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The Great Escape
By Crystal Maiden

The sun started to set on Ioxin and Karone started getting ready. She peaked her head out every few minutes, making sure no guards were standing in her way towards the gate. She checked one last time, then ran deep enough into the cave that no one could hear her speak. Earlier she had ran back into the changing room and grabbed some girl's boots, she wasn't sure who they belonged to, but no one needed them anymore than she did right then. She put them on and tied them tightly, then put her thin pant legs over the tops and stood up. The temperature seemed to be dropping on the planet, because her hands were freezing cold, then she remembered something.

"If I can call on my Power Bow.......then why couldn't I call on my ninja powers?" She asked her self and decided it was worth a try.

"I need Ninjetti Power, Now!" She yelled, "The Crane!" A pink light swirled around her and she looked down at her ninja uniform.

"Yes!" She whispered in delight. She felt a little more power than she did before and that was definitely good news, "I may not have my morpher, but this is better than nothing."

She sat down against the mud wall for the last time and ran her plan back through her mind one more time.

It was all very clear to her. She would use her power bow to break the lock on the gate, throw the doors open, and call on her Galaxy Glider to take her to Yobi. She speculated that would be the best place for her to go to, since the megaship was most likely orbiting Earth.

She stood up and took a deep breath. This was it. Her only chance. She knew all to well that if she failed, they would lock her up somewhere with no chance of escaping. This had to be successful.

"Why is the pressure always on me not to screw up?" She asked herself, then held out her hand and yelled, "Power Bow!"

Her power bow appeared in her hand, and with one last deep breath, she walked to the edge of the tunnel and looked outside.

Sure enough, there were 3 guards at the gate, and she shifted her gaze upward towards the watchtowers and found 2 guards up there.

"It's now or never." She whispered and walked out of the tunnel. She stayed as close as she could to the wall, moving extremely slowly so no one would see her. She saw hundreds of people lying on the ground sleeping, and new the slightest noise would make any one of them wake up and blow her cover.

She was halfway to the watchtower; there was no turning back now. They turned on the spotlight suddenly; she gasped quietly and put her back up against the wall. The spot light showered over the people laying on the ground and edged the wall were she was standing, then turned off.

She sighed in relief and continued walking slowly. It took her 5 more minutes until she had made it under the watchtower. She stood under it and looked ahead of her. There were no people in the way, all dirt. There was no other way out but through the front, and the 2 guards were definitely gonna cause a commotion when they saw her running towards the exit. She'd have to be extremely quick.

She closed her eyes and thought about everyone counting on her. Her parents, TJ, Carlos, Ashley, Cassie...even though she wasn't a Power Ranger anymore, she would still care, Andros, and Zhane, *This is for you guys. *

She opened her eyes and gripped her power bow firmly. She dug her feet into the ground and kicked the dirt a little, getting a good traction. She took a very deep breath and made a break for it.

Every stride she took she pushed herself as hard as she could. To make matters worse, she was running into the wind, but that didn't seem to really slow her down. She was more than halfway to the gate when she heard the blaring alarm go off and the guards at the gate spotted her.

Breathless, she stopped within 12 feet of them and raised her Power Bow. One of the guards stepped forward and drew out their sword, which was a stupid move on his part. It opened up the perfect shot to the lock.

It was extremely hard to concentrate on a life or death shot that just had to be exact. The watch tower guards were screaming and yelling, the alarm was blaring to were it hurt her ears just to stand still, and people were screaming.

Her eyes never left the lock, and with one swift movement, she released the bow and it went hurling towards the lock.

*I should've gotten closer. * She scolded herself, but to her surprise, none of the guards knocked it out of the way. It was too fast for any of them and they were just as startled, as she was when the lock burst into pieces and the gates swung open.

She heard people cheering for her gallantly and she smiled, and her Power Bow dissolved in the air. It was fight time.

"Terrible waste of a good bow pink ninja." One of the guards growled.

"I don't, looked like a pretty good shot to me." She replied coolly and walked towards them in a fighting stance.

"No one escapes this place." Another guard told her and she scoffed.

"Looks like that's about to change!" She yelled and bolted towards the door.

She got past 2 of the guards with no sweat, but the third stood right in the doorway and knocked her down.

She shot back up and kicked it in the stomach, then grabbed its arm and with the other hand grabbed it's neck and shoved him outside the gates so she was outside of the electromagnetic field.

"Listen pal," She growled as she continued choking him and walking farther away from the gate, "You should never mess with the Power Rangers. When you do, you get hurt!" She yelled at the last word and let go of the guard, then kicked him in the stomach sending him flying yards away from her.

