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Silver Endings
by : Adam Pearlman

The City of Angel Grove sleeps. However in one house a person is in the grip of a nightmare. The nightmare is a painful one as she watches the person she loves dies in her arms as she helplessly stands by unable to do anything. A sharp scream echoes from her lips and that in turn wakes her from her nightmare. It also wakes her friend Tanya.

Tanya: Do you mind not screaming some of us would like to sleep.

Kat: I didn't mean to wake you.

Tanya: It's okay, are you okay? That's the fifth time this week you've woken up screaming.

Kat: I'm okay it's just I've had the same nightmare for the last five days.

Tanya: Is it the same one all the time?

Kat: Exactly the same, with the same ending.

Tanya: It's sounds too weird to be a coincidence maybe you should talk to Zordon.

Kat: I think I will.

Kat then got up and pulled on a pair of trousers and T-shirt and reached for her communicator.

Tanya: I didn't mean now.

Kat: I know, but I have to find out what these dreams mean.

Tanya: Okay, just don't wake me when you come back.

Kat: I'll try not to.

Tanya laughed and then watched as her friend dissolved into pink light and was gone. The teleportation beam carried Kat over Angel Grove and out into the desert. The beam deposited her just outside the door to the Power Chamber and as she approached it to enter the main chamber she heard voices.

Scott: He has to know the truth Zordon. I can't keep something like this from him.

Zordon: Indeed, however it is certain that our enemies will attempt to use this news to their advantage. However, it is your decision Scott and I trust you will make the correct one.

Scott: Thanks Zordon I've made my decision I'm going to tell him tomorrow. Thank you for helping me make up my mind.

Zordon: As you say, no problem. Good night Scott.

Then Kat heard the faint sounds of a teleportation beam and Scott was gone. Deciding her problem could wait she raised her hand and prepared once more to initiate teleportation when she heard Zordon's voice biding her to enter. Realising she had no choice the Pink Ranger entered the Power Chamber.

Entering she found Zordon in his tube and Alpha Five his assistant at a console.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Katherine isn't it a bit late for you to be up. Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Kat: I can't sleep Alpha that's why I'm here.

Zordon: Please explain Katherine?

Kat: Since we returned from the parallel universe I've been plagued with horrible nightmares. Each night it's the same one with the same conclusion, someone dies.

Zordon: Who is the one to die?

Kat looked at him and almost reluctantly spoke again.

Kat: It's Scott, he's the one who dies.

Zordon: Alpha please conduct a scan of the moon and all dimensions. Do not worry Katherine you are probably just worried about something and your fear is turning into these nightmares.

Kat: I don't think so Zordon. I think something terrible about to happen.

Alpha: Zordon my scan of the moonbase indicates a decrease in energy readings. It's possible somebody has left the moon.

Zordon: Keep a close eye on the moon Alpha and also keep scan Scott for any kind of spell or anything. Once you have done that please keep a continuous lock on him with the teleportation system.

Alpha: Will do Zordon?

Zordon: Katherine if your nightmares are indeed a premonition of the future we will do all we can to prevent it happening. Please tell me of your entire nightmare.

Kat: It all started when we got called to the Power Chamber, you'd picked up a distress call from a planet asking for our help. We'd gone to investigate and discovered the planet was under the control of the Machine Empire. We found a bunch of rebels and helped them out and then we got into a fight with a load of Cogs and one of them had a sword and it came towards me and then Scott stood in it's way and he was...

Kat trailed off and she remained quiet as she tried to regain her composure.

Zordon: Katherine it is entirely possible this is some kind of effort by our enemies to distract us. What better way than to incapacitate one of the team with disturbing dreams? Go home and rest we will speak tomorrow.

Kat: Thanks for listening Zordon.

Zordon: That is what I'm here for.

Then she was gone.

Zordon: Alpha the time I wished would not come is upon us.

Alpha: You mean that Scott will die.

Zordon: Yes, unless the prophecy is wrong. Scott Crane will die and then be reborn to lead the Power Rangers in their darkest hour.

The following morning the Rangers had gathered at their usual table in the Juice Bar. Whilst Tommy was teaching Justin a new Kata the others awaited the arrival of Scott. The group continued to talk among themselves, when they noticed that Kat was not paying attention.

Adam: Kat are you with us?

Startled Kat looked up.

Kat: I'm sorry what were you saying.

Billy: What is wrong with you? You've been staring off into space for the past hour.

Kat: Sorry, I've not been sleeping well, I guess it's catching up with me.

Tanya: So what did Zordon say. You were there an awfully long time last night.

