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Kidnapped! Part One
By Crystal Maiden

Abby sat in front the television in the living room of her and her mother's house flipping through the channels on the television set. Saturdays were so boring. But, it was definitely better than fighting Mondo or the Orange Zeo Assassin. The long first week at Angel Grove High had finally ended. She had homework up the wazoo, but that didn't seem to particularly bother her right then. Rocky had asked her to the Valentine's dance that was that Friday night, and things couldn't be better.

Her mother walked into the room and sat down by her on the couch, "Hey honey. What are you going to do today?"

Abby sighed and turned the television off, "I don't know, I thought I'd just hang around the house. Just kinda relax."

"All you ever do when you're home is relax." Her mother observed, and smiled so her daughter knew she was kidding, "It's like you think you defend the universe during the day."

Abby turned her head away, smiled, and whispered, "You have no idea."

"Well," Her mother said and patted her leg, "How are things going with that boy you like? What's his name . . . Rocky?"

"Yeah, Rocky." Abby told her with a dreamy look on her face, "Things are going great. He asked me to the Valentine's dance a couple of days ago."

"That is so great, dear. I'm so glad to see your making a lot of new friends." Her mother smiled, then looked at her watch, "Well, I better get going so I catch my flight."

"How long are you going to be gone again?" Abby asked her mom.

"Until Sunday night. Pretty late I presume since I'm catching a late flight back home." Her mom replied as she stood up, "Don't wait up for me though. You have school Monday."

She hugged her mom tightly, "Bye mom. Have . . . " She stopped herself, then laughed a little, "As much fun as you can have going to a business conference."

"I'll try my best." Her mother laughed, then walked out of the door towards the car.

Abby sat back down on the couch and sighed, "Great. Now what am I gonna do?"


"Klank, Orbus, get in here!" King Mondo yelled from his throne.

The two machines ran into the room and bowed slightly, "Yes your highness?"

"I am giving you two an assignment. And I want it to be carried out today." King Mondo said and they looked at him questioningly.

"But, your highness, I thought you told us to help destroy the Orange Zeo Ranger." Klank said blankly.

"I'm giving you new more important orders. They deal with the Orange Zeo Ranger, but I don't want you to destroy her. I want you to bring her here." King Mondo instructed.

"We're going to hold her hostage?" Orbus asked oddly.

"Just until the Orange Zeo Assassin destroys Zeo Blue. Then we will destroy her." King Mondo said plainly.

"But . . . won't that also destroy the Orange Zeo Assassin?" Klank asked.

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?" King Mondo asked angrily and the two bowed again.

"No, no sire. We'll do as you wish. Before nightfall, the Orange Zeo Ranger will be right here. You can count on it!" Klank promised.


Abby walked through Angel Grove Park and crossed her arms as the breeze swept by. It was February, in California, but it was still too cold for her. She thought about how warm it would be in Georgia right then, but her thoughts were interrupted by Bulk and Skull walking up to her.

"Hello there Abigail." Bulk greeted with a smile and tipped his police officer's hat up.

"Yes, Hello there Abigail." Skull mimicked Bulk, but when he went to tip his hat, it fell off onto the ground clumsily and he quickly picked it up and put it back on his head.

"Hey guys." Abby smiled.

"We just saw your mother leave for the airport. We just wanted to let you know if there is anything--" Bulk said.

"Yeah, anything!" Skull interrupted and Bulk elbowed him.

Then he continued, "That you need over the weekend, just let us know and it will be taken care of."

"Yeah!" Skull said, "Taken care of! Completely!"

Bulk growled and rolled his eyes.

Abby nodded her head slowly and smiled slightly, "Thanks. I'll uh . . . keep that in mind!"

"Well Skull, we better get back to defending the innocent in this city!" Bulk reminded him and Skull saluted at Abby.

"A police officers' job is never done!" Skull said and Bulk pushed him past her and they walked away.

Abby laughed lightly and continued walking, "Those guys," She paused, "Are strange."

Suddenly right in front of her, a group of cogs appeared and she got in a defensive stance.

"Oh great." She muttered under her breath and hit a button on her communicator, "Guys this is Abby. We've got company in the park."

"We're on our way!" Tommy replied through the communicator.

One cog ran up to her and she quickly kicked it into the stomach sending it back with the rest.

Another 2 ran up to her and kicked her at the same time in the stomach, sending her falling backwards.

As soon as she landed, the others were standing right by her and Tanya and Kat helped her up.

"Are you okay girl?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But something tells me these guys won't be so lucky." Abby said, glaring at the cogs.

"Let's show these metal freaks not to mess with us." Tanya encouraged.

"Right!" The rest agreed and they all snapped into action.

Abby ran into the middle of the group of cogs and grabbed one by the arm

"Why do you guys always ruin my walks?" She demanded to know as she kicked the cog in the stomach.

The cog muttered something mechanically and flipped Abby onto her back. She stood up, her back facing the cog.

"Have a nice day!" She said cheerfully and spun around to kick the cog, sending it flying backwards.

She sensed another one coming up behind her and spun around to grab its arm, "Why don't you join him?" She threw the cog on the ground to land beside the other.

The others had managed to drive the cogs to the other side. Abby started to run back towards the group when suddenly, two strong arms grabbed her from behind.

"Hey!" She screamed in surprise as she tried to jerk and kick her way free, but it was no use. Whatever had her was obviously not letting go.

"Rangers! I am Mutantia." The monster growled.

