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By Crystal Maiden

Karone, Zhane, TJ, Andros, Ashley, and Carlos all ran outside the docking back and stood on the edge of the platform looking over Yobi territory. The Rytans looked at them expectantly and the rangers exchanged glances, then reached behind their backs.

"It's morphin time!" Andros yelled and they stuck their morphers out in front of them.

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!"

A bright light flashed, then revealed all 6 teens in their armor.

The crowd cheered for them, and in the distance they saw the fighters leave the atmosphere.

"We'd better get going guys." Karone told the group.

"Right!" They agreed, "We need Turbo Car Power, Now!"

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder! Enlarged warrior mode!" Carlos yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush! Enlarged warrior mode!" TJ yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt! Enlarged warrior mode!" Ashley yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 4, Pink Fury! Enlarged warrior mode!" Karone yells and teleports into her car.

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening! Enlarged warrior mode!" Andros yells and teleports into his car.

"Turbo Car 6, White Jackal! Enlarged warrior mode!" Zhane yells and teleports into his car.

The six Turbo cars raced out of Yobi's atmosphere into space side by side.

"Set auto course for Ioxin. Coordinates 36, 22." Karone instructed.

"Coordinates set." Andros confirmed along with the others.

"Okay, let's shift into Turbo!" Karone said and the zords raced even faster towards Ioxin.

"Approximate time of arrival, 1 minute." Ashley's voice reported over the intercom.

"Where is the planet most heavily populated?" Andros asked Karone.

"The northeastern, and northwestern sectors." Karone replied, and the intercom cracked a little, "The Ecto-Morphicons are being dug up there so most of the workers will be around the dig sites."

"The Ecto-Morphicons?!" TJ asked incredulously.

"You guys didn't hear?" Karone asked, then explained, "The Ecto-Morphicons weren't destroyed. Somehow Dark Specter managed to bury them in Ioxin. Now I guess he has a use for them, so everyone there is digging them up."

"This could spell trouble you guys." Carlos said.

"Yeah, stay alert." Andros agreed.

"Now entering the Ucara Galaxy." The computer told them.

"5 seconds till arrival at Ioxin." Ashley reported and they all put their hands on the controls.

"Shift of out turbo." Karone instructed and they all threw their levers back and Ioxin came into view.

Karone looked around and saw the other fighters were in position, "Okay, let's move in!"

They each maneuvered their individual zords closer and closer to the planet, and then velocifighters emerged from the planet's atmosphere.

Karone switched to the military frequency and said firmly, "All troops engage!" Then switched back over to the rangers' frequency.

They sat for a few minutes, until they saw an opening to the planet.

"All right. You guys know what to do." Karone said.

"Let's go!" Andros commanded and they sped towards the planet, dodging laser blasts the whole way.

They slowly entered Ioxin's atmosphere and with a loud clank, they landed on the surface.

People were running everywhere in fright, but mostly they were all in the northeastern sector, where Karone had told Virola to be.

Karone smiled, then turned her zord around to face the watchtower which held 3 very frightened quantrons.

Karone shot a few laser blasts at it and it exploded, "Target 1, neutralized."

She heard a loud explosion behind her and saw Zhane destroy the guard barracks.

"Target 2, neutralized." Zhane said, with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"The rest of us will take the Southern sector targets." Andros said and all but Karone and Zhane left for the southern sector, "You two stay here and make sure the northern sector is clear."

"You got it." Karone said and she flipped her radar on and scanned the area.

"You pickin up anything?" Zhane asked, as he too scanned the area.

"Nope, not--" Karone said, then her alarm went off, "Whoa wait a sec! I'm picking up a big distress signal just north of us."

"Me too. Let's check it out." Zhane said and both the zords began walking towards the detected disturbance.

"It looks like it's coming from behind that mountain." Karone said, looking down at her radar.

Just as they reached the mountain, a huge metallic monster jumped from behind it and struck Pink Fury with a sword, sending it to the ground.

"Whoa!" Karone yelled as he zord crashed into the ground.

"Karone you okay?" Zhane asked over the intercom, while fighting the monster.

"Yeah." Karone assured, "I'm okay."

Pink Fury slowly got up and Karone sighed, "My shields are down to 60%."

"Maybe you should pull out." Zhane suggested, then the monster struck White Jackal and he went crashing to the ground.