Kat: I just needed to check that there was no trouble about and ask him about my dreams. He said I shouldn't worry about it.

Adam: You would tell us if something was wrong.

Kat: Of course I would, but speaking of wrong, has anyone noticed Scott acting very weird.

Tanya: As opposed to how he normally acts.

Adam: Tanya stop it. No, Kat's right he has been acting weird especially since yesterday and he's been staring at Justin very strangely as well.

Billy: Once he's ready he will tell us what's wrong?

Scott: Once he's ready he'll tell who what's wrong?

Adam promptly jumped almost three feet in the air.

Adam: For god sake Scott do you have to keep doing that?

Scott: This way is more fun.

Adam: For you maybe, my nerves can't take it anymore.

Scott: Okay I promise I won't ever do it again.

Adam: That's better. So what's up?

Scott: Nothing's up.

Adam: Yes, there is. You've been acting all weird since yesterday.

Scott: Well, I was going to tell you guys about it. I guess now is as good as any time. Let me just call Justin over as this concerns him.

Scott left the table and wandered over to where Justin and Tommy were still practising. Minutes later the two had joined the others at the table. Tommy ever the leader was the first to speak.

Tommy: So what's on your mind.

Scott: A lot actually. Yesterday morning I received a letter from my Mother.

Justin: Isn't she dead?

Scott: The letter was written the day she died. In it she said how this was probably her only chance to tell me something's, as she knew we would never see each other again.

Kat: She knew she was going to die. That's deep.

Billy: Not really, people near death sometimes have premonitions of their death.

Tanya: So what did the letter say?

Scott: She just wanted to tell me the truth about the affair she had.

Justin: Your Mother had an affair.

Scott: When I was six my parents started to fight really badly and I gather my Mum met this guy and they had an affair. The letter tells me exactly what happened, I mean I knew about the affair, but I didn't know about the last repercussion or rather I didn't remember.

Adam: What repercussions?

Scott: During the affair my Mother fell pregnant. She had the child and it went to live with the guy she had an affair with as his wife couldn't have children. That was fifteen years ago.

Kat: So what happened to the child?

Scott: The family moved from Seattle to Angel Grove almost weeks after the boy was born. My parents never mentioned it and I'd forgotten about it until yesterday.

Billy: So are you going to try and find your Brother?

Scott: I've already found him. The name of the man my Mother had an affair with was Rick Stewart. The name of the son was Justin.

At the announcement the others sat there open mouthed and then turned to look at Justin who was simply sitting there. Then without another word Justin got up and left the Youth Centre. Silence continued for a while and then Scott stood up and followed Justin out of the Centre. He found him sitting on a bench not far away.

Scott: Room for one more?

Justin: Free country.

Scott quickly sat down beside him and tried to decide how to broach the subject with him.

Justin: Everything I believed is a lie.

Scott: What!!!

Justin: The person who I thought was my Mom wasn't really my Mother.

Scott: Maybe she wasn't your biological Mother, but she was your Mother in every other way. She raised you and made you into the person you are today. If things had turned out differently and you had been raised by my...our Mother you might not have been a Power Ranger.

Justin: I know, it's just this is going to take some getting used to.

Scott: I know what you mean. I've the last three months not really being very nice to you and I now find out your family.

Justin: Well, the way you've treated me up until now was almost like an older brother. I know we haven't always gotten on that well, but I've always thought of you as a Brother, guess this makes it official.

Scott: That it does.

The two laughed and then they heard a familiar beeping. Looking around Scott raised his communicator.

Scott: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: Teleport to the Power Chamber we have a situation.

Justin: We're on our way Zordon.

Looking around the two then teleported out. Seconds later they appeared in the Power Chamber along with the other Rangers.

Zordon: Welcome Rangers. We have a problem in outer space. We have received a distress call from a planet several light years distant from Earth.

Alpha: They say the Machine Empire has attacked and taken over their planet and they need our help.

Billy: That explains why we haven't seen the Machine Empire for a while.

Zordon: Indeed Billy, it would appear they left to attempt to conquer this world. You must go to their aid.

Tommy: Let's do it.

Alpha: I've just got to enter the co-ordinates into the teleportation system and then I can teleport you there.

As Alpha busied himself at the console Kat glanced at Scott and then walked over to him.

Kat: Scott can I talk to you for a moment.

Scott: Yeah sure.

Moving a little way from the others.

Scott: So what's up Kat?

Kat: I want you to stay here.

Scott: What!!!

Kat: I don't want you to come with us. I think something terrible is going to happen.

Scott: I'm going, I have a duty as a Ranger to aid those in trouble and whether or not I or somebody feels something is going to happen to me I have to go.

