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Dark Awakening
Part One
by : Adam Pearlman

It was a quiet day in Angel Grove and the six teens that comprised the Power Rangers were taking the opportunity to relax from their constant battle with the forces of the Machine Empire.

Billy: Hey guys before I forget I got a letter from Kimberly this morning.

Tommy: Oh what does Kim have to say.

Although Tommy's voice was steady there was a slight quiver as he said her name.

Billy: The Gymnastics is going great. The only thing of real interest is her cousin Scott is coming to live in Angel Grove.

Justin: So we will finally get to meet her cousin.

Tanya: What do you mean?

Adam: What Justin means is we've heard a lot about him, but we have never actually met him.

Kat: Go on Billy what else does Kim have to say.

Billy: Just that he is coming to live in Angel Grove because of his Parent's dying.

Kat: That's terrible how did they die?

Billy: They were killed in Car Crash, Kim says Scott saw everything.

Tanya: That must have been awful.

Tommy: When will he arrive.

Billy: According to Kim's letter he should already have arrived in town.

Tommy: Well, he'll come here after all everyone does sooner or later.

The other all chuckled and went back to talking. Above them Rita and Zedd had been watching with great curiosity.

Rita: Zedd I have great idea on how to destroy the Rangers.

Zedd: What is it this time?

Rita: We will grab Kimberly's little cousin and turn him into the Dark Ranger and then we will use him to destroy the Power Rangers.

Zedd: Bah, we have both tried that before and it failed as the spell was broken.

Rita: That was as individuals, now that our powers are combined the spell will be even more powerful and he will not be able to resist.

Zedd: We shall see.

Back on Earth later that day. The Rangers watched Tommy and Billy sparring and then when Billy seemed to have the upper hand he stopped and Tommy turned around and took his legs from him. Helping him up Tommy spoke.

Tommy: What's the matter Billy you lost your concentration.

Billy: I don't know I thought I saw someone I knew a long time ago.

By this time the others had come up to see if he was okay.

Tanya: Which person did you see?

Billy: That guy.

Kat: Which one?

Billy: The one with Dark brown hair coming towards us.

The figure that Billy had pointed out was now slowly coming down the steps and walked towards them.

Scott: Hi my name is Scott. The guy at the counter said you were Billy.

Billy: Yeah that's me you must be Kim's cousin.

Scott: Yeah how did you guess.

Billy: I didn't, this is going to sound strange have we met before.

Scott: Not to my knowledge. Why?

Billy: It's just you seem very familiar.

Kat: Perhaps you met when you were little.

Scott: It's always possible.

Billy: Well, these are mine and Kim's friends. That's Tommy, Justin, Adam, Tanya and Kat.

Kat hadn't really followed much of the conversation, the reason being she found herself attracted to this handsome mysterious stranger even though she was going out of Tommy.

Kat: Hi I'm Kat.

Scott: Yes, I know.

The Rangers and Scott all moved to a table and sat down.

Tanya: So Scott where are you staying.

Scott: Well, when I said I was coming to live here. Kim's mom said I could live in their house. It's a bit big, but it's a place to live. Look I want to have a quick workout. So maybe we'll talk some more later.

Tommy: Sure.

Scott got up and went off to one of the locker room to get changed and Kat watched him go. Beside her the others were talking when they noticed Kat was not listening and her gaze was fixed on where Scott had been.

Tanya: Earth to Kat.

Kat: Wha... Sorry what were you saying.

Tanya: You were a million miles away or at least the Boy's locker room.

Kat: Tanya!!!

Tanya: I am not the one who was staring at Scott from the moment he came in the door.

Kat: I was not, well maybe a little. He is cute though.

Tanya: I will agree with you he is very cute.

Adam: Hey!!!

Tanya: Don't worry Adam I only have eyes for you.

At this point Tommy looked across at his girlfriend and Billy saw a look cross his face that he didn't know what to make of.

Tommy: Excuse me Kat remember me your boyfriend.

Kat: Oh sorry Tommy you're cute too.

The conversation continued. Meanwhile on the moon.

Rita: Zeddy he is all alone.

Zedd: Right use your magic to bring him here.

Rita: It is already done.

Then Scott Crane was stood before them.

Scott: What the.. Where am I? Who are you?

Zedd: We are the people who are going to make you the most powerful person on Earth.

Scott: Yeah right.

Zedd didn't reply to Scott's comment he merely nodded to Rita and they brought their staff's together and fired a bolt of energy at Scott who collapsed to the floor and then the teen was dressed in a suit reminiscent of the old Power Ranger suits. Standing up the now transformed teen spoke with no hint of emotion in his tone.

Scott: How did I get here?

Zedd: You don't remember. The Power Rangers attacked you and your family, they were all killed. You alone survived and found me and I have given you the power to seek revenge on the people who murdered your parents.

