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Part One
by : Adam Pearlman

For many year's scientists have believed that there are other dimensions other realities where the same people exist but differ in some way. In one such reality the world as we know it is a very different place. The city of Angel Grove like other cities were once a bubbling hive of activity. Now nothing stirs except for a few rodents running through the ruins of a city. The silence is broken by the sound of running feet and a dozen men and women run into view. For a second one of the women falters and four of the others go back to help when the sound of their fear is heard and the metal demons come towards them. The group however is not defenceless and each attack these robotic nightmares with their individual skill. However these five are not alone and from vantage points above them the other members of the group open fire and the robots are turned into slag. The five look up and give a thumbs up to their friends and then the group turn and head for their hidden base. Within minutes they are there and clearing the debris away from the hatch the twelve drop into their home. As the group go down on of them stops and looks around and his friends join them.

Man 1: To think this place used to be a place were we could come and have fun and now all that's left of it is a few broken bricks and to think all of this is our fault.

One of the two girl's steps forward and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Girl 1: It wasn't our fault Jason we were unprepared for the ferocity of the initial assault.

Jason: It was Kim we're the Power Rangers we were given powers to protect the Earth from evil and now all that's gone. The human race is almost extinct. Zordon, Alpha and the Command Centre are gone. We've been beaten.

Billy: Not yet I may have found something that can help us?

Kim: What do you mean Billy?

Zack: Not here they maybe watching and inside we can talk as it's shielded from their powers.

The five dropped into the hole and sealed it behind them. Several hours later the five had gathered to talk away from their other friends. Each of them had a question for the one called Billy, but it was the girl dressed in a yellow bodysuit that spoke first.

Trini: Okay Billy what is so important that we need to talk in private.

Billy: As you know for the last few months I've been looking at the plans for the Command Centre and last night I found something.

Kim: What did you find?

Billy: An entrance way into the lower levels of the Command Centre.

Jason: So?

Billy: So if we can find it maybe we can find a way to restore our powers.

Trini: Do you really think that's possible?

Billy: To be honest I don't know, but if we did have our powers back.

Zack: We could fight back?

Jason: We'll leave at first light. So everyone get some rest.

The five all walked off to their rooms unaware that their whole conversation had been overheard by two of their fellow humans.

Bulk: I don't believe it, those guys are the Power Rangers.

Skull: Were the Power Rangers Bulkie.

Bulk: Yes, but it does explain why those geeks always kept disappearing and from what we overheard why the Rangers haven't been seen for three years.

Skull: Yeah and now they're going on a trip.

Bulk: Which we will go on as well. Meet me here at first light don't be late.

The night passed and soon the five teens found themselves ready to leave. After several minutes of walking towards the mountains.

Zack: So Billy how long before we get there?

Billy: I am not sure a couple of hours.

Jason: Well lets keep moving, we don't want the machines to find us.

The five continued on unaware that they were being followed and several other sets of eyes were upon them with evil intent.

Mondo: What are those five brats up to?

Machina: Whatever it is they must be eliminated.

Mondo: Quite so my dear. However we shall wait and see what they are up to and then we shall destroy them.

Sprockett: Can I do it Dad?

Mondo: Yes, Sprockett you may have the pleasure of toying with these humans before they are destroyed.

Back on Earth the five teens were halfway to their destination when Trini suddenly stopped.

Kim: Trini what is it?

Trini: I think we're being followed.

Jason: Let's hide and see who it is.

Billy: Those rocks should provide adequate cover.

The five quickly climbed up and hid behind the rocks and waited.

Bulk: I'm telling you Skull they went this way.

Skull: But Bulkie how can you be so sure?

Bulk: Because I am the greatest tracker in the world and I can tell they went this way.

Skull: If you say so Bulk, but I don't see them anywhere.

Bulk: Well, they can't be far ahead of us.

The two continued to walk on and above them.

Kim: What are those two dimwit's doing out here?

Zack: They must have overheard us and decided to follow us.

Trini: What do we do?

Jason: There are two things we can find a way to lose them or take them with us.

Billy: But we would be revealing our identities as Power Rangers to them.

Kim: Billy that doesn't really matter anymore.

Jason: Kim's right we might as well take them with us.

The five dropped down onto the floor behind Bulk and Skull and the two jumped as they saw them appear from nowhere.

Bulk: Look who it is Skull the Power Rangers.

Jason: Yes, we were the Power Rangers.

Skull: Were?

Billy: When the Earth was attacked by Lord Zedd our Command Centre was obliterated and we lost our powers.

Trini: Since then we've been helpless to do anything to stop the forces of evil.

Bulk: So why are you out here?

Billy: We may have found an entrance into the Command Centre and we may be able to restore our powers.

Zack: Yeah, but we're losing time standing around talking.

Skull: Well, let's get moving.

Several hours later the seven teens found themselves at a small rocky passage with a bare wall.

Jason: Great this is a blank wall.

Billy: It may look like that, but if I touch this.

Billy reached forward and pushed one of the rocks in and a part of the wall slid away.

Skull: A hidden doorway.

Kim: Let's go inside.

Zack: Let's just be careful, we don't know what's inside.

The seven made their way through the passages under the Command Centre when a sudden noise startled the Rangers.

Bulk: What was that?

Billy: I don't know.

Jason: Where is it coming from?

Trini: I don't know it's all around us.

Kim: Guys what is that?

Zack: It looks like some kind of door.

Skull: Let's get it open.

The seven all leaned forward and pulled the doorway open revealing a green glowing mist.

Bulk: What is it?

Kim: I have no idea.

Jason: I'm going to step into it and see what happens.

Trini: Jason be careful.

Jason nodded and taking several steps forward he disappeared into glowing mist and several seconds later he reappeared.

Jason: Wow that was weird, but it seems okay.

Jason turned around and again stepped into the vortex closely followed by the others. The door closed and the seven reappeared in another room with several consoles and a tube in the centre.

Zack: Where are we?

Billy started to answer when another voice answered.

Alpha: You are in the next generation of strategic command centre's otherwise known as the Power Chamber.

Kim: Alpha!!!

Alpha: Hello Rangers welcome back.

Billy: Alpha we thought you were destroyed?

Zack: Yeah were did this place come from?

