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Worlds Apart\Worlds Together
by : Adam Pearlman and KJ

Scott Crane was irritated and with good reason the day had started so well and now it had all gone to pieces. It wasn't the fact that it was his Birthday, it was the fact as a Power Ranger he was responsible for protecting the Earth. Except no-one had attacked in the last month. The current evil who was attacking Earth known as Death had appeared to disappear.

Scans by Zordon and Billy had determined that Death had left the Moon. This should have been a cause for celebration, except Scott didn't believe Death had really gone. The others had said he was worrying about nothing and his girlfriend Kat had said he should forget about it. He had talked with Tommy and Tommy had agreed that it was pretty strange and they should remain on guard.

At the moment he was trying to ignore both Kat and his little Brother and fellow Ranger Justin.

Justin: Come on Scott you have to come.

Scott: I don't want to go down to the Youth Center.

Kat: Scott you have to come, the others are going to be there.

Scott: Neither of you are going let me go until I say yes. Are you?

Justin: No we're not.

Shaking his head Scott walked out of the house and towards the Youth Center followed by the others. As they arrived they saw Tommy and Kim coming the other way.

Scott: Hey guys, Happy Birthday Kim.

Kim: Thanks. Happy Birthday to you as well.

The two suddenly felt their sight being blocked and Scott immediately stiffened.

Kat: Easy, it's just a blindfold.

Scott: Get it off.

Justin: It'll only be on for a few minutes.

Scott spoke again and this time he voice was almost a growl.

Scott: Get it off now.

There was a rustle of movement and he felt Kat lift the blindfold from his eyes.

Kat: If you won't consent to a blindfold will you at least close your eyes?

Scott: Okay.

Closing his eyes he felt Kat take his hand and lead him forward. The walk continued for many minutes and then.

Tommy: Okay open them.

Opening his eye's. Scott and Kim were greeted with a deafening shout of Happy Birthday.

Kim: Guy's this is great I don't know what to say.

Adam: Try Thank you.

Scott: Thank you.

Tanya: Your welcome.

Kat: So do you like it?

Scott: Yeah it's great.

Justin: We've been planning it for weeks.

Scott: Never suspected a thing.

Tommy: You should have paid attention then. We were being pretty blatant about it all.

Then the others gradually disappeared into the party leaving Scott alone with Kat.

Kat: Do you really like it?

Scott: Yes, it's great, just like you.

Kat smiled and kissed him on the lips.

Kat: You're such a flatterer.

Scott: It's a gift.

Kat: So what was all that with the blindfold.

Scott: It just reminded me about being back in Rita & Zedd's cell. I didn't mean to upset anyone.

Kat: I know and that's what this party is about. Giving you a chance to let your hair down so to speak.

Scott gave a faint smile and then wandered on into the crowd. Kat watched him go and was then startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she saw it was Kim.

Kim: Didn't mean to scare you.

Kat: I guess I'm a little distracted.

Kim: Still worried about Scott. I wouldn't be, I think for the first time since he returned from the dead, he's actually happy and you can take the credit for that.

Kat: I didn't do anything.

Kim: Yes, you did. More than any of us, including myself you've been there for Scott in the last few months and I think he's actually starting to act like the Scott I knew before his parents died.

Kat: Really, do you think he's okay.

Kim: Yeah, for the first time in a long time he looks happy.

Kat: He does.

Kim: Come on let's join the fun.

The two girls left their seats and joined the other Rangers in the party.

Later on that same day Scott was making his way through the park when he heard a noise and saw a portal appear, even as it did his Ranger instincts immediately kicked in. He did not have a chance to react though as suddenly a white light appeared from the portal and he was pulled inside...

The Zeo Rangers had gathered in the Youth Center, as they always did after school. Rocky and Carri were sipping on a soda and working on finishing a basket of fries. Jason was talking to Emily, even though she should have been working. Tommy and Kat were busy holding hands and being together. Adam was sitting there eating a burger and chatting with whoever he happened to get a word in with.

Rocky: See, what you don't understand is that LA is better than Houston.

Carri: Look, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times. We rule you suck. End of story.

Rocky: Don't argue with me. I'm always right.

Carri: On what planet?

Rocky: You just wish you had half the brains I had.

Carri: You know I'm smarter than you.

Rocky: You know you're not.

Carri: Am too.

Rocky leaned in closer to Carri.

Rocky: Are not.

Carri got in even closer to Rocky.

Carri: Am too.

Adam: Enough of this pointless conversation. You're driving me crazy. You know, it would be funny to see you two actually get into an argument. Because....

Adam stopped short when he looked up an noticed the two making out.

Adam: Never mind.

Adam turned to Jason and saw him talking to Emily, who was sitting in his lap.

Emily: I need to get to work.

Jason: Why? I'm the only important person in the Youth Center.

Emily: No, you're just the hottest.

Jason: I know.

Emily leaned in and kissed Jason.

Emily: I've got to go. Ernie would kill me if he knew I took a 20 minute break.

Emily got up and left.

Adam: So, now that I have someone to talk to.

Jason looked and saw Carri and Rocky into each other on one side of him and Kat and Tommy on the other.

Jason: Hey, look at you guys. Making out in public places.

Carri and Rocky both grabbed a fry and threw it at him, without pausing during their kiss.

Tommy: Look who's talking.

Jason: When have I ever kissed in public.

More fries went Jason's way as the kissing stopped by both parties.

Carri: It's boring here. Let's go.

Carri hopped up and dragged Rocky up with her.

Rocky: Where are we going?

Tommy: Let's go play basketball. We haven't done that in a while.

Jason stood up.

Jason: Sounds like a plan.

Kat: Why not. I'm in.

Adam: Me too. I'm the basketball king.

Rocky: Ok, Mr. Basketball King. You, me and Carri vs. those athletically deprived people over there.

Jason: Athletically deprived? We'll show you athletically deprived.

Tommy: You're on DeSantos.

Rocky: Wait.

Carri: What?

Rocky picked up the basket of fries.

Rocky: My snack isn't done yet.

Carri reached over and grabbed a few fries.

Carri: Good idea.

Adam decided he was going to take his share.

Rocky: Help yourself.

Adam: I will.

Tommy: Me too.

Jason: Don't mind if I do.

Within a few minutes all of the fries were gone.

Rocky: Now we can go.

Carri: Food comes first.

Rocky: Second.

Carri: To what?

Rocky: You.

Tommy: Rocky just doesn't want to get slapped so he said you.

Rocky: No, Rocky was just being truthful.

Carri: Well, either way I thought it was sweet.

Carri gave Rocky a kiss for his efforts.

Kat: So cute together.

Jason: Anyway. Can we go now?

The six friends left the Youth Center. Rocky and Carri were hand in hand as was Tommy and Kat. Jason blew Emily a kiss as they went out.

The six were walking along the path when Jason suddenly stopped short.

Tommy: Hey, what's up Jase?

Jason: Why don't we call Billy and see if he wants to join us.

Kat: That's not a bad idea.

Rocky: Then the teams will be uneven.

Jason: Better uneven teams than having Billy spend all his time stuck in the Power Chamber.

Carri: Jason's right, we don't include Billy in our activities.

Rocky: Hey, he's the one who stays in the Power Chamber all day.

Ignoring Rocky, Jason looked around and then raised his communicator to his mouth.

Jason: Billy this is Jason.

The response was instantaneous.

Billy: I'm here. What's up?

Jason: Just wanting to know if you want to play a little basketball.

In the background Rocky muttered something that was suddenly cut off by Carri kicking him in the shins.

Billy: Why not. I'll be down in a few minutes.

Then the communicator went silent.

Rocky: What was that for?

Carri: You know very well what that was for.

Rocky: If he wants to stay hidden away all the time, it's his business.

Tommy: He's still our friend and we have left him out in the cold since he gave up his powers.

Rocky: You're right of course, it's just he's obviously miserable and he won't talk to any of us.

Adam: Maybe we should talk to him.

Jason: I don't think he'll want to talk to all of us. Perhaps a couple of us.

Kat: Jason you've known him longest.

Jason: He never talked to me. The only people he would ever talk about his problems were Trini and Kim, but they aren't here and I know a couple of female Rangers who will just have to do.

Carri: Guess we've been volunteered.

Kat: What was your first clue. As soon as the opportunity presents itself we'll talk to him.