Karone shook her head, "I....don't think that would be a good idea."

"Rangers! You have finally met your match! I am--" The monster growled.

As Zhane's zord got up, Zhane laughed, "No wait, wait! Lemme guess. You're Metallic Monster 4.....Magnesium, right?"

He heard Karone laugh over the intercom.

"No! I am Technetium!" The monster growled, obviously not appreciating Zhane's wise crack.

"Why is it no monster's like my jokes?" Zhane asked.

"I'd say we've got bigger problems! Look out!" Karone warned and dodged fireballs that were coming in her direction.

Just in time Zhane moved out of the way of the fireballs and sighed, "That was a close one."

"Andros, Ashley, Carlos, TJ, we need your help!" Karone said over the intercom.

"One second! We're almost finished." Andros replied.

"So are we." Karone gulped worriedly.

"TJ, go ahead and help out Zhane and Karone. Carlos, me, and Andros will meet you guys up there when we're done." Ashley said.

"You got it. Blue Crush is on the way you guys." TJ told Karone and Zhane and before long, TJ's zord was out of sight.

"Andros, how many more targets do we have down here?" Carlos asked.

"About 2 more. Then at least 2 of us have to stay down here to make sure it stays clear when they move in the transports." Andros told them.

Ashley looked up to the sky; "Looks like the fighters are keeping the velocifighters off our backs."

"They are doing a pretty good job." Andros agreed as he destroyed a target.

Ashley's alarm began beeping and she flipped on her radar screen, then looked up to face a huge metallic monster, "Uh oh you guys! We've got major metal problems!"

"Oh man, this is not what we needed!" Carlos said.

"Carlos, you go ahead and take care of the last target. Me and Ashley will hold this guy off till you're done." Andros instructed.

As Carlos' zord raced to the other target the monster laughed, "One of your little play toys already retreating? Allow me to introduce myself! I am metallic monster number 5, Radon!"

Ashley gave the monster a puzzled look, "What? You mean there is no -ium suffix at the end?"

The monster raced towards Andros first, but Andros ran out of the way and the monster tripped over Red Lightning's foot and landed on the ground.

"Good move"! Ashley approved, then the monster turned to her.

"It's lights out for you yellow girl." The monster growled and shot a few blasts at her.

"Deflector shield!" Ashley yelled and a bright yellow light encased her zord and the blasts shot straight back at the monster, making it take a few steps back.

"We need more power!" Andros yells over the rumbling of the monster.

"Did someone ask for help?" Carlos' voice asked over the intercom as he landed straight in front of the monster.

"Time to take the eternal sleep pal." Carlos said, then yelled, "Black Thunder, Fire!"

Carlos' laser hit the monster right in the stomach, but didn't destroy it.

"Yellow Bolt, Fire!" Ashley yelled, and that sent the monster flying back even more.

"Now it's time to finish him off!" Carlos said and Andros' zord stepped in the middle.

"Right! Red Lightening, Destruct - Punch!" Andros commands and the monster groans in pain, then exploded at the impact.

"Yes!" Ashley said in victory.

"Hang on you guys, we're comin'." Andros told the others in the north and the three left to help them.

"We've almost got him!" Karone said, then the monster struck her again and sent her flying to the ground, "Or.....Maybe not."

"My shields are down to 30%!" TJ reported then he saw Red Lightening, Yellow Bolt, and Black Thunder land in front of them.

"About time you guys showed up!" Karone joked.

"Let's show this guy what the power of teamwork can do!" Carlos encouraged.

"Right! Turbo Megazord, begin transformation!" Andros instructed and the zords began transforming.

"Turbo Megazord, Online!" They all yelled as they entered the command room.

"Loading hydraulics." Ashley said as she spun around in her chair and got to work.

"Shields powered up." Karone added.

"We're ready to rumble." TJ summed it up and smiled in his helmet.

"Turbo Sword!" They yelled in unison.

"What are you going to do with that little stick?" The monster laughed.

"Turbo Sword, Power up!" Andros yelled and then raised the sword to the sky where lightening struck it.

"Ya!" The group yelled and the sword shot down at the monster, destroying it.

"Awesome!" Ashley smiled.

"We did it!" TJ exclaimed.

"Ashley, are there anymore detection's of evil life forms?" Andros asked and she reviewed the radar.