Kat: You've been having dreams?

Scott: Since last week. Look, it may all just be a product of over active imaginations, but I have to go. I promise I will be careful and hey when nothing happens and we're back here on Earth maybe we can laugh about it over a movie.

Kat: Are you asking me out on a date?

Scott: Yes, I am.

Kat: Well, I'd love to go out with you.

At that Kat walked off leaving the Silver Ranger walking on air. He remained that way until Adam came over to him.

Adam: You can come down from the ceiling now.

Scott: Very funny.

Adam: It's about time you asked her out.

Scott: Yeah it's only taken me two months, but I've finally done it.

Adam: Well, better late than never.

Billy: Guys, I've got the co-ordinates.

Tanya: Well, let's get this show on the road.

Zordon: Rangers the atmosphere of the planet is similar to Earth so you will be able to go in unmorphed. However,...

Scott: I knew there was a however.

Zordon: Do you mind.

Scott: Sorry.

Zordon: As I was saying the world is sufficiently distant that communication between the Power Chamber and you will be almost impossible.

Justin: Well, it could be worse.

Kat: How could it be worse?

Justin: It could be impossible to communicate with the Power Chamber.

The look on Kat's face told Justin she did not find it funny.

Tommy: Let's do it.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers. May the power protect you.

Then the seven were gone.

Alpha: Oh Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. I hope we did the right thing.

Zordon: Fate cannot be cheated Alpha. If this is Scott Crane's fate then so be it.

Several hundred light years distant on the Alien World the Rangers are now heading towards stands a castle that in its position bloats out most of the sunlight. It was the castle of the Machine Empire.

Mondo: Perfect the last few rebels will soon be found and obliterated.

It was then Klank scurried into the room.

Klank: Yer Majesty, the Power Rangers are coming.

Mondo: As I predicted. Have you prepared the beam as I ordered.

Klank: It's just waiting to be used.

Sprockett: What does the beam do Father?

Mondo: I cannot stop the Rangers arrival, but I can make it very bumpy.

Orbus: The Rangers are entering the atmosphere.

Mondo: Fire the beam.

Klank: Right away.

Hitting a control a grey beam fired from a dish at the top of the castle. The beam struck the approaching teleportation beam and the result as the beams entered the atmosphere the seven were split up.

This did not go unobserved. At the base of a small mountain range lies an encampment. This encampment is the last bastion of hope for this world.

Jan: Dren, come here and have a look at this.

Her companion came over to were the girl was stood.

Dren: What is it?

Jan: A set of teleportation beams entering the atmosphere. The computer identified the beams as originating from Earth.

Dren: Do you think they came here to help us?

Jan: Perhaps we should try and find them.

Dren: According to this the beams have split up.

Jan: Well, in that case we should split up. I'll take the ones at these co-ordinates and you can take the others.

Dren: Good luck.

Jan: To all of us.

As the two rebels left to find the new arrivals, let us turn our attention to the new arrivals or at least one set of them.

With a groan Scott Crane returned to consciousness, it was then he realised he could not move. Startled he opened his eye's and almost immediately relaxed as he saw Kat Hillard was half lying across his body.

Scott: Kat are you awake?

The groan that followed gave the clear indication that she was. With a start she opened her eyes and raised herself into a sitting position.

Kat: Where are we?

Scott: I don't know, but the more important question is were are the others?

Kat: They're not here.

Scott: Just you and me.

Kat: If I didn't know better I would have said you'd planned this to be alone with me.

Scott: Rats, I've been caught out. As much as I want time alone with you, I think something hit us and caused us to be separated.

Kat: So what do we do now?

Scott: Let's take a look around and hopefully we'll find the others...

Suddenly a glint of light caught his eyes and he saw.

Scott: Or we could find Cogs.

Kat: Now we know who is causing trouble on this planet.

Scott: It's Morphing Time.

The words were out of his mouth and the two transformed into the Silver Ranger and the Pink Ranger.

Kat: Let's kick some butt.

Scott: You know that sounds like something Justin would say.

Justin: Thanks for the compliment.

Scott almost leapt out of his Ranger suit as the Blue Ranger appeared beside him.

Justin: Have you seen any of the others?

Kat: Not a sight, you.

Justin: Just you two.

Scott: If I can interrupt we've got a group of Cogs coming towards us.

Justin: Oh yeah.

With that Justin showed his enthusiasm for this and dived forward into the middle of the Cogs.

Kat: Now that I know he's your Brother, I see the family resemblance.

