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Coming of the Zeo Ninjetti
By: Adam Pearlman

Katherine Hillard is a normal young woman. Except for one thing she like six of her friends are the super heroes known as the Power Rangers. Normally she is quiet but today she is a hive of activity as she awaits the return of her boyfriend Scott Crane.

As she waits for her first glimpse her companion a Korean teen dressed in green watches in amusement.

Adam: Kat why don't you relax. Once Scott gets here you can go to pieces.

Kat: I do not go to pieces when Scott is around.

Adam: Of course not Kat whatever you say.

The girl playfully swatted at him. It was then she heard someone call her name. As she turned she started to smile and before he could say another word she was in his arms.

Scott: Hello Pretty Lady.

Kat: Hello yourself.

Adam: So how was Paris?

Scott: Fine, so how have things been around here.

Adam: Quiet.

Kat: Too quiet if you ask me, but let's not worry about that and go home.

Scott: Gladly it's good to be home.

As the three left the airport they were unaware that high above them their lives were about to be disrupted again.

Zedd: Those insufferable Teenagers really get on my nerves. I think I'll ruin there day. Tengas, Cogs get in here.

At the command they appeared.

Zedd: Attack the Rangers.

With that they were gone. Back on Earth the three were just about to Adam's car when they appeared.

Scott: Welcome back to Angel Grove. It's Morphing Time.

At the command the three brought together their Zeonisers and the three were transformed into the Pink, Green and White Zeo Rangers.

Scott: Let's take these guys out.

The other two nodded and then the three entered the battle and soon all the Cog's were gone and the Tenga's had fled leaving the three alone.

Kat: What was that all about?

Adam: I don't know but we should stay alert in case of more trouble.

Scott: Agreed this may be the beginning of more trouble.

With that the three demorphed and resumed their journey. On the moon Zedd watched in frustration as again his warriors were defeated.

Zedd: Unbelievable they can't even defeat three of them.

Mondo: Do not worry about it Zedd old boy.

Zedd turned to see King Mondo and his wife Queen Machina enter the room closely followed by his wife and Prince Sprockett.

Zedd: Why should I not worry, our forces are useless and our monsters are simply turned into debris.

Mondo: Calm yourself I have a plan.

Zedd: I've heard that one before. Go on tell me your brilliant plan.

Mondo: It involves an old friend of yours.

Rita: If it's an old friend of his then this plan is bound to fail.

Mondo: We shall see, once your friend arrives the Power Rangers and Zordon of Eltar are finished.

The following day the Ranger's had gathered in the park and were currently engaged in a friendly game of basketball. All the Ranger's were involved including the former Ranger's Jason, Kimberly and Rocky.

Tommy: Okay guy's we're two points ahead.

Scott: Not for long Tommy. Tell you what, how about we make it interesting. Next basket wins.

Justin: And when we win.

Scott: When we win, the losers pay for lunch for the winners.

Tanya: You're on.

The game started again and after a few minutes Scott's team began to gain the upper hand when the ground began to shake and the Ranger's were thrown to the floor. The shaking continued for many minutes and if the Ranger's knew across the entire world. Then as suddenly as it had started it stopped.

Scott: Is everyone okay?

At his question there were few nods and acknowledgements.

Rocky: What was that?

Billy: I don't know, but we should call Zordon.

Scott nodded and brought his communicator to his wrist.

Scott: Zordon come in this is Scott.

When there was only silence Billy tried his and met with no success.

Billy: It's not working and teleportation's down as well.

Scott: We'd better make our way to the Power Chamber and find out what's going on.

As the group started to walk they suddenly realised that Justin was not with them. Turning the group found him stood on the hill looking away from them.

Adam: Justin what's up?

Justin: I don't know, I thought I saw something.

Billy: What did you see?

Justin: A guy who was all purple and then he vanished.

A look passed between several of the Ranger's and then disappeared.

Scott: Probably you're imagination. Come on let's go.

Quickly the group returned to their journey and shortly they arrived at the base of the mountain where the Power Chamber resided when they heard a small beep.

Jason: Guy's did you hear that?

Rocky: Maybe Zordon and Alpha are trying to contact us.

Billy: Zordon, Alpha can you hear me.

For an eternity there was silence and then.

Alpha: Ranger's are you receiving me?

Scott: Loud and clear Alpha.

Alpha: Prepare for teleportation.

With that the ten were teleported and moment's later rematerialised inside the Power Chamber to find it in darkness.