Then a beam of white appeared in the sky and landed a meter or so in front of them and became the former Blue Ranger Billy.

Tommy: Took your time didn't you.

Billy: Traffic.

Adam: Well, if we're going to play then let's get on with it.

Rocky: The teams are going to be uneven now.

Kat: Well, actually since you think me, Tommy and Jason are athletically deprived then one more member on our team still won't let us win.

Rocky: I love a challenge.

Billy: Let's make it interesting. The winners will be bought as much as they can eat at Ernie's by the losers.

Rocky: Your on.

Tommy: I think we've just made a big mistake. You know how much he can eat.

Billy: You worry too much.

Adam: Are we going to stand here all day.

Rocky: We're coming. Honestly...

Rocky's next words never left his mouth as the wind suddenly began to whip up and the Rangers had to shield their eye's.

Kat: What's happening?

Before anyone could reply a portal appeared and flung a figure out of it. The figure landed hard and didn't get up as the portal disappeared.

Once the Rangers had recovered their bearings they ran to the figure on the floor.

Tommy: Is he?

Kat gently knelt down beside the figure and checked his pulse.

Kat: He's alive, just unconscious.

Carri: Well let's get him to a hospital.

Billy: Guys look at this.

The others all turned to see what had caught Billy's attention and then they all glanced at their own wrists.

Tommy: We'd better take him to the Power Chamber.

Jason: Are you sure, he could work for the Machine Empire.

Adam: We'll have to take that chance.

Kat: Adam's right he may be a Ranger. Perhaps he's from Triforia.

Rocky: Doesn't explain the communicator.

Tommy: Once he's awake we'll get some answers. Alpha this is Tommy.

Alpha: Go ahead Tommy.

Tommy: We're teleporting in with a guest. He may need medical assistance.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. I'll be ready.

Then the group teleported out leaving no indication that they had ever been there. On the moon a figure watched in silent fury.

Death: No, how could that Ranger follow me here. I was very careful to not leave any trace of my departure.

Mondo: Perhaps Zordon became aware of you and brought him here.

Death: It is more likely that he simply fell through a dimensional portal, but I will not discount the possibility that Zordon did send him through. Mondo prepare your Quadrafighters for a full scale assault on Angel Grove and the Power Chamber.

Mondo: As you wish Death.

Death: No, Mondo as I command.

Then Mondo left to prepare his warriors for battle and Death continued to watch the Earth below.

Death: He shall not interfere with my plans again.

In the Power Chamber.

Kat: Well, Alpha?

Alpha: He's fine, just a bump on the head, he should come round soon.

Zordon: Billy have you completed your scan on our visitor.

Billy: I have Zordon and I'm feeding the results to you.

Tommy: Well Billy?

Billy: According to the scan he is just as human as the rest of us. However take a look at this energy reading of the Zeo Crystals.

Pressing a couple of buttons the energy patterns of the Zeo sub-crystals appeared on the Viewing Globe.

Billy: Now look at this energy reading I've taken from our guest.

A second pattern appeared on the globe and then placed itself on top of the first pattern.

Carri: They are almost identical.

Billy: Exactly. Whoever he is possess some kind of altered Zeo power.

Scott: Zeo Ninjetti.

Turning around the group saw that their visitor was pulling himself back to his feet.

Adam: Excuse me, Zeo Ninjetti.

Scott: The energy pattern it's my Zeo crystal and my other power combined and you have no idea what I'm talking about do you.

The blank stares that followed indicated he was right.

Scott: Let me try this again, do you know a girl called Tanya Sloan.

The reaction from Adam indicated he did.

Adam: She was the Yellow Zeo Ranger, but she got the offer of a record contract and gave her powers to Carri.

Scott: Since that's different and Rocky's on the team, I guess I must be in a parallel dimension, possibly with a slower time speed.

Zordon: Perhaps you should start by introducing yourself and then explain.

Scott: My name is Scott Crane I'm the White Zeo Ninjetti Ranger. On my world there are also Rangers except the team is slightly altered from the one here. In my world Tanya is the Yellow Ranger and Justin is the Blue Ranger.

Rocky: That wouldn't happen to be a kid called Justin Stewart would it.

Scott: As a matter of fact yes it is.

Carri: He's only ten years old and he's a Ranger.

Scott: In my world he's fourteen years old. He took over from Rocky when he hurt his back.

Rocky: That's ridiculous I would have given my power to Billy if I had been hurt.

Scott: Perhaps you would have if Billy was still around.

Billy: What do you mean if I was still around.

Scott: From what I'm told you left Earth for a while after Jason became the Gold Ranger and before Rocky hurt his back.

Billy: I left Earth. Why?

Zordon: Billy it is not wise to know. If Scott comes from a parallel universe then events may still unfold the way they did in his universe.

Billy: Understood Zordon.

Tommy: So what else can you tell us.

Scott: Like why am I here? If I had that answer maybe I wouldn't be here.

Scott suddenly reached down and put his hand on one of his pockets.

Carri: What's wrong?

Scott: I had a device in my pocket, looked like a video recorder.

Carri: Oh you mean this, I was just having a look at it. What is it anyway?

Scott: The Billy of my dimension gave it to me, it records my memories of things as they happen and also things that have happened before.

Rocky: What has it got on it?

Scott: Just things that happened during my Ranger times.

Adam: Can we have a look at some of it?

Scott: I don't know.

Zordon: I do not think it will harm anyone if you allow them to see something from your dimension.

Scott: If you say so. What would you like to see?

Kat: Something from your last adventure.

Scott: Okay.

Picking up the device Scott activated it and pointed it at the Viewing Globe and the memory showed the events of the return of Dark Ranger from how he and Kat had been practising and then they had been attacked and with Kat's life in danger he had fought his double and beaten him by the skin of his teeth. Scott having been there watched the reactions of his companions. Then the memory ended.

Rocky: Man that Dark Ranger looks like a tough guy.

Scott: He was, almost impossible to beat. I only beat him with a lot of luck.

Kat: From the looks of things you could have been killed.

Scott: I had no choice your... I mean my Kat's life was in danger, I wasn't going to let that maniac hurt her.

Tommy: I know how you feel, if someone I cared for was in danger I would risk everything for that person.

Scott: Your just like the Tommy of my world, he understood to. He was the only one that understood. It seems that since I came back I spend most of my time justifying the risks I take.

Carri: Came back.

Scott: I wasn't always the White Zeo Ninjetti Ranger, before I was Silver Power Ranger, things happened and those powers were lost and I... was gone for a while and then I came back as the White Zeo Ranger.

Sensing his change in mood the others remained respectfully silent.

Rocky: Hey guys come on let's go and play some basketball. We've got even teams now.

Scott: Why not, something tells me it's going to be a while before I go home.

Zordon: I see no harm in it. Go and have some fun Rangers.

Then the eight Rangers teleported out.

Rocky: So the bet's still on right? I'm hungry.

Billy: You're too confident.

Rocky: Well, we all know how athletically inclined I am, and I taught Adam all he knows...

Tommy interrupted Rocky.

Tommy: They're going to loose.

Rocky ignored Tommy and kept on going.

Rocky: And Carri's not bad...

Once again Rocky was interrupted by one of his friends.

Carri: Not bad? Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Rocky: Any time. But Anyway, that leaves Scott. So, how do you play?

Scott: I'm not bad. And if you two play anything like the Tommy and Kat of my world, I think I'll be able to do quite well. Of course, if you ever asked the Tommy of my world, he'd say he was ten times better.

Tommy: I'll tell you I'm ten times better.

Scott: Sure you will.

Kat: Well, I'll vouch for Tommy. He's skilled. At anything he wants to do.

Scott smiled but at the same time he felt hurt to hear Kat stick up for Tommy like that. Even though he was on another world and he knew that his Kat was at home waiting for him, he still felt the littlest bit of jealousy.

The group arrived on the court. Jason went over to grab the ball from where they had kept it.

Jason: Let's get this show on the road.

Rocky: Who's taking it out?

Billy: We are.

Adam: Why? We have the new guy and it's only fair to let the new guy take it out first.

Jason: But we have the ball.

And with that Jason stepped out of bounds and threw it in.

Tommy had the ball and was getting ready to take a shot. As he looked up he saw a glare and he couldn't see the rim.

Tommy: Quadrafighters! Look out!

The rangers jumped out of the way as the Quadrafighters started firing on Angel Grove.