Alpha: The Power Chamber was designed and built many years ago in the event of the Command Centre being destroyed.

Trini: That explains this, but where have you been for three years, why didn't you try and contact us.

Alpha: When the attack came I teleported here, however I was damaged quite badly and it took many months before my systems were repaired and I was fully operational. By that time Zedd and Rita ruled the world and any attempt to contact you would have alerted them to our presence and risked them attacking us again.

Bulk: Who is us?

A sound made the seven turn towards the tube and a head dropped into view instantly recognisable as.

Jason: Zordon!!!

Zordon: Hello Rangers. How do you like the new Command Centre?

Billy: This place is absolutely amazing.

Kim: Zordon you're alive!!!

Jason: How?

Zordon: As Alpha said he teleported here when the attack began and I transported myself to this tube. Since then we have watched as Zedd and Rita have devastated this planet and now the Machine Empire.

Trini: Machine Empire who are they?

Zordon: They are part of a galactic evil force that rule most of the universe and with Earth now in their control they rule the universe. They destroyed Zedd and Rita and now nothing stands in their way.

Zack: Except us, right.

Alpha: That's correct Zack except for one small problem.

Billy: What small problem?

Zordon: Although your morphers and power coins are now powered again, they are no match for the evil of the Machine Empire.

Jason: So what can we do Zordon?

Zordon: There is one power source that can match the evil of the Machine Empire. The Zeo Crystal.

Trini: Zeo Crystal what is that.

Zordon: It is a crystal that was originally in seven pieces until it was decided that it was time to unify it and hide it for fear of some using it for an evil purpose.

Billy: Where is it hidden?

Alpha: Underneath Rita and Zedd's palace.

Zack: That's good how are we supposed to get it.

Zordon: For the moment we cannot until all the systems in the Power Chamber are fully operational we can't teleport you anywhere. However the dimensional teleport system is operational.

Bulk: Dimensional teleport system what is that?

Zordon: It allows us to monitor and cause anomalies into another reality. Just like the one near here.

Kim: Why have you done this Zordon?

Zordon: To bring help for we need help even with the Zeo Crystal.

Billy: What can we do to help Zordon?

Zordon: Billy please assist Alpha in monitoring the other reality.

Billy nodded and went to help Alpha. In the reality that Zordon is monitoring two of the Rangers prepare for a greater challenge than any of the monsters they have faced. An exam. The girl dressed in pink moans and shakes her head.

Kat: I have had enough I think my head will explode if I continue to look at these books.

The boy dressed in silver laughed.

Scott: Don't do that I won't be able to get the stains out of the carpet.

As he said the words Scott looked away faintly embarrassed over the stupid thing he had just said.

Kat: Seriously Scott can you help me with this?

Scott: Let's have a look.

Leaning closer to Kat he looked at what she was pointing and he explained it to her. As he did so Kat looked at him and suddenly she knew it was now or she would miss her chance. Leaning forward she brought her lips to his and for her time stood still. Abruptly the kiss ended as Scott pulled away surprised at what she had done. Before she could utter another word Scott's communicator went off. Scott touched the communicator and spoke

Scott: Y...Yes Zordon.

Zordon: Scott you and Katherine must report to the Power Chamber at once.

Scott: We're on our way Zordon.

Standing up the two teleported out of the room and to the Power Chamber home of Zordon and Alpha and the Power Rangers base of operations. Arriving there they found the other members of the team already there. Scott quickly took up a position next to his friend Adam who seeing the troubled look on his face whispered to him.

Adam: What's wrong?

Scott glanced at him and answered with a look that said later.

Kat: Zordon what's the matter.

Zordon: A rare solar alignment has caused a spatial anomaly several kilometres from here and we are unable to get any readings from it from the Power Chamber. I would like the seven of you to go to the anomaly and investigate.

Tommy: We're on it Zordon.

The seven teleported out of the Power Chamber and moments later arrived at the anomaly.

Justin: Well now what?

Billy: I'll use this device to take some reading and maybe that will give us a clue to why it has appeared.

While Billy took some readings, Adam took this opportunity to ask Scott what was wrong.

Adam: Okay it's later, now what's up.

Scott: It's nothing Adam.

Adam: If it was nothing why do you seem so distracted and your avoiding even looking at Kat. So what happened between you two?

Scott: She kissed me.

Adam: Is that all.

Scott: What do you mean is that all?

Adam: Scott you're just upset that she made the first move.

Scott: I'm not.

Adam: You are for the last few weeks all you've talked about is asking Kat out and you haven't been able to do it and now that she's taken the initiative your surprised.

Scott: I am surprised, but not by that.

Adam: Then what?

Scott: I didn't even think Kat liked me.

Adam: Just goes to show you, that life is full of surprises and you should ask Kat out.

Scott smiled and then snapped to attention.

Scott: Yes sir.

Adam returned the grin and then they returned their attention to the anomaly.

Billy: This is odd.

Tommy: Billy?

Billy: The readings have just changed.

Justin: Maybe we should move away from it.

Tanya: Yeah who knows what's going to happen...

Tanya's words trailed off as the group turned to see tendrils of energy coming towards them and pulled them into the anomaly. In the other dimension Billy and Alpha monitored the dimensional shift, but before either could inform Zordon of the change the alarm went off.

Jason: Zordon what's wrong?

Zordon: The Cogs and Prince Gaskett are attacking a small group of humans near the Youth Centre.

Kim: We have to help them.

Zordon: Rangers your powers are still weak and I am not even sure that you can stop the Cogs with them.

Zack: There is no choice Zordon, we have our powers and we have to help them.

Zordon: You are of course correct, Alpha and I will continue to bring the systems on line. Now go and may the power protect you.

Jason: It's been a long time, but it's Morphing Time.

Zack: Mastodon.

Kim: Pterydactol.

Billy: Triceratops.

Trini: Sabretooth Tiger.

Jason: Tyrannosaurus.

The five teleported out and Bulk and Skull watched in silence and amazement as their friends became the Power Rangers.

Skull: Wow I still can't believe it the people we've ridiculed for years are the Power Rangers.

Bulk simply nodded. In the streets of the city that had once been Angel Grove the group of Cogs led by Prince Gaskett advanced on the humans.