Scott didn't reply instead he jumped into the fray and attacked the other Cogs. The fight didn't last much longer as the three Rangers made short work of the Cogs. As the three regrouped they heard clapping. Turning around the Ranger saw a girl about their age dressed in an almost metallic dress.

Jan: You three do good work.

Justin: Thanks, so who are you?

Jan: My name is Jan, I'm one of the rebels who are fighting to free this planet from the Machine Empire. Well, I've told you who I am, now who are you.

Kat: We're the Power Rangers, we detected your distress call and came to investigate.

Jan: No, who are you under those helmets.

The three shared a look and then they reached up and removed their helmets. As they did Justin reverted to his normal size. Jan did a doubletake as Justin did this.

Jan: You're just a child.

Justin: I'm almost fifteen years old.

Scott: I'm Scott, that's Kat and the kid is Justin. We're three of the Power Rangers, we came with four others and ended up and getting separated from them.

Jan: We detected your teleportations, my friend went to look for your other comrades. By now he should have found them and brought them to our base, which is were I will take you.

Kat: Lead on.

The girl nodded and the three Rangers started to follow, as they were walking it was fairly obvious that Justin was muttering about once more being treated like a child.

Some miles away the other Rangers had landed and like the others found themselves under attack from the Cogs.

Billy: Where are all these guys coming from?

Tommy: I don't know, but it seems like for every two we knock down four take their place.

Billy: I think it's time to even the odds. It's Time for a Gold Rush.

At his command Billy produced the Golden Power Staff and ran towards the Cogs sending most of them crashing to the floor were they remained still.

Tanya: Nice, there is only a few left.

Suddenly a burst of electricity struck the Cogs and they fell to the ground immobile.

Adam: Where did that come from?

Dren: I did it.

Tommy: Thank you.

Dren: Thank you for coming to our planet, I assume you are here to help.

Billy: Yes, we are, but we seem to lost three of our friends.

Dren: Yes we detected your teleportation beams and their divergence, a friend went to find your other friends.

Tommy: Thanks, well I'm Tommy that's Billy, Adam and Tanya.

Dren: I'm Dren, if you'll follow me.

The four started to follow their new friend when it began.

Tanya: Great an Earthquake.

Dren: They are not naturally occurring ones.

Adam: What do you mean?

Dren: Until the machines came our planet was tectonically stable. Then they came and they implanted devices into the core of our world and the quakes began. Millions died with days, by the time they finally showed their faces our population had been halved and within a week three quarters of our populations was either dead or enslaved. The rest of us went into hiding and began this rebellion, it's not going well.

Billy: I can imagine.

Dren: How can you imagine what it is like, to see your family killed before your eyes and your blows against the attackers not have an affect.

Billy: I do know, I've fought the Cogs without my powers and I would have been killed if not for a lot of luck.

Dren: My apologies I did not mean to offend you.

Then before anyone could speak again another quake struck sending them flying. Across the planet the others were similarly affected.

Kat: Isn't it ever going to stop.

Jan: Unfortunately these quakes will continue for another few minutes.

Kat started to attempt to stand up only to be hurled to the floor again only to land striking her head as she did.

Scott called out her name only to receive no response and then his eyes widened in fear once more as he saw something that turned his heart cold with dread, the quakes had ripped apart the ground and Kat was sliding closer to the edge of one such hole. Without a thought for his own safety the Silver Ranger moved forward as fast as he could and reached out.

As though the planet sensed it and wished to deny his actions another quake struck and Kat was moved a little closer to the chasm. Scott yelled out in frustration and then pulling himself into a kneeling position he then leapt to his feet and grabbed Kat's arm just as she fell over the side. And then with a great heave he pulled Kat out of the chasm, only as another quake struck and he was sent flying backwards with Kat landing on top of him.

Scott: Kat are you okay?

Kat: I think so, thanks once more to you.

As he looked at her Scott felt a sudden impulse to act and for once he did, leaning forward he kissed her. Even as he did he felt her surprise and she seemed to stiffen, but that disappeared almost instantaneously and she melted into the kiss.

Although the kiss could have gone on, a small cough made the two pull away from each other, suddenly as though she hadn't realised there were others with them Kat began to blush, as she did so Justin couldn't help but laugh.

Jan: Come on we're not far from the base.

Jan began to walk closely followed by Justin and in turn Kat and Scott. The distance Jan had said the base was, was indeed only a few minutes travel and much to the three Rangers surprise they were greeted by the other Rangers.

Adam: Guys there you, we were beginning to wonder what had happened to you?

Tanya: Kat what's wrong?

The others glance across at Kat whose outfit was torn, but it was the redness of her cheeks that the others were curious about and they didn't have long to wait for the answer.

