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From Defender to Slave
By Crystal Maiden

"Where are you taking me??!!" Karone shouted as loudly as she could at Elgar, who was piloting the small space ship Darkonda had put her on. It had been days or possibly even a week since she had gotten kidnapped. Darkonda had taken her straight to a shuttle hanger and shoved her onboard with Elgar. It seemed as if their voyage to, wherever they were going was never going to end.

"Stay quit girl! Don't you know when to shut up?" Elgar bellowed.

"Don't you know when to stop a ship you idiot?! You've passed Dark Specter's ship by about 10 trillion light years!" Karone retorted.

"For your information, we're not going to Dark Specter's ship!" Elgar informed her, "I got strict orders from Astronema to take you to Ioxin."

Karone racked her brain, trying to think of planet Ioxin, then gave Elgar a furious look, "Nice try Elgar! There is no planet Ioxin!"

Elgar laughed and continued looking straight ahead, "There is no way you would know of it sweet cakes. It's a slave planet."

Karone slumped back against the wall and sighed heavily. *A slave planet. Just great, * she thought to herself sarcastically. She looked down at her pink silk dress that was now stained with mud and had tears in the legs. She touched her hands around on her head and realized her hair was no longer nicely tied up. She shrugged and pulled out the few pins that were holding it up and let it fall to her shoulders.

*How am I gonna get myself out of this one? * She asked herself, *I wonder what the others are doing now.... *

She imagined everyone was probably worried for her, and looking for her. She just hoped Andros wasn't too distraught by all of this, and was thinking clearly. Andros had probably put TJ, Carlos, and Jason to work. Ashley most likely had a full time job keeping Andros from going insane. And then there was Zhane......

"He's probably so worried about me." She whispered to herself sadly.

*Wait a second. I'm Kerovian...and Kerovians know telepathy. * Her thoughts reminded her.

Although the Rytans didn't believe in telepathy, she was Kerovian.... And all other Kerovians could do it...

"It's worth a shot." She whispered and closed her eyes, *Andros.... Andros.... Andros...*

* * *
Ashley slowly walked into Zhane's holding room and saw Andros sitting by the tube. She slowly let out a breath and closed her eyes. She walked over and sat down in a chair beside him, staring at Zhane.

"Andros, TJ and Carlos wanted me to tell you they're almost done searching the Illisar system." Ashley said quietly, now looking at him.

He continued to stare at Zhane and simply replied, "Begin scanning the next system."

Ashley frowned. It had been exactly one week that day that Karone had gotten kidnapped, and Zhane had been re-frozen.

"I've got to go to school now. But, I'll be back in a few hours. Get some rest, okay?" Ashley asked, but knew she wouldn't get a reply. She sighed and gave him a hug; "I love you Andros." She kissed him on the cheek, then walked out of the room.

Andros continued to look at Zhane, "Love you too."

* * *
"How's Andros today?" Jason asked Ashley as she walked onto the bridge to join the others.

Ashley sighed sadly and sat down in a chair, "The same."

Everyone matched her sigh.

"At least Astronema hasn't attacked this week, that would only make things worse." Carlos said.

"Don't speak too soon." TJ warned him, "As soon as someone says that she attacks."

"Illisar system scanning complete. No life forms match Karone's identity. Begin scanning next sector?" DECA interrupted them.

"Affirmative." TJ told the computer, "Continue searching."

"While your at it DECA, could you search your database for possible cures on how to bring someone severely injured from hyper sleep?" Ashley asked.

"Certainly Ashley. Beginning search now." DECA bleeped.

"Well guys, we better get moving if we want to get to school on time today." Carlos reminded them.

"Carlos is right. You know how Mrs.Applebee gets when we're late." TJ said and the three got up and walked out of the bridge.

Jason sat down in a chair and looked over all the monitors, "Don't worry Karone, we'll find you."

* * *
"Well little pink ranger, looks like we're here!" Elgar announced and woke Karone up.

She sleepily lifted her head up and rubbed her eyes. While she was asleep she realized Elgar had put chain shackles on her wrists and ankles. A quantron came up beside her and made her stand up on her feet. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light and she looked out the front window.

She saw dirt, gravel, and people everywhere. The people looked incredibly tired and weary. They looked at the ship frightfully, as if it where going to release some horrid monster.

Elgar landed the ship on a dirty platform and opened the door hatch.

The door slid open and the people dropped their shovels and quit working to stare at the ship.

Elgar walked out and the people screamed at him in anger.

