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Coming of the Zeo Ninjetti
Part Two
By: Adam Pearlman

Thirty minutes later the Rangers rematerialised on Phaedos.

Justin: Wow.

Scott: Tommy you've been here before what do you suggest?

Tommy: I think we should find Dulcea.

Scott: Okay lead on.

Tommy: You're the leader now, remember.

Scott: I know, but know the way. After all as I said you have been here before.

Tommy nodded and slowly started to walk. Without hesitation the others were close behind. Even as they walked no-one noticed the figures appear behind them and start to follow. However, someone did.

Back on Earth a delighted shout echoed through the Power Chamber.

Rocky: I think that's got it Alpha. Try it now.

Alpha: Okay, cross your fingers.

The little robot touched a control and then after a second the lights came on and some of the consoles started to work again.

Kim: Yes, it worked. Where did you learn how to do that Rocky?

Rocky: Just goes to show I'm full of surprises.

It was then the alarm went off.

Jason: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: Oh no Death has sent the Cogs to Africa and Switzerland.

Kim: Aisha, Zack and Trini.

Jason: Can we teleport them here?

Alpha: I'll try.

Thirty seconds later the three former Rangers appeared.

Zack: What happened to this place, it looks as if someone had a party.

Jason: Someone called Death. He claims to be the servant of the Devil and he definitely appears to be what he claims.

Trini: Where are Zordon and the others?

Kim: Zordon is...

Aisha: No you don't mean.

Jason: Only his body, his essence is still alive.

Zack: So where is his essence.

Alpha: Buried within the Zeo Crystal. If the Rangers are successful in retrieving the crystal they shall gain new powers and restore Zordon.

It was then the alarm again went off.

Rocky: Now what.

Alpha: Monsters and Cogs are in Angel Grove.

Jason: We've got to stop them.

Trini: How we don't have any powers.

Alpha: Just get people to the shelters.

Kim: Teleport us to Angel Grove.

With that the six were gone leaving Alpha alone. Meanwhile on Phaedos the seven continued their journey when Adam stopped. Not noticing Scott almost walked into him.

Scott: Watch it Bro. You might want to warn me next time you're going to stop.

Adam: Sorry I thought I heard something.

Scott: Kind of like a heavy footfall with a mechanical sound to it.

Adam: Yeah, so it's not just me then.

Scott: No, and I have a really bad feeling I know what's following us.

Adam: Cogs.

Scott: Not just them Tengas.

Adam turned and ducked as a Tenga came flying towards him. The two quickly joined the other Rangers.

Adam: Look there are the Cogs and Rito is with them.

Tanya: What do we do?

Scott: Fight.

Rito: Without your powers you are as good as dead.

Scott: Sorry I've died once before and it's not going to happen again.

Rito: Kill them all.

With that the group attacked and the teens defended themselves. They managed to hold out for a while when the Cogs began to gain the upper hand.

Kat: Scott help.

Scott: Hold on I'm coming.

Knocking the Cogs away Scott made his way to Kat's side and helped her to her feet.

Kat: What are we going to do?

Rito: Die. That's what you are going to do.

Dulcea: Not in this lifetime monster.

Everyone whirled around and Adam smiled in relief.

Adam: Dulcea.

Leaping from the cliff the warrior attacked the Cogs and Tengas who fought back only to beaten even more.

Tenga 1: Let's get out of here.

Tenga 2: I'm with you.

With that they were gone and so the remaining Cogs were destroyed.

Scott: Well, Rito it's just you know.

Rito: Since that's the case. Good-bye.

Then he was gone. The seven Rangers quickly regrouped.

Scott: Thank you. You must be Dulcea.

Dulcea: Yes, and you are?

Scott: I'm Scott Crane the White Zeo Ranger. You already know Tommy, Adam and Billy.

Dulcea: Why have you returned?

Justin: Zordon is dead and the Zeo Crystal is somewhere on Phaedos.

