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Blue Dreams
By Crystal Maiden

"Ok people let's calm down and get to work! We have a lot to cover in the next few days before our exam! I suggest you use this time to study!" Mrs.Applebee told the class, "Oh and don't forget, your 15 page essay's about Africa and it's cultures is due this Friday. Remember, the school board will select 6 students with the best essays to go on an African Safari this summer!"

The students reacted excitingly to that announcement and continued working.

In the back of the classroom, Abby and Rocky stared at the massive amount of chemicals and bottles on the table.

"I hate chemistry! I feel like every time I pour something it'll explode!" Abby exclaimed.

Rocky shrugged, "Me too. Maybe if we--" he started and picked up a small vile of liquid and almost poured it into another vile when Mrs.Applebee gasped and grabbed it away form him.

"Never pour liquid sulfur into Chlorine, Rocky!" Mrs.Applebee told him sternly and walked away.

Abby and Rocky shrugged.

"Have you started on your essay yet?" he asked.

"Yeah, yesterday I did. It should be done by Friday. How's yours coming along?" she asked him as she rearranged some bottles.

"I turned mine in yesterday. It took me three weeks. I can't believe you're almost done! You just got the assignment yesterday." Rocky mused.

"Yeah well, I don't have much else to do. Wouldn't that be great if we all won?" Abby asked him smiling.

"Awesome." he smiled back at her.

She looked away and saw a small bottle labeled 'Chlorine' on it. She shrugged and picked the opened bottle up, "Mrs.Applebee, this is the chlorine!" she yelled to the teacher, and stood up to take it to her. But she tripped over a pencil that was on the floor and spilled the chlorine into the glass Rocky was holding, causing it to explode in his face. After the steam cleared away, Abby stood up and looked at Rocky. They were both covered in a blue liquid. They sighed together, then looked up at Mrs.Applebee who was now standing in front of them, and she didn't look happy.

* * *
In a dark cave outside Angel Grove, the Orange Zeo Assassin was putting a spell on Rocky over a hot fire.

"I summon all that is evil, with this one simple request. Cast a spell over Rocky Desantos, the Blue Zeo Ranger, so that he may fall asleep and never wake up." She muttered and the fire shot up.

She smiled, turned around, and started walking back towards Angel Grove.

* * *
After school was over for the day, everyone met up at Tommy's locker to go to the juice bar together.

"Hey guys!" Kat greeted as Abby and Tanya walked up to the rest of them.

"Hi! So are we ready to go?" Tanya asked and they all shook their heads eagerly, except Rocky.

"I think you better count me out guys." Rocky sighed.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling okay?" Tommy asked.

"I'm fine I'm just, really tired. I think I'll go home and take a nap." Rocky said and started to walk away, and almost fell.

Adam quickly caught him, "You better have someone walk you home bro."

"I will. I need to go by my house anyway." Abby offered.

"Okay. Get some rest Rocky." Kat said and patted her friend on the back.

"I'll go to the Juice Bar after I take him home." Abby said and they started leaving.

* * *
"Feeling better?" Abby asked as she and Rocky walked through the park towards his house.

"Not really. I'm getting tired more and more every second." Rocky sighed.

Abby let out a soft-concerned sigh and they kept walking. Something wasn't right, and she could feel it. But she couldn't quite put her finger on what was wrong.

Suddenly, cogs jumped out from nowhere.

"Whoa watch out!" Abby jerked Rocky back before he could be kicked by one of the cogs.

Abby looked at him and saw his eyes close and he fell to the ground.

"Rocky!" Abby screamed and tried to grab him but a cog kicked her in the stomach.

Abby grabbed the cogs arm and flipped it onto its back. Then ran over to Rocky and moved his shoulder, trying to wake him up.

"Rocky are you okay? Rocky?!" Abby pleaded, seeing the group of cogs coming their way.

Abby grabbed Rocky's arm and quickly teleported both of them to the Power Chamber.

As soon as they arrived, Billy came over to them worriedly, "Are you guys okay? The alarms went off all of a sudden."

"I'm fine, but Rocky collapsed and he hasn't woken up yet!" Abby explained and they carried Rocky onto a table that Alpha had just set up for them.

Billy got out a scanner and scanned Rocky's body.

"What's wrong? Is he going to be okay?" Abby asked.

"Rocky has been put under an ultimately evil spell." Zordon told her and she turned to him.

"What kind of spell?" she asked.

"The Eternal Sleep."

"Can it be reversed?" Abby asked hopefully.

"The only way to reverse the Eternal Sleep spell, is to destroy the sleep crystal located in a cave outside of Angel Grove." Alpha told her.

Suddenly, the alarm went off again.

"Ay yi yi yi yi! King Mondo has sent a monster to Angel Grove!" Alpha panicked.

"Alpha, have the other rangers go to the monster, I'll take care of the crystal." Abby said.

"Are you sure-" Billy started.

"I'm sure." Abby stated firmly, then yelled, "It's morphin' time!"

"Zeo Ranger 6, Orange!"

* * *
"Ya!" Abby yelled as she landed outside a cave.

She looked around and didn't see anything, and slowly started walking into the dark cave.

The path twisted and turned until she came to a room with a small fire burning, and a clear crystal sitting on top of a rock.

"There it is." Abby muttered and started running for it. "Zeonizer!" She yelled and aimed it at the crystal, still running.

But someone tripped her and she fell down. She quickly got up and stared at the Orange Zeo Assassin.

"I knew it was you!" Abby growled.