She turned back around and noticed about 10 monsters with a group of quantrons coming straight at her, "Looks like it's time for me to go! Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"

Within seconds the pink galaxy glider was right in front of her.

She maneuvered it high enough to were the monsters couldn't reach her and laughed, "Well guys, it's been fun!" She smiled then shot towards the sky, leaving the planet.

Zhane rubbed his eyes and looked down at his watch. It was almost 1 in the morning, Earth time.

*I should be in bed. * He thought to himself. Karone would have scolded him for staying up late. She was a firm believer in getting a good night's rest so you would be alert for whatever happened the next day.

He slowly got up out of his chair and walked towards the megalift to go to his room, when the alarm started sounding.

"The Pink Ranger has been detected. The Pink Ranger has been detected." DECA repeated over and over and Zhane ran out of the megalift just as the doors were about to close.

"Where? Where?" Zhane shouted as he viewed the controls.

"Planet Yobi. In the Nebula Galaxy. Shall I set a course?" DECA asked.

"Yes! Of course! And contact the others!" Zhane instructed, but found he was too excited to do anything. It was actually a mixed feeling. He felt relief that she was alive, yet scared for what might have happened to her, and worried that they may be to late.

"Incoming transmission from Planet Yobi." DECA told Zhane and he ran in front of the main viewing screen.

"Accept!" Zhane told the computer, but to his disappointment, it was Kyra who showed up on the screen, not Karone.

"Kyra? What's going on? Is Karone on Yobi?" Zhane asked frantically.

"Yes, yes. And she is okay. Let me explain everything to you. I need you first to sit down, and calm down. Shall we wait for the others?" Kyra told him calmly.

"There's no need to wait." Andros said from the door and walked by Zhane. The others were behind him and all focused on the viewing screen.

"Is Karone okay?" Andros asked.

"Karone is fine." Kyra assured, "She just arrived a few minutes ago. She is however, extremely fatigued. She hasn't gotten any sleep for almost 5 days now."

"5 days?! Where was she?" Cassie asked, extremely concerned.

"It seems Darkonda put her on a ship with Elgar and she was taken to Dark Specter's slave planet named Ioxin." Kyra told them and Andros and Zhane exchanged glances.

"Guess it wasn't a myth after all." Andros whispered.

"Can we talk to Karone?" Zhane asked Kyra.

"She is currently in a video conference with the head of the Galaxy Alliance right now." Kyra told them, "But she is anxious to see you all."

The rangers all sighed. The suspense was killing them. They had been waiting almost over a week and a half, they had finally found Karone, and they were waiting on the megaship to take them to her.

"I will see you soon Rangers." Kyra nodded her head, and then the link was closed.

"I can't believe we found her!" Ashley chirped and everyone smiled.

"But keep in mind, " Andros started, "She has been gone for almost 2 weeks now. She probably looks pretty bad."

The others nodded their heads in agreement and continued standing around feeling extreme relief.

"Welcome Power Rangers." Kyra greeted the team as they stepped off the megaship.

Everyone looked around and Zhane asked, "Where's Karone?"

"Patience." Kyra smiled at them, then turned and led them into the palace, "She's right this way."

The rangers followed her anxiously into what appeared to be the central military command room.

"There." Kyra motioned her hand towards the other side of the room, which was filled with people running all over the place. Papers were flying everywhere and people were shouting. It reminded them all of the time that Rytan was attacked and they had come to see Karone. All the people were wearing black military jumpsuits and a microphone headset.

They were puzzled and clueless as to what Kyra was talking about until they all heard that lovely voice that only until they heard it again did they miss. "All troops report to sector 459 for docking procedure 58. This is an emergency, all troops please report to designated hangers!"

They all smiled, but Andros suddenly frowned, "Kyra, are you attacking Ioxin?"

Kyra turned her attention back to them, "Yes. The Galaxy Alliance has granted permission on attacking Ioxin. Our intentions are not to destroy the planet, but to release the slaves."

The rangers' eyes widened. "How many people are there?" Ashley asked.

"Over 6 million." Kyra told them.

"I said all people report to their designated hangers! This is an emergency! These orders come straight to the Alliance Cameron. We do not have time for you foolishness!" Karone yelled at Cameron and for the first time the rangers saw her.

She turned around, but obviously did not see them, since her eyes were dead focused on a holographic tactical map in front of her.

She was wearing, like all the rest of the people, black pants, a black jacket, and she was wearing a pink shirt underneath along with a microphone headset on her head. Her face did show signs of extreme tiredness, and they saw bruises on her face.

