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Authors Note: Hi again! Wow, so which one of the rangers is going to become evil?? Only time will tell . . . :) And that time's up, enjoy the story! There's a little Star Wars talk in this story, but not too much.

Touched By Evil
By Crystal Maiden

"Hey guy!" Karone greeted Jason with a hug and a smile as he walked onto the Astro Megaship; "It's been awhile!"

"You're tellin' me." Jason smiled back, "So, how is everything? You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Getting kidnapped was just a . . . minor setback." She laughed and he did too.

"It's great to have you back." Jason said.

"You too! So how long will it take to get your apartment sprayed?" Karone asked him.

"They're spraying tomorrow, and I'll have to stay out of it for at least 3 days. So, looks like till the end of the week." He said and Karone grinned.

Zhane walked into the room and put his arm around Karone's waist, then looked at Jason. The two of them exchanged what Karone thought looked very much like an angry glare and a chill went down her spine.

"Zhane . . . um...Jason's gonna be staying with us until the end of the week. Isn't that--" She paused and looked at the two still giving each other a dirty look, "Great?"

"Oh yeah." Zhane scoffed, but tried to sound cheery, "Just great."

It failed miserably and Karone sighed, wondering what the heck was going on with the two.

* * *

Deep in space on Dark Specter's ship, Dark Specter himself was sitting in front of a blazing fire. He sprinkled a black sparkly dust into the fire and it boiled upright.

"I call on the power of the greatest evil . . . let the power of the sith's join me in my quest to destroy the Power Rangers. I have a request for assistance...." Dark Specter's voice asked the fire and suddenly an image of a man in a dark cloak appeared.

"What is it that you wish of the siths, Darth Specter?" The old man in the cloak asked.

"I am now Dark Specter." He corrected the man, "I need you to cast the spell of Eternal Evil on someone, so that they may serve me and destroy the Power Rangers."

"The . . . Power Rangers?" The man asked.

"Yes." Dark Specter nodded his head.

"You have been trying to defeat them for sometime now, what makes you think the Spell of Eternal Evil will help you?" The man asked.

"No one has been able withstand a spell brought by a sith. No one." Dark Specter told him, "This will ensure my victory."

The man in the cloak was silent for a moment, then answered, "I will cast the spell myself. Is that all you wish from the sith?"

Dark Specter nodded his head; a little surprised that the man was doing it himself, "That is all, my lord."

"Very well. It shall be done." Was all the man said, then the image of his face disappeared into the fire.

* * *

Zhane suddenly sat up in his bed, breathing hard. He had just awoken from a horrific nightmare.

"Karone . . . " He muttered worriedly under his breath and shoved the covers off of him and stood up. He slipped on a white sleeveless T-shirt and opened his door to find Karone.

He rubbed his eyes to get them to adjust to the light quicker, then he heard Karone laughing in the distance.

He reacted to the sound with an odd look on his face and walked towards it. He found himself walking towards the eating table near the jump tubes and walked around the corner to see Karone and Jason sitting there laughing.

"What are you two doing up?" Zhane asked, but his question was mainly directed at Jason.

Karone laughed a little more, "Jason was just telling me a story about when he was a ranger. Sorry if we woke you up--" She continued laughing but when she saw Zhane's non-amused face she stopped.

"No," Zhane said quickly, "No you didn't wake me up. It's just it's really late and we have a lot of work repairing the zords tomorrow . . . "

That brought Karone back to reality and she sighed a little, "Yeah, I guess you're right . . . "

Jason rolled his eyes and smiled a little, "C'mon man, lighten up. We're just talking."

There were two ways Zhane could've taken that. He could interpret it as Jason's way of saying that they were just talking and not in the gym working out or working too much. But Zhane took it the other way, as in at least Jason wasn't putting the moves on his girlfriend.

"You'd better be." Was Zhane's stern reply and Karone stood up and looked from Zhane to Jason, then back again to Zhane.

"Okay! Well! Time for bed, to bed I said!" Karone rhymed with a smile on her face trying to lighten the mood, but Zhane and Jason still stood glaring at each other.

Karone sighed and slouched, then started shoving the cross armed Zhane towards the hallway.

He reluctantly walked into the hallway with one last mean look at Jason.

