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Author's Note: More long zord fights in this story. But hey, you didn't think I was just going to 'get rid' of the Ecto-Morphicons did you?! Well, enjoy!

An Ecto-Disaster
By Crystal Maiden

It was near 7 o'clock in the morning on Ioxin and the Rytan military was hard at work rigging the explosives to destoy the still buried Ecto-Morphicons.

Slera, the leading circuitry engineer, ran over to the leg of the first Ecto-Morphicon towards a man that was placing explosives next to it, "Is this one ready?"

The guy replied, "Just about. We have a few more circuits to connect."

"Good." Slera said, then heard over his walkie talkie, "Uh, Circuitry Team, you better come get over here. We've got a problem."

The man Slera had been talking to started to walk away, but Slera stopped him, "I'll check it out. Just get this one ready."

Slera climbed up to the surface again and ran over to the dig site of the second Ecto-Morphicon and ran over to the guy that had paged the circuitry team on the radio.

"What's the problem?" Slera asked.

The guy's eyes didn't leave what he was looking at and he replied flatly, "That."

Slera gave him a confused look and he shifted his gaze to what the man was looking at and all color went from his face in an instant.

Standing in front of them fully upright, was Hornitor, the second Ecto-Morphicon.

Slera opened his frightened mouth to shout in terror, but a loud rumbling sound behind him made him jump around to face Scorpitron with it's tail pointed right at him.

"No!!!!!" Slera yelled but Scorpitron fired and only a loud explosion was heard before all was dark.

* * *

For the first time in 6 whole days, Karone woke up from a full night's sleep. And, for the first time in a little over 14 years, she woke up in her very own room at her parents house on KO-35. Her eyes fluttered open and an all too familiar smell was in the air. She was surprised, nonetheless, even though all these years she had dreamed of smelling it for real. Ever since she was on Rytan, she remembered a mildly sweet smell of oranges and kiwi, but since they didn't have oranges and kiwi on Rytan, she thought the smell had simply come from a dream. And now, she inhaled the aroma and it put a brilliant smile on her face. She stood up from her bed in her pink cotton, fuzzy pajamas and stretched. She looked out the window and saw kids playing the park outside. She smiled and opened the door and walked into the kitchen were she saw her mother, father, and brother all sitting at the table waiting for her, obviously.

"Hey sleepy head." Andros greeted in an earthly way.

Karone smiled and shook her head, still waking up, "You're around Ashley, TJ, and Carlos too much."

Andros laughed a little and she sat down at the place her mother had made for her.

"Speaking of the others, where are they? I thought they were going to join us." Karone mentioned.

"Well, TJ and Carlos offered to finish up repairing the hull. Ashley offered to work on the bridge this morning to set the controls on auto scan. And Zhane, " He smiled ruethfully, "Is still asleep."

Everyone laughed at the last sentence and her mother poured her a glass of juice.

"Kiwi-Orange juice." Karone smiled, "How I've missed it."

Collene shot her a surprised look, "You remember my Kiwi-Orange juice?"

Karone nodded her head, "Well, only the smell of it." Then she took a sip of it and smiled in delight, "Now I remember the heavenly taste of it."

Collene blushed, "I'm so glad you like it dear."

Everyone sat down and began to eat can Karone put down her fork. Everyone looked at her oddly and she laughed.

"I can't believe this." She laughed.

Andros shot her an odd look, "That you're eating breakfast?"

She slapped him on the arm lightly, "No! That I'm having breakfast with my family!"

"Oh.." Andros nodded his head, then continued eating.

"We're happy to have you home again, Karone." Her father said gently and touched her on the arm.

She smiled at him and they continued eating their breakfast, enjoying the family time they had been blessed with.

* * *

Ashley sighed and slumped back down in her chair on the Astro Megaship bridge.

"I just had to volunteer." She whispered to herself. She had thought setting auto scan would be a peice of cake, but it turned out to be more than she bargained for. DECA couldn't set the auto scan controls, which meant she would have to do it manually.

She began uploading the auto scan range and watched the blue bar slowly edge it's way to the right of the screen.

"34%.....35%......36%....." Her voice trailed off slowly and she sighed again, "This is gonna take forever!"

She continued counting, "39%.......40%......41--" But before she could say percent, the alarm went off and she turned to DECA's camera.

"DECA, what's going on?" Ashley asked as she turned on the radar.

"2 alien evil sources have been detected in the Kerova System." DECA replied.

"Can you identify them?" Ashley asked, then DECA replied.

"Incoming Transmission from Planet Yobi." DECA said, "Attempting to identify alien sources now."

"Accept transmission." Ashley said and walked in front of the viewing screen.

A picture of Kyra showed up and she looked surprised when she saw Ashley, "Ashley?"