"Well well, little wannabe ranger. We meet again. And hopefully for the last time." The Assassin scowled walking towards her.

"Why are you targeting Rocky? He's never done anything to you!" Abby demanded to know.

"I made a deal with Mondo. I kill him, he kills you. It's quite simple actually. But I was thinking about it and that won't work. You see, I have to kill you to get the rest of the Orange Powers back. So, I guess its nite nite wannabe ranger." She scowled and lunged forward but Abby ducked out of the way.

"No matter what, I will destroy the sleep crystal and release the spell on Rocky." Abby declared.

"How can you do that little girl.... When you'll be dead?" The Assassin smiled.

"Leave me and my friends alone." Abby growled.

"You mean especially your...boyfriend?" The Assassin shot her a wicked smile.

"Oh my-" Abby started but the Assassin jumped out at her again and knocked her to the ground and began choking her.

"You should have thought twice before taking my powers away from me girl. Now you will pay for it, and so will the rest of your pathetic team." She yelled in Abby's face, then added with a smile, "Along with your precious blue ranger boy toy."

"I don't think so." Abby choked and quickly drew out her Zeonizer and blasted the sleep crystal into a million pieces.

The Assassin released her grip for a second when she realized the sleep crystal had been destroyed, then tightened her grip even more, "Big mistake."

Abby tried desperately to get the Assassin off of her but it was no use. Her powers felt as if they were being drained out from her and she could do nothing to stop it. Suddenly, a sharp pain went throughout her body and she screamed in pain.

Then, she saw a bright blue laser light hit the Assassin and knocked her away.

Abby rolled over onto her stomach and slowly got up with the help of Rocky.

"Are you okay?" Rocky asked her, his tone sounded extremely worried.

"I'm..." Abby choked, then looked at her hand and gasped. Her morphed body was starting to fade.

Abby turned around quickly at the Orange Zeo Assassin, who was holding a crossbow and it, was pointed right at her.

"Good bye thief." The Assassin smiled and before Abby had a chance to move, she fired the bow.

It was too fast for them to react. Abby moved a slight pace towards Rocky, and then it hit her. The arrow struck her on her left shoulder, and it sent her flying against the back of the cave.

As soon as she hit the wall, a brilliant burst of orange light and sparkles erupted. As soon as it cleared, Rocky looked over at an unmorphed Abby, lying helplessly on the ground.

"Abby!" Rocky yelled and ran over to her but heard no response. Her body just lay there, completely helpless and unresponsive.

He checked her pulse; she was still alive, but barely. He glared at the Assassin through his helmet.

"I can't believe I missed!" The Assassin screamed at the top of her lungs, "She will pay for this!"

Then, she disappeared. Rocky quickly picked Abby up, and teleported her to the Power Chamber.

* * *
"You have failed yet again in destroying the Blue Zeo Ranger. You are worthless to me and the entire Machine Empire!" King Mondo shouted at the Orange Zeo Assassin.

"Look, If I don't kill the girl on my own, then I will die too. Our deal is off. I don't have time to kill two people." The Assassin growled and teleported back to Earth.

"That is what you think...little girl...." King Mondo smiled to himself and Queen Machina walked through the door.

"Has the Orange Assassin destroyed the Blue Ranger yet?" She asked.

"Not yet. But I have a feeling if we capture the human who has stolen her powers, she'll think twice." King Mondo explained and the Queen nodded approvingly.

* * *
"Are you okay?" Rocky asked as Abby started to sit up. It had been 3 hours after the attack, and all the other rangers had gone home.

"Yeah I'm.... I'm alright." She winced in pain and put her hand on her forehead. She had a huge bruise, plus her throat was killing her and it hurt to talk.

"Your throat will probably be soar for a while. Alpha gave you some medicine for the pain though." He explained.

"Did all the others go home?" She asked him.

"Yeah." Rocky nodded his head, then hesitated, but went ahead and said it, "Look, Abby... I wanted to thank your for...going to the cave and risking a lot just break the spell on me. It was really brave of you, especially since the assassin is always after you."

Abby smiled, "I wouldn't have done anything else."

Rocky smiled at her and they sat in silence for a few moments until Abby shifted uncomfortably.

She had to tell him why the Assassin put him under the spell, and why he had been targeted before, but she still wasn't sure that he liked her to. And if he didn't that would make the situation ten times worse and embarrassing for her.

"Umm...Rocky. I don't quite know how to say this but...um..." Abby stuttered and sighed helplessly. She just couldn't do it.

Luckily, Rocky sat there, sighed and smiled; "Abby, will you go to the Valentine's Dance with me?"

Abby smiled ecstatically, "I'd love to."

* * *
Rocky walked into his house and sighed happily. She said yes. He almost couldn't believe his ears when she had said it.

"Hello son. Did you have a nice time with your friends?" Rocky's mom asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah mom, it was...fun." He smiled and sat down in a chair at the table.

"Have you asked that girl out yet?" Her mom asked with a grin on her face.

"Actually, I did a few minutes ago." Rocky told her and smiled.

"I can tell by the look on your face, she said yes." His mother smiled and began making him a sandwich; "I would love to met her. She sounds very lovely."

"We're going to the Valentine's dance next week together." He said as he helped her.

"That's my boy." His mom laughed.

* * *
The Orange Zeo Assassin walked through the Angel Grove Park angrily.

"So southern thief, you want to play dirty do you?" She growled to herself and walked over to a picnic table, "I'll show you dirty!" she yelled and picked up the table and threw it against a tree, breaking it to pieces, then smiled evilly, "I will erase you."