Scott: Zordon what's going on?

Zordon: I am unsure, however our sensors have detected a massive surge of evil energy almost an hour ago.

Jason: Any idea who or what it was?

Zordon: I'm afraid it is something that some of you are more than familiar with. I fear Ivan Ooze has returned.

Tommy: No way.

Billy: Impossible.

Rocky: He's dead, it can't be him.

Zordon: It would appear that not even death can stop him.

Tanya: Who is this Ivan Ooze?

Billy: Ivan Ooze was a being whom a previous generation of Power Ranger's trapped inside an egg. About three years ago the egg was discovered and Zedd and Rita freed him. Once he was freed he got into the Command Centre and destroyed it and our powers.

Tommy: With that gone and Zordon dying, the six of us. That is me, Kim, Billy, Rocky, Adam and Aisha went to Phaedos in search of the great power. With the aid of Dulcea the guardian of the Ninjetti power we discovered our spirit animals.

Kim: With them we went to the great monolith and succeeded in getting new powers and new Zords. We destroyed Ivan's Ecto-Morphicon's and we thought he was dead as well.

Rocky: Yeah he got hit by Ryan's Comet and we thought he had been destroyed. We saved Zordon and we thought that was the end of it.

Alpha: Now he has returned.

Justin: We can take this guy. Don't worry Zordon, Ivan Ooze is toast.

Zordon: I wish I could be as confident.

Tommy: Zordon's right Justin, we can't be so confident. Last time we barely beat him and if he is stronger...

The words hung in the air as uncomfortable silence overcame the group. On the moon almost an hour ago the same disturbance that was felt on Earth was felt in the Lunar Palace. As it continued a figure appeared in the centre.

Ooze: Hi Kiddies.

Zedd: You!!!

Mondo: Welcome my friend.

Rita: This is your surprise.

Ooze: Yes, I am.

Zedd: I want him out of this palace, right now.

Mondo: Now Zedd he has agreed to put the past behind him. Why don't you?

Zedd: Try spending a day in a snowglobe and see how understanding you are.

Ooze: That was a mistake. I should have joined forces with you. You have seen already what damage I can cause with a little of my power. Now the Earth shall tremble before my full power. Starting with the Power Ranger's.

Rito: So what do you intend to do about them?

Ooze: I'm going to steal the Ranger's precious power source, the Zeo Crystal.

Zedd: I wouldn't bother if were you. You see it destroys anything evil.

Ooze: Yes, but if the person is good then it won't.

Rita: What are you plotting?

Ooze: Just the Ranger's downfall. Brought about by themselves.

With that evil beings began to laugh.

Back on Earth the Ranger's had returned to Angel Grove and awaited the inevitable attack. After a day of no activity, not even a Cog attack the Ranger's began to believe that maybe there would be nothing. They were wrong. At the Power Chamber.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon my sensors have detected a strong surge of evil energy entering the atmosphere.

Zordon: Where is it now Alpha?

Alpha: It's at the construction site were.

Zordon: I understand. Contact the Ranger's and have them investigate.

Alpha: I'll inform them right now Zordon.

Alpha turned back to his console and began to frantically push buttons.

At the Youth Centre the teens were attempting to relax when their communicator's went off. Finding a quiet spot.

Scott: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: We have detected a surge of evil energy at the construction site.

Tommy: We'll check it out Zordon.

Adam: This is getting too weird.

Rocky: I know why would he return to the site of where we faced him before.

Scott: I don't know, but let's go and meet Ivan Ooze.

With that the group left the Youth Centre and headed to the Construction site. Within twenty minutes they had arrived to find it completely deserted.

Justin: This is weird, where is this Ivan guy.

Kat: Yeah, I mean where are the construction site workers.?

Scott: He maybe here, let's go nice and easy.

The other's nodded and slowly they made their way towards the centre when in a quiet voice Rocky spoke.

Rocky: Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly.

Ooze: An apt description. Hello Power Ranger's it's been a while.

Tommy: Not long enough Ooze.

Ooze: I see you Teenager's haven't changed, still got big mouth's.

Tommy: You forget who you're dealing with.

Ooze: Oh yes the Power Ranger's. Maybe I should give up now. In all seriousness Power Ranger's you can't beat me.

Scott: It's been done before and we can do it again.

Ooze: You just don't get it do you. I am not just more powerful than I was before, I am more powerful.

