. Not to mention that Karone and Zhane are gone until tomorrow." Ashley told him.

"I know but," Andros started, but DECA interrupted him.

"Hourly status report is complete." DECA bleeped.

Andros sighed, "I better go over it. Do you want to do something tomorrow? Just me and you?"

"I'd love to." She smiled brightly.

"Great." Andros replied and smiled, then walked away.


"So how are the Rebels doing? Is everything okay over there?" Karone asked as they ate.

"They seem to be doing fine. I haven't heard from them in a few days though. But I do have a video conference with them in a few weeks." He told her.

They ate in silence and then Karone remember the music, "Oh my gosh I almost forgot!"

Zhane looked at her curiously and she got up and walked over to a small c.d. player sitting in the corner on a table.

"Ashley gave me this c.d. awhile ago. I've never heard of these people before, but they sound good." Karone explained and put the c.d. in turning it to song number 3, which was a slow song.

"I don't wanna go back tomorrow." He admitted.

"Why? I mean, I thought you'd be dying to go back. You didn't do anything fun here." Karone argued.

"After we get back on the ship, everything is so hectic and we're always fighting something or someone. We never have any time to spend together." Zhane explained.

"Then we'll just have to come back here, or go to the Rebel base." She smiled sweetly and they continued eating.

"This is perfect." Zhane mused.

Karone suddenly shifted uncomfortably, "Almost too perfect."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"We're sitting here, having one of the best dinners I've ever had in my life, having actual conversations, not a care in the world......and nothing bad is interrupting it." Karone said looking around them.

Zhane looked at her skeptically then pointed his fork at her; "You're paranoid."

"No I'm not!" She retorted, then smiled, "I'm realistic."

Suddenly a pretty slow song began to play on the c.d. player and Zhane stood up and held out his hand, "Dance with me?"

"Love to." Karone smiled and stood up.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and his arms went around her waist as they slowly danced to the song.

I never thought that I would lose my mind
That I could control this.
Never thought that I'd be left behind
That I was stronger than you, baby
Girl if only I knew what I've done
You know, so why don't you tell me
And I, I will bring down the moon and the sun
To show how much I care

Karone laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

Don't wanna lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or ever again

Zhane suddenly had a weird feeling sweep over him. For some odd reason, it felt as if this moment were the last one. Like he would never be able to do this again. He hugged her tighter and continued dancing to the song.

I've got this feeling you're not gonna stay
It's burning within me
The fear of losing
Of slipping away
It just keeps getting closer, baby
Whatever reason to leave that I've had
My place was always beside you
And I wish that I didn't need you so bad
Your face just won't go away

Karone felt him hug tighter, but she didn't mind one bit. In fact, she never wanted to let go. She too had the same feeling Zhane had a few seconds ago, but neither of them knew it.

Don't wanna lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or ever again

Don't wanna lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or ever again

"I love you Karone." Zhane whispered.

She smiled and closed her eyes, "I love you too Zhane."

I never thought that I would lose my mind
That I could control this
Never thought that I'd be left behind
That I was stronger than you

Don't wanna lose to loneliness
Girl I know we can win
Don't want to lose to emptiness, oh no
Never again

Don't wanna lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don't wanna lose you now
No no, or ever again...........

The song slowly came to a stop but they remained holding each other.

"Zhane I have this weird-" Karone started, then their communicators beeped.

Karone pulled away and gave Zhane a weird look.

"This is Zhane. What's up?" He asked into his communicator while Karone stood by waiting to hear someone's reply.

"This is Andros. We've got trouble. Darkonda and one of Dark Specters' metallic monsters have been spotted in Angel Grove." Andros reported to them and they both sighed.

"We're on our way." Zhane said then looked at Karone, "We'd better go."


"Are Zhane and Karone coming?" Ashley asked as the group surveyed the park.

"They should be here any minute now." Andros told her, then they saw two teleportation lights at the other side of the park.

"They're over there! Let's go!" Carlos said and they all ran over to them.

The others caught their breath and looked at Zhane and Karone oddly.

"What?" Karone asked defensively then remembered they were wearing extremely formal clothing.

"You two on a date or something?" TJ asked with a smile.

"As a matter of fact we-" Zhane started, but saw a monster jump down and kick Karone to the ground, ripping her dress in the leg.

"Hey!" Karone yelled at the monster as she got up, "You ripped my dress you idiot!"

"I'll do a lot more than rip your dress purple ranger." The monster laughed, "I WILL destroy you!"

Ashley slouched and sighed, "How many times have we heard that before?"

"No kidding." TJ smiled.

"Alright guys, let's do it!" Andros yelled, "It's morphin time!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!" Zhane yells then draws out Saba, striking the monster dead center.

"You'll have to do a lot more than that to take me down White Ranger." The monster growled and kicked Zhane, sending him to the ground.

"Big mistake pal." Ashley told the monster, then turned to Andros, "Andros! I figured it out!"

Andros and the others shot her a confused look through their helmets, "Figured out what?"