"Let her go!" Tommy yelled.

"Yeah, what he said!" Abby yelled as she continued to try and break free of the monster's grasp.

"I don't think so. King Mondo has special plans for her!" Mutantia laughed and suddenly, Abby disappeared!

"Where'd she go?" Adam asked, looking around.

Rocky looked around too, but didn't see anything; "You'll pay for this Mutantia!"

"It's morphin time!" Tommy called out.

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger 4, Green!"

"Zeo Ranger 5, Red!"

"Zeo Rangers, Power up!" They yelled together.

"Ooo, fancy stuff. But can you do, this?!" The monster asked, and suddenly spread it's arms out and a clear diamond glowed on it's chest, then let out a spray of laser beams.

The blast hit them all, and they fell to the ground, sparks flying everywhere.

Their communicators beeped and Rocky held his hand up to his helmet, "Yes?"

Billy's voice replied, "We've been scanning the monster's weakness. The only way to destroy it is to break the clear diamond located on its chest."

"You got it." The blue ranger replied and suddenly he saw Klank and Orbus nearby, "Guys look out!"

The others dodged out of the way as Mutantia grew.

"We need Zeo Megazord power, now!" Tommy yelled and they all teleported inside the Zeo Megazord.

"Billy said if we destroy the diamond in the center, we should destroy the monster too." Rocky shared.

"Set primary target controls on the diamond." Tommy instructed.

The monster shot out more laser shots and the Megazord stumbled backwards.

"Target locked, fire when ready." Adam reported.

"Fire!" Tommy shouted, and released 2 zeo missiles at the monster, destroying the crystal and turning the monster into a cloud of dust.

"Yes!" Tommy said in victory.

"We'd better get back to the Power Chamber and find out what happened to Abby." Rocky said in a worried tone and they all teleported away.


"Miss Brockton, how lovely of you to join us." Queen Machina smiled wickedly as she walked around a tied up Abby.

"Like I had a choice." Abby muttered, annoyed.

King Mondo entered the room and observed her, "Hello Orange Ranger, I'm so glad you could make it."

Abby rolled her eyes, "Mind telling me why I'm here? Don't tell me you're after my powers too now."

"No, no, no my dear. I'm solely in this to destroy your powers." He replied.

"Oh . . . great." Abby sighed sarcastically.

King Mondo looked around the room and shook his head, "This setting is all wrong. It would be way to easy for a rescue, don't you think dear?"

Machina nodded her head; "Yes, yes I believe you're correct. What shall we do?" She asked as she walked over to him.

King Mondo waved his hand and suddenly, the room completely changed.

Abby felt herself being pulled upwards. She bound hands behind her raised over her head as she started to hang by them.

"Oh god . . ." She whispered, looking down at the boiling lava that appeared a few feet underneath her, "This isn't good."

She looked up and saw a small candle that was lit, burning the top of the rope.

"It will only be a matter of hours before the candle burns the rope entirely, dropping you to a painfully hot death, young power ranger." King Mondo laughed, "Have fun."

With one more wave of the hand she saw him put a force field around her, so no one could get in.

The two of them exited the room leaving Abby hanging over the lava, alone.

"Oh please, please, please hurry you guys." She whispered.


"So there's no sign of her, anywhere on Earth?" Kat asked Alpha.

"I'm afraid not. I'll begin scanning in space, but the long-range scanners don't pick up very much. So I'll have to be very exact on Abby's life signals." Alpha said as he started to work on the controls again.

"Zordon," Rocky walked in front of their mentor, "Do you think the Assassin had anything to do with this?"

"It appears to only be the workings of King Mondo. In time we will see what his plan is. But I am sensing we do not have much time, Abby is in grave danger." Zordon told them.

"What do you mean 'she doesn't have much time'?" Rocky asked, worrily.

"Ah ha!" Alpha exclaimed, interrupting Zordon.

"Have you found her?" Tanya asked as they all walked towards the viewing globe.

"Yes, I'm bringing her up on the viewing globe now." Alpha replied and the image of Abby appeared.

Kat and Tanya gasped.

"Oh my gosh! We've got to help her!" Kat said.

Alpha zoomed the image to the candle that was burning the top of the rope and Rocky's eyes widened.

"What's her location?" Tommy asked.

"She appears to be inside a special room of King Mondo's castle on the moon. There is an energy field around her and the lava pit so it will be nearly impossible to get her out of there! Ay yi yi!" Alpha waved his hands in the air, "What are we going to do?"

Rocky shook his head, then said in a determined voice, "I don't know, but we're going to do something."


Ashryn fell to the ground in pain, "What is going on?"

Her hands felt as if they were becoming raw from something being tied.

Suddenly, a holographic picture of King Mondo appeared in front of her and she glared at it.

"What are you doing to me?" She demanded to know.

King Mondo laughed, then showed her the picture of Abby hanging over the lava pit.

"What are you doing?!" The Assassin shouted at the image, "If you kill her I will be destroyed along with her!"

The image shifted back to King Mondo, "You called our deal off and I'm afraid that is not acceptable."

"This isn't fair! I need more time!" She pleaded.

"You have until she falls into the lava, then I'm afraid you will be to . . . dead to do anything about it." King Mondo laughed, then the image disappeared.

Ashryn stood up and looked around, her eyes flaring orange, "I must destroy the blue ranger before he destroys Abby, or I'm history."

"Blue Ranger . . . Come out, come out where ever you are . . ."