Karone held onto his arm lightly and looked back to make sure Jason was out of hearing range. To her relief he was and she stopped Zhane and gave him a puzzled look.

"What's . . . going on?" She asked, not angrily, just curiously.

Zhane sighed and leaned against the wall, "I'm been gettin' some weird vibes from Jason lately."

Karone gave him a clueless look, "Uh, excuse me. You're talking to a person who has spent very little time one Earth."

He remembered, then explained in terms that she would understand, "Jason has been acting really out of character lately."

Karone sighed and crossed her arms, still not getting what he was saying; "What?"

"All day he's just been acting really weird. More than usual, I mean. It seems like he's always around you. And this afternoon I saw him looking through DECA's private database." Zhane said and Karone raised her eyebrow.

"Just . . . what are you getting at Zhane?" She asked, her arms still crossed.

"I'm just saying that this is kind of unusual . . . " His voice trailed off.

She laughed a little, more out of frustration than anything though; "I can't believe you! Zhane, you're dreaming up all these wild and crazy ideas because you are jealous."

Zhane rolled his eyes, "Oh please. I'm am not jealous of him! All I'm saying is--"

"Jason is up to no good." Karone finished for him skeptically.

Zhane sighed and then answered hesitantly, "Yea . . . well I mean it's a possibility."

Karone smiled and nodded her head, "Yeah, sure Zhane. The ex-Red Ranger and ex-Gold Ranger who has been on our side from the beginning and that came back to help us willingly, has turned on us as a sort of spur of the moment decision thing?" She said sarcastically.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me." Zhane told her, now crossing his arms.

"You just expect me to believe that a ranger, our teammate has turned against us when you have no proof what so ever except for the fact that you think he might be up to no good?" Karone asked incredulously, raising her voice a little.

Zhane sighed and put his hands on her arms, "Okay, first of all, shut up." He said quietly, but firmly, "And second of all you know me. Ok? You really know me. Would I just make something like this up, let alone tell someone about this if I didn't really feel like something was wrong?"

He lightened up on the grip of her arms and she sighed, "Yeah . . . I mean, I guess you're right. But . . . we really shouldn't jump to outrageous conclusions okay? I mean, in case you haven't noticed, Jason is kind of alone here. He doesn't have a girl friend, he doesn't have a best friend . . ." Her voice trailed off and he realized what she was getting at.

Zhane let go and put his arms to his sides, "I guess you're right too."

"Kat!" Karone suddenly exclaimed and Zhane looked around frantically on the floor.

"Where?" He asked, moving around looking for a cat.

Karone giggled a little and he gave her a puzzled look, "No silly! I mean Kat, not cat! Actually her name's Katrixcia. She was stationed with me when I was in the Rytan military. Maybe we could introduce her to Jason."

Zhane smiled brightly at that idea, "Great idea," he said as he nodded his head approvingly.

"Yeah well, I am brilliant you know." She joked, than put her hand on his back, "But . . . we'd better get some sleep first. I mean, who knows what will happen tomorrow."

Zhane nodded his head in agreement, and started walking towards his room door. A lot had happened in the last week. He had awoken from hyper sleep, Karone had been on a Slave colony, she escaped, they had freed a country and re-united everyone on KO-35, they had destroyed the Ecto-Morphicons . . . wow was the only word he could think of to describe it.

Before he realized it, they had reached Karone's door and he faced her to say good night.

He stared at her for a moment and suddenly realized that if he didn't know she was from another planet, in another galaxy, he would swear she was from Earth. She was wearing pink cotton sweat pants with a white tank top.

"Good night." She said softly, and blushing a little bit by the way he was staring at her.

He smiled a little when she blushed, and slowly lifted his hand to hold the back of her neck, and kissed her good night softly. It was a soft, lingering kiss that Karone definitely did not want to end. But like all kissed, it did.

He pulled away, and DECA's alarm suddenly started blaring.

"Intruder on board. Intruder on board." DECA repeated over and over.

"What?!?!" Karone exclaimed in shock, staring wildly at the camera and grabbed Zhane's arm.

DECA continued to repeat the same phrase and Zhane and Karone both looked down the barely lighted hallway.

"Where?" Zhane wanted to know as he continued looking from one end of the hallway to the other.