Dulcea: Zordon has died.

Billy: Yes, someone called Death attacked the Power Chamber and killed Zordon. Alpha told us his essence is locked inside the Crystal.

Tommy: Do you know where it is?

Dulcea: Yes, follow me.

Then she started to walk and the Rangers followed her. They continued for some time and it was then that Kat noticed Scott was lagging behind and she stopped to allow him to catch up.

Kat: Are you okay?

Scott: I'm fine.

Kat: Liar. You've got that look that says something is bothering me.

Scott: Am I really that transparent.

Kat: Only to those who know you well. So what's up?

Scott: It's stupid really. I was just thinking how Tommy is a much better leader than I am. I mean when this whole thing started he immediately took charge and knew what to do.

Kat: That's because he's been the leader a lot longer than you have. Give it time and you'll get used to the idea.

Scott: I hope you're right, because something tells me I'm going to have get used to the idea fast.

Tommy: The same thing happened with me.

Startled Scott looked up and Tommy stood there.

Tommy: Like you my first real test of leadership was here on Phaedos. However I had a little experience before so I was sort of prepared.

Scott: Yeah and I'm still the new Ranger on the block.

Tommy: Hold on we're here.

Justin: Where is here?

Dulcea: These young one are the ruins of the Ninjetti. Here three of your friends received their animal guides. And here it is you again will discover your Animal spirits and the quest for a new power begins.

Tanya: What new power?

Dulcea: The power of Zeo Ninjetti. A combination of both powers. However, time is of the essence and we must prepare.

With that she turned and returned to the centre of the ruins.

Back in Angel Grove.

Kim: Okay everyone keep moving.

Even as she said it people were not really listening and they rushed past her. Moments later Rocky and Aisha joined her.

Rocky: I think that is everyone.

Aisha: Now what?

Rocky: Meet up with the others I suppose.

As he said that the three ducked as an energy bolt narrowly missed them.

Rocky: Or we could head for some cover.

The three quickly turned and entered the shelter. At the Power Chamber Alpha watched as this happened.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. This is just terrible. What can I do?

Voice: Perhaps we can be of some help?

Alpha turned around and if he had been human he would have smiled.

Six: You. Yo. Yo. Ain't you got anything to say then?

Alpha: Why are you here?

Dimitria: I felt Zordon's passing and knew we should return to assist the Rangers.

Alpha: They are not here. They went to Phaedos to retrieve the Zeo Crystal.

Dimitria: Then they are about to become Zeo Ninjetti.

Skull: Zeo Ninjetti!!!

The three turned to see Bulk & Skull along with Jason, Zack and Trini stood in the entrance way.

Alpha: Thank goodness the five of you are safe. When I couldn't contact you I feared the worse.

Jason: Fortunately Bulk had a car or we would not be here.

Skull: Yeah our communicators appear to be not working.

Six: Hold on you mean these two dim bulbs know who the Power Rangers are.

Alpha: Of course. How stupid of me. You five have never met our replacements.

Trini: Replacements!!!

Alpha: Yes, shortly after the Rangers got their Turbo powers Zordon was freed from his Time Warp and we went to Eltar. Months later circumstances forced our return and we brought Tommy and the others back to the team and made them Zeo Rangers again. So now allow me to introduce Dimitria of Inqurius and Alpha Six.

Jason: Nice to meet you. So where are the others?

Alpha: Safe in one of the shelters. Unfortunately whatever is blocking the communicators is also blocking teleportation.

Bulk: So what was this about Zeo Ninjetti.

Dimitria: Zeo Ninjetti is a combination of the Great Power and the Zeo Crystal.

Jason: Will it give them the power they need to defeat Death?

Dimitria: It is to be hoped. Now all we can do is wait and pray for their safe return.

Back on Phaedos the seven Rangers stood in a loose half circle with Dulcea stood in front of them.

Dulcea: As some you know an animal spirit is buried within you. Those of you who already know it must find it again and as for the others look deep within yourself and find your guide. Now close your eyes.