Scott: What do I have to do?

Rita: Destroy the Rangers and your parents will rest in peace.

Scott: I will destroy them utterly.

Zedd: Then go, cause panic and chaos and they will come.

Scott: As you command.

The Teenager disappeared and reappeared in the park.

Scott: Now I shall wait for them to come.

Back at the Youth Centre the Rangers had begin to wonder what had happened to their new friend and Tommy and had gone to see where he was.

Justin: Well is he there?

Tommy: His bag is there, but he isn't. I don't understand it.

Tanya: Maybe he went out the window.

Billy: That isn't being very helpful Tanya.

Before anyone could come up with any more suggestions their communicators went off and the six teleported to the Power Chamber to already find Trey Lord of Triforia and the Gold Ranger already there.

Tommy: Trey why are you here?

Trey: I have come to offer my assistance in this dangerous time.

Adam: Zordon what's up.

Zordon: We have an emergency Rangers. Please direct your attention to the Viewing Globe.

The Rangers turned to see a warrior clad in a dark costume standing in the park.

Justin: Who is that?

Zordon: That is your new friend Scott, he has been transformed into the Dark Ranger by Rita and Zedd's magic with a spell similar to the one that was placed on Tommy when he became the Evil Green Ranger.

Kat: That explains how he disappeared from the Locker room.

Tommy: How can we stop him Zordon?

Zordon: Trying talking that may break the spell, however the spell that has been placed over him is more powerful than any that had been placed on you Tommy, this will be a most difficult endeavour.

Tommy: Let's do it. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Trey: Gold Ranger Power.

The Six Rangers morphed and quickly arrived at the Dark Ranger's position.

Scott: So you have come.

Tommy: We only want to talk.

Scott: There is to be no more talk. You killed my family and now you want to do the same to me.

Tanya: Killed his family what is he talking about?

Before anyone could answer the Dark Ranger was upon them and battle was commenced.

Part Two

Previously on Power Rangers: Zeo

Rita and Zedd have transformed the former Pink Ranger Kimberly's cousin into the Dark Ranger and sent him to confront the Rangers.

Scott: Time to die Rangers.

The Dark Ranger raced forward and attacked the Rangers not even giving them the chance to defend themselves and they were quickly overwhelmed.

Trey: Rangers fall back, we need to regroup.

The others acknowledged his request and retreated until they were altogether.

Justin: Man this guy is powerful.

Kat: We have to stop him, but remember there is someone inside that suit not a monster.

Tommy: Don't worry we'll get him out of the suit, even if I have to pry it off with my bare hands.

Scott: Oh isn't this good you've all lined up for me to destroy you.

Before any of them could react a bolt of energy formed in his hands and the six were hurled backwards.

Trey: We have to get back to the Power Chamber, maybe Zordon can figure out a way for us to stop him.

Tommy: Good idea, let's go.

The six Rangers teleported out and the Dark Ranger watched.

Scott: You can run but you cannot hide, for I know where you are.

The Rangers arrived at the Power Chamber and before Zordon could even utter a word.

Kat: Zordon what can we do?

Zordon: Rangers I...

Tanya: Why does he think we killed his family?

Zordon: Rangers I...

Adam: How can we break the spell?

Zordon: Rangers please.

Adam: Sorry Zordon.

Zordon: As I was saying Rangers the spell that has been placed on him can be broken by destroying his weapon.

Billy: Just like with Tommy and the Sword of Darkness.

Zordon: That is correct Billy.

Justin: Where is he now?

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. He's right outside.

Tanya: What, how did he find the Power Chamber?

Alpha: Perhaps he traced your teleportation beam back here or more likely since Rita and Zedd know where the Command Centre is they simply teleported him here.

Tommy: Well, no matter how he got here we have to get out there and stop him.

Adam: Well, let's get out there and stop him.

Alpha: Teleporting you now.

The Six Rangers were teleported out and several metres outside the Power Chamber.

Scott: So you have come.

Kat: We're here to stop you Scott.

Scott: Tommy and Trey perhaps, but you a pathetic female, don't make me laugh.

Kat shrank back at his comment. Beside her Tommy felt a white hot rage burn within him.

Tommy: Okay that's it, you're going down.

Scott: Come on then.

The Six Rangers attacked Scott and although it seemed as if they were winning Scott easily fended them off. Before he could relax Justin and Adam came at him with their power weapons and tried to hack at his suit and try and destroy his dagger. Shrugging off their attack Scott grabbed Adam's arm and twisting it around and used Adam's weapon to take down Justin.

Adam: Justin are you okay?

Justin didn't respond and instead Scott simply laughed.

Scott: Don't worry you'll be joining him soon enough.