Justin: Scott and Kat sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N...

The last syllable was cut off as Scott grabbed the Blue Ranger.

Scott: That's enough out of you Justin.

Dren: Come let us go into our base.

The seven closely followed their two new-found friends. As they did Tanya and Kat seemed to make a beeline to be separate from the others and Scott and Adam headed for the back.

Tanya: So what happened?

Kat: During the earthquake I almost got thrown down a chasm and Scott pulled me out and ended up falling on top of him and then he kissed me.

Tanya: It's about time he did, that boy has gone on about asking you out for weeks.

Kat: He has!!!

Tanya: Kat, no offence but you've been pretty blind when it comes to Scott, we've all known that you liked him and vice versa for weeks.

Kat: Then why did it take me so long?

Tanya: You know what they say love is blind, so what was the kiss like?

Kat: It was everything I dreamed it would be.

As the two girls continued to gossip the two boys conversed at the back of the group.

Adam: You kissed her, I have to say it I'm impressed you got the nerve to do so.

Scott: I dunno it just seemed like the thing to do.

The group continued to chat and then they came upon it.

Justin: Amazing. What is this place?

Jan: The last chance our world has for freedom, not much to look at, but it's home.

Dren: Come, our leaders will want to meet the people who have come to our assistance.

As the group entered the building, they were unaware they were being observed and that everything that was happening was being transmitted back to the Machine Empire castle.

Mondo: So the Rangers have joined forces with the rebels and soon they will attack.

Klank: Your Majesty are you forgetting the Ranger's code, they won't attack first, unless they are attacked.

The robot suddenly wished he hadn't said anything and stopped talking as Mondo turned to look at him.

Mondo: Of course I hadn't forgotten you fool, I meant I will attack first and capture one of them and the others will attempt a rescue and then I will have all the Rangers and then not only this planet, but Earth as well.

Machina: Oh my wicked husband soon the entire universe will be in our hands.

Mondo: And it will tremble not at Dark Spectre's power but mine, Mondo of the Machine Empire, the one who finally destroyed the Power Rangers of Earth were others have failed.

Sprockett: When you've done that can I rule Earth Father.

Mondo: Of course not, you will rule an entire Solar System, not just one planet my Son.

Sprockett: Oh goody.

Back at the encampment the Rangers and their new-found friends had gathered with the other leaders of the rebels to discuss their plans.

Dren: With our new allies, we can attack and force the Machine Empire back.

Billy: I'm afraid we cannot attack, we follow a code. We use our powers only for defence never for attack.

Jan: What a load of rubbish, your code won't save our planet, we have to attack. Attack or be killed.

Tommy: I'm sorry we've always followed the code and whether or not we disagree with it, we all promised Zordon that we would never break it.

Dren: Even if we are to die as a result.

Scott: Yeah Tommy are we going to let the people we supposedly came to help, die because we can't act because of our code.

Adam: Scott the code has kept the team together for years.

Scott: So we could be here for a while, for all we know the Machine Empire may never attack and we'll still be here waiting for them to do so.

Kat: Maybe we should take a break.

Jan: Good idea.

The rebels quickly dispersed leaving the Rangers alone.

Scott: I'm going to get some air.

Then he to was gone.

Tommy: I think I'd better go and talk to him.

Billy: Probably a good idea.

The leader of the Power Rangers turned and followed the Silver Ranger out of the room and found him propping up a wall nearby.

Tommy: Scott are you okay?

Scott: I'm fine, sorry about that, I just think we should be able to do more than wait for an attack.

Tommy: I know what you mean, look I happen to agree with you. There aren't that many rebels left and they could get wiped out, but we can't attack, it would go against the code.

Scott: I know, but you have to understand if the rebels go to attack I have to follow my heart and do what I feel is right.

Tommy: And you understand I have to do my duty as the team leader and take your powers.

Scott glanced him and the look was a dark one and Tommy took a step back.

Scott: Try it and you'll be down for the count.

Tommy: Scott this isn't a shoot-out.

Scott: I never said anything about shooting, I just warned you not to try and take my Morpher.

Tommy: Fine do what you want. We'll see what Zordon says when you break the rules.

Turning on his heel Tommy stormed off back in the direction of the other Rangers. Walking back into the room were the other Rangers were they looked at the foul look on Tommy's face and wisely stayed were they were.

Tommy: That pig-headed, arrogant, irritating, annoying idiot.

Justin: What's Scott done now?

Tommy: He said that he was going to help the rebels and if I tried to take his power that, there would be trouble.

Kat: That doesn't sound like Scott.