Gaskett: Prepare for your destruction human germs.

Jason: Not so fast Gaskett.

Gaskett: Who dares oppose me?

Kim: The Power Rangers do.

There was a collective gasp from the group of humans, but from Gaskett there was a snort of contempt.

Gaskett: Power Rangers, destroy them Cogs.

The Cogs charged forward and attacked the Rangers. The five found themselves being pushed back despite their powers.

Billy: Zordon was right despite our powers we're are outnumbered and outmatched.

Jason: Call on your weapons.

Kim: Right, Power Bow.

Calling on her Power Bow, Kim started to fire arrows at the Cogs which destroyed them, before Gaskett suddenly appeared behind her and ripping the Power Bow from her hands he snapped it in half and before Kim could defend herself Gaskett struck her with his sword sending her crashing back to the floor.

Billy: Kim!!!

Kim: I'm okay Billy.

Gaskett: You won't be for long.

Gaskett charged at the Rangers knocking them everywhere and then he once more turned his attention to the recovering Pink Ranger when one of the group of humans who were stood watching grabbed his arm and Gaskett merely flung her off like a rag doll. Gaskett turned to finish her off and then he appeared to change his mind and he along with the remaining Cogs vanished. The five Rangers painfully picked themselves up off the floor and looked around.

Trini: That was weird, they had us at their mercy and they didn't finish of us.

Jason: Well, they have done some serious damage, they totally ripped apart the weapons and that last blow from Gaskett has shattered my helmet.

Girl: Jason is that you?

Turning to the girl Jason offered his hand and pulled her to her feet.

Jason: Yes, Emily it's me.

Emily: Your a Power Ranger.

Jason: Yes, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but maybe now that you know I'll tell you the full story.

The other Rangers stood up and gathered around Jason preventing anyone else actually seeing Jason was the Red Ranger.

Billy: We should get to the Power Chamber.

Jason: Right, Emily you'd better come with us, I don't know why, but I think you can help us.

Emily: Okay.

The six teleported out and arrived back at the Power Chamber to find part of it trashed Alpha stood over an unconscious Skull and no Bulk in sight.

Zack: Alpha what happened?

Alpha: Bulk went crazy, he started to smash up the consoles and when Skull tried to stop him he knocked him out.

Trini: That can't be right they are friends.

Alpha: What is worse is as he teleported out he told Zordon that we would never free our planet and the Machine Empire would destroy us all.

Billy: Of course, Bulk went missing for several days. In that time he must have been brainwashed into watching us and waiting for the time when we would try and get our powers back.

Kim: Zordon what can we do we have to find him and help him?

Zordon: I am afraid until he reappears somewhere on Earth we will be unable to even find him. I am however more concerned about Skull it has been almost ten minutes and he shows no sign of regaining consciousness.

At that Skull started to moan and he sat up with a start.

Skull: Oh man what happened, oh yeah I remember, where is he?

Jason: Skull calm down, you've had a nasty blow to the head.

Skull: When I get my hands on that no good traitor.

Kim: Skull!!!

As she said that she stepped right in front of him and tried to calm him down.

Kim: It's not his fault he is under a spell or something. We'll find him and save him.

Billy: I doubt it will be that easy Kim.

Kim: What do you mean?

Billy: Zordon was right our powers just cannot handle the power of the Machine Empire, we've lost the power weapons and our bladeblasters were useless. I don't see how we can stop them.

Skull: Then we have to find this Zeo Crystal and I want to help you find it.

Zordon: Our systems are almost fully charged, however we have detected a dimensional shift ten kilometres away.

Ten kilometres away the seven Power Rangers found themselves deposited on the desert floor.

Justin: Where are we?

Tanya: I don't know.

Looking around Billy's expression turned to one of shock. Seeing Billy's expression Kat also looked up.

Kat: Oh no.

The others all looked up and saw it.

Scott: What's happened to Power Chamber.

Tommy: It looks as if it's been obliterated again or have we gone back in time to when we first became Zeo Rangers.

Billy: I'm not sure, but let's take a closer look.

The others all followed Billy and started off towards the ruins of the Command Centre. When suddenly a Gaskett and a group of Cogs appeared.

Gaskett: I don't know who you are or where you come from, but this area is off limits to humans. So leave or be destroyed.

Tommy: Sorry Gaskett we want in and no-one is going to stop us.

Scott: Let's take these metalheads out.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

The seven quickly attacked the Cogs, but as they destroyed one two more took his place and soon Scott found himself being pushed back. Seeing this Kat ran to his aid and quickly took down the Cogs. Looking at her Scott angrily spoke.

Scott: I don't need your help, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of the Cogs myself.

Kat: Well, excuse me for trying to help you.

Kat ran off and Scott immediately cursed his harsh words and decided as soon he got the opportunity he would apologise to her. Shortly all the Cogs were gone leaving Gaskett by himself.

Tommy: Well, Gaskett all on your own.

Gaskett: I believe it was time I was going, however we shall meet again and next time I will destroy you.

Gaskett disappeared and the Rangers watched him go and then suddenly the seven were teleported and they found themselves in the Power Chamber.

Kat: How did we get here?

Zordon: I brought you here.

Tommy: Zordon man are we glad to see you, what's going on why is the Command Centre wrecked.

Zordon: How is it you know who I am and how is it you possess Ranger powers.

Billy: Of course. Zordon we come from an alternate reality, we were investigating an anomaly when we were pulled here by it.

Zordon: That was my doing, for this reality needs your help. Power Rangers step forward and introduce yourselves.

The five Rangers of this reality stepped into the light and for Tommy, Billy, Adam and Kat it was like looking into the past. The five removed their helmets and introduced themselves, the Zeo Rangers followed them and revealed their identities. The two Billy's the Gold Ranger and the Blue Ranger walked up to each other.

Billy2: So you're me.

Billy: Yeah.

Billy2: So you weren't the Blue Ranger.

Billy: I was until we lost our power coins and then some months later I was given the power of the Gold Ranger.

Scott: Hey cousin, it's been a while.

Kim: I'm sorry do I know you?

Scott: Yeah we're cousins.

Kim: I don't have a cousin.

Scott: This is weird did your Uncle and Aunt ever have children.