Jason: We've got to morph!

Billy: I'll get back to the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Alright. It's morphin time!







Rocky: Now what?

Tommy: Stop the Quadrafighters.

Kat: But how? Shooting at them won't do us any good.

Adam: Yeah. And Mondo has never launched a full scale attack with Quadrafighters before.

Tommy: The best bet is to call on the Super Zeo Zords and see how many they can take down.

Carri: Sounds like...

Carri stopped short upon noticing the extra figures on the basketball court.

Carri: Cogs!

Jason: You guys have to stop the Quadrafighters. I'll deal with the cogs.

Rocky: Are you crazy? One ranger can't handle all of those cogs!

Tommy: Rocky's right. You...

The ever so familiar sound of the communicator caused Tommy to stop.

Tommy: What is it Billy?

Billy: I hope this comes through, we're under attack. Scott can morph using his White Zeo....

That was enough for the rangers to get the message.

Scott: I'll morph, you guys go scare off the Quadrafighters.

Tommy: Right.

Adam: Let's split up. Two of us go to the Power Chamber and the rest stay by Angel Grove.

Rocky looked at Carri.

Rocky: Shall we?

Carri: I'll be right behind you.

Tommy: Then it's settled. We need Super Zeo Zord power now!

Scott: It's morphin time! WHITE RANGER POWER!

Scott morphed and the others left in their zords. As soon as the Scott was morphed, he and Jason ran towards the cogs who were heading towards them at full speed.

The blue and yellow Super Zeo Zords were having a rough time trying to keep the Quadrafighters under control.

Carri: Let's pull them away from the Power Chamber.

Rocky: Right.

Carri and Rocky slowly backed away from the Power Chamber. The Quadrafighters, who by that time had turned their attention completely to the advancing forces, were quick to follow.

Rocky: Now that we're out of the way of the Power Chamber, let's let them have it.

Carri: You've got it.

Rocky and Carri had their zords whip out their Power Weapons. They came at the Quadrafighters full force. The Quadrafighters were firing the whole way. But the amount of Quadrafighers which were dispersed to the Power Chamber was few, and despite their firing they were no match for the Super Zeo Zords.

Rocky: Let's go see what the damage to the Power Chamber is.

Carri: Right.

Billy looked up to see the morphed Blue and Yellow rangers appear before him.

Carri: Are you ok?

Billy: Yes. You guys got here just in time.

Alpha: Ai yi yi! One more second with those Quadrafighters and I though we would be history.

Rocky: What's the damage?

Billy was standing at the control panel trying to fix everything.

Billy: The damage is minimal. Everything should be up and running about.... now.

With that the status of the other Super Zeo Zord fight appeared on the Viewing Globe.

Rocky: Looks like they could use some help.

Carri: I guess that's our cue.

Billy: Be careful.

As Billy finished speaking the rangers teleported off to join the others.

Tommy: We can't let them get the best of us.

Kat: But there's so many of them!

Adam: We need some serious help.

Rocky: Your calvary has arrived.

Kat: And just in time.

Tommy: Enough talk. Let's show them what happens when you mess with the power rangers.

Adam, Rocky, Kat, and Carri: Yeah!

The five separate Super Zeo Zords worked for a while, taking out the Quadrifighters one by one. Soon they had reduced their army to only a few.

Tommy: Let's bring it together and show them something they won't forget for a while.

Tommy called for the Zords to become one.

Adam: Let's give them all we've got.

Carri: We'll make them regret they ever decided to invade Angel Grove.

Tommy: How about the Zeo Saber?

Kat: Sounds like a plan.

All: Zeo Saber, power up.

And one mighty swing of the Zeo Saber was all it took to destroy the remaining few Quadrafighters.

Rocky: Make sure to tell Mondo that what he gets for breaking up our game.

Adam: Come on, let's go help Jason and Scott.

The rangers teleported to the court.

Scott: You guys aren't as tough as you seem.

Jason: Let's see how you like a gold rush.

Jason took out the Gold Power Staff and while holding it sideways, ran through the cogs sending most of them down.

Tommy: We're here.

Scott: Just in time to see them leave.

The rangers looked up and noticed that with that last blast issued by Jason, the cogs sensed defeat and left.

Kat: Way to go guys.

Scott: Thanks.

Jason: Now to get back to the game. And for you two to work in that talk with Billy.

Everyone nodded their head in agreement with Jason.

Back on the moon, Death was very upset.

Death: I though you said that your Quadrafighters would destroy those rangers. And why is the White Zeo Ranger still alive?

Mondo: I wasn't expecting them to use their Super Zeo Zords. As for the White Zeo Ranger, he was a lot better of a fighter than I had expected.

Death: Who do you think you are? You do not expect things when it comes to the power rangers. You prepare for all possibilities. Rita and Zedd would have a better since of judgement than that.

Mondo: Rita and Zedd? I destroyed those fools months ago.

Death: As usual, things may not go as planned.

Mondo: What's that supposed to mean?

Death: Do not ask me any questions. Now we must discuss my plan and we have to figure out a way to destroy the White Zeo Ranger.

Mondo: Ok.

Death: Not ok, it's yes your highness.

Mondo was reluctant to say it, but he did anyway.

Part Two

What's Gone Before.

With the apparent departure of Death the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers have turned their attention to more relaxing things, such as Scott and Kim's Birthday. Whilst traveling through the park Scott was pulled into a mysterious portal and deposited in another dimension. There he made contact with Power Rangers who were almost exactly like the one's in his universe except with slight differences. Unknown to anyone of this universe Death has traveled to this universe with the intention of conquering it. Having survived an attack by Quadrafighters and Cogs the Rangers continue to relax whilst they wait for a way to return Scott home.

Now the story continues:

(Minutes after the portal appeared and Scott vanished)

In the dimension that Scott normally inhabits the other Rangers continue to enjoy the party they had arranged. However their relaxation was about to be disrupted by the sound of a familiar six tone beep.

Finding a secluded corner the group answered the page.

Six: Yo, Yo, Yo hustle your multicolored butts over to the Power Chamber right now, we got a situation.

Tommy: Adam are we clear?

Adam: Yeah.

Tommy nodded and then they teleported out and moments later they appeared in the Power Chamber. The group quickly stepped in to the center of the Chamber were there mentors Dimitria and Zordon were.

Billy: Zordon what's wrong?

Kat: Maybe you should wait for Scott before you start Zordon.

Dimitria: Scott is the emergency Katherine.

Justin: What's happened?

Alpha: A few minutes ago we detected a dimensional shift and when we scanned the area of the park it was in, so was Scott's energy signature which has now disappeared into the vortex.

Adam: Do you know were he is?

Zordon: We've started scanning for his distinct energy signature, but have not had much luck. Billy if you could assist both Alpha's.

The Gold Ranger quickly joined the two robots at the console.

Dimitria: Do not worry we shall find him.

Kat: I hope so. I hope he's alright.

Tommy: Don't worry. I'm sure he's fine. You know, Scott's tough. I'm sure whatever's going on he can handle it.

Tanya went over and put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

Tanya: Yeah, Tommy's right.

Billy: I've found.. something.

Adam: What is it?

Alpha: It appears that the same energy pattern which has sent Scott somewhere has sent someone from the moon somewhere as well.

Kat: You mean?

Billy: Let's hope not.

Six: Yo, this may be some sorta coincidence. Death could be in another galaxy for all we know.

Tommy: Whatever we do, let's not panic until we know for sure.

Kat: But if they're alone together, who knows what could be happening.

Zordon: The chance that the two of them are alone together is slim. The portal was to a different Earth in another dimension.

Dimitria: Yes rangers. There are hundreds of thousands of other earth's but only 2% of those are uninhabited.

Billy: If they are it's not planned. The portal looks to have been random.

Adam: Assuming that it was created by Death...

Tanya: Which is probably right. I mean, why else would a portal have originated on the moon?

Adam: He picked a random Earth. But why?

Tommy: Maybe he wanted to pick one without power rangers.

Kat: So he could destroy it.

Zordon: Most likely every Earth has their own power rangers. Most Earth's aren't to different from us.

Tommy: As advanced as us?

Dimitria: The rangers of the other worlds are in different stages of progression. The chances of them landing on one almost exactly like ours in the same stage is about the same as the chance of them landing on an uninhabited Earth.

Tanya: Maybe it's for the best that Scott is there. He can help save other Earth's.