"It is on the bridge." DECA replied.

Zhane took a hold of Karone's hand and they ran towards Andros' room.

Zhane, still holding Karone's hand, banged on the door with his other hand and a startled Andros in his pajamas opened the door looking at them, "What's going on?"

"DECA's alarm says there's an intruder on board, if you haven't noticed." Zhane said to his friend sarcastically.

Andros rolled his eyes and Ashley, TJ, and Carlos walked up to the group wearing their pajamas.

"Where's the intruder?" Ashley asked sleepily, still trying to wake up.

"On the bridge." Zhane told him and the hall went silent.

They all exchanged glances and suddenly Ashley felt a tap on her shoulder and she jumped, causing the others to do so too.

They all turned around to stare at a bewildered Jason.

"What's going on? Having a slumber party without me?" He joked.

Zhane rolled his eyes and Andros caught him.

"There's an intruder on board." Andros informed Jason, "Alright guys, let's go."

They ran towards the bridge and when they got there, they saw Alpha running around with his hands in the air.

"Alpha? What's wrong?" TJ asked the robot.

"Ay yi yi yi yi!" Was all Alpha said, over and over and over.

"DECA, is the intruder still onboard?" Carlos asked the camera but heard no response, he repeated, "DECA?"

"Faulty indicator." Was all DECA said and they all sighed.

"Great. We woke up for nothing." Carlos sighed and TJ patted him on the back.

"Let's just be glad it's nothing." TJ said and him, Carlos, Ashley, Jason, and Karone walked out of the room to go back to their quarters.

As Andros watched them leave, Zhane asked, "Something's not right."

Andros shrugged and looked to his friend, "You feel it too, huh?"

Zhane nodded his head and they both sat down.

"What was with that eye rolling thing with Jason?" Andros asked finally after a moment of silence.

Zhane didn't hesitate at all to tell his friend his suspicions; "He's not right. Something about him just . . . isn't right."

It was Andros turn to roll his eyes now and he crossed his arms, just like his sister had a few minutes before, "Are you sure you just don't like him because he hangs out with Karone a lot?"

Zhane shot him a 'of course not' look, "Lately . . . it's like . . . I don't like him, but more than usual."

After a few moments of silence Andros realized he wasn't going to elaborate on that answer and he nodded his head, "So, what do you want to do about it?"

Zhane shrugged and leaned back in his chair, "I don't know." He looked at Alpha, who was still running around saying Ay yi yi yi yi all the time, "What are we gonna do about him?"

Andros got up and stilled his robot friend, and opened the circuitry door on his back, "Here's the problem."

"What is it?" Zhane asked curiously and walked over to his friend to look at the circuitry himself.

"It seems a cybernetic patch was put on his main switch board, making all functions de-activate." Andros analyzed.

"Faulty indicator." DECA said and the two looked at the camera oddly.

"What?" Andros asked the camera.

The camera did not reply and Zhane said, "This is getting weirder and weirder."

They looked at the camera and after a few minutes, DECA said, "Faulty indicator."

Andros automatically looked down at his watch intently.

Zhane shot his best friend a questioning look, "What are you doing?"

Andros didn't reply, and when DECA repeated, after 5 minutes, "Faulty indicator." Zhane knew what was going on.

Andros looked up to his friend with a serious look on his face; "This isn't good. DECA is on a 5 minute timed speaking interval, and Alpha has a cybernetic patch on him that is only made by Dark Specter." Andros walked over to Alpha again and showed Zhane the holographic emblem imprint on the patch, which said 'DS'.

"There's gotta be someone evil on the ship." Zhane said and Andros nodded his head slowly.

"We've got to at least fix DECA-" Andros started, then an alarm went off.

"What is it?" Zhane asked as they ran to the radar controls.

"Astronema's sent the last Metallic Monster to earth." Andros said.

Zhane pushed the ship intercom button, "Guys, looks like there's not gonna be much sleep tonight. Let's go there's a monster on earth."

The others quickly ran onto the bridge followed by Jason.

"Should we use the gliders or teleport?" Ashley asked.