"Karone?" Andros got her attention and Karone shifted her gaze to the group in shock.

"Ah!!!" Karone screamed in delight and ran over to them, grabbing Andros and hugging him as hard as she could. The rest of them laughed and they all shared on enormous group hug. Suddenly, when they were still hugging, Karone asked curiously, "Wait a sec, did I just see Cassie?"

Everyone laughed, and Cassie replied, "Yeah girl. You sure gave us a scare."

Everyone finally let go and Karone backed away for a minute looking at each and every one of them.

Carlos was standing to her left. It was good seeing him again, he was the one that could always make her laugh, even when she was in an incredibly grouchy mood.

TJ was standing next to him smiling at her. TJ had been the one to introduce her to ketchup, the "best food condiment there is" according to him.

Ashley and Cassie were standing in the middle looking at her excitedly. They were the first real girl friends that she had ever had. She had grown up with a lot of guy friends, but nothing was the same as having a girl to talk to. They had also shown her the wonders of shopping, which she rarely ever did on Rytan.

Andros stood next to Ashley, looking just like a brother who had just found his kidnapped sister. He was smiling brightly, and she couldn't wait to tell him the news about their parents.

Then her eyes shifted finally to Zhane, who was holding her hand tightly. She had not fallen asleep once on Ioxin, for the sole reason that Zhane had not been there to give her a good night kiss. She could see in his eyes how much he had missed her, and it flattered and overwhelmed her at the same time. She could tell he knew then how much she missed him, and she speculated that he was overwhelmed himself.

Cameron picked this moment to interrupt Karone and Zhane's loving gaze, by clearing his throat; "Well, if you two are finished.... Karone I need to speak with you about the plans."

Karone closed her eyes for a brief moment and held up her index finger to give them a 'just a second' signal.

She briskly turned around and stared straight into Cameron's eyes, "Cameron Syidion. You are hereby under arrest by Rytan law."

"What?!" His eyes widened as she continued to speak, "What for?"

"Oh I don't know..." Karone's voice trailed off, then she said in a rush, "Treason, Racketeering, Black-Mail, Obstruction of Justice, Fraud...Want me to keep going?" Karone smirked and 2 guards put Cameron in handcuffs.

"This is outrageous! You have no proof!" Cameron spat.

"Actually I have 3 witnesses that can vouch for the whole ordeal. You remember it don't you? Making a deal with Dark Specter to buy me?" Karone reminded him and TJ, Zhane, and Andros stepped forward.

"Can you three vouch that all these allegations are true?" Kyra asked them.

"You bet." TJ said.

"Absolutely." Andros glared at Cameron.

"Without a doubt." Zhane declared and Cameron smirked at him.

"You can't believe an earthling and two Kerovians over me, Kyra!" Cameron insisted.

"Sorry Cameron, but the law is the law." Kyra shook her head sadly, but she too was glad justice was finally being served.

Before the guards took him away Cameron glared at Zhane; "This isn't over. She will be mine!"

Zhane rolled his eyes and the guards hauled Cameron away. Karone stared at him and even after the door closed behind them, she sighed, "That guy, is completely insane."

Everyone smiled at that comment, and then Karone swirled around to face Andros.

"Big brother, I have some extremely big news." She told him.

"Oh we already know. The Alliance gave you permission to free the people on Ioxin--" Andros started.

Karone interrupted, "That too. But something that is more important. Well...to us anyways." Karone said and Andros raised an eyebrow and she continued, "Andros...do you know that when KO-35 was attacked, there were 2 shuttles taking people to Sentaur B and Wesican."

Andros nodded his head slowly, painfully remembering that his parents were on one of them, "Yeah.....one made it to Sentaur B...but the other...the other never made it to Wesican, it was destroyed in--"

Karone shook her head and interrupted him again, "No."

Andros looked at her seriously. Could it be possible? "What exactly are you getting at?"

Karone took a deep breath, "Andros.....I found our parents."

The group gasped and Ashley quickly too Andros' hand, knowing he would need support.

"The ship headed for Wesican was never destroyed. Dark Specter had been tracking their shipped, and jammed their radar causing them to crash land on his new slave planet." Karone explained and Andros nor Zhane could comprehend all this.

"So you're saying that......our parents.....are still alive?" Andros asked almost in a whisper.

She nodded her head slowly, "Yes."

His soft expression then turned cold, "When do we attack?"