Kat: But I'd rather have him right here.

Alpha: Ai ai ai! We're working as fast as we can!

Six: Yo Kat, don't worry. We'll find Scott and have him back in no time.

Kat: I hope so.

Tommy: Don't worry Kat. We'll find him. Even if we are up here for the rest of our lives, we'll find him.

Billy: And that's a promise.

Kat: But aren't there hundreds of thousands of Earth's to search?

Billy: Yes. And we'll start searching... as soon as we figure out how.

Back in the other reality Scott and the others had headed to the Youth Center after finishing off the interrupted game of Basketball.

Rocky: Man that was some game.

Billy: Yeah, we've not had one like that for a long time.

Scott: Same for me, the last time I played was a year ago, since then I've not had much chance to play any basketball.

Carri: So what is it like in your world?

Scott: It's just the same as here, with slight differences.

High above on the moon Death watched the group.

Death: I think I'll go and say hello.

Then he was gone. Back on Earth the group was approaching the Youth Center when the sky darkened, flames appeared on the ground and a figure appeared in their midst.

Carri: What's going on?

Scott: I might have guessed.

Tommy: You know this guy.

Scott: Unfortunately yes. Zeo Rangers meet Death, Death the Zeo Rangers. This is the lunatic who has been causing trouble for us. Although he's been gone for a month.

Death: And now you've found me old friend.

Scott: I'm not your friend.

Death: No, mortal enemy, a shame though your capacity for evil was great Dark Ranger.

Scott: I'm not the Dark Ranger anymore.

Death: I know.

Tommy: What do you want?

Death: Your destruction, but I thought I would introduce myself after all I don't know all of you.

The winged evil-doer turned and stepped towards the Yellow Zeo Ranger. Rocky quickly stepped protectively in front of her.

Rocky: Don't come any closer.

Death: Ah little Blue Ranger trying to protect his girlfriend, nice try.

Tommy: Guy's It's Morphing Time.

The six Zeo Rangers brought their wrists together and transformed in the Power Rangers: Zeo. Scott didn't pull out his Zeonisers instead he called on the full power of his Zeo Crystal and Ninjetti spirit and with a blast of power he was transformed from Scott Crane into.

Scott: Zeo Ninjetti Ranger VII. White Lion.

Adam: Amazing why didn't you morph like that before.

Scott: Never reveal all your cards at the beginning.

Carri: And the rest of your team has the same powers as well.

Scott: Yep!!!

Carri: Nice.

Death: Time to die.

Death raised his hands and fired bolts of energy at them which the seven were quick to avoid.

Seconds earlier in Scott's home universe.

Six: Yo I've found our missing Ranger.

Justin: Where is he?

Alpha: As we guessed he is in another universe and he's activated his Zeo Ninjetti powers.

Billy: Of course the powers act like a beacon. Now we have to find a way to get to him or bring him to us.

Dimitria: I would suggest you find a way to get to him. If he has activated his Zeo Ninjetti powers then Death is there as well.

Tommy: Billy any ideas?

Billy: I have something in my lab, I'll be back in a few minutes.

Billy quickly teleported out. Back in the other universe the battle between the Rangers and Death had escalated to include Cogs. It also didn't help that Death was creating bad weather conditions.

Kat: We're in trouble, with all these Cogs and weather conditions created by Death I don't see how we can win.

Scott: Never give up, if he wins here he will take the power of the Zeo Crystal and go back to my world and we may not be able to stop him.

Tommy: Well, if you have an idea, now is the time to speak up.

Before Scott could reply a beam of light appeared and the six figures stepped from it.

Tanya: All right it worked.

Death: I think this is my cue to leave.

Then he and the Cogs were gone leaving two sets of Rangers behind.

Scott: Let's go to the Power Chamber and get the introductions out of the way.

All the rangers teleported to the Power Chamber.

Carri: Well this sure is strange to say the least.

Alpha: Ai ai ai! How did all these people get here!

(Scott's world) Billy: When Scott morphed we were able to trace his power signatures to here. Then all I had to do was open a portal and, well, here we are.

Scott: It's amazing, you look so alike yet your so different.

Kat walked over and put her arms around Scott.

(SW) Kat: It's so good to see you. I feared the worst.

Scott: I had Earth's Zeo Rangers to help me with whatever I may have faced. Which reminds me. These are Earth's Zeo Rangers. The ones here that don't have a double as a ranger on our world, the gold, blue and yellow zeo rangers are Jason Lee Scott, Rocky DeSantos and Carri Hillard. Whom you probably know already.

Scott's girlfriend Kat started to laugh.

Scott: What?

(SW) Kat: My cousin? A power ranger? I couldn't see it... she's to shy and could never hurt a fly.

The Zeo Rangers looked at each other and started to laugh.

Carri: Like Scott said, we are different.

Rocky: That's for sure.

Scott: Anyway, these are the Zeo Ninjetti. The blue and yellow rangers are Justin Stewart and Tanya Sloan.

Rocky leaned over and whispered something in to Carri's ear.

Rocky: I still don't see Justin as a power ranger.

Tommy: Now that everybody knows everybody, what are we up against with this Death character?

(SW) Tommy: Death is very dangerous. It was hard for us to fight against him on our world.

Jason: But what about all 13 of us? Shouldn't that make it easier?

(SW) Adam: 13? What about Billy?

Billy: Me? I am not a Power Ranger. I gave up the power to work in the Power Chamber with Zordon.

Tanya: I don't know what we're going to do, but we do have to defeat Death once and for all.

Justin: I'm with you on that one.

Kat: But how? The biggest threat we've ever seen was... I guess a giant sized Mondo.

Billy: The other Billy and I, along with the help of Alpha and Zordon, can come up with something.

Carri: What do you want us to do?

Jason: It's not like we can all go roaming through the park or play ball or anything.

Billy: Teleport home?

Kat: My parents aren't home... I guess some of us could go there.

Adam: All of us?

Carri: Jeeze... I don't know. I don't see why not...

(SW) Tommy: So are we just supposed to sit and wait for him to attack again?

Zordon: Yes rangers. That is all we can do. We cannot go to the moon and attack him. Trying to get inside of Mondo's base is too dangerous. The Billys, Alpha, and I will work to come up with something. As soon as we do, we will contact you.

Tanya: Ok guys, let's go.

The rangers teleported to Kat and Carri's house. When they got there, Carri, Rocky, Kat and Tommy took their usual places on the couch. Jason and Adam sat in the floor at their feet like they usually did during a movie watching fest. The Zeo Ninjetti Rangers sat down in different spots in the room, with Kat and Scott together and Tanya and Adam together.

Carri: So... this is definitely a new situation.

Jason: Just stay seated. I don't trust myself not to get you confused.

The rangers laughed causing the tension in the room to start to dissolve.

Scott: I'm sure that would be hard. If you keep up with who's with who, you shouldn't have much trouble.

Justin: This is really cool, getting to travel to another dimension.

(SW) Tommy: Too bad it isn't under better circumstances.

Tommy: Well, here in Angel Grove there is never a time when you can come and not see something attacking the city.

Tanya: Oh really? You guys too?

After that, a wave of silence settled over the room.

Carri: Ok, this silence is killing me. How about some TV?

Kat: Go for it.

Carri tried to get up but Jason was in her way.

Carri: Do you mind?

Jason: I'm comfortable.

Carri: I care. Really.

Carri managed to squeeze between Jason and the side of the couch and get the remote.

Adam: What's on?

Carri shrugged her shoulders as she flipped the channels.

(SW) Adam: There's some really cool shows on at this time back home, but they might not be on here.

Rocky: Cool? At four in the afternoon? I don't think so. Wait, stop flipping channels. I want to watch the game.

Carri: I have the control. No game today.

Rocky: Let's take a vote.

Carri: Fine. All who want to watch the game raise their hands.

The four male Zeo Rangers, Scott, and the Adam from his world raised their hands.

Rocky: You loose.

Carri reluctantly flipped the channels back.

Carri: I usually wouldn't mind watching baseball. But no, it has to be the Dodgers and Cubs.

(SW) Kat: Yup, two totally different people.

(SW) Tommy: I hope we find out how to destroy Death soon.

Justin: Me too.

Scott: I want to teach him a lesson. I owe him one that he'll never forget.

(SW) Adam: Don't we all.

Tanya nodded her head in agreement.