"Yes....." Ashley said slowly.

"There has been an accident on Ioxin." Kyra stated.

Ashley looked at her confused, "Accident? What do you mean?"

"When a crew of our military officers were rigging the explosive devices to destroy the 2 Ecto-Morphicons well...... it is best if you see it for yourself. Here is the last footage we have from the security cameras." Kyra said and hit a button. Replacing the image of her, was a security camera shot of Ioxin.

Ashley watched closely but it looked business as usual, until she saw one man walk over to a man already standing there looking at something. She saw them talk a bit, then the other man looked at what the other was looking at and she saw the color drain out of his face instantly. She had a puzzled look on her face, as to what Kyra thought was wrong with all of this, until she saw a huge laser shoot at the men, killing them and causing a huge firey explosion. She gasped and covered her hand over her mouth. When the smoke cleared, she saw Hornitor, walk where the men had been and look straight at the security camera. It stared straight into the camera for a few seconds, then shot at it, causing the screen to be fuzzy, then finally shut down.

Ashley breathed hard and DECA said, "The 2 life sources have been identified as Scorpitron and Hornitor, the Ecto-Morphicons."

Ashley turned to the camera and ordered, "Contact the others, immediately and let them know what's going on."

* * *

Andros and the others ran onto the bridge to plan out what they were going to do about the Ecto-Morphicons that were heading their way.

"DECA, what is the estimated time of arrival?" Andros asked the computer.

"Approximately 5 minutes." The computer replied.

They all sighed and Karone asked, "It's a good thing our zords are re-charged from yesterday's fight."

TJ nodded his head, then interjected, "But what about the civilians of KO-35. They just got back yesterday, we can't just make them evacuate again."

"Everyone was told to remain in their houses." Andros said, "We need to get the zords ready to fight in the countryside so we don't destroy as much in town. TJ, Carlos, Karone, you guys take Hornitor. Me, Ashley and Zhane will take Scorpitron."

They all nodded their heads, and Andros nodded his head, "Let's do it then."

They ran out towards the exit and stood outside the Astro Megaship.

"It's morphin time!" Andros yelled and they all stuck their morphers out in front of them.

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!"

With a flash of light, their armor appeared on them, and then they yelled, "We need Turbo Car power, now!"

"Turbo Car 1, Black Thunder!" Carlos yells and dissappears into his zord, "Ready!"

"Turbo Car 2, Blue Crush!" TJ yells and dissappears into his zord, "Take 'em down!"

"Turbo Car 3, Yellow Bolt!" Ashley yells and dissappears into her zord, "Let's do it!"

"Turbo Car 4, Pink Fury!" Karone yells and dissappears into her zord, "They're history!"

"Turbo Car 5, Red Lightening!" Andros yells and dissappears into his zord, "Online!"

"Turbo Car 6, White Jackal!" Zhane yells and dissappears into his zord, "Let's mash these metal heads!"

Their cars, side by side, raced towards the KO-35 country side.

"DECA, estimated time of arrival." Andros prompted.

"Approximately 3 minutes and 21 seconds." DECA replied over the intercom.

"All right guys, let's shift into turbo!" Andros commands and they all shift, racing faster towards the country side.

After a minute, Karone tells everyone over the intercom, "Okay, I'm picking the Ecto-Morphicons up on radar."

"Okay guys, Shift out of turbo!" Andros yells and they throw back the lever in their car and slow down to normal speed.

"Turbo Car Enlarged Warrior mode, now!" They yell and the zords transform into individual warrior zords.

"1 minute 5 seconds till arrival." Karone reported over the intercom and the 6 of them seperated into their 2 designated groups.

The 2 groups of zords moved just far apart enough so they could see each other, but made sure there was enough room.

"Everyone.....sheilds to full power." Commands Andros.

They all started their zords in a ready stance and waited for the Ecto's to arrive for battle.

"They're entering KO-35's atmosphere." Karone told them and they all put their hands on the controls, ready for anything.

They suddenly saw a huge firey flame across the sky, which was the Ecto-Morphicons jet engines in their feet. The flames subsided as the twin machines landed. They looked around and the Ranger began fighting at their designated targets.

"Don't shoot unless you have a positive laser lock." Andros warned them, "Or we'll use up a lot of power."

* * *

"I've got a missle lock." Karone said and TJ pulled away so she could have a clear shot.

"He's all yours Karone." TJ said and Karone's zord launched a missle, striking the monster, but barely hurting it.

"Is that....ooze inside him?" Carlos asked curiously.

"It looks more like......" Karone skeptisized, then heard Andros' voice over the intercom interrupt her.

"Lava. Dark Specter must have brought them back to life by filling them with lava." Andros' voice said.