Kim: They did have a child, but he died a few hours after it was born, I think they were going to call him Scott too.

Scott: I'm dead in this reality, I think I need to sit down.

Kat seeing Scott's obvious discomfort came over to him.

Kat: Scott are you okay?

Scott: I'm fine, just strange finding out that I'm dead in this reality, before I even got a chance at a life. Although from the state of things around here it looks like it wasn't much of a life anyway.

Kat: Yeah what happened here?

Jason turned to the group and gave them the explanation of how they had gotten their powers and then shortly after Lord Zedd had joined up with Rita and they had combined their evil to destroy the Command Centre, thus destroying the powers and then they began to destroy the Earth. Following that the Human Race went underground and tried to fight back first against Rita and Zedd's forces and now the Machine Empire.

Tommy: I still don't understand what this has to do with us?

Zordon: Even with their power coins back they are no match for the forces of the Machine Empire. To succeed in that battle I have located a power called the Zeo Crystal and was preparing to send someone to go and get it, when the systems were damaged again by Bulk.

Tanya: Bulk got in here, how did he do that?

Trini: He and Skull followed us and we couldn't take them back so they came with us. However it seems Bulk is working for the Machine Empire and he attacked Skull and destroyed parts of the console.

Tanya glanced over at Skull who was sitting quietly on the floor next to Emily.

Tanya: Poor Skull.

Skull: Poor Skull nothing, those machines have taken my best friend and I'm going to get him back even if I have to do it on my own.

Emily: Skull calm down, I'm sure the Rangers will find a way to get Bulk back.

Adam: Emily what are you doing here?

Emily: Excuse me do I know you?

Adam: Yeah you are a friend of ours in our reality.

Emily: Oh.

Scott: I still don't understand what this has to do with us?

Alpha: Even with the Zeo Crystal help in our fight would be appreciated.

Justin: Basically we're the hired help.

Tommy: Justin!!!

Zordon: I am afraid your young friend is more and less correct.

Scott: Zordon I think I speak for us all when I say we'll help in anyway we can.

The others all nodded.

Zordon: Thank you, I'm sure your realities version of me is very proud of you all.

At that moment Billy looked up from his position of examining the damaged console's.

Tommy: What's up Billy?

Billy: I can repair the console's, but they need a power booster that I put into our version of the Chamber, unfortunately I built in my lab.

Billy2: My lab is still basically intact, the parts maybe there.

Billy: Well, let's go get them.

Scott: I'll tag along, three pairs of eyes are better than two.

Kat: Make that four.

Tommy: Be careful guys.

Billy: We'll be back soon guys.

The four teleported out in their four distinctive teleportation beams and moments later arrived in the ruins of the lab.

Scott: Well, what are we looking for Billy?

Billy turned and offered a brief description of the components for the device, while the three began to look for it none of them noticed Kat wander off outside. Minutes later the three had found the parts they needed and Scott turned round to talk to Kat.

Scott: Hold on where's Kat?

Billy2: I hope she hasn't wandered off.

The tone of his voice made the two others turn round and look at him.

Billy: What do you mean you hope she hasn't wandered off?

Billy2: As we mentioned back at the Power Chamber the world is in chaos and the remnants of the human race are in hiding underground. Unfortunately there are those humans who have formed gangs and go round stealing anything they can from anyone.

Scott: Such as food and stuff like that.

Billy2: Yes, and they also take any females they can get their hands on.

Billy: Why?

Billy2: Who really knows, but if your friend has been grabbed by these scavengers then she could be in a lot of trouble.

Scott: So what your saying is there are a group of scavengers out there who will grab Kat and we may never see her again.

Billy2: Yes, I am afraid so.

Scott: Billy get the stuff back to the Chamber and get it fixed so they can get the Zeo Crystal.

Billy: Where are you going?

Scott: To find Kat, where else?

Billy2: Good luck, you'll need it

Scott: Don't believe in it, but thanks anyway.

The two Billy's teleported out leaving Scott alone in the ruins of the house. Turning around Scott ran out of the house calling Kat's name as he ran. For several minutes there is no answer and then he hears her call out and turning around he runs down the street to a house he recognises from his reality. Walking into the wreckage he finds Kat in one of the room's upstairs.

Scott: Kat it's not safe for you to be on your own.

Kat: Sorry I had to see something.

Scott turned to see what she was looking at and Scott paled as it was the dead body of a girl that Kat baby-sat for in their reality. Quickly taking off his jacket he placed it over the body of the little girl and Kat gave a small nod in gratitude.

Scott: I guess seeing the body of someone you know can really hurt, especially if you know they are alive and well in another reality.

Kat: Yeah, I just won't be able to look at Chrissie quite the same again.

Scott: Kat I want to apologise for snapping at you earlier.

Kat: It's okay Scott I know you didn't mean it.

Scott: It's not okay Kat, I think it was the fact that once again I'm not able to hold my own in a fight and the rest of the team is always having to pull my fat out of the fire.

Kat: Scott, we only help you if your in trouble, we don't do it to make you feel bad.

Scott: I know that, it's just sometimes being the only Ranger who doesn't have a Zeo Crystal gets me down. I know Zordon says one day I'll prove myself and I'll get the chance to go and find a Zeo Crystal.

Kat: So why can't you accept that.

Scott: I can, I'm just sick of being such a liability to the team. I've asked myself so many times in recent weeks why I don't quit the team and I know why I don't, it's because I have so much to atone for as Dark Ranger.

Kat: Scott that's not why you stay a Ranger, I think you already know why, you just have to look inside to find the answer.

Scott gave a small nod and smiled.

Kat: You know something you should smile more.

Scott: When have I had time to smile about anything?

Kat shrugged and was about to speak when Scott raised his hand and motioned her to be quiet.

Kat: What is it?

Scott: I thought I heard something.

Then the sound of a motor nearby made Kat look out the window.

Kat: It's some people on motorbikes.

Scott: We should get out of here.

Suddenly the motors stopped and one of the group looked up.

Kat: They've seen us.

Before either teen could react the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs made them turn to see four guys come into the room. Before they could even move the two were grabbed and their hands pinned behind their backs.

Guy 1: Well, look what we have here. A very nice girl.