Pulling his dagger from his belt he slammed it's butt hard into Adam's chest and while he was winded he slammed his fist hard into Adam's helmet partially smashing it and then he sent Adam crashing down unconscious on top of Justin.

Tanya: Justin, Adam what have you done to them?

Scott: The same I am going to do to you.

Before Scott could even move towards Tanya a flash of Gold caught his attention and he turned only to be slammed backwards by the Gold Rangers foot.

Trey: Scott let me help you.

Scott: Help me I'm fine now.

Scott got up and bringing his dagger out he attacked the Gold Ranger. As Trey distracted him Tanya carefully moved forward intending to assist Trey when the Dark Ranger suddenly lunged out of the way of the Gold Ranger causing Trey to slam into Tanya and they both crashed to the ground. Picking up the Golden staff which Trey had dropped Scott looked at it and then using it's power brought down part of the rock face on top of the two seeing the danger Trey quickly shielded Tanya's body from the falling rocks. Turning around Scott saw a hint of red as coming towards him and he turned too late too see the Red Ranger charging at him, sword in hand. Instinctively the Dark Ranger brought his dagger up to block the blow and the force sent both warriors backwards and when the dust settled.

Scott: You shall pay for that affront Red Ranger.

Tommy: Ah man. It didn't work.

Scott: That's right Tommy, now you will follow your friends into blackness of oblivion.

Tommy: Scott it doesn't have to be this way. I know what it's like to be under a spell. Fight it, join us and be a good guy.

For a second the words seemed to affect Scott and then he charged at Tommy ripping the sword from his grasp and with several blows he began to batter the young Ranger and then he picked up Tommy and walked over to the edge of the cliff.

Scott: Any last words Ranger.

Tommy: Fight it Scott don't let yourself be controlled.

With no hint of emotion Scott let go of the Ranger and Tommy fell down the cliff. Scott started to watch him fall and then he heard a noise and he saw Kat had called on her power weapon.

Scott: That won't save you Kat. You can't stop me.

Kat: Maybe not, but at least I can try and stop you.

Scott: You are alone give it up before you get hurt.

Kat: Never, let us help you as the Rangers helped me when I was under a spell. I broke it then, let me help you.

Scott once again paused and then he was across the gap between them and before Kat could even react he grabbed the power shield and flung it away. As Scott came at her again Kat pulled out Tommy's sword which she had picked up when he had dropped it.

Scott: Come on then show me how good you are.

Kat lunged at him and with quick blows began to drive Scott back, but then he attacked and Kat found herself been beaten back and then she was thrown to the ground and Scott stood over her with Tommy's sword now in hands.

Scott: Time to end thi...

Scott's words trailed off and he staggered back dropping the sword and he put both his hands to his head and screamed. From her vantage point Kat watched as Scott struggled.

Kat: Scott are you okay?

Scott: Stay back I can't, I mean I will hurt you.

Tommy: Scott your doing it, you are breaking the spell.

Scott didn't acknowledged and instead he started to walk back towards them to finish them off when he stopped and then he screamed again and with a flash of light the uniform was gone and stood before them was Scott back in his ordinary clothes.

Kat: Do you think he is okay now?

Tommy: Only one way to find out. Zeo Rangers power down.

At Tommy's command the two Rangers powered down and reverted to their normal clothes.

Kat: Scott are you okay?

Scott: I think so... Adam, Justin the others what did I do to them.

Tommy: They are okay, Billy teleported them back to the Power Chamber and he teleported me back here after you threw me down the cliff. Come with us to the Power Chamber Zordon can check to see if you are free of the spell.

Scott: Okay...

Tommy: Alpha teleport us now.

Alpha: Right.

The three were quickly deposited in the Power Chamber. While Scott looked around clearly amazed by were he was Kat spoke to Zordon.

Kat: Zordon how are the others?

Justin: I'm fine, Adam's fine we are all fine.

Scott: That's good, I'm glad I didn't hurt you seriously.

Adam: Forget it wasn't your fault.

Tanya: Zordon is the spell completely gone from Scott.

Zordon: One moment please Tanya, Alpha have you completed your scan.

Alpha: Yes, Zordon, according to the scan he is completely back too normal.

Kat: That's good to hear.

Zordon: Scott how do you feel?

Scott: Very sorry for what I did.

Trey: As Adam said it wasn't your fault Rita and Zedd's magic is very powerful.

Scott: Still I was responsible whether or not I was under a spell.

Zordon: Scott you are the only one to know the secret identity's of the Rangers and I hope you will keep them a secret.

Scott: Absolutely Zordon I won't reveal anything of what has happened today to anybody.

Tommy: Well, I guess this makes you an honorary Power Ranger.

Scott: Thank's Tommy.

Although he then took the offered hand Scott began to wonder whether he really meant it and then suddenly he knew his life he had been set on a different path leading to somewhere he didn't know.

The End (For Now).