With that seven did so and Dulcea blew some dust into the fire and it swirled up and covered the Rangers and then seven were clothed in costumes that resembled not only there Ninjetti outfits, but there Zeo outfits as well. Smiling Dulcea walked forward until she was stood in front of Billy.

Dulcea: Billy now you are the Golden Wolf.

Dulcea: Tanya you are the Owl intelligent and watchful.

Dulcea: Adam shy as always the Frog is once more your guide.

Turning away from Adam she looked at the youngest member of the group who was busy pulling a face at the picture of his animal guide.

Dulcea: Justin you who are clever and young will be guided by the Monkey. It mischievousness is perfectly suited to your youth.

Dulcea: Tommy you are again the Winged Lord of the Skies. The Red Falcon.

Dulcea: Katherine as graceful and beautiful as your predecessor you are the Butterfly.

Dulcea: Finally Scott. You who were once a Bird of Prey are now the King of the Jungle it's courage and wisdom are perfectly suited to your nature. You shall face a test beyond what the others will. I have no doubt that you will pass it.

Scott: What do you mean?

Dulcea: You will understand soon. You must select two guides to assist you in your test.

Scott: I understand.

Dulcea: I must go. May your Animal guides protect you.

Then she was gone.

Scott: We should get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

The others nodded and all made their way closer to the fire. Scott stood for a second and then he joined his friends. Even as the others fell asleep Scott remained wide awake for some time. Eventually he gave up trying to sleep and he moved further onto the Plateau so as not to disturb the others. For a while he meditated and then when he felt relaxed and at peace he stretched out and promptly fell fast asleep.

When he awoke he found his arm was pinned to the ground. Coming fully awake Scott opened his eyes and prepared to strike at whatever was holding his arm. Even as he brought up his free hand he stopped as he realised what was holding his arm. Still fast asleep and with a stray lock of her blond hair over her face Katherine Hillard slept soundly in his arms.

As he watched her sleep. Scott could not help but feel sorry that he had to wake her.

Scott: Kat wake up.

With that she stirred, mumbled something and went back to sleep. Sighing Scott leaned over and blew gently into her face and with a start she came awake and looking around focused on Scott.

Kat: What did you do that for?

Scott: One we have to get moving and secondly I can't feel my arm so could you please move.

He said the last with a smile and even as he did her own smile vanished and she quickly got up and walked away from him. Getting up he quickly made his way to her side.

Scott: What's wrong?

Kat: Nothing.

Scott: There is. You are just as transparent as I am. So what's the matter?

Kat: I'm worried.

Scott: About Zordon. Don't be we'll find the Crystal and save him.

Kat: It's not him I'm worried about.

Scott: Then what?

Kat: It's you.

Scott: Me!!!

Kat: It shouldn't be courageous and wise. It should be impetuous and stupid.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Kat: You are always doing things without thinking. That's why you were missing for seven months.

Scott: Actually if you remember I was a prisoner of Lord Zedd and I also lost my memory.

Kat: Don't try and be funny.

Scott: Sorry.

Kat: Just promise me you won't do anything stupid.

Scott: Kat.

Kat: Promise me!!!

Scott: I promise.

The girl smiled in relief and Scott's smile returned and leaning forward he gently kissed her. Their kiss was interrupted by the sounds of their youngest team-mate being yelled at by Tanya. Laughing the two joined the others.

Scott: Problems Justin.

Justin: Who me?

He then muttered something under his breath.

Scott: Sorry I didn't quite hear that.

Justin: Never mind.

Tommy: I think it's time to get moving.

Scott: Agreed, let's do it guys. Remember Earth and Zordon are depending on us.

Just as soon as the levity had appeared it vanished to be replaced by the seriousness of the situation. Then in single file the seven made their way towards the monolith.

Back on Earth or rather the Moon Death watched as the Humans fled at the sight of the Cogs walking through the streets.