Tommy: It does, the jerk said he had to follow his heart and screw the rules.

Kat: Think what you like about him, I'm going to talk to him myself.

Then she left the room.

Tommy: What does she in Scott?

It was then he glanced across at Billy who was trying his hardest not to laugh.

Tommy: What's so funny?

Billy: You are. Everything you just called Scott describes, the way you acted shortly after you joined the team.

Tommy: I was never that pig-headed... was I?

Billy: Just a little bit, I guess that Kim saw below the stubborn cold exterior and saw the real you and it's the same with Kat.

Tommy: Okay, maybe we're a little alike, but he is still a pain in the neck.

Outside Kat had found the source of Tommy's irritation still leaning against a wall.

Scott: Let me guess you are here to tell me I shouldn't argue with our glorious leader once he's made his decision.

Kat: Actually I was coming to tell you I feel the same way.

Scott: Really, of all of the others I would have thought you would have stood by Tommy's decision.

Kat: And why is that?

Scott: Err... well since you two went out for a long time.

Kat: Just because we went out doesn't mean we always agreed. I happen to think that helping these people is a sensible idea, I mean their entire population is almost extinct and we're supposed to sit back.

Scott: That's what I think, but Mr. High & Mighty, says we should follow the code.

Kat: That's because he's the Leader of the team, it's his job to lead us and remember he has more experience on the team than you.

Scott: Thanks for reminding me.

The two continued to talk unaware that they were secretly being observed. Back at the Machine Empire castle.

Klank: Your Majesty I bring news of internal strife among the Rangers.

Mondo: Excellent what is it Klank?

Klank: It would appear that the Silver Ranger and Red Ranger are in disagreement as whether or not to help the rebels.

Mondo: Excellent, we attack now, with the Rangers split we can destroy them easily.

Klank: I will order the Cogs and Quadrafighters to attack.

The result was instant as the command given the Cogs leapt into the Quadrafighters and Cogs teleported the short distance to the Rebels base.

Inside the base an alarm sounded and the Rangers found themselves looking around confused as everywhere their new-found friends ran around grabbing weapons.

Kat: What's going on?

Scott: Somehow I don't think it's for a party.

Kat: I think we should find the others.

Scott: And fast, I've got a hunch we're going to be knee-deep in Cogs.

The two quickly ran into the base only to find the others coming towards them.

Tanya: We've got Cog trouble, Quadrafighters and foot soldiers.

Tommy: Dren and Jan are mustering the others, but it's going to be a slaughter unless we do something.

Scott: Meaning.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

In seconds the transformation took place, and it was a good thing as the Cogs were suddenly upon them and the battle was joined.

The seven Rangers were quickly joined by Dren and Jan and others carrying all kinds of weapons and laying into the Cogs as though they weren't there.

Even as she fought the Cogs, Kat kept one eye on Scott, knowing full well her dream could become a reality. Distracted Kat didn't see a Cog coming up behind her carrying a sword stolen from a downed rebel, she didn't see the blow that slammed into the base of her neck and knocked her to the floor. Dazed Kat tried to regain her bearings and looked up in time to see the Cog raising the sword and then a silver blur stepped between the sword and her. The scream died stillborn in her throat and then time started again.

Kat: Scott are you okay?

Scott: I'm fine, are you okay?

Kat: Fine, what happened?

Scott: Just some sharp shooting from my little brother.

Justin: Anytime.

Kat: Come on their are Cogs to be destroyed.

Scott didn't reply and instead rejoined the battle, behind him Kat breathed a sigh of relief at the though that her dream had not come true. Fortunately she was quicker than before and she to rejoined the battle only for several Cogs to grab her and slam her into a wall, leaving her stunned and then to her surprise demorphed.

Cog: Take her.

One of the Cogs grabbed her and slung the Pink Ranger over her shoulder.

Kat: Somebody help.

Scott turned and saw Kat's predicament and turned to aid when several of the Cogs fired at him sending him spinning back into the wall and the next volley brought down the wall.

What seemed like an eternity later Scott was relieved to see the light once more as the others pulled the debris off of him.

Billy: Scott you okay?

Scott: What about Kat?

Tommy: Gone and so are the Cogs.

Scott: Where have they taken her?

Jan: Probably to the fortress.

Scott: Well, we should get going then.

Tanya: Woh, time out hero, you've just had a wall land on you, this is no time for heroics.

Scott: I was morphed, it didn't hurt me.

Adam: So you say, but your powers are unpredictable and contrary to what you would have us believe you're not indestructible.

Scott: Really, I thought I was indest, what you said.