"Let's teleport. If the calculations on radar are correct, it's destroying a lot of downtown Angel Grove." Andros said, then turned to Jason, "Be careful, there may be someone evil on the ship. If you get into any trouble, just use your teleporter and get to safety."

Jason nodded his head, "Sure thing."

The ranger's teleported to Earth and Jason turned to the controls and . . . smiled wickedly.

"Finally, I can get down to business." Jason laughed and began punching on the controls to download information.

He accidentally hit a wrong button and DECA's camera bleeped, "Over writing timed speaking interval."

"Great," Jason whispered sarcastically and inserted 6 CD-ROM disks into a drive.

"Intruder on board. Intruder on board." DECA's alarm said.

Jason glared at the camera, "Put a sock in it you stupid computer."

"Evil life form has been detected on the bridge." DECA said and Jason realized that the rangers were probably talking to her through the intercom of the Turbo Megazord.

"Astronema sure isn't giving me much time." Jason muttered as he started copying the information onto the disks.

A box popped up on the monitor, showing a white bar being consumed by blue color as it edged it's way over to the right hand side of the screen. About 10 minutes passed by and the bar had almost reached the other end of the screen.

"Come on," Jason said impatiently tapping his fingers on the table, "Hurry up already."

"Download complete." DECA said, "Teleporting now."

Jason realized the rangers were teleporting onto the ship that second and grabbed the 6 disks. He quickly pulled up a little on a sleeve of his long sleeve shirt to reveal a black teleporter with Red blinking dots around it. He pushed the center small red button and a blackish red light consumed him and he disappeared just as the others ran onto the bridge looking around frantically.

"DECA, is Jason alright?" Andros asked as they all go to the nav controls and radar screens.

When she did not reply, Ashley asked, "Is the evil life form still on board?"

"There are no evil life forms detected on the ship." DECA said.

"That's good, but where's Jason?" TJ asked.

"I hope he's okay." Carlos said.

DECA interrupted them, "Incoming transmission."

"From where?" Andros asked.

"The Dark Fortress." Was all DECA said and they exchanged worried glances and ran in front of the viewing screen.

"Accept!" Andros commanded and a picture of Astronema appeared on the screen.

The villianess stood up and crossed her arms smiling, "Hello rangers. Long time no chat."

"Cut to the chase. We just defeated your last metallic monster, did you want to congratulate us or something?" TJ asked sarcastically.

Astronema smirked at him, then looked at all of them, "Actually, I already have what I wanted."

"And just what would that be?" Ashley asked.

Astronema smiled and picked up 6 disks with the Power Ranger symbol on them.

Ashley gasped and Astronema said, "6 disks that contain all personal information on . . . well . . . the six of you."

Andros glared at her, "How did you get those?"

Astronema laughed a little and the rangers then noticed a man standing next to her wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans with his back facing them and his arms crossed.

"My new personal warrior." Astronema said and the man turned around.

"Jason?!" Karone asked incredulously.

His eyes flashed black and red and he smiled, "Ah . . . don't act so surprised Karone."

"How could you do this?" Carlos demanded.

"It was really simple actually," Jason explained with a smile, "I just did it."

"You'll pay for this Astronema!" Zhane threatened the girl.

"Zhane, your revenge is like your soup," She mocked, "It's bland." She shifted her attention back to the group, "Till next time rangers."

The link was closed and the screen went blank.

"I can't believe this." Karone breathed.

Andros and Zhane exchanged glances.

Ashley heard a faint noise and stiffened, "What's that?"

"I don't-" Andros started to say, then he heard a faint Ay yi yi-ing and shrugged, "Alpha."

"We've gotta fix him." Zhane said and they all nodded their heads.

"Okay, first we'll fix Alpha, then we've gotta get the ship and zords in top shape." Andros instructed, "Jason is strong, and it's gonna take a lot of power to take him down."

Karone shuddered at the though of taking their friend 'down'.

"That brings up another problem. What exactly are we going to do about Jason?" Ashley asked.

Andros sighed, "Well, it's obvious he's under a spell. So we'll have Zordon, DECA, and Alpha research his vital signs while we work on the ship and zords."

"Sounds like a plan to me." TJ nodded his head approvingly and they all started walking to find their frantic robot and start working to prepare for whatever Astronema, Dark Specter, and now Jason were going to do next.