Death: The Humans have been softened up and the time is right for the final blow.

Sprockett: What about the Power Rangers?

Death: They do not concern me. By now Rito will have killed them.

It was at that moment Rito appeared.

Zedd: Well, how did you fare?

Rito: They're all dead.

Rita: Really.

Rito: No, that Dulcea chick showed up and the Tengas chickened out. I fought valiantly but I was outnumbered so I decided to retreat.

Death: You mean you ran away.

Rito was quiet for a few seconds and then in a small voice.

Rito: Yes.

Mondo: You fool. Now they will go after the power of Zeo Ninjetti.

Death: King Mondo order your Quadrafighters to begin an immediate assault on Angel Grove. I want the city burnt to the ground.

Mondo: It shall be done.

With that the order was given and the Machine Empire's fleet entered Earth's Atmosphere. Their entrance into Angel Grove did not go unnoticed.

Man: General we have got bogeys approaching at 12:00.

General: Those blasted machines. Open a channel to the Power Rangers.

The soldier moved to a console that was a recent addition to the bunker. In the Power Chamber the call was answered.

Alpha: This is the Power Chamber go ahead.

General: Power Rangers we have detected a large fleet entering the atmosphere.

Six: What do you think we are. Blind!!!.

Dimitria: Unfortunately the Power Rangers have left Earth on urgent business.

General: To whom am I speaking?

Dimitria: I am Dimitria of Inqurius a friend of the Power Rangers and their Mentor.

General: Well, you will be my friend if you can help us now.

Dimitria: I am afraid there is nothing we can do.

General: Well then we must take matters into our own hands.

Alpha: General do not do anything drastic.

General: We just have some new planes that may do the trick.

Dimitria: Good luck and we will try and help you if we can.

With that the signal was gone.

Zack: There has to be something we can do?

Jason: What about the Zords? They are still in the Holding Bay.

Alpha: Yes, they are. Why?

Jason: Can't we pilot them?

Dimitria: I am afraid not. The Zords are to complex for mere Humans to pilot.

Bulk: Then how come the Rangers have been able to pilot them before.

Alpha: Because the powers gave them the knowledge.

Trini: Five planes have been launched. They are heading towards the Machine Empire Fleet.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. That's it. We may not be able to pilot the Zords ourselves, but the computers can.

Jason: Can they do it. I mean with all the damage they have taken.

Six: The remote control system is still working. So it should work.

Jason: So you're not sure.

Six: No, not really.

Trini: Two of the planes have been destroyed and both pilots have been killed.

Zack: We have to try.

Jason: Alpha do it. Activate the Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord and the Super Zeo Megazord.

The two nodded and rushed to the console. In minutes the three Zords arrived on the scene and attacked the Machine Empire's fleet.

Back at the Chamber.

Zack: Well, they are holding the fleet back, but a lot of damage is being done to Angel Grove. If the Rangers don't hurry Angel Grove will be a pile of rubble.

On Phaedos the seven Zeo Ninjetti made their way through the Jungle. As they did so the seven broke into three little groups. Justin, Billy and Tommy had moved off to the front, a little way behind them were Kat and Tanya and bringing up the rear Adam and Scott.

Adam: Man it's unbelievable that a place could change so much in a few years.

Scott: Things happen Adam, places and things change over time. There is one thing that's constant though.

Adam: What's that?

Scott: Kat and I still haven't gone on a date yet.

Adam: Well, if I can just point out you were M.I.A for seven months.

Scott: How could I forget?

Adam: I'm not finished yet.

Scott: Sorry!!!

Adam: You also went to Triforia for three weeks and Paris for a week.

Scott: All right I get the idea.

Adam laughed and Scott punched his friend in the arm. It was then that both girls let out yelps and the others ran to their side.

Billy: What is it?

Kat: We saw something in the bushes. It was looking at us.

Tommy: Sure you didn't imagine it.