At that he laughed and fired lightning bolts in every direction sending the teens flying. As they all got to their feet the Ranger's saw Oozemen being formed and along with them were Cog's.

Adam: We need some room.

Scott: Guy's down on the deck.

At the suggestion the group dropped on to the floor of the construction site.

Ooze: Destroy them, but bring the former Ranger's to me.

The combined force of Cogs and Oozemen nodded and followed the Ranger's down on to the floor.

Billy: We're outnumbered.

Scott: Then let's even the odds. Let's do it guys.

All: Right.

Scott: It's Morphing Time.

With a shake of their wrists the Zeoniser's appeared and with a click they brought them together.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Scott: Zeo Ranger VII. White.

Adam: Jase, Rocky, Kim get to safety.

Kim: You don't have to tell us twice.

With that the three were gone.

Scott: Okay let's take these guy's out.

The Ranger's all started forward when the whole lot turned and started to run.

Tommy: We'd better follow them.

Scott: Everyone be careful it's probably a trap.

The other's nodded and followed them. From a vantage point the three former Ranger's watched and were about to make their way for a closer look when they heard footsteps behind them. Turning they found themselves face to face with Ivan Ooze.

Ooze: Not very smart leaving you three behind without power's.

Jason: What do you want?

Ooze: What does any mad man want. Mass destruction, Chaos and the Zeo Crystal.

Rocky: You can never have it. If you attempt to take it, you will be destroyed.

Ooze: Yes, I would. However you three are the ones who will get it for me.

Kim: Like we'd do that.

Ooze: You will because you don't have a choice.

As the three stood there, they became aware that they could not move and as Kim tried to scream she felt it die in her throat and then nothing.

Meanwhile the other Ranger's had found themselves in pitched battle.

Scott: Man these guy's are tough.

Billy: Yeah, but we can handle them.

It was then the scream of Kat made the two turn and they saw two Oozemen running towards her.

Scott: I've got the one on the right.

Billy: I have the one on the left.

The two jumped into the air and with uncanny timing and precision knocked the Oozemen down. Neither got up.

Kat: Thanks.

Scott: Anytime, now let's finish these guy's off.

The three quickly re-entered the fight.

Meanwhile at the Power Chamber Alpha and Zordon monitored the battle.

Zordon: Alpha I am deeply concerned about the whereabouts of Ivan Ooze.

Alpha: Don't worry I'll find him and he can't get in here.

Ooze: That's what you said last time and you were wrong then.

Alpha turned to see Ivan Ooze stood just inside the Power Chamber, but it wasn't that which frightened Alpha, but who was stood behind him.

Alpha: Jason, Kimberly, Rocky.

Ooze: They can't hear you.

Zordon: What have you done to them Ooze?

Ooze: Made them my slaves and now they are going to steal the Zeo Crystal for me.

The three turned and started to walk towards where the Zeo Crystal was kept. Even as they advanced towards it an obstruction stood in their way.

Alpha: Please don't do this Ranger's. If you do your friend will be hurt.

The three didn't even blink instead Kimberly reached over and ripped a load of wires from his back leaving him off-line. With that Jason grabbed the full Zeo Crystal and the three returned to Ivan's side.

Ooze: Do you understand Zordon. I've won.

Zordon: You will never win Ooze.

Ooze: Oh but I have and there is nothing you can do.

With that he fired lightning bolts from his hand and started to destroy everything.

Zordon: Ranger's please.

That was his last words as the energy overcame him and with a silent scream he gave way to the darkness.

Back at the construction site the Ranger's had almost wiped out the Cog's and the Oozemen.

Tommy: Let's finish this. Bring together the Zeo Blaster.

At the command it was formed and fired and the remaining Oozemen were obliterated.

Scott: Nice work guy's. Now let's go nail Ivan.

The other's didn't even have chance to responded as their costume's shimmered and then vanished leaving them as normal teens.

Justin: What's going on?

Tommy: We had better get back. Don't bother to teleport it won't work.

Without another word Tommy was already running and the others were close behind. Even as they reached the mountain they could see the smoke. Quickening their pace the seven made their way into the Chamber. What they found there was total and utter devastation.

Kat: Oh my god. What happened?

Adam: Ivan. Zordon!!!

The cry that left Adam's lips made everyone run to where his tube was supposed to be. Scott was the first one to arrive and he turned away.

Scott: Guy's don't look.