As he said the statement he reached out to touch Kat who kicked the guy.

Guy 1: Feisty as well. Well lesson number one learn some respect or else.

As Scott watched the man struck Kat across the face and she reeled back and Scott struggled against his captor.

Guy 2: I say we kill the lad and have some fun with this girl.

Scott realised he had only seconds to act.

Scott: Hold it, this girl is mine to do with as I please, now if you don't want my gang to come and get you I'd let us go.

Guy 2: Where are they then?

Scott: They should be here in a few minutes.

Guy 1: Well when they get here we ain't, you will be, but your not going to be breathing.

The man motioned to the second man and he pulled a dagger and fingered it and then lifted it above his head and directly in front of Scott and without a second thought he plunged towards Scott's heart and then all Scott heard was Kat's scream.

Part Two

Scott closed his eyes and waited for the impact when he suddenly heard Kat cry out.

Kat: Hold it, he wants to join your gang.

Scott opened his eyes cautiously and saw that the first guy had now grabbed hold of the guy with the knife.

Guy 1: You want to join my gang.

Scott: Kat what are you doing?

Kat: Oh don't deny it Scott you want to join this gang you said it would be a golden opportunity.

As she said that she glanced at her communicator and Scott suddenly realised what she was getting at. The leader of the gang motioned and Scott felt his arms released.

Guy 1: So what can you offer to my gang.

Scott: Look I can offer you good advice such as information.

Guy 1: Like what.

Scott: This thing I'm wearing it's a device that allows me to track people.

The first guy motioned to the guy behind Scott who pulled the communicator from his wrist and handed it to the boss who began to finger it carefully.

Scott: Be careful don't touch that button or something strange might happen.

The man hit the button and nothing happened.

Guy 1: So what was supposed to happen?

Scott: I'm not sure really, but like the girl said I think this is a golden opportunity.

Guy 2: I don't trust him, he's up to something.

Scott: Absolutely not, I'm perfectly sincere.

Just then a sudden noise distracted the men and Kat slammed her elbow into the stomach of the man holding her. Reaching out Scott grabbed her hand and ran towards the window.

Scott: Kat do you trust me?

Kat: You know I do.

Scott: Well, hold on tight.

Sensing his intention Kat placed her hands around him and then the two jumped out of the window to the ground below. Letting go of him Kat and Scott rolled with the fall and came up running. As they ran they heard the sounds of the motorbikes being revved and then they were chasing them. Before the two knew the men on bikes had encircled them and they got off their bikes each carrying some kind of weapon.

Guy 1: For that kid we are going tear you apart.

Scott: Now let's talk about this.

Billy: Hold it right there.

The authoritative tone of the voice made everyone look up and see someone stood on the rooftop. Kat and Scott instantly recognised the figure and the gang suddenly realised they had a new target.

Guy 1: You're pretty good at ordering people around, but why don't you come down here.

Billy: As you wish.

The Gold Ranger jumped down into the centre of the gang and began to defend himself against their attack. The attack was over as soon it began for the street gang was no match for the powers of the Gold Ranger. The Gold Ranger made his way towards the two teens.

Scott: Nice timing Billy.

Billy: Well, as you said it was a golden opportunity for me to flex my muscles. That was a good idea Scott.

Scott: It was Kat's actually.

Kat: I'm sure you would have thought of it.

Scott: Kat at that time the only thing I was thinking of was... I mean never mind.

Kat: Well, we would have never got out of there if it was not your quick thinking.

Scott: Let's say it was a team effort.

Kat reached over and hugged him.

Billy: Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

The three teleported out leaving the gang to recover and wonder where they had gone. Back at the Chamber the other Rangers waited for the safe return of Kat and Scott and their friends all smiled when the saw them arrive back with Billy.

Tommy: Are you two okay?

Scott: We're fine Tommy. Billy did you get the power booster together.

Billy2: It just needs the final piece and placing in the compartment like so and here goes nothing.

The Blue Ranger placed the device in the console and lights and console around the room all came to life.

Zack: Yes, it worked.

Jason: Now maybe we can go and get the Zeo Crystal and take back our world.

Tommy: You'll need someone who knows where it is. I'll go.

Scott: No, Tommy I'll do it.

Kat: Scott you don't need to constantly prove yourself.

Scott: This isn't about trying to prove myself, if there is trouble you'll need Tommy's help.

Adam: Scott does have a point.

Tommy: Okay just be careful, I don't want to explain why you didn't come back to Kim.

Kim: Hold on I'm right here!!!

Tommy: Oh no I mean the Kim of our reality.

Scott: Don't worry I'll be careful. Well, I should get going.

Kat: Good luck.

Scott: Thanks. Well It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

Scott teleported out and arrived in the Rita and Zedd's former castle and started to make his way to the underground caves unaware that sinister eyes where watching him.

Mondo: What is that Silver Ranger up to and why is he here?

Klank: I don't know King Mondo.

Machina: Well, whatever reason he is here for I want him out of my home, I can't abide vermin in the castle.

Gaskett: Let me destroy him Father.

Mondo: No, Archerina take the Cogs and the human fool who gave us the location of their base and destroy him.

Archerina: As you command Father in Law.

Archerina disappeared and then Gaskett turned to his Father.

Gaskett: Father why would you not let me go?

Mondo: Because you will go to Earth and destroy the rest of those Power Rangers.

Gaskett: I shall not fail you Father.

Mondo: See that you don't.

Gaskett disappeared and rematerialised back on Earth with dozens of Cogs and several monsters.

At the Power Chamber the alarms went off and the Power Rangers looked around.

Trini: Zordon what's going on?

Zordon: Prince Gaskett has reappeared in the remains of Angel Grove along with dozens of Cogs and several monsters.

Alpha: They appear to be searching for something.

Kim: We have to stop them.

Billy: Kim's right, but I'll stay here and monitor Scott's progress.

Tommy: Good idea Billy. Guy's It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Zack: Mastodon.

Kim: Pterydactol.

Billy2: Triceratops.

Trini: Sabretooth Tiger.

Jason: Tyrannosaurus.

The ten Rangers arrived in Angel Grove in front of Gaskett and his forces.

Tommy: That's far enough Gaskett whatever you're searching for your not going to find.