Tanya: Not those eye's. They were staring right at us.

Scott: Adam and I will check it out. The rest of you keep moving.

Justin: Be careful.

Adam nodded and followed Scott into the underbrush. The two walked deep off the path when Adam stopped and turned to Scott.

Adam: There is nothing here, the girls must have imagined it.

Scott: I guess you're right. Let's head back.

The two turned and started to walk back the way they had come from when both heard a noise coming from behind them. The two turned and silently walked back to where they had just been and with lightning quickness the two grabbed for the creature. Even as they did so it moved even faster and within seconds it was gone.

Scott: What was that?

Adam: It looked like some kind of dog.

Scott: Anyway doesn't matter now it's gone.

Adam: We'd better catch up with the others, before they get to far.

Scott nodded and leading the way the two Ninjetti slowly made their way back to where the others were. They had only gone two metres when they heard a yell and the two started to run. When they got to the sound of the yell the two stopped in surprise.

Scott: Well, there is something you don't see every day.

The reason Scott had said that was a stack of bones resembling a Dinosaur was walking around.

Adam: I don't believe not again.

Tanya: You've faced this thing before.

Tommy: Yeah, I separated it's head from it's body and it fell apart. So as to why it is walking around now.

Justin: It looks like it got itself back together.

Kat: Can we stop talking about and do something it's coming this way.

Scott: Split up and try and take it down.

The others acknowledged and moved away from each other and avoided the onrushing creature.

Tommy: Scott I've got an idea.

Scott: What is it?

Tommy: Just follow my lead. Adam, Billy over here.

The other two joined them.

Scott: Okay Tommy what's the plan?

Tommy: Take out its legs.

Billy: Good idea. If we all take out a leg.

Adam: He won't have a leg to stand on.

Scott groaned at Adam's joke and then nodded and the four started forward when Scott opened his mouth and started to speak except no-one understood him and then the dinosaur turned and walked away. The others looked on astonished and then joined the equally astonished Scott.

Justin: How did you do that?

Scott: I have no idea. I just knew how to talk to it.

Suddenly Scott grasped his head as though he were in pain.

Kat: Scott what is it?

Scott: I don't I just saw Earth and what it would look like if Death won. All those people.

Scott continued to ramble on becoming totally incoherent. The others shared concerned looks and then joined Tommy in a huddle.

Tanya: What's wrong with him?

Justin: Well, like I said he's finally lost it.

Billy: Justin you're not helping.

Justin: Sorry!!!

Kat: Maybe Justin is right.

Adam: What!!!

Kat: Maybe Scott has finally buckled under the pressure of everything.

Tommy: Well, we have to keep going, but what about Scott he's a liability to us like this.

Kat: We can't just leave him.

Scott: You don't have to leave me I'm fine.

The others turned to see Scott stood look calm and collected.

Adam: Scott what happened to you?

Scott: I don't know. It was like I suddenly knew what was going to happen to Earth and I could see except I wasn't seeing through my eyes.

Tommy: Then whose eyes were you seeing it through.

Scott: I think I was seeing it from Zordon's point of view.

Justin: That isn't possible he's dead.

Zordon\Scott: Only my body is dead Blue Ranger my spirit lives on.

Everyone stared at Scott because even though he had opened his mouth it was Zordon's voice that was heard.

Kat: That's not funny Scott.

Scott: That wasn't me I opened my mouth, but I didn't speak the words.

Billy: Perhaps Zordon has found a way to communicate with us through Scott.

Scott\Zordon: Correct Billy I am communicating through Scott.

Tanya: How Zordon, we thought you were dead?

Zordon\Scott: My essence became part of the Zeo Crystal and due to the fact Scott's animal guide is the Lion, as it was with me I am now linked to Scott. You must hurry Rangers my time is running short and my link is growing weaker. Also Death has launched a devastating attack upon the Earth and has destroyed most of Angel Grove and has begun to spread outwards.