Justin: You're not and knowing you, you would probably get yourself killed saving Kat.

Scott: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Justin: Your welcome.

Tommy: If we're going to rescue Kat we're all going.

Billy: Can you lead us to the Machine Empire's headquarters.

Dren: Yes, we can. If you allow us one hour to assess the damage to our headquarters then we shall begin.

Scott: Half an hour.

Dren: Okay, half an hour.

Meanwhile Kat had found herself being dragged out of the rebels base and into the Machine Empire's castle, as they pulled her forward she felt herself demorph and then the Cog's grip seemed to relax and she managed to break free and she brought her Zeonisers together only for nothing to happen.

Mondo: Sorry Power Ranger your Zeonisers will not work in here.

Klank: You see I designed a special field that prevents your Zeo powers from being utilised in the castle and a few metres outside.

Even as said that Kat felt a spark of hope, for Scott did not possess Zeo powers and would not be helpless.

Kat: What do you want Mondo?

Mondo: Simply you gone and your planet to be mine.

Kat: The others will find a way to stop you.

Mondo: I doubt and it may interesting you to know that they are walking right into my trap. The trap for which you are the bait.

Kat: The others will not fall into your trap.

Sprockett: Got news for you, they are. According to our watchtower the Rangers and two of those pesky rebels are on their way.

Mondo: You Rangers are so predictable, Cogs take our guest and dump her in the dungeon.

With that the Cogs dragged the Pink Ranger out of the room. As Klank entered from another entrance.

Klank: Your majesty I have done as you asked and cleared the way for the Ranger to have a safe passage to the dungeon.

Mondo: A safe passage from which they will not return.

Machina: My husband what are you planning?

Mondo: Just a large reception for the Power Rangers. This will be a party from which the Power Rangers will never leave.

Zedd: And we'll be there to make sure they don't escape.

Mondo: So you're finally here, I was beginning to wonder if you had gotten lost.

Rita: Blame Zedd, he wanted to make a grand entrance.

Zedd: Let us not squabble, for today we shall witness the destruction of the Power Rangers.

Outside the castle the six Rangers and Dren and Jan stood watching for any sign of guards.

Justin: Me and Adam checked around the back and there are no Cogs there as well.

Scott: This is strange.

Tommy: Tell me about it, it's probably a trap.

Billy: Undoubtedly, they are probably waiting for us.

Tanya: If they weren't it would be a surprise.

Adam: This could be a one way trip.

Scott: Well, trap or no trap I'm still going in there to get Kat.

Tommy: Right behind you.

Scott: Sorry, you're the leader, after you.

Tommy: If you insist.

The group quickly and stealthily made their way into the castle.

Tanya: Where is Kat going to be?

Justin: Probably in some dark, dank dungeon on the lower level.

Jan: Your friend will be on the lower level in the dungeon.

Justin: I hate it when I'm right.

The others stifled a snicker as they made their way down the stairs.

Billy: This is definitely too weird, were are all the Cogs.

Adam: Maybe they packed up and left.

Tanya: You don't believe that do you?

Scott: No he doesn't, but if you say it a few more times maybe it will come true.

Tanya: I wasn't talking to you.

Dren: Here is the dungeon.

Tommy: Kat are you here?

Kat: Tommy, thank god, but you've got to get out of here, it's a trap.

Justin: We've already figured that out.

Scott: Stand back from the door Kat.

Giving her a few seconds to step away Scott kicked the door only for nothing to happen and then a set of keys were dangled in front of him.

Billy: Try using the keys next time.

In seconds the door was opened and the seven Rangers were reunited.

Kat: We have to go, there is...

Jan: We must leave now there are dozens of Cogs approaching us along with some bird-like creatures.

Tommy: Tengas, what are they doing here?

Billy: Zedd and Mondo must have teamed up.

Adam: I think it's time we left.

Dren: We don't have time the Cogs will be here in seconds.

Tommy: Then we'll have to delay them.

Kat: We can't morph, there is some kind of field preventing us from using our Zeo powers, but Scott may still be able to.

Scott: Here goes. It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

In seconds Scott was once more transformed into the Silver Ranger.

Jan: Great, you can delay them long enough for us to get away.

Adam: You have about two minutes.

Tommy: Let's go.

The others turned to leave and then Kat hesitated and turned to face Scott.

Kat: Please be careful.

Scott: I will, but if something does happen to me, I want you to know I love you and I have done since the moment I first saw you.

Kat: Scott I...

Scott put a gloved finger to her lips and pulling his helmet off.

Scott: Don't say a word.

Then he kissed her. Then he pulled away and replaced his helmet once more on his head.