Not heeding his words Adam, Billy and Tommy looked and then screamed.

With a start Adam came fully awake.

Adam: Not again. Why do I keep having the same nightmare over and over. Maybe Zordon will know.

Quickly dressing Adam touched his communicator and vanished. Moments later he arrived to find Tommy, Rocky, Billy and Kimberly already there

Rocky: Having nightmares about Ivan Ooze?

Adam: Yeah, are you?

Tommy: We all are. I think it's a safe bet that Aisha is as well.

Billy: However, I am at a loss to explain why we are all having the same dream about Ivan Ooze. Except it's not a memory of when we faced him and got the Ninja powers, we all have the Zeo powers.

Zordon: Ranger's I have finished a scan of all you and except for the stress levels being higher than normal you are all fine.

Kim: So why are we having these dreams?

Zordon: I do have one theory. Although the Power Coins were destroyed and your connection to the Ninjetti power severed it is possible those powers still exist inside of you.

Kim: How is that possible Zordon, I gave my powers to Kat shouldn't she be suffering.

Zordon: No, although you gave your power coin to her, she did not go on the quest for the Great Power or discover her animal guide.

Billy: What about Scott? He did discover his animal guide.

Zordon: It would appear that only those who first went on the quest are affected.

Tommy: I don't think we should worry to much. Just as long as we stay alert. I'll tell the others in the morning about what's going on.

Rocky: In the meantime let's get some sleep.

The others laughed and then followed Rocky who had already teleported home. The following morning the Ranger's were enjoying a quiet picnic in the park and all those who had been present last night listened as Tommy told the story of Ivan Ooze.

Justin: Man this guy sounds like he was major trouble.

Billy: He was. I mean he destroyed the Command Centre, almost killed Zordon and destroyed our powers. If he has returned.

Scott: Then we'll stop him like you did before.

Tommy: Don't be so sure. Zordon said he was even more powerful.

Kim: Yeah even with the Zeo Crystal you might not be able to stop him.

Kat: I think we're all over reacting. We don't even know if this Ooze guy is alive.

Rocky: Kat's right we are over reacting. Now I think we should just relax and enjoy the quiet.

Adam: You mean so you can stuff yourself.

Rocky: I'm hungry.

Adam threw a handful of crumbs at him and the others laughed. That was how the day continued as the Ranger's relaxed. Although Scott could not shake the uneasy feeling that there lives were about to be forever altered.

High up on the moon Zedd and Mondo watched as the Ranger's relaxed and both plotted the Ranger's fall. It was then that the whole castle began to shake and in the middle a line of flame appeared and it began to grow and there in the centre was a pentagram. In the middle a figure appeared and the occupants of the palace huddled together.

The figure stepped out of the fire and Zedd immediately noticed the figure had wings.

Figure: You know after centuries of doing that you would think I would be used to it.

Zedd: Who are you?

Figure: Come Zedd don't tell me you forgotten me. Your old friend Death.

As he spoke the winged figure sat down on Zedd's throne.

Zedd: I do not know you.

Death: Perhaps this will refresh your memory.

With that the features on the stranger changed and became that of a handsome man.

Zedd: You!!!

Death: Give that man a hand he's finally worked it out. You know with a brain like that you'd think you would have figured it out sooner.

Zedd turned and looked at Mondo.

Zedd: This is your surprise. How dare you invite this filth into my home?

Mondo: Calm down Zedd you'll blow a blood vessel. I knew you hated him, but he came to me.

Zedd: What do you want?

Death: Look Zedd it wasn't my fault about what happened. Anyway you're humiliating yourself quite easily without my help.

Zedd: Humiliating myself how?

Death: Allowing those Power Ranger's to beat you every time.

Zedd: I do not. I am merely waiting for the right opportunity to destroy everything.

Death: Of course you are. Now my employer has been watching you and has decided to become involved.

Rita: How is your boss going to get involved and in any case who is your boss?

Death: He has many names, many forms, all human religions have their own name or form for him. He is Lucifer, Satan...

Zedd: Your master is the Devil.

Death: Yes, and after years of watching the lot of you attempt to take over this pathetic planet he's decided to get involved. I'm here to make sure those Power Ranger's are obliterated and their mentor Zordon of Eltar destroyed, so my boss can raise a little hell on Earth.

Sprockett: How do you plan to do that?

Death: Well, with your help. I will get into Zordon's little headquarters and the steal the Ranger's power source.