The rangers sat there, watching TV. The Zeo Rangers were trying to let themselves go of their ranger duties for the time being while the Zeo Ninjetti couldn't help but keeping their mind on Death.

Up on the moon Death watched the two groups of Rangers with disgust.

Death: They have more power than is possible and what do they do with it. Watch a baseball game. If I were a Ranger I would attack this palace with everything I possessed.

Sprocket: Well, your not a Ranger are you?

Death: What great powers of observation you have. I think it is time for myself and Mondo to take a hand in this struggle.

Mondo: What do you suggest?

Death: Here we have an opportunity to eliminate two sets of Rangers and what better way than by our own hands.

Mondo: I've already tried that and I was defeated.

Death: Only by luck and with my power boost the Super Zeo Zords will be no match for you and while you take care of the Zeo Rangers and I will destroy the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers.

Back on Earth in the Hillards living room the group had been watching the game for some time in quiet except for slight disruptions by Rocky, causing him to get into an argument with Carri about their favorite teams which had been settled when Kat and Tommy had thrown pillows at them. As they sat on the floor Scott became aware that he was quite uncomfortable and he began to fidget in an effort to get comfy. As he adjusted his position he heard Carri whisper something.

Carri: Oh my god. What happened to your back?

Pulling his shirt back down to cover the scars he turned and faced the Zeo Rangers.

Scott: I got them during a stay at the castle of Rita and Zedd. We were on another planet when we saw Cogs coming towards us. I stayed behind to allow the others to escape and was subsequently caught by them and I got tortured for a couple of months.

Kat: Didn't the others try to rescue you?

(SW) Kat: We thought he was dead. We found the remains of his morpher and a piece of his shirt covered in his blood. We had no evidence that he was alive. Believing he was dead almost destroyed the team.

Tommy: Yeah, but you obviously carried on.

(SW) Tommy: Barely, in the few weeks following it, we almost lost both Adam and Kat.

Adam: What do you mean?

(SW) Adam: I blamed myself for Scott getting killed, since Tommy had been incapacitated along with Billy I should have taken charge. I felt so bad about it I started to take drugs.

Rocky: You, somehow you don't seem like the type.

Tanya: You don't have to be any sort of person, it just happens.

Kat: So what happened to you Kat?

(SW) Kat: I attempted suicide. Fortunately I didn't do a very good job and Tanya found me before it was too late. I don't know if anyone can really understand why I did what I did, but I guess when I thought Scott was dead I felt like a piece of me had died and all that I wanted to do was join him.

Even as she spoke she was openly crying and Scott pulled her into a hug and she buried her head in his chest.

(SW) Kat: I should have known that you were still alive, I mean I knew that you were the White Ranger from the very first moment we saw you.

Scott: How did you know?

(SW) Kat: You've always had that kind of presence that sometimes can be comforting, I guess because I was so close to you I just felt it when you appeared.

Scott: If you knew, why did you yell at Billy for not telling you.

(SW) Kat: Now your spoiling my fun.

Scott laughed and so did the other Rangers.

As the laughter ended silence followed until finally someone came up with something to say.

Rocky: So, Justin, how long have you been a ranger?

Justin: Ever since you, well the you on my world, hurt your back.

Rocky: How badly was I injured?

(SW) Kat: Bad enough to keep you off of your feet for a good long while.

Rocky: Sounds painful.

(SW) Adam: He swears that it didn't hurt that bad, but we all know better than that.

Kat: Men. They could be broken up in fifty places and they'd still claim it didn't hurt.

That got a laugh from the female rangers.

Tommy: That's because we're tough.

Tanya: Or at least you act like it.

Jason: Look, game over, Dodgers win.

Carri: Please. Our high school baseball team could beat the Cubs.

Adam: I could hit for the cycle.

Carri: Even I could hit for the cycle.

Rocky: You can't hit at all. But you know, me and Adam have that cycle thing covered.

Carri hit Rocky with one of the couch pillows.

(SW) Tommy: I wish the Billys would hurry up. I want to know what's going on.

Scott: I'm sure they're getting towards a conclusion. It won't be long before we hear the familiar beep telling us to come to the Power Chamber.

(SW) Kat: I agree with you, but if they take too much longer we should go see how they're coming along.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Kat: Are you expecting anybody? Because I'm not.

Carri shook her head no as she got up to get the door. When she opened it, she found Emily standing on her doorstep.

Carri: Emily, hi, what a surprise.

Scott whispered something to his Kat.

Scott: Who's Emily?

Kat just shrugged her shoulders.

Emily: Hi, I was acuatlly here looking for... Jason.

Emily saw Jason sitting on the floor and started to come in to see him, but Carri pushed her out the door, walking outside and shutting the door behind them.

Emily: What was that all about?

Carri: Um... well, you see... Kat's parents are having a party and they don't want anyone in there.

Jason came outside to see what Emily wanted, being careful not to open the door too wide so she wouldn't see all the guests.

Jason: Hi Emily.

Emily: Did you just totally blow off our date?

Jason: I forgot, I'm so sorry.

Emily: Sorry won't cut it Jason...

Carri cut Emily off after thinking up a good excuse.

Carri: My aunt and uncle asked a few of us to help out a long time ago, and Jason agreed to do it.

Jason: I promise I won't schedule two things for one night ever again. I'll make it up to you.

Emily: That's ok.

As they were standing outside, their communicators beeped.

Emily: What was that?

Jason: Our... pagers.

Carri: Yeah. That means that somebody wants something.

Emily: Oh, ok.

Emily went over to Jason for a hug and a kiss before they went back inside.

As soon as the communicators went off, the other rangers went ahead and teleported to the Power Chamber.

Billy: It seems as though Death and King Mondo have taken things into their own hands.

Scott: What are you talking about?

(SW) Billy: Take a look for yourself.

As the rangers turned to look they saw a giant sized Mondo and Death taking matters into their own hands. It was at this time that Jason and Carri arrived.

Rocky: It took you long enough.

Adam: A giant sized Mondo? Nothing we can't handle.

(SW) Tommy: And we can take care of Death.

Tommy: Then let's do it. It's morphin time!

Billy: No, you guys, wait!

But it was too late, both sets of rangers were already morphed and on the scene, unaware of the danger that they faced.

Death: Welcome Power Rangers, to your end.

Scott: The only one who is going to meet your end is you two. Zeo Rangers call on your Zords and take down Mondo, we'll handle Death.

Tommy: Good luck.

Then the five separated from the group.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord power now.

At the command the Five Zords appeared and landed in the city even as the Rangers teleported on board.

Tommy: We need Super Zeo Megazord power now.

The command was issued and the five Zords united.

Rocky: Okay Mondo time for you to go down.

Mondo: I've been waiting for this Power Rangers and this time I hold the ultimate card.

Adam: That's what you said before and we're still here.

Mondo: Not for long.

Then Mondo moved into attack. On the ground Cogs had appeared to defend Death.

Jason: I'll handle the Cogs, you guys handle Death.

(SW) Billy: Are you sure you can handle that many?

Jason: Piece of cake.

Flashing a thumbs up sign, he ran off to attack the oncoming Cogs.

Scott: Well, Death it's just you and us now.

Death: I would not have it any other way. However I do think I'm at a disadvantage. No matter I can still split my attention between seven of you.

Then to the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers amazement Death split into three people.

Justin: Amazing.

Scott: Split up into two groups of three. If he's split himself he might be weaker.

(SW) Tommy: It's worth a shot.

Then the seven divided up as Tommy, Billy and Kat paired off and Tanya, Adam and Justin also did.

Scott: Well, it's one on one.

Death: Just as you wanted White Ranger. I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Scott: So have I.

Then without another hesitation the Ranger attacked. In another part of the city the Zeo Rangers struggled with the giant sized Mondo.

Mondo: Give up Rangers. If you do I may spare you.

Tommy: Not in this lifetime.

Mondo: Don't say I didn't give you a chance.

Then out of nowhere he produced a sword and walked towards the Megazord.

Adam: Tommy we have to take him out fast, something doesn't feel right.

Tommy: I know what you mean, it's like he's toying with us.

Then Mondo struck and the Megazord staggered back.

Carri: If you paid attention then that wouldn't have happened.

Tommy: Thank's for pointing that out.

Pulling the Megazord back to it's feet the Rangers once more entered the fray. On the ground as good as his words Jason was dealing with the Cogs like they were not even there.