The others waited anxiously then she spun around in her chair and smiled, "It's clear!"

"Yes!" Karone said joyfully.

"Okay, let's detach." Andros said and the zords were once again separate.

"De-activate enlarged warrior mode." Karone commanded inside her Turbo car and it returned to regular size. She switched to the other frequency and interrupted the soldiers, "The surface is clear. Send in the transports."

"Affirmative. Transports are on their way." A soldier replied.

Karone smiled and nodded her head, then drove Pink Fury to the northeastern sector to where all the people were. The others drove up beside her and she switched back to their frequency.

"The transports are on the way guys." Karone reported.

"I'm guessing the fighters did a pretty good job!" Ashley chirped.

"They did an excellent job." TJ approved.

They all reached the crowd of people cheering for them and stopped their cars.

They all opened their doors, and as soon as they stepped outside, their armor disappeared and they were once again in their civilian clothes.

They all smiled at the millions of people cheering for them.

"The transports are on the way to take you back to KO-35!" Andros told them and they all cheered in delight.

Karone stood there smiling, and saw someone pushing through the crowd to get through. She raised her eyebrow, then saw Virola standing there smiling ecstatically.

"I can't believe you did it!" Virola exclaimed.

Karone shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

TJ elbowed Zhane and whispered, "I bet Astronema's really gonna get it this time."

Zhane laughed, he had never thought of that before, "I bet so too."

"Astronema! How could you be this stupid?!" Dark Specter shouted at her image on the viewing screen.

Astronema sunk low on her throne, "I thought they couldn't handle 2 monsters at once . . ."

Dark Specter smashed his hand down on his marble throne, "You inconceivable little---how could you let 5 of my metallic monsters be destroyed?! And on top of that you let the rangers find the Ecto-Morphicons!"

"I'm sorry Dark Specter, but really," Astronema said, then glanced at Elgar, Ecliptor, and a few quantrons, "Look at what you give me to work with here."

Dark Specter sighed angrily, "What will it take for you to destroy the rangers?"

"I need someone of pure evil. It doesn't have to be a monster, just someone evil and smart enough. Someone with a tactical mind for evil." Astronema told him.

Dark Specter seemed to be considering it, then said; "I will contact you in the future on this matter. In the meantime, keep the monster attacks consistent, but not too frequently."

Then he cut off the transmission.

He sat in his chair and said quietly, "The only way to beat a power ranger . . . is with one of their own . . . . ."

Andros looked at Karone, Virola, and Ashley talking then looked to the crowd.

The transports had landed only a few minutes ago, and they had begun boarding the people.

But an all too familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Son." His father said as he and his mother stood before him.

He snapped out of his trance and stared wide-eyed at the sight before him.

"Mom! Dad!" He smiled and gave them a big hug. Karone heard that and then looked up to see them and smiled.

"Just a second guys." Karone excused herself and walked over to her family and joined in the hug.

They finally pulled apart and their parents eyed both of them happily.

"I can't believe this! You are both here, and we're all together!" Their mother cried in happiness.

"This is remarkable. We are very proud of you both." The father told them.

Karone and Andros looked at each other and exchanged a little hug.

Karone looked up and saw the transports almost filled, "You guys better get on. We'll see you on KO-35."

"Yes, you two will be at the liberation dinner tonight, right?" Their mom made sure.

"Sure mom. We'll be there." Andros smiled and their parents left.

The others came and stood by Andros and Karone and smiled.

"Well, Ioxin is now free. But what about the Ecto-Morphicons?" Carlos asked.

"They'll be guarded until tomorrow, then they'll be destroyed." Karone told them.

They all smiled at each other, then TJ asked curiously, "So . . . is this like . . . the end or something?"

The others pondered that thought for a minute, then Karone shook her head, "No . . . more like the beginning."

The others smiled and Ashley stuck her hand in the middle of the group and looked at everyone else expectantly.

Carlos and TJ both put their hands in, followed by Andros and Zhane. Everyone looked at Karone and she smiled and put hers on top.

"Power--" They started, then Karone interrupted.

"Wait, wait, wait! Haven't we done this before?" Karone asked the group and they all groaned, and she smiled, "Okay, okay. Sorry."

"Power-" They started, then looked at Karone to make sure she was going to interrupt again, then finished it by jumping up and yelling, "Rangers!"