Zedd: You're going after the Zeo Crystal.

Death: Exactly.

Zedd: Good luck. No evil can touch the Crystal. If you attempt to possess it you will be destroyed.

Death: Not if I use someone who is good in spirit. Let's say three former Power Ranger's. Don't worry Zedd old boy. By the time I'm finished those Power Ranger's will be ashes to the wind.

Zedd: I will believe that when I see it.

Death: I've already started my plan. For the last few days I have bombarded five of the Rangers with nightmares of that old fool Ivan Ooze.

Rito: Why?

Death: To unsettle them and I think I'll unsettle them even more.

Zedd: What are you going to do?

Death: Resurrect Ivan Ooze.

With that he vanished in a flame. Back on Earth the Rangers continued to relax when a crack of thunder was heard and the wind began to howl and it turned pitch black.

Tanya: What's going on?

Scott: Scott to the Power Chamber. Zordon, Alpha talk to me.

The only response was static.

Billy: Whatever is causing this strange weather must be interfering with the frequency.

Death: Actually genius I'm causing your communication problems.

The ten turned and immediately dropped into defensive positions.

Scott: So who are you?

Death: I'm your worst nightmare.

Rocky: Well, actually my worst nightmare is... hey what did you do that for?

Billy: This is a serious situation and we don't have time for levity.

Rocky: What did you think I was going to say?

Death: If you're quite finished. My name is Death I am the Angel of Destruction, Harbinger of Chaos. I am the Servant of Satan.

At that name both Rocky and Katherine crossed themselves.

Justin: You work for the Devil.

Death: Yes, and now I have come to destroy you.

Scott: We've heard that before and we're still here.

Ooze: Not for much longer Kiddies.

At the voice five of the group froze.

Kim: Please tell me I didn't hear that voice.

Ooze: Oh, but you did my dear.

The group turned and stood there looking as evil as before was Ivan Ooze.

Tommy: How are you alive?

Ooze: When you've got a friend like Death then being brought back to life is no problem. Now, I believe we have unfinished business.

Out of nowhere a group of Oozemen appeared.

Adam: Don't look now but we're surrounded.

Jason: Then let's take them out.

Jason moved forward and ducked the blow of an Oozeman and came up with a kick to the chest that passed straight through the Oozeman.

Jason: Guy's they're not solid.

As he said that an Oozeman appeared and watched as it punched at him. In surprise he found himself knocked to the floor.

Jason: Then again maybe they are solid.

Tommy: I'll try Bro.

Before Jason could stop him the Red Ranger attacked one of the Oozemen only for the same thing to happen to him.

Adam: Somehow they are able to become solid and then unsolid.

Billy: They must be phased and partially in subspace.

Rocky: Huh!!!

Billy: What Adam said.

Tanya: Then how do we stop them?

Ooze: Simple you don't.

Scott: Wanna bet. Billy, Saba can cut through subspace.

Billy: Yes, but why?

Scott: Then so can the other weapons.

Tommy: Meaning.

Scott: It's Morphing Time.

With a shake of their wrists the six brought their Zeonisers together and Billy called upon the power of the Golden Power Staff and the seven were transformed into the Power Rangers: Zeo.

Ooze: That's not going to stop your destruction.

Suddenly with a flash of light and the Ranger's found themselves blinded and when they could see again.

Adam: The other's are gone.

Justin: Where are they?

Scott: More importantly where's Ivan.

Billy: Gone and you can bet the others are with him.

Tanya: Then we had better find them.

Scott: That will have to wait. We've got bigger problems.

Justin: Like what.

Scott: Them for instance.

The others turned and saw the Oozemen advancing on them.

Billy: Call on your weapons, it's our only chance.

At that the weapons appeared in their hands and they defended themselves.

On the other side of Angel Grove. In the mountains an explosion was felt inside the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Alpha: What's happening?

Alpha: I don't know all the sensors have gone off line.

Zordon: Alpha prepare the recorder.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

Alpha nodded and turned back to his console. Back in the park the Rangers continued to fight the Oozemen when their weapons disappeared.

Tanya: What's going on?

Before anyone could reply there was another flash and the seven teens were back in their normal clothes.

Adam: Oh no. You don't suppose something has happened.

Tommy: Let's get back.

The others quickly started to run when they realised that they could not teleport. The seven did not talk, instead they concentrated on their own private thoughts. An hour later the horrified teens reached the site of the Power Chamber to find that one of the walls was completely gone and the others were in various states of disrepair.