"Where our Zeo powers come from!" Ashley exclaimed, fighting off the monster.

Andros knocked down a quantron and turned to her, "What is it?"

Ashley held out her hand, "Zeonizer!" The object appeared in her hand and she brought it closer to her, "Power up!"

"Awesome! Let's do it guys!" Andros said.

"Zeonizers," They yelled in unison, "Power up!"

"Fire!" Andros yelled and they all shot numerous times at the monster.

It fell down, then suddenly, a green laser hit it and it grew enormous in size.

"Looks like we need more power!" TJ said.

"Right!" They agreed.

"We need Turbo Car Power now!" They yelled together.

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder!" Carlos yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush!" TJ yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt!" Ashley yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 4, Pink Fury!" Karone yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening!" Andros yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 6, White Jackal!" Zhane yells and teleports into his car.

"Enlarge mode," Andros commands.

They all shift to enlarged mode and face the monster.

"Let's bring them together guys!" Andros commands.

"Turbo Megazord, Online!" They yell together when the transformation is complete.

"Weapons are powering up." TJ reported.

"Scanning for weakness." Ashley informed.

"Shields are at 100 percent. Let's shut him down." Karone encouraged.

Andros nodded and began moving the zord towards the monster.

The monster fired a few shots, but even it knew it was no match for the Turbo Megazord.

"Apparently this monster isn't running on full power." Ashley reported, "Its vital signs are weakening every second. If my readings are right, one hit from the Turbo Saber and this guy's scrap metal."

"Turbo Saber!" They yell, "Power Up!"

They hit the monster dead center, causing a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, they see nothing.

"Looks like we did it!" Carlos smiled, then the alarm began beeping.

"Wait a second!" Karone spun back around in her chair, facing her controls once again, "Radar is showing that the monster has just gone back to its original size, and is in Angel Grove Park!"

"Let's go!" Andros yells and they teleport out of the Megazord.


"There he is!" Ashley yells as she sees the monster running around the middle of the park.

"Karone, can you get him with the Power Bow?" Zhane asks.

"No problem!" Karone chirped then saw Darkonda standing a few feet in front of her with a strange looking bow and arrow, and her blood turned cold, "Darkonda! I'd get out of here if I were you!"

"What's wrong little pink ranger? Scared that the big bad monster might haul you away from you loved ones again?" Darkonda laughed.

Karone yelled at her fiercely, "I was 4 years old then. I'm older now, and a power ranger. There's no way you can kidnap me now!"

"That's what you think!" Darkonda yelled and aimed the arrow at her then released it. It struck her in her stomach and sent her flying against a tree.

Zhane lifted his head to see what was going on and saw Karone laying there, unmorphed, with Darkonda walking towards her.

"Karone!" Zhane yelled and ran as fast as he could to her, but Darkonda beat him.

He picked her up and took her opposite of the rangers and stood there laughing, "You pathetic rangers! I have the pink ranger again! But this time I'll make sure you never see her again!"

"Give her back Darkonda or I swear I'll-" Andros started.

"Or you'll do what red ranger? Destroy me?" Darkonda laughed hysterically and turned away from them and began walking away.

The rangers ran after him and saw Karone's body shift in Darkonda's arms.

"Karone!" Andros yelled at his sister.

Her eyes barely opened and she tried to reach her arms towards them, but then, Darkonda teleported them both away, and the rangers stood there in total shock.

"This.... can't....be happening...." Ashley said as she tried to catch her breath.

Andros fell down and the monster slowly crept up behind him.

Zhane lifted his head slowly, trying to comprehend all the actions that had just taken place, then saw the monster raise his sword to Andros.

"Andros, look out!" He yelled and quickly ran, taking the hit for Andros.

Andros looked behind him and was horrified when he saw the monster and Zhane tangled, fighting each other, then suddenly, in a giant burst of light, Zhane fired his Super Silverizer and destroyed the monster.

"Zhane no!" Andros yelled and saw his friend lying on the ground, motionless.

Everyone ran to his side and looked at him with incredible sadness.

"I can't.... believe this..."Ashley's word were choked as she began to cry in her helmet.

"Is he still alive?" TJ asked frantically, trying not to cry.

Andros grabbed his now unmorphed friends' hand, "Barely."

"Let's get him back to the cryogenic tube." Ashley told them and everyone looked at her, "We're not letting him go."


Ashley slowly walked into the secret room, which held the frozen Zhane yet again. She looked over and saw Andros sitting, watching his friend sadly.

She sighed and closed her eyes. That day's events were to hard, painful, and incredibly unexpected that it was immensely hard to comprehend them. Karone was now kidnapped, again. And now Zhane had taken a hit meant for Andros, putting him in a cryogenic freezing tube for god knows, again. Again. It was happening all over again. But this time, they had all been there to see it, not just Andros.

The others stood by Ashley, behind Andros and stood, saying nothing.

Andros felt their presence and said only one thing. One phrase said solemnly that it would stick in all of their minds forever.

"Things will never be the same...."

The End