Jason: You guys should give up and go before I finish you all off.

The Cogs didn't heed Jason's warning and instead continued on until he was knee deep in a sea of Cogs and then he felt himself being pulled down as the Cogs jumped on top of him. Unfortunately no one was able to come to his aid as the other Rangers found themselves unable to break free from their fight with the three Deaths.

All it takes is one second for a fight to swing from one direction to another. While experienced Justin is still young and easily distracted. Seeing something out of his helmet the Blue Ranger turned and before he could even decide what to do he was lifted off his feet and slammed into Tanya leaving both stunned and down on the floor.

Death: Two down and one to go.

Before Adam could even react bolts of energy struck him and knocked him off his feet.

Death: None to go.

The image of Death vanished leaving three Rangers down on the floor and out of the fight.

Death: Well, White Ranger three of your comrades are down and the others are about to follow.

Scott: Not if I can help it.

With a renewed vigor Scott once more attacked Death only to be beaten back again.

Scott: Zeo power weapon.

At his command Saba appeared in his hand and he started to attack again. This time he was driven back by bolts of energy and then he saw Death change direction with his bolts and fire them at the Youth Center. For a second nothing happened and then a spark was seen and the place exploded.

Death: What will you do now Ranger?

Scott: What do you mean?

Death: Well, will you keep on with our fight or will you rescue the people in the building.

Scott: There are people in the Youth Center.

In a split second he made his decision and with a roundhouse kick he surprised and knocked Death off his feet and ran towards the building.

Scott: Alpha, can you teleport the people out of the building.

Alpha: I've got a lock on them and am teleporting them out now.

Even as he spoke Ernie the owner of the Youth Center appeared in a flash of white light.

Alpha: Oh no, I've only been able to get one of them.

Scott: I'm going in.

Without a second thought Scott ran into the burning building. As he entered he was glad that the helmets filtered out the smoke. He continued through the remains of the building and then he heard Alpha over his communicator.

Alpha: Scott the person is four meters to your left and in front of you.

Scott: Thank's I can see them. Have the emergency services notified.

Billy: I've already done it. But you should hurry as the life readings are failing.

Scott: I'm on it.

Quickly making his way forward Scott saw the life form.

Scott: Emily.

Pulling the debris off of her he picked her up and started out of the ruins. Then he heard movement. Speaking into his communicator.

Scott: Billy teleport Emily out of here.

Billy: Already done, Scott there is someone behind you.

Scott: I kno...

Scott didn't finish his reply as he was slammed across the ruins.

Scott: Ouch that hurt.

Death: It's going to hurt even more, when I've finished you.

Before Scott could react Death slammed his fist into him and he was hurled back to the ground. As he pulled himself up he felt air brush his cheek and he realized that his helmet had been cracked.

Scott: This is not good.

Death: Indeed it is good, for me. Now die.

Bolts of energy exploded around him and Scott knew that he only had one second and sometimes all there is are seconds for things to change.

Minutes later the Rangers continued their battle when the other image of Death vanished and then something was thrown towards them.

(SW) Billy: What's that?

Kat looked at it and suddenly felt her heart beat faster and she ran to the object and picked it up. The other Rangers gathered around her and saw what the object was. Charred and burnt she held Scott's broken helmet in her hands.

Part Three

What's Gone Before.

The Zeo Ninjetti Rangers are summed to the Power Chamber, only to find that Scott is missing and has traveled to another dimension possibly along with Death. Billy starts to work on finding Scott. While this is going on, the Zeo Rangers enjoy themselves by having a nice game of basketball to pass the time. Death shows up at the end, and all of the rangers morph to fight him. However, no fight occurs because Billy found Scott and sent all six Zeo Ninjetti Rangers to that Earth to join Scott. After Death leaves both sets of rangers go to the Power Chamber, then to the Hillard's house, minus the Billy's who have stayed in the Power Chamber to figure out a plan of attack against Death. While the rangers are talking at the Hillard's house, Death comes up with a plan for him and Mondo to destroy the rangers by hand. Death and Mondo go to fight the rangers, who no nothing of the new powers they have. The Zeo Rangers fight Mondo, the Gold Ranger fights the cogs the others fight Death. Scott's fight with Death leads him to a burning Youth Center, where he is defeated (or so we assume). Death leaves the rangers to fight with the cogs and Mondo after apparently defeating Scott.

Now the continuation:

Kat started to run towards the burning building, which the fire department had just arrived at putting out the flames.

(SW) Kat: Scott! No! This can't be happening!

(SW) Tommy: Kat, wait! We need you here now!

Kat reluctantly turned around to go towards the direction of her friends.

(SW) Kat: What about Scott?

(SW) Tommy: Me, you and Billy need to help Jason right now.

(SW) Kat: Where are the others?

(SW) Billy: Tanya, Adam, and Justin were teleported to the Power Chamber in immediate need of medical assistance.

(SW) Kat: Oh my gosh!

The five Zeo Rangers were still taking quite a beating from King Mondo.

Adam: This isn't supposed to be going down this way!

Carri: Where's Pyramidas when you need it?

Kat: We can't hold him off much longer.

King Mondo took his sword and gave the Super Zeo Zord a blast which knocked it over.

Jason was under a pile of cogs, and all he could see was the grey of their outfits. He thought he was coming to the end of his rope when he saw Tommy, Kat and Billy come to his rescue.

Jason: Thank's guys.

(SW) Tommy: Any time, but now it looks like your friends could use your help. We'll finish the cogs.

The rangers were still struggling in their fight with Mondo.

Rocky: Our power is getting low.

Tommy: We have to keep fighting. We can't let Mondo win.

Mondo: Too late rangers, I have already won.

As Tommy pulled the staggering Zord up, Mondo gave it one swift blast which knocked all the rangers out of the cockpit. The blast was so strong that it caused the rangers to power down about halfway down to the ground. The five of them hit the ground hard.

Upon seeing them fall, the three Zeo Ninjetti Rangers, done with their fight with the cogs, ran to their rescue.

When they got there they found five rangers, bruised and most likely with broken bones, trying to get up.

Tommy: We have to morph, or Mondo will surely destroy the city.

(SW) Tommy: Hold on here, you just fell from your zords, and twenty feet of that was un-morphed.

(SW) Billy: Is everyone ok?

Adam: I think so.

Tommy and Rocky were the rangers who had made it to their feet, the others were too sore to get up. They first ran to the assistance of their girlfriends, trying to help them up. Billy went to help Adam.

Rocky: Are you ok?

Carri: I'm sore all over... Look, it's Pyramidas!

Tommy had reached Kat and was pulling her up, asking the same question as Rocky just got done asking and got the same I'm sore answer.

Kat: We've got to morph again so we can form the Zeo UltraZord.

(SW) Billy: No, you guys go to the Power Chamber, have Billy check you out. With the help of Alpha, we can call on your Zords and form the UltraZord.

Tommy: But...

(SW) Tommy: Look, I know how stubborn I am, and I'm guessing your the same way, but you have to give this one up and let us handle it. You guys need to make sure your ok before you go fight again.

Reluctantly the five Zeo Rangers left as the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers called on the Zeo Zords.

All: We need Zeo Zord power now!

Jason: It's about time you guys joined me. Are my friends ok?

(SW) Tommy: They'll be fine.

Jason: Ok, let's show Mondo the fire power behind Pyramidas.

(SW) Billy: Sounds like a plan.

All: Zeo UltraZord, fire!

Mondo took a blast that knocked him off of his feet. He quickly got back up, and took his first look into the cockpit of the Zeo UltraZord.

Mondo: Well, look at this, you're being piloted by the Zeo Ninjetti rangers. I could care less about them. If I'm not destroying the Zeo Rangers, this fight is worthless. As for you Gold Ranger, I'll destroy you and your friends all at once.

With that Mondo left back for his place.

Jason: I can't believe he chickened out like that.

(SW) Kat: We need to get to the Power Chamber, check up on everyone.

The rangers teleported to the Power Chamber. When they got there they found Billy finishing up with the Zeo Rangers.

Jason: So, Dr. Cranston, will they live.

Billy: The Zeo Rangers? They're fine. A few bruises on all of them. The girls seemed to get the worst end of that with a broken bone or two. But, that's all healed now. They'll be sore for a few days, but that's expected. They're lucky that nothing happened I couldn't fix.

(SW) Tommy: What about them?