Justin: Maybe the actual Chamber is okay.

Even as he said the words the fourteen year old for the first time as a Ranger he was deeply afraid.

Tommy: Let's get inside.

The seven made their way to the hidden entrance and they all hoped that it had remained untouched. However, to their further dismay it wasn't and in fact both doors were ripped from their hinges and lying on the floor. Cautiously the Rangers made their way into the Chamber to find the consoles almost totally destroyed and lying in a heap.

Tommy: Kim!!!

At the shout of her name she and the others stirred and looked around in surprise.

Jason: How did we get here?

Adam: You mean you don't remember?

Rocky: The last thing I remember is being with you and then nothing.

Kim: What happened here?

Billy: I don't know.

Scott: More importantly where are Zordon and Alpha?

Tanya: Well, I've found Alpha or more appropriately what's left of him.

The others turned to see Tanya holding Alpha's head in her hands.

Kat: There is the rest of him.

Looking to where she was pointing the others now saw Alpha's torso and legs several metres away from them.

Billy: I might be able to reattach his head and get him working again.

Tommy: Get on it Billy. Justin see if you can get the computers to work again.

When there was no response Tommy turned to see the boy simply staring at the spot where Zordon used to be.

Tommy: Justin.

Justin: Sorry what did you say Tommy?

Tommy: I said see if you can get the computers up and running again.

Justin: Okay, but what about Zordon?

Tommy: He'll be okay.

Justin smiled gratefully and started to work on the computers. Walking towards Zordon's tube he found Scott already there with his eyes closed and looking over Tommy saw the broken and lifeless body of their mentor. Turning away he looked at the face's of his friends and shook his head. As he watched the others all crumpled to the floor in a heap. More than anything Scott watched and wanted to do the same when he felt a surge of energy nearby and then he saw it. Looking over he saw it was a small cassette. Picking it up Scott walked over to the console where he knew the player was. Putting the tape in he watched as Zordon appeared on the Viewing Globe.

Zordon: Rangers if you witnessing this message then I am dead. Also the Zeo Crystal has fallen into evil hands and your powers are now gone.

Tanya: If the Zeo Crystal is gone, then what hope is there?

Zordon: There is still hope. If the Zeo Crystal has indeed fallen into evil hands then it will now be on Phaedos. You must travel there and retrieve it.

Adam: How do we get there?

Alpha: I will teleport you there.

The group turned to see Alpha walking towards them.

Adam: Alpha you're okay?

Alpha: I've been better.

Kat: Is Zordon dead?

Alpha: Only in the physical sense, his essence still exists. If you can recover his essence then you can save him.

Billy: Why did the Zeo Crystal go to Phaedos?

Alpha: A command was implanted in it to make it do so if it were ever to fall into evil hands.

Scott: Well, let's get after it then.

Jason: Good luck guys.

Tommy: To all of us.

Alpha: Teleporting now.

With that they were gone leaving the others alone in the Power Chamber.

Almost an hour earlier.

Alpha: Zordon the secret entrance has been breached.

Zordon: Activate the internal defences.

Alpha: I can't Zordon. Jason, Kimberly and Rocky are with him.

Zordon: Then there is nothing we can do.

Death: How right you are old man.

Zordon: What do you want?

Death: Your death and the Zeo Crystal.

With that Death unleashed energy everywhere striking and blowing Alpha apart and then striking Zordon. Then he reached out to take the Zeo Crystal from Jason.

Death: At last it's mine.

Reaching out he took the Crystal in his hands that flashed once and then vanished. Screaming Death fired more energy around the chamber knocking the three former Rangers down. With that he disappeared.

Almost an hour later.

Zedd: Welcome back. So where is it?

Death: I had it in my hands and then it disappeared.

Mondo: One thing is for sure those Rangers will go after it.

Death: And when they do, my forces will destroy them.

Zedd: Hold on they are leaving Earth. Tengas, Cogs follow and destroy them.

Rito: Can I go?

Death: You what can you possibly do?

Rito: I can tear those Rangers apart.

Death: From what I have seen those Rangers can defeat you without power as well.

Rito: Please can I go.

Shaking his head Death slowly nodded.

Death: Do not fail or the punishment will be worse than anything Zedd can do to you.

Rito nodded and then and the others were gone.

Death: Soon the Power Rangers will be gone and the Universe will be mine.

The End... for now