A little distracted, Karone barely saw Hornitor fire a lava blast at Carlos' zord, "Carlos look out!"

He rolled his zord sideways, barely dodging the firey blast.

"Whew. That was a close one." Carlos breathed in relief.

"Almost too close." TJ commented.

Hornitor fired another angry blast, this time to Karone.

"Deflector shield!" She yelled, hitting a large yellow button. A light blue transparent light covered Pink Fury and the blast richochet back to Hornitor, causing it to step backwards.

"That's it!" Carlos exclaimed, seeing Hornitor not recover very easyily from his own ammunition, "We have to hit him with his own power."

"Everyone, deflector sheilds, full power!" Karone instructs and TJ and Carlos put their deflector sheilds on.

They all shot at the monster, making it angry. It turned to them and began firing non stop. They continued firing anyway, but Hornitor didn't give up.

"My deflector sheild is down to 26%!" Karone yelled as a flashing red light went off in the cockpit of her zord, "I can't hold on much longer!"

"Me either!" TJ added.

Hornitor fired one last huge blast at the 3 zords grouped together, but there was just enough deflector energy for it to bounce off them and strike Hornitor dead center, destroying it completely.

"Yes!" TJ shouted in victory.

"Is Hornitor destroyed?" Ashley asked over the intercom.

"Yeah, but our zords took a really bad beating. We're not going to be able to help you guys out." Karone said.

"That's okay, we'll take care of Scorpitron. You begin recharging your zords. We'll meet you back on the Megaship." Andros said and Pink Fury, Black Thunder, and Blue Crush were once again minimized and then disappeared.

* * *

"The others were able to destroy Hornitor by using their deflector shields." Andros told Zhane and Ashley.

"Do we have enough power for all of us to activate our deflector shields?" Zhane asked.

"No." Andros sighed as they dodged lava blasts from Scorpitron, "Only one of us would be able too. And I'm afraid that won't do much good."

"We need to hit him in the head with a highly charged, mega voltage weapon." Ashley said as she scanned for Scorpitron's weakness.

"What would that be though?" Zhane asked.

"I've got it!" Andros says, then holds his hand up to the sky, "I call on the Turbo Sword!"

A bright light flashed and the Turbo Sword appeared in a boulder beside Red Lightening. He picked it up and pointed at Scorpitron, who looked very angry.

Red Lightening raised the sword to the sky, where lightening struck all around it, charging it up, then with one swift jerk of the arm, Scorpitron burst into flames, then finally exploded in defeat.

"They weren't so tuff." Ashley smiled, but they all knew that was far from the truth.

Even though the battle had only lasted 10 minutes.....they had drained nearly all their power. They felt a little weak and their zords disappeared, to go recharge. Ashley, Zhane, and Andros demorphed, then teleported to the Astro Megaship, to begin calculating the damage.

* * *

"It'll take a couple of days for the zords to be half way charged." Andro told the team as he looked at the EM scanner he had in the palm of his hand, "Which isn't good news if Astronema decides to send down the last Metallic Monster."

The rangers sighed and Ashley asked, "So, what are we going to do now?"

"Well, we need to get back to Earth and pick up a few supplies from NASADA." Andros said as he closed the EM scanner.

"And get back to school." Ashley said reluctantly, "After all the three day weekend is over today. Tomorrow is Tuesday."

TJ and Carlos sighed at that comment and Ashley smiled a little.

"I'm gonna go say good bye to my parents. I'll be back in a few minutes." Karone said, then asked, "Andros, you wanna come?"

"Right behind ya." Andros told her with a smile and the two teleported away leaving the rest of them behind.

Ashley sighed and leaned against the wall, "We've got a lot to fill Jason in on. Oh by the way, I got a transmission from him this morning. He's gonna have to stay on the megship for a while longer."

TJ nodded his head and smiled, "Why though?"

"I don't, he said something about spraying for bugs in his new apartment." Ashley shrugged.

Zhane's muscles tensed and he rolled his eyes, "Well you guys. I'm gonna get some sleep. Let me know when we reach Earth."

"I'll have Jason wake ya up." Ashley smiled and Zhane kinda glared at her.

Ashley stood upright, a little miffed at the look, "I was only kidding."

Zhane hadn't quite realized the intensity of that glare, and covered it with a reassuring smile, "I know. See you guys later."

The others nodded their head and Zhane walked to his quarters to get some sleep.

* * *

"How stupid can I be to send Astronema, of all people, to destroy the Power Rangers?" Dark Specter asked himself, "She needs someone evil. Pure evil. But as smart as the rangers themselves, someone that has access to their personal files and knows them personally......."

Dark Specter sat up straight in his chair and smiled wickedly, "I will turn one of the rangers......evil with the Spell of Eternal Evil."