Scott\Zordon: Then we have to move fast. Zordon will you still be able to communicate with us.

Zordon\Scott: Yes, but for not much longer as each time I do it drains me and will have an effect on you.

Tommy: Then let's do it.

The others nodded and with that they again started on their journey. Back on Earth inside one of the shelters three former Rangers watched as the attack continued.

Aisha: This is getting serious, there has to be something we can do.

Rocky: Such as what, it's not as if we are Power Rangers.

Aisha offered Rocky a look and turned away. It was at that point Kat's Mom walked over to the three.

Mrs. Hillard: Kimberly do you know where Kat is?

Kim: I think she is with Scott, but I don't know where he is?

Mrs. Hillard: I hope they are safe.

Kim: I'm sure they are both fine.

The woman turned and walked away from the three teens.

Kim: I wish I didn't have to lie to her.

Rocky: You did what you thought you had to do. If you said she was a Power Ranger she would really be worried.

Aisha: We're all worried and it doesn't matter that we know they are the Power Rangers or not.

Rocky: Right I just wish I knew how they were doing?

Kim: So do I.

On Phaedos the seven had made their way into a large clearing and stood there was the monolith.

Tanya: So that's it. Now what?

Tommy: Stay alert. Anything could happen.

Justin: Like what. There is no-one here except us.

Man: That's where you are wrong Justin.

Justin turned around stared at the person who had spoken.

Justin: Dad!!!

Mr. Stewart: Hello Son.

Justin started forward when Kat put her hand on his shoulder and stopped him.

Kat: Justin that's not your Father.

Justin looked at her and then nodded and then he looked at the person claiming to be his Father.

Justin: Who are you?

The form rippled and then instead of Justin's Father was.

Elgar: Hello Rangers.

Scott: Oh terrific this is all we need.

Tommy: More importantly what's he doing here?

Adam: Tommy I think he's the least of our problems.

Tommy: What!!!

Turning around the other Rangers saw three more monsters that they had once faced. Even as Scott opened his mouth a glowing light emanated from the monolith and he turned towards it.

Scott: Guys we have to check it out. Kat, you and Adam come with me. The rest of you must deal with these four even if they are illusions.

The others nodded and Kat and Adam stepped in behind him, when Scott stopped.

Scott: Help the others, this is something I have to do alone.

Adam hesitated and then nodded and both he and Kat stopped and watched him walk forward and disappear into the light.

Adam: Let's help the others.

Adam started forward and joined the others. Kat took a few steps forward after him and then she stopped and followed Scott into the light. Adam turned and started to call out, even as she disappeared and then the light was gone. Realising there was nothing he could do for them he moved to join the other Rangers.

Tommy: Where are Kat and Scott?

Adam: Scott went in on his own, except Kat followed him.

Billy: She never listens to anyone.

Tommy: Remind you of another Pink Ranger.

Both Billy, Adam and Tommy grinned slightly at that and then.

Justin: Let's take care of these bozos.

Tommy: Ninjetti Power.

Tanya: The Owl.

Justin: The Monkey.

Adam: The Frog.

Billy: The Wolf.

Tommy: The Falcon.

Justin: Now let's kick some heads.

The five ninjas quickly threw themselves into the fray. Meanwhile Scott had found himself enveloped in a grey mist when it cleared and he was stood in a very familiar street.

Scott: What the? How is it possible I'm home.

Starting forward Scott walked along the street and eventually came to the last house in the street. Walking down the path, he bent down and below a rock on the path was a key.

Scott: This is so weird.

Putting the key in the lock it turned and the door swung open. Stepping in Scott stopped and stared. The inside of the house was just as he remembered and then he heard a voice he thought he would never hear again.

Voice: Scott is that you?

Even as he started to reply his voice caught in his throat.

Scott: Mom!!!

As he rounded the corner he saw her looking as alive as when he had seen her last. Reaching out he hugged his Mother.

Scott: It's really you.