Gaskett: Indeed the object of my search has arrived. Now you shall be destroyed. Cogs.

The Cogs charged and attacked the Rangers. Back on the moon Scott cautiously made his way to the cave unaware he was being watched. The smaller figure looked up at the female.

Sprockett: So why don't you attack him now?

Archerina: Whatever he is after must be important, so we will let him find it and then we will take it and then our human ally will destroy him. Do you understand Ranger.

The figure nodded and partially stepped out of the shadows showing flashes of green and gold. Near a rocky wall Scott found himself with nowhere to go when he heard a sound and turned to see Goldar stood there.

Scott: Goldar what are you doing here?

Goldar: I've come to destroy you.

Goldar swung his sword above his head and drove it towards Scott who stood there and watched as the sword vanished before it touched him as did the image of Goldar.

Scott: Good thing Tommy told me it threw up illusions. Zordon this is Scott I'm at the entrance of the cave.

Zordon: Good luck Scott may the power protect you.

Zordon signed off and Scott turned back to the cave and watched as a crack appeared in it and an entrance opened. Stepping forward Scott entered the cave. So intent on his task he didn't notice the figure enter the cave behind him.

Back on Earth the Rangers found themselves in a pitched battle against the forces of the Machine Empire. One particular Ranger found herself in serious trouble.

Kim: Jason, Billy, someone I need help.

Tommy turned to see several Cogs pushing Kim back and the Red Zeo Ranger leapt across the ground and attacked the Cogs.

Tommy: I've got these Kim.

Kim: Thanks Tommy.

The Red Zeo Ranger continued to fight when he was joined by Jason and Kat.

Jason: This is hopeless, we're outnumbered.

Kat: We can't give up Scott is up on the moon risking his life to find the Zeo Crystal to help you.

Billy2: Katherine is correct we cannot give up.

The Rangers quickly returned to the fight. Up on the moon Scott made his way through the cave when he heard a noise and then a figure stepped out of the darkness.

Scott: Kat what are you doing here?

Kat: I had to find you, I'm the last one left.

Scott: What do you mean the last one left?

Kat: They are all gone the Rangers have been killed your quest is serves no purpose. Come on we can find somewhere to start a new life.

Scott: Kat I can't believe your willing to just abandon the fight.

A second voice interrupted the conversation.

Dark: The fight is over, evil has won.

Scott: This isn't real your all illusion trying to stop me from getting the Zeo Crystal. Well, it isn't going to work.

The illusion of Kat and the Dark Ranger vanished and Scott started on his way towards the Crystal again when he heard another noise and he turned only for a foot to catch him in the chest and he was sent flying backwards. Looking up Scott look straight at the uniform of the Green Ranger.

Green: Yes, I am the Green Ranger and I am your destroyer.

Scott: I know that voice. Bulk is that you.

Bulk: Bulk is no more there is only the Green Ranger.

Scott: Fight it you're under a spell.

Bulk: Why should I with this power I have respect that I never had before.

Scott: People will not respect you, they will fear you, every time people will see the Green Ranger they will be scared.

Bulk: If that is what happens then so be it.

Scott: Do you really? I know what it's like to be feared by people to see them run away as you walk towards them.

Bulk: Enough talk Ranger now it's time to die.

Scott: I don't want to fight you.

Bulk: Then surrender your power to me.

Scott: Sorry I can't do that and if I have to fight you to stop you then I will.

Standing up Scott defended himself from Bulk's attack all the while knowing time was running out for the other Rangers. Back the Power Chamber Billy was becoming concerned.

Billy: Zordon my friends are in trouble and according to these readings there are other lifeforms in the caves along with Scott and according to the readings one of them possess the green coin.

Zordon: The green coin was in the possession of Rita, it is possible King Mondo found it and has used it.

Billy: How I mean Tommy was given it and no-one has used it since the Tommy clone went into the past... of course this is an alternate reality in which Tommy never came to Angel Grove so the coin was never given to him.

Alpha: Billy the Rangers are in serious trouble you must help them.

Billy: You're right Alpha they need me right now. It's Morphing Time.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

At his command Billy was transformed into the Gold Ranger and he teleported into the battle and with several kicks took down several Cogs and then he landed beside Tommy.

Tommy: Nice timing pal.

Kat: Billy has Scott come back yet.

Billy: No, before I morphed here I had detected him and I think he was in trouble.

Kat: Why didn't you go and help him?

Billy: I couldn't teleport into the caves, but he can handle any trouble.

Tommy: I hope you're right Billy.

Billy: So do I.

Back in the cave Scott found himself being forced backwards by Green Ranger when Scott dived out of the way of one of his charges and with a quick karate chop forced Bulk to drop his sword and before he could pick it up Scott destroyed it. The results were instantaneous with the Green Ranger suit vanishing leaving a rather dazed looking Bulk.

Scott: Bulk are you okay?

Bulk: I think so. What I have I done?

Scott: It wasn't your fault the spell you under was a powerful one, but now you can use the Green coin to fight alongside the Rangers and help save your world.

Bulk: Would they accept me after all I've done.

Scott: Why don't you ask them after we get back to the Power Chamber.

Scott turned without another word and walked around the corner and there in the centre was the Zeo Crystal.

Bulk: Is that the Zeo Crystal?

Scott: Yes, it is.

Stepping forward Scott took hold of the Crystal and started to withdraw it from it pedestal when the forcefield reacted and for a second it seemed to burn within his soul and search out for if he was good or not and then it passed and Scott stood unharmed with the Zeo Crystal in his hand.

Bulk: You did it!!!

Scott: Yeah now let's teleport out of here.

Bulk nodded and moving closer the teleported out and moments later arrived in the Power Chamber to be greeted by Skull and Emily.

Skull: Bulk is that really you?

Bulk: Yeah it's me. Look I'm really sorry for what I did.

Skull: It wasn't your fault you were under a spell.

Bulk smiled and he and Skull shook hands.

Zordon: Well, Scott I see your mission was successful.

Scott: Yes one genuine Zeo Crystal right here.

Alpha: Then we should get the Rangers back here right now.

Alpha turned around and shuffled back to the console and pushed several buttons. Back at the battlefield Jason heard his communicator go off.