Billy: Tanya and Justin are fine, they should be coming around sometime soon. But Adam... well the energy blast was strong. I've fixed all the damage I could. Right now his vital signs are stable.

(SW) Kat: What about Scott?

Alpha: There's no sign of Scott's life signs anywhere.

Kat stood there in shock as tears came streaming down here cheeks.

(SW) Kat: You mean he's... dead?

Zordon: As much as the evidence points to that, he may still be alive, just his life signs are so weak we cannot find him.

Tommy let Kat use his shoulder to cry on, and he held her and tried to comfort her.

(SW) Tommy: Don't worry Kat, I know he's alive, he's not dead, we'll find him.

(SW) Kat: This can't be happening.

(SW) Billy: What about the people in the Youth Center?

Billy: Ernie is fine, he's at the Youth Center now trying to make sense of it all. Emily is at the hospital in critical condition...

Jason: Emily! Oh my God!

Kat: Is she going to be ok?

Billy: As of now, it looks like it.

Jason: I've got to go see her... if I wasn't tied up with the cogs, I could've saved her and Scott wouldn't be... well, not here.

Carri: Jason! Don't blame yourself! Look, I know you're in shock about this but blaming yourself isn't going to help Emily at all.

Tommy: Yeah man, if you want to blame anybody, blame Death.

Zordon: Rangers, if you wish to go to the hospital to see Emily, go ahead.

Rocky: So they're letting her take visitors?

Billy: I don't think so...

Jason: Then we'll sneak in.

Billy nodded his head in agreement with their idea, and even Zordon didn't say anything about them sneaking in through the back. This wasn't normal ranger activity, in fact it was something that under normal circumstances wouldn't be allowed, but he felt that in this case an exception should be made. Alpha then he teleported all six of them to the back of the hospital, leaving him there with the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers and Billy.

The beams deposited the six beside an alleyway next to the hospital.

Tommy: Okay we'll ask how Emily is and that should give you chance to duck in and see her.

Jason: Thank's bro.

Tommy: No sweat.

The six quickly entered the hospital and found the ward they were looking for. Seeing a doctor Tommy turned to Jason and nodded.

Tommy: Doctor can you help me?

The doctor seeing the five teens immediately went to see what he wanted. As Tommy distracted the people Jason slipped into the room were Emily was. As he closed the door and turned to go towards her he paused and a fresh wave of tears surfaced along with some anger and he went to her side and took her hand.

Jason: Oh god Emily I am so sorry, this is all my fault. If I had been there you wouldn't have been hurt.

Voice: And perhaps you would be lying on a hospital bed in the next room.

Startled Jason turned.

Jason: Ernie I didn't even hear you come in.

Ernie: That was apparent. Don't beat yourself up Jason if you'd been there you would have done your best to help her. It was lucky that White Ranger was there or she might have died.

Jason: I know, if I ever meet him I want to thank him so much, but from what I've heard they say he's been killed.

Ernie: Look we'd better go, as we're not supposed to be here and Emily needs to sleep.

Jason: You're right of course.

Jason stood up and kissed Emily on the cheek and then followed the Youth Center's owner out of the room to see the others waiting for him.

Kat: How is she?

Jason: She's asleep at the moment.

Tommy: And from what the Doctors are saying she's going to be fine, but we have to get going and meet that friends of ours.

Jason: Oh, right. Ernie will you tell Emily if she wakes up I'll drop by later.

Ernie: I will, good luck kids.

The six quickly made and exit.

Carri: Do you think he knows?

Rocky: Sounds like he does.

Tommy: We will deal with that later.

Jason: Yeah I want to pay Death a little visit.

Ducking back into the alleyway the six teleported out and reappeared at the Power Chamber.

High above them on the moon watched Death and Mondo.

Death: Well, I'd like to see him come for a visit.

Mondo: This is perfect the Rangers are weakened.

Death: Yes, with Scott Crane's death I have crippled the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers.

Sprocket: How have you done that?

Death: Simple, the Blue Ranger is Crane's brother and nothing is more important to humans than family, the Pink Ranger is his girlfriend and the last time he was gone she almost died.

Mondo: Then we must attack now.

Death: Indeed, I think the same tactic as before, after all it worked so well before.

Mondo: Yes and this time those Rangers will be destroyed utterly.

Death: Prepare your best Cogs and prepare to destroy the Power Rangers.

Mondo nodded and as he walked off Death began to laugh.

Back at the Power Chamber the six Zeo Rangers reappeared to see the other Zeo Ninjetti Rangers back on their feet.

Tommy: It's good to see you back on your feet.

Adam and Tanya gave small smiles, while Justin didn't even react and simply stared straight forward even as Kat was talking to him.

Carri: What's with the little one.

Billy: He's been like that ever since we told him about Scott.

Rocky: From what I've seen he doesn't seem like the type to let that get to him.

(SW) Billy: It's more than that, Scott is Justin's brother and although when Scott first became a Ranger they didn't know since they found out they've become very close.

Tommy: The poor kid, losing your brother twice, it's got to be hard.

Over by the medical table Kat was talking to Justin trying to get some reaction from him, but not having much luck. Across at one of the consoles Alpha suddenly looked up at Zordon.

Alpha: Zordon I've detected some strange energy readings from the Youth Center. From the last location we had of Scott there appears to be three energy readings. One is the Zeo Ninjetti energy signature, one's Death and the other is well I don't know what it is.

Billy: Here let me take a look Alpha.

The former Ranger went over to were Alpha was stood and looked at the readings. For several minutes he looked at and then he motioned for the other Billy to join him. Their discussion continued for several minutes and then the Billy from Scott's universe smiled.

(SW) Tommy: Billy what is it?

(SW) Billy: The third energy pattern is turbo energy.

As he said the words the Zeo Ninjetti began to smile and a reaction appeared on Justin's face.

Justin: Meaning he's alive.

Kat: I don't understand, what's turbo energy?

(SW) Adam: In between our periods as Zeo Rangers, we became the Turbo Rangers and we gave those powers up to others and then they got destroyed, however recently Zordon and Dimitria recreated those powers and also made two more sets, the Gold and White Turbo Powers.

Tommy: So you think Scott activated his Turbo powers and...

(SW) Billy: And got out of there and the reason we can't detect him is because he's activated his Ninjetti powers and when we're in that form we're almost undetectable by the Power Chambers sensors.

(SW) Kat: You mean he's alive.

Scott: Not only alive, but right here.

The Rangers whirled around at the sound of the voice and there stood in one the entrances was.

Justin: Scott!!!

The youngest Ranger was off his perch and ran across to his older Brother.

Scott: I take it your glad to see me.

Justin: Man I should have known you were okay.

Scott: I know, I just wanted to keep a low profile and let Death think he'd got an advantage.

(SW) Kat: I think you did that. Now you jerk, if you ever do that to me again, I'll kill you.

Scott: Would it help if I said I was sorry.

(SW) Kat: Only if you say it a thousand times.

Scott tried to maintain a serious expression, but the facade failed and he began to smile and he drew Kat into a kiss.

Carri: You know, I hate to be the one to break the mood, but, well...

Scott and Kat stopped kissing and Scott nodded his head yes.

Scott: I know, we have bigger things to deal with.

(SW) Tommy: We have to destroy Death. But where do we start?

Billy: There was extraordinary amounts of energy coming from both Death and Mondo.

(SW) Adam: I'll second that.

(SW) Billy: But, when Death split, shouldn't his power have weakened?

Billy: Theoretically yes.

Tanya: But each Death had as much, maybe even more power separately than he has ever had together.

Billy: I believe he is using an alternate power source.

Scott: But what?

Billy: That's the problem, I don't know.

(SW) Kat: What if we destroy the power source?

Billy: If we can find it and destroy it, Death may be weakened. However, we have no idea how much of that power Death has been able to absorb. He may not need the power source anymore.

Tommy: What about Mondo?

Adam: Yeah, something didn't feel right about that whole fight.

Rocky: And what about that sword Mondo used? It was stronger that anything we've ever seen.

Billy: That sword is nothing from this dimension. It's power source is even greater than that used by Death.

Kat: So Death is powering Mondo? But why?

Billy: Because if Mondo helps Death and Death powers Mondo, they have a better chance of destroying both sets of rangers.

Carri: The last sword, the Damaclese sword, it was so powerful it wasn't stable. That's how we destroyed him the first time.