"Ah, put a lid on it!" Elgar yelled at the people, then to the quantron in the ship, "Bring out the new prisoner!"

Karone walked out from the ship and down the ramp slowly, looking at all the thousands of people staring at her.

"Get back to work!" Elgar shouted at them, and they obeyed. He turned his attention back to Karone and took her by the chains on her wrist, "Right this way. Come on, move it, move it."

Karone slowly followed him to a very small building with a Quantron guarding it.

"Get this new prisoner into her clothes and put her to work. Direct orders from Dark Specter." Elgar said and gave him a slip of paper.

The Quantron read over the paper then saluted him.

"Looks like we say good bye forever Pink Ranger. It's been great, but I gotta get back to destroying Earth with Astronema!" Elgar laughed.

"You'll pay for this Elgar. I'll make sure of it." Karone growled and walked into the small room and the door slammed shut behind her.

The Quantron took the chains off of her hands and feet, then pointed for her to change into the clothes lying on a chair in the corner, then exited the room.

She walked over to them and observed them. They were probably once white, but now almost tan in places because they were smudged with mud. She sighed and changed into the sleeveless shirt. The put on the matching pants. There was a small mirror on the opposite side of the room and she observed herself.

The sleeveless shirt did display her arm muscles better, but she almost laughed at the sight of her.

"I look like a girl Rambo." She laughed a little, then took the little hair tie she had on her wrist and put her hair in a ponytail.

"Oh guard!" She yelled, "I'm ready for work."

* * *
"Ecliptor, get in here!" Astronema yelled.

Ecliptor walked into the room and bowed, "Yes your highness?"

"Elgar just informed me that the pink ranger is now on Ioxin. And sources have confirmed that the White Ranger is back in a cryogenic tube. This is the perfect time to send back Titanium." Astronema told him.

"Shall I send a group of Quantrons first?" Ecliptor asked.

"Sure, why not. Let's put on a show before the grand finale." Astronema smiled.

* * *
Ashley walked around the park after school thinking. It had been such a long, hard, stressful week that she hadn't had barely anytime to do anything by herself, and she desperately needed to clear her head. But of course, something's just don't turn out the way you want. And this day, was no exception.

As soon as Ashley passed the picnic tables, six Quantrons appeared out of nowhere.

She quickly got in a defensive stance and threw her backpack aside, then hit her communicator button, "Guys, I'm in the park, I need help!"

A Quantron ran up to her and kicked her in the stomach, but she returned it with a kick of her own and sent him flying to the ground.

Two more ran up to her, but she ducked and they ran past her. As soon as they did she jumped on top of the picnic table.

"Ninja ranger power, now!" She yelled, "The Bear!" Her ninja uniform appeared on her and the Quantrons started backing off a little.

"Oh what? You don't want to play with the bear?" Ashley asked them as she flipped off of the table.

She walked closer and closer to them, making them back up, then a monster appeared in front of them growling.

"Remember me, Yellow Ranger?" Titanium growled.

"Oh great just what I needed. A monster reunion." Ashley commented, then shouted, "You're picking on the wrong ranger, pal."

"We'll see about that!" The monster laughed and fired a few laser shots at her and she ran out of the way.

"It's morphin time!" She yelled, "Yellow Ranger Power!" Her armor surrounded her and she felt the power give her energy.

Suddenly Andros, TJ, and Carlos teleported next to her, already morphed.

"Took you guys long enough!" Ashley laughed.

"Let's take down this metallic parasite!" TJ encouraged.

"You said it!" Carlos agreed.

"Zeonizers!" They yelled in unison, "Fire!"

Titanium stumbles backwards, then laughs hysterically as a green laser beam hits him and makes him enormous.

"We need Turbo Car Power, Now!" They yell.

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder!" Carlos yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush!" TJ yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt!" Ashley yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening!" Andros yells and teleports into his car.

"Enlarge mode," Andros commands.

They all shift to enlarged mode and face the monster.

"We're unable to form into the Turbo Megazord without Karone and Zhane, so we'll have to take it down individually." Andros tells them, "Everyone shift to Warrior mode!"

The zords transform and line up, facing the monster.

"That's a neat trick, but look what I can do!" The monster laughs and fires metal spheres at them.

"Everyone watch out!" Andros warns.

Carlos and TJ manage to get out of the way, but one hits Ashley's zord and it tumbles to the ground.

"Ashley! Are you okay?" Andros asks over the intercom.