Jason: Yes Alpha?

Alpha: Please return to the Power Chamber at once.

Jason: We're on our way Alpha.

The eleven Rangers quickly regrouped.

Gaskett: Running away Rangers.

Tommy: We'll be back Gaskett. Count on it.

The Rangers teleported away and back to the Power Chamber and the first thing they saw was Bulk stood there next to Skull and then Kat saw.

Kat: Scott!!!

Striding across the room she hugged him.

Scott: Worried about me were you.

Kat: Of course not.

Scott smiled and Kat hugged him a little harder.

Zack: Did you get it?

Scott: Yeah I did, except...

Billy: Except what Scott?

Scott: It's different than the one in our reality. There are seven pieces.

Justin: Seven but there are only five pieces, six if you count Billy's Golden Powers.

Adam: Remember Zordon said that there were seven parts as well as the Golden Powers.

Kim: Yeah, so it means that we need two more people to be Rangers.

Scott: I can think of two people who might be perfect for being Rangers.

The Rangers followed Scott's gaze and saw who he meant.

Jason: Emily and Skull!!!

Scott: Yeah, I mean Bulk has the Green Ranger Power Coin.

Zordon: Scott those are excellent choices. Emily and Skull do you accept.

Skull: Be a Power Ranger. Yeah I accept.

Emily nodded and Skull gave a small smile.

Zordon: Very well then take your place alongside the Rangers.

Emily and Skull both nodded and stood beside the Rangers.

Zordon: Power Rangers a new day is upon us and the time has come for you to accept the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Here are your Zeonisers they will allow you to morph and call upon your new Zeo Powers value them as you did your morphers and power coins

The Seven picked up the small devices and placed them upon their wrists and then stood in a line as Tommy and the other Zeo Rangers watched as they remembered how they got their own Zeo Powers.

Zordon: Ranger's thanks to the Silver Ranger's courage he has brought us the Zeo Crystal it will bestow upon you powers beyond your imagination.

The Crystal separated into seven pieces and floated above each of the seven.

Zordon: Kimberly you are now Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Zordon: Trini you are Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Zordon: Billy you are Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Zordon: Zack you are now Zeo Ranger IV. Silver

Zordon: Jason you are Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Zordon: Skull you are Zeo Ranger VI. Black.

Zordon: And finally Emily you are Zeo Ranger VII. Gold.

The seven pieces descended upon them and the new Zeo Rangers removed their helmets. The Rangers from the other reality watched as Zordon told them that the Power Rangers as they had known them were gone forever and they were now the Power Rangers: Zeo. The six started to walk forward to congratulate them when Kat noticed Scott was hanging back with a wistful expression on his face which when he saw her looking at him he quickly changed to a smile and walked past her to congratulate the Rangers.

On the moon Mondo realised what the Silver Ranger had been after.

Mondo: I don't believe this thanks to your incompetence that Silver Ranger got the Zeo Crystal.

Archerina: It was not my fault, it was the traitors fault.

Mondo: We must begin our final assault for that old fool Zordon will no doubt give those Rangers of his the powers of the Zeo Crystal.

Gaskett: There must be a hidden entrance to their base. I will take Main Drain, Wolfsbane, Cog Changer, Altor and a whole platoon of Cogs and find it and then I will destroy the Rangers and their base.

Mondo: Go my son and Gaskett if you fail do not return.

Gaskett: I will not fail Father.

Gaskett vanished from the moon along with the monsters and arrived a short distance from the hidden entrance. Inside the Power Chamber the alarms went off.

Emily: What's that sound what's wrong?

Zordon: Rangers the Machine Empire has begun it's final assault on the Earth and they intend to start with your destruction.

Jason: We should get out there and stop them from finding the entrance.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers of both Universe's.

Tommy looked across at Jason and smiled and then.

Tommy\Jason: It's Morphing Time.

Kim: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Trini: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Billy2: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Zack: Zeo Ranger IV. Silver.

Jason: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Skull: Zeo Ranger VI. Black.

Emily: Zeo Ranger VII. Gold.

Bulk: Dragonzord.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

At their respective commands the teens morphed into the Power Rangers Zeo and arrived directly in front of Gaskett.

Jason: Looking for something Bolt Brain.

Gaskett: Well, hello I seem to have found something. Cogs, Monsters destroy them.

Zack: The only things that is going to be destroyed is you Gaskett. Right guys.

Then the Cogs and Monsters where upon them and the fifteen found themselves under attack from every side with no chance to think about anything except defending themselves. On the moon King Mondo watched and laughed.

Mondo: Perfect the fools have taken the bait. Klank prepare for phase two of my plan.

Klank: At once sire.

Sprockett: What is phase two Dad.

Mondo: The destruction of the Human rebels in Angel Grove.

Machina: Oh my husband your plan is perfect.

Mondo: Yes, it is the end is at hand for those Power pests and all they hold dear.

Back on Earth the battle continued when Zordon contacted the Rangers.

Jason: Yes Zordon.

Zordon: King Mondo has despatched a platoon of Cogs to the ruins of the Youth Centre.

Jason: They must be looking for the entrance to our hideout, if they find it they will kill everyone who is in there.

Zordon: You must go and stop them.

Jason: Right Zordon. Zack, Trini, Kim, Billy, Emily, Skull, Bulk over here.

The eight quickly gathered around Jason.

Kim: What's wrong Jase.

Jason: Mondo has sent his Cogs after the people at the Youth Centre.

Emily: We have to help them?

Jason: That's what Zordon want's us to do.

Trini: But what about the other Rangers?

Jason: They can handle this we're needed more urgently at the Youth Centre.

Zack: Well then let's do it.

The eight quickly teleported out leaving the others to battle the remaining Cogs and Monsters. Moments later they remateralised near the ruins of the Youth Centre.

Bulk: I thought you said the Cogs were here.

Jason: That's what Zordon said.

Then the Cogs appeared jumping from their hiding place's.

Kim: Guess they were here after all.

Zack: Let's take these Cogs out.

The Rangers quickly assumed defensive positions and defended themselves against the attacking Cogs. As they battled the people of Angel Grove began to appeared and watch the battle. Back at the base of Power Chamber the other Rangers fought the remaining Cogs and soon were faced with just the monsters.