"We can't for another few hours. We're organizing the military here. I contacted the rebels as soon as I got here and they're already on their way. We'll rendezvous here, then head towards Ioxin." Karone told them the plans.

"Who else is coming?" Zhane asked.

"Well we've got 2 large transports coming after we give the clearing signal when the planet is secure to take the people back to KO-35. After that, we'll transport all the Kerovians on Sentaur B to KO-35." She replied.

"Liberation." Andros stated and a small smile tugged at his lips, "Finally."

Everyone had decided to go back to the megaship before the big attack and get some rest.

Cassie had left to return to Eltar. She help out the only way she knew how with this attack, by representing the Rytans in the Senate.

Jason could not go with them to Yobi since he was moving into his new apartment in Angel Grove, even though he desperately wanted to make sure Karone was okay, just like the rest of them.

Karone had reluctantly gone back to work, even though she wanted to stay and talk with Andros and the others.

Andros sat down in his room and sighed. 2 more hours until they would attack.

It seemed too long for him. They should attack immediately and make Dark Specter pay for enslaving his parents, and the other refugees from KO-35. But he knew that if he let his anger get the best of him, it would only get him killed, or someone else. And he definitly didn't need that right now.

He laid down on his bed, but knew he would be getting no rest.

"This is useless. There's gotta be something I can do." He whispered and got up out of bed.

He walked down the hallway, then stopped abruptly at a noise. He had heard that same noise a thousand times and he smiled. It was Ashley whistling. He walked closer to the sound so he could hear it more clearly. He would never understand how they did that, but he thought it was too weird for words.

He leaned against the opening of her door and stared at her. Ashley was sitting in a chair in front of her mirror brushing her hair. She stopped whistling when she saw him and she giggled, "Whoops.....sorry about that. I know how much you hate whistling."

He shook his head and smiled back, "No what I hate is Carlos singing a Brittany Spears song in the shower." He smiled and Ashley giggled at that joke, "Your whistling is beautiful."

She blushed a little at his comment and smiled.

"How long until we leave?" Ashley asked.

"About . . ." Andros looked at his watch, then answered, "An hour and 45 minutes. You better get some sleep."

She shot him a 'yeah right' look and he smiled.

Zhane sat on his bed in the dark fidgeting uncomfortably. They had finally reunited with Karone, and now, the Alliance of all things, was keeping them apart.

"Why does she have to lead the Rytan army?" Zhane asked, "I mean...why can't someone fill in for her or something?"

He knew he was being unlogical and unfair. But right then, he didn't care. Karone was finally there again and he couldn't see her until they were fighting. And then he wouldn't even have time to talk to her since he'd be piloting his zord and helping free a planet.

"And reuniting KO-35." He added quietly.

He still couldn't believe that the other ship hadn't been destroyed, and the people on it had survived. Andros' and Karone's parents were alive...

"Come to think of it.....I wonder how my parents are." Zhane said thoughtfully. He had reunited with his parents on Sentaur B after he had gone to help the rebels.

"Have I even told them about me and Karone?" He asked himself, then remembered, he hadn't.

"I don't even think I've told them she was alive!" He scolded himself, "Man Zhane you need to get your act together."

He got up and turned his private viewing screen on.

"DECA, establish communication link with Rebel Base on Sentaur B." Zhane commanded and the viewing screen flipped on, with a picture of Kinwon.

"Zhane! It is good to see you again! It's been a while." Kinwon greeted with a smiled.

Zhane smiled back; "It's good to see you again too. Are my parents around?"

Kinwon looked around a moment, then nodded his head, "Yes. They are right here, I will get them."

Zhane nodded his head, then pulled up a chair and sat down in front of the screen.

Seconds later, his parents were on the screen smiling at him.

"Son! How are you? We just heard about the other Kerovians being on Ioxin!" His mother said.

"I'm okay. Yeah, we're gonna attack in a few hours but.....That's not why I called..." His voice trailed off.

In the Military Command Center on Yobi, Karone was giving out the final plans on the attack.

"Okay, all Rytan fighters will come in from the south and north. The Rebels will come from the East and Wesican fighters from the west. The Power Rangers will take their zords and go down to the surface, as soon as all target points have been destroyed, we'll give the clearance signal and the transports can land. Get all civilians on board and take them straight to KO-35." Karone commanded, then asked, "Now, does everyone understand what they're doing?"

They all nodded their heads and Karone clapped her hands together, "Then let's move!"

The soldiers ran out and Karone ran towards the docking bay were the Mega Ship was. She ran on board and the others were waiting for her on the bridge.

They looked at her expectantly and she nodded her head, "Let's go."