"Yeah, I'm alright. But I'm gonna have to pull out. My shields and weapons are down." She said and Yellow Bolt disappears.

"Let's do it together guys!" Carlos says.

All three zords take aim at the monster, and release shots at him, causing the monster to explode and be destroyed.

* * *
"Grrrrr! The rangers have destroyed another one of Dark Specter's metallic monsters!" Astronema whined to Ecliptor, "There are only 4 left! There were 6 to start out with! This can't be happening! If Dark Specter finds out about this he'll send Vixrothia back!"

"Not if you tell him the pink and silver ranger's are gone!" Elgar interrupted them as he walked into the room.

"So it's for sure then? The Pink Ranger is no longer a problem?" Astronema asked.

"She is on planet Ioxin slaving away." Elgar confirmed.

"And the silver ranger?" Astronema asked.

"Hyper sleep." Elgar told her and Astronema squealed in excitement.

"Get me a communication link with Dark Specter. He'll be soooo pleased." Astronema smiled, and a picture of Dark Specter appeared on the screen.

"You wished to speak with me?" He grumbled.

"I just wanted to inform you of the progress on destroying the rangers." Astronema said

"And?" He asked, annoyed.

"The Pink Ranger is now a slave on the planet Ioxin. And the Silver Ranger is in hyper sleep with almost no hope of coming out of it." She smiled.

Dark Specter nods his head approvingly, "Very good work Astronema. I'm pleased with your progress. Let me know when another has been.... eliminated from duty."

She smiled and nodded her head, then ended the transmission.

"Finally, the Power Rangers will be destroyed. And it will all be because of me." She smiled wickedly and laughed.

* * *
Ashley sat in a chair in her quarters, until she heard a knocking on the door.

"Come in." She yelled, not even looking back.

The door opened and Andros' voice asked, "Ashley?"

Surprised, she spun around in her chair and faced him, "Yeah?"

"I just.....wanted to know if you were alright." He replied.

"Yeah, yeah I'm okay. Just really tired." She assured him.

"That's good." Was all he could think of the reply and he just stood there for a few minutes saying nothing, then asked, "Do you--do you want to help me with some scanning?"

She smiled, "Sure. I'll be there in a minute."

Andros smiled back a little and left the room.

Ashley got up and started to walk out of the room, when DECA's camera came on."Search complete, 1 match found. Printing now."

Ashley gave the camera a puzzled look, then walked over to the wall printer and picked up the papers.

"Unfreezing process for severely injured beings in hypersleep." Ashley read the title, then ran out of the room to find Andros.

* * *
The quantron shoved her into the mud trench and threw a shovel at her. It had begun raining about 30 minutes earlier and now it was pouring. They had also put her chains back around her ankles, but left her wrists free.

"Yeah, thanks a lot!" She yelled at the quantron that was walking away.

Luckily, the quantron had put her to work on the far corner that was covered by a small tent.

She started digging, not even knowing what they were digging for, and then she lifted her head to see a woman. She looked like she was around middle age and completely worn out. Karone ran over out in the rain towards the woman and got her attention. The woman looked at her curiously.

"Go over there, under the tent. You can work there. I'll take your spot here." Karone told her and hoped the woman would understand her. After all, she didn't know where these people had come from.

The woman smiled and nodded thankfully, "Thank you.... thank you so much."

Karone smiled and nodded then started digging in the pouring rain.

"So what are you like the Good Samaritan here?" The girl that was working beside her asked jokingly.

Karone laughed a little, "Just thought I'd give her a break. Or at least, improve her working conditions."

The girl nodded her head, "Pretty noble of you."

"Well, it was the least I could do." Karone shrugged, "By the way, I'm Karone."

"My name's Virola." She replied.

Suddenly, a monster walked over to them and grumbled, "Quit the chatting and get back to work."

Virola continued working, but Karone rolled her eyes and shouted, "You know, we could work better if it was pouring down raining!"

Virola looked at her, then to the monster to see what would happen, but the monster just growled and walked away.

"I've never seen anyone stand up to him before and get away with it. You must have been someone powerful." Virola observed.

Karone said while she shoveled, "I'm a Power Ranger."

Virola dropped her shovel and looked at Karone, "What??!!"

"Shhhhhh!" Karone hissed and Virola picked up her shovel again.

"Well, what did you expect me to do when the Power Rangers are about to save this entire colony!" Virola smiled happily.

Karone looked at her then realized, the Power Rangers were the planets' last hope, and they knew nothing of Ioxin, or the people on it.