Tommy: Give it up Gaskett, your Cogs are gone.

Gaskett: Maybe they are, but I still have my monster and they will tear your precious hideout apart.

Justin: You're going to have to go through us first.

Gaskett: Exactly what I planned to do Ranger. Orbus now.

At his command Orbus appeared and bathing Gaskett and the four monsters in his ray they had soon grown to giant size.

Adam: Oh no what do we do now?

Scott: Can we call on the Zords even though they are in another dimension.

Billy: I don't know, but we have to try or we going to be squashed along with the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Let's try it guys, what have we got to lose.

Tanya: Our lives.

Lining up the five Zeo Rangers stood and then.

All: We need Zeo Zord Power now.

For a long time it seemed like nothing had happened and then a low rumbling was heard and it started to get louder and then in the distance the Zords appeared.

Adam: Yes, it worked.

Tommy: Okay let's do it.

Teleporting aboard the five Zords the Rangers quickly assumed control of them.

Tommy: Let's go straight to the Megazord guys.

At the command the five Zords came together to form the Zeo Megazord.

Gaskett: Impressive, Cog Changer attack.

At Gaskett's command the monster charged the Megazord almost knocking it off its feet.

Justin: Man that guy packs a wallop, but then so do I. Zeo III. Battle Helmet engage.

At the young Rangers words the helmet appeared and Justin took control of the Zord. As Cog Changer charged towards them Justin used the power of the Pyramid to pick the monster up and smash him into the ground.

Justin: That will teach you to mess with the Power Rangers.

Tommy: Let's finish this. Zeo Warrior Mode now.

All: Zeo Megazord Sabre now.

With a mighty swing the Sabre struck the monster leaving nothing in its places except for a few pieces of debris.

Adam: One down, four to go.

Then the next monster was on them. As they battled they found they were unable to defeat this monster like the one previously.

Tommy: We need something extra. Red Battlezord now.

As soon as Tommy saw the Zord come flying overhead he leapt aboard and took control.

Tommy: Let's up the stakes. Zeo MegaBattleZord transformation begin.

The command came and in seconds the six Zords were combined.

Altor: Oh no.

Then the Zord fired and Altor joined Cog Changer on the scrap heap. Then the Zord was struck and all the systems went crazy.

Tanya: What's going on?

Adam: Our powers are being drained.

Tommy: Billy we could use a little help.

Billy: Coming right up. Pryamdias power up.

With the Golden Power Staff in hand the mighty Zord of the Gold Ranger appeared. Teleporting aboard Billy fired a burst of energy that separated Main Drain from the Zeo MegaBattleZord.

Tommy: Zeo Ultrazord transformation begin.

In seconds the six Zords had come together with Pryamidas and the Zeo Ultrazord was formed.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

Before Main Drain could even react the energy blast came and Main Drain was gone.

Kat: Three down, two to go.

Scott: Make that one. Gaskett's split.

Tommy: What a surprise. Okay Scott if you want the final honour.

Scott: You're so kind. Shogun Megazord power up.

Scott command came and then the five Zords appeared and merged to form one.

Wolfsbane: You think that anquitated piece of junk is going to stop me.

Scott: Yeah I do. Shogun Megazord Sabre power up.

The sword dropped into the Zords arm and then it swung and Wolfsbane was turned into scrap. The seven Rangers quickly regrouped.

Tommy: That was hard. I wonder how the others are doing?

Back in the ruins of Angel Grove the new Zeo Rangers fought the Cogs with ease.

Zack: Man this is great, these new powers are kicking.

Jason: I know what you mean, I feel even more power than I did before.

Billy: Now that we have worked out how to use these new powers. I say we finish these Cogs off.

The seven quickly regrouped and calling on their weapons the Cogs were finished off.

Kim: We did it.

Jason: Let's get back and see how the others did.

With that the eight teleported out leaving the citzens of Angel Grove to watch.

On the moon.

Mondo: I don't believe it you failed against a bunch of teenagers.

Gaskett: It will not happen again Father I promise you that.

Mondo: It had better not. Those Power Rangers will pay and then they will be obliterated.

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers celebrated.

Emily: This was so cool.

Skull: I know I think I'm going to like being a Ranger.

Zordon: Power Rangers congratulations on a well-earned victory.

Jason: On that couldn't have happened without the help of you guys.

Tommy: We were glad to help. Now I think it's time to get going.

Zordon: Alpha activate the dimensional portal.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

With a flick of a switch the portal was activated and then the Ranger one by one stepped into the portal. As Scott entered he turned and then spoke five words.

Scott: May the Power Protect you.

Then he too was gone leaving them alone.

Zordon: Rangers though you have won a victory, there is still a long way to go in freeing your planet, however thanks to the Rangers of the other reality we have help. They have left us plans to build Zeo Zords.

Jason: This is it guys. New powers, a new beginning.

Sticking out his hand the other placed their own on top and then.

All: Power Rangers.

Meanwhile in another reality and another Power Chamber the Power Rangers returned home.

Zordon: Welcome back Power Rangers. I trust you were successful in whatever adventure you have just had.

Tommy: Yeah we managed to save an Earth on verge of destruction by giving it new Rangers.

Scott: Well, I don't know about you, but I think it's time to go home.

Justin: Why are you tired?

Scott: Yeah, it's been a long day.

Justin: I guess it has, but I'm not tired.

Even as he said that he tried vainly to stop a yawn.

Tommy: Come on let's go home.

With that the seven teleported out. Moments later they reappeared and Justin left to go back to the shelter leaving the six older Rangers alone.

Scott: Well, I think I'm going to follow Justin's example and go and get some sleep.

With a nod he walked off and as did he heard footsteps behind him and he slowed to allow the person to catch up.

Kat: Scott wait.

Scott: Yes, Kat.

Kat: Scott we have to talk, about what happened earlier.

Scott: I know, but later. I really do need to get some sleep.

Kat: Okay, but soon.

Scott: Yeah whatever.

Then he was gone. For a second Kat watched him and then she turned and ran as fast as she could. From the distance Scott watched and slowly shook his head.

Scott: I'm sorry Kat.

Shaking his head the Silver Ranger looked around and then touching his teleporter he vanished home.

The End... for now