Mom: Who else would it be?

Pulling away Scott looked at his Mother.

Scott: No-one else it's just I had this really weird dream and you, Dad and Chris were all dead.

Mom: It was just a dream, don't let it worry you.

Scott: I won't. Is the brat in his room.

Mom: Be nice to your little brother.

Turning Scott walked up the stairs towards his little brothers room and as he passed a mirror he stopped. Looking at his reflection Scott saw he was dressed in his Ninjetti clothes.

Scott: This is so weird, if I am dressed in my Ninjetti outfit then why didn't my Mom see it? Well it's a mystery for later, after all I have my family back.

Turning Scott walked into his little Brothers room.

Chris: Hey Butthead.

Scott: Hi Chris.

Chris: What is this? Finally run out of insults.

Scott: No, I've just decided it's time for me treat you a bit better.

Chris: What's the occasion?

Scott: No occasion, just glad you're my brother.

Chris looked at him slightly puzzled. It was then Scott heard his Mother shouting for him. Going to the top of the stairs he saw his Mother talking to someone.

Mom: You have a visitor.

Coming down the stairs Scott stopped and smiled.

Scott: Kat.

Mom: I'll leave you two alone.

Motioning for Kat to follow Scott entered his room and shut the door.

Scott: Kat what are you doing here?

Kat: That's a nice welcome. I followed you.

Scott: What is the point of me being a leader if no-one listens to me.

Kat: Do you think I was going to let you go off on your own.

Scott: It doesn't matter you have to go back, I'm staying here.

Kat: You can't be serious.

Scott: I am. I have my family back.

Kat: Scott this isn't real, it's an illusion created by the great power to test you. Your parents died at the beginning of this year.

Scott looked at her and for a second stood there and then he nodded.

Scott: I know, it's just seeing them again.

Kat: I understand.

Scott: My Dad should be home now, so I have do something.

Walking down the stairs he walked into the Kitchen..

Dad: Hello Son.

Scott: Hi. I have come to say good-bye. Seeing the three of you again has brought back a lot of memories, but this isn't real and I don't belong here anymore and it's time to let go. I guess I didn't want to let go because I never got the chance to say good-bye, but if I want to move on in life, I have to look forward to the future, not to the past.

Scott stopped and brushed the tears from his eyes. It was then Kat took his hand.

Scott: I have to go. My friends and world need me.

Mom: We know and remember we're proud of you.

Scott: I love you and I miss you, but at least I'm not alone anymore.

As he said that he pulled Kat closer and then before his eyes the house and his family vanished. As they did Scott swore he saw them wave.

Then they were back in front of the monolith.

Tanya: Took you're time didn't you.

Kat: What do you mean?

Billy: You've been gone three hours.

Scott: Man that isn't possible, it only felt like a few minutes.

Tommy: Wasn't for us.

Justin: Now what?

In answer to the question the monolith opened and there embedded in the great power was the Zeo Crystal. Without warning the pieces flew towards their respective Ranger and so to did the image of their animal guide and in their minds they heard the voice of Zordon.

Zordon: Katherine you are now Zeo Ninja Ranger I. Pink Butterfly.

Stepping forward the light shone down on her and then she was dressed in her Zeo armour with a picture of her animal guide now on the chest of the armour. The rest of the team followed and soon they were all back in their armour and then Zordon spoke to them.

Zordon: Rangers the power of the Zeo Crystal and Ninjetti are now yours. You are no longer the Power Rangers: Zeo, but the Power Rangers: Zeo Ninjetti the ultimate force in the fight against evil.

With that his voice was gone and the Rangers were left to contemplate the words.

Scott: This is it guys. We have new powers and we're going into battle against the ultimate evil...

Justin: Well, I think we should be feeling very sorry for Death right about now, because we're going to kick his butt.

Scott: That's what I was going to say.

The others laughed and then the seven teleported. Each knowing they were in for the fight of there lives.

The End... for now