Scott: Now get out of here.

Then the others were gone and Scott was left alone, but not for long as the Cogs and Tengas entered the room and began to attack him.

The group ran as fast as they could given the chance by Scott remaining behind. Quickly they made there way out to a see a scene of utter chaos.

Justin: Great Mondo must have called out his entire selection of monsters.

Tanya: Then let's get down to business.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

The Six quickly transformed into the Zeo Rangers and ran to the aid of the besieged rebels.

With the aid of the Rangers the battle began to turn in favour of the good guys and when a stray blast from one of the monsters nailed two of his own kind the rest began to fall quickly and suddenly from when they had been overwhelmed they were almost on even terms. Even then the monsters did not give up and the Rangers called for their Zords. The battle continued as fiercely as before until it was over and the Rangers were victorious.

As soon as the battle was over the Rangers ran to find Dren and Jan.

Dren: Thank you Rangers your assistance has given as a great help.

Kat: Have you seen Scott?

Jan: There has been no sign of him, perhaps he is still inside the castle.

Tommy: We had better go and look for him.

The group hastily re-entered the battered castle which had taken the brunt of the assault and the Rangers hurried to the last position of their friend.

Adam: Well, this is were he was last, so where is he?

Billy: He might have been caught and put in a dungeon.

Tommy: Tanya, you and Adam check the cells, we'll keep looking.

Suddenly Tommy stopped and turned to look for Kat and from the way she was stood something made his heart turn cold with dread and he quickly went to her side.

Tommy: Kat what is it?

Wordlessly she opened her hands and their in them was a bloodstained piece of material, which was unmistakably from Scott's shirt and in her other hand a broken and shattered Morpher.

Justin: No, please not that.

Billy: We have to go back to the Power Chamber and get some scanning equipment.

Zordon: Rangers come in this is Zordon.

Tanya: Zordon we read you.

Zordon: We have been able to establish contact with the planet, are you all well?

Tanya: We've got a problem, we've lost Scott and from what we've found his powers have been destroyed.

There was no response, but the Rangers could hear Zordon asking Alpha to run a scan for Scott. The minutes ticked by and then.

Zordon: Rangers please return to the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Zordon what is it?

Zordon: Rangers please return at once.

Billy: We're on our way.

Tommy: We have to go.

Jan: Thank you for your assistance, I hope you find your friend.

Then the six teleported away and minutes later reappeared in the Power Chamber.

Kat: Zordon have you located Scott?

Zordon: I am afraid Katherine that our scans have proved negative. Scott's life signs ceased approximately forty minutes ago.

Justin: Ceased, you mean he's.

Zordon: I am very sorry Justin, Scott is dead.

For a second there was no sound and then a clattering came as Kat's helmet dropped to the floor and she collapsed on the ground clutching the piece of cloth and broken Morpher.

Billy: Zordon we have to tell his family.

Zordon: And we shall.

Adam: What will you tell them?

Zordon: The truth that their brother died protecting his world and his friends. Alpha if you would bring his sisters and Aunt here.

Alpha: I'm already prepared to teleport them Zordon.

Zordon: Then please do so Alpha.

Alpha touched a button and then in a glow of white light Kimberly, her mother and Scott's two sisters appeared.

Melissa: What the... where are we?

Zordon: Welcome to the Power Chamber, do not be alarmed. I am Zordon mentor to the Power Rangers.

Karen: Power Rangers what's going on?

Zordon: You have been brought here for I have some grave news to tell you.

Kim: Oh god, no...Scott.

Zordon: I am afraid so Kimberly. Earlier today the Rangers travelled to an Alien planet to render assistance in their fight against the Machine Empire.

Tommy: We need a time to get away and Scott volunteered, he never made it out.

Sarah: You mean Scott's dead.

Tommy: I'm very sorry.

Kim: I always thought we were indestructible.

Adam: There is more news. It's about Justin.

Kim: What is it? He is okay isn't it?

Kat: It's not bad news, we just found out earlier today that Justin is... I mean was Scott's brother.

Melissa: What!!!

Karen: I'm afraid it's true Melissa. Justin is your brother. He was born when your Mother had an affair, you were too young to remember, but Sarah and Scott knew.

Sarah: This is all too much to take. Losing our parents, Jamie and now Scott and then finding out about our other brother.

Kim: Were is Scott's body?

Billy: There isn't one. We couldn't find it.

Kim didn't reply and collapsed to the floor in a state of shock. Across from her Kat and Justin both sat staring blanking into space thinking about what they had lost. The others just simply watched unable to even find the words to comfort them, but they knew that their lives had changed forever.

The End?