Billy: This sword is much more powerful than the Damaclese sword. And it is also much more stable.

Jason: When we fired on it using the UltraZord, it had some effect. Mondo weaker for a second. What if we use the Super Zeo UltraZord? Could that weaken him enough to defeat him?

Billy: In any normal circumstances, the Super Zeo UltraZord would blow the enemy to bits. However, with Mondo's new sword, it is most likely that this time you will only be able to weaken him. With enough power, a defeat is possible, however even the Super Zeo UltraZord can't produce that much power.

Tommy: You said that with Death, if we destroy the power source he can still have absorbed the power. But what about Mondo? If we destroy the source of the sword, can we defeat him?

Billy: If you destroy Mondo's source, then it most likely Mondo's sword will weaken, and become more like the Damaclese sword.

Jason: Then we can destroy Mondo.

Justin: We can fight Death, but how do we destroy him once and for all?

Zordon: Rangers, there is enough that we do not know right now, it is hard to say definitely how to destroy both Mondo and Death.

Jason: But we can't let either one of them roam the city, especially Death. We have to destroy them.

Scott: We can't let them win, if they defeat us then Death will take the powers and use them for evil, creating his own two teams of dark rangers.

Tommy: Or take us and brainwash us into being his dark rangers.

(SW) Adam: We can't let that happen.

Rocky: But we still haven't decided how to destroy them.

Alpha: Right now we are looking for the power source, trying to find out as much about it as we can so we can destroy it.

The other Billy went to join Billy and Alpha to see if he could help speed up the search.

Kat: How much time will that take?

(SW) Billy: It's uncertain. We could be done in ten minutes, or ten hours. Let's just hope Mondo and Death stay put.

On the moon, Death and Mondo are preparing for their second great attack.

Mondo: My cogs are ready whenever we are.

Death: The time to attack is coming soon.

Sprocket: But what if those rangers find your extra power source?

Death: Do you not think that is something I have not accounted for? If they can find it, then actually manage to destroy it, it does not matter, because I do have another plan.

Mondo: Which is?

Death: If it comes to that, I will tell you. You will not be told more that you need to know.

Sprocket: Why don't we send monsters down too? That way there's no way the rangers will win.

Mondo: As good of idea as that is, this is something I want to do by hand.

Death: Put some of your best monsters on stand by. It's better to be prepared for anything, especially where these rangers are concerned.

Mondo nodded his head yes. Then he looked at Klank, who had been standing there the whole time, and Klank left to do as he was told.

Death: Now that we have covered all aspects, it is time to attack.

Mondo: Let's show those rangers the last thing they'll ever see.

Mondo and Death teleported out.

In the Power Chamber, they were still looking for the power source when the alarm went off.

Alpha: Ai ai ai! We almost have it.

Billy: Go ahead, as soon as we know how to destroy it we'll contact you.

(SW) Billy: I'll stay. You'll need somebody to take out the power source when we've got it pinpointed exactly.

Scott: Alright, but contact us when you have taken it out.

(SW) Billy: Right.

Zordon: I know I do not need to say this, but be careful rangers. They are very dangerous now.

The rangers nodded their heads yes.

Tommy: Let's do it. It's morphin time!

The five Zeo Rangers and the Gold Ranger were the first to morph, followed by the six Zeo Ninjetti Rangers. After they were done morphing, they teleported onto the scene.

With a shout the twelve Rangers landed in the city.

Scott: Hold it right there Death.

Death turned around and if anything he looked startled.

Justin: What's the matter Death you look like you've seen a ghost.

Death: Why can't you die?

(SW) Kat: That's what I keep asking.

Carri: Shall we get down to the fight.

Death: How right you are. Mondo it's time for you to grow.

Then a bolt of energy emanated from Death and Mondo once more grow to city wrecking size.

(SW) Tommy: Here we go again.

Scott: Guys I've got an idea.

Rocky: What's your idea?

Scott: It's time for a change of tactics...

A beep interrupted Scott.

Billy: Guys, we've located some kind of transmitter which is pointed at Death. It seems to be directing energy into Death and it's also being directed at Mondo's sword.

(SW) Tommy: Send Billy to destroy it.

(SW) Billy: I'm already on my way.

Scott: Billy once you've destroyed the transmitter, get here as fast as possible.

(SW) Billy: I will.

Then the communication channel was closed.

Kat: So what was your idea?

Scott: I think it's time for the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers to call on their Zords. You guys hold off Death us long as possible.

Tommy: Are you crazy, you can barely handle him, we'll be like bugs to him.

Scott: If Billy plays his part, he'll be weakened enough for you to take him or at least until we can stop Mondo.

Carri: It's a crazy plan, but in absence of a sane plan I vote in favor of that one.

The other Zeo Rangers all nodded in agreement.

Tommy: Good luck.

Then the six ran off after Death.

Scott: Okay Rangers let's do it.

All: We need Zeo Ninjetti Zord power now.

The command given bolts of energy formed from the six's chest and then the Zords appeared.

Scott: Okay let's do it.

With a cry the six teleported onboard.

Scott: Tommy do a strafing run on Death that should shake him up a bit allow the Zeo's to attack him.

(SW) Tommy: You read my mind.

The Red Falcon Ninjetti Zord turned and flying low fired rockets at the evil-doer sending him crashing back and allowing the Zeo Rangers the opportunity to attack.

(SW) Tommy: Okay it's time for Zeo NinjettiMegaZord power now.

All: Zeo NinjettiMegazord Power up.

Within seconds the five Zords came together and formed the Megazord leaving the Lion Ninjetti Zord alongside it. Mon

do: Time to even out the odds, Klank now.

On the ground Klank was already spinning Orbus around and then a Monster was transformed to Megazord size.

Mondo: Now Rangers what will you do?

Scott: Guys, you take care of Mondo, I'll take care of the creature feature over there.

(SW) Kat: Be careful.

Scott: I will, now it's time to Shift Into Turbo.

At his command the Turbo Morpher appeared on his left arm and the key in his right and performing the movements he was transformed into the White Turbo Ranger.

Scott: Turbo Megazord power up.

The command given the five original Turbo Zords appeared and quickly formed the Megazord as Scott teleported aboard.

Scott: It's a good thing Billy worked out a device allowing us to control this Megazord or I would be in serious trouble.

Monster: Oh look you've got a shiny new toy, give me five seconds and I'll break it.

Scott didn't respond and instead took the TurboMegazord into attack. Across town Billy had teleported in near the device.

(SW) Billy: What direction?

Billy: About ten feet to your left.

As Billy heard what the other Billy said, he turned to the left and started towards it.

(SW) Billy: I see it. This has more power than anything I've ever seen. Too bad I have to destroy it, it would be interesting if we could use it.

Billy: I see it in the viewing globe. You're right, but we have to destroy it for the sake of the city.

The other Billy, after looking at the contraption very closely, took a few steps back, then destroyed it.

As all this is going on, the rangers were trying to keep the pace with Death, who had brought some cogs into the picture.

Death: You pathetic rangers are no match for me. I have ten times more power than anything you've ever seen before.

Tommy kicked some cogs away as the rangers regrouped before Death.

Tommy: You'll never defeat us.

Death: We shall see.

Death brought his hand back to gather up some energy and got ready to throw a bolt of energy at the rangers. The rangers knew what was coming, but had no room to scatter with the cogs in their way. As Death hurled the bolt of energy their way, they looked around desperately for somewhere to jump, with no luck. The bolt of energy hit the rangers, but to their surprise there wasn't enough behind the energy bolt to do any damage.

(SW) Billy: Hi guys.

The rangers turned to see that Billy had arrived from his destruction mission.

Rocky: You were saying?

Death: You found my source. I applaud you rangers. You have seemed to weaken my powers for the time being.

Jason: And now you're going down.

Jason ran towards Death, preparing for a fist fight to the end. Tommy and Rocky ran after him, knowing that even in Death's weaker state Jason alone was no match for him. The other rangers took on the cogs, with Billy's help.

Mondo was attacking the Zeo Ninjetti Megazord. With the advanced technology in their zord, the Zeo Ninjetti found they were having more luck than the Zeo Rangers did.

(SW) Adam: We should've done this to begin with. Then Mondo over here would've been destroyed.

Mondo: No rangers, Zeo or Zeo Ninjetti, can defeat me.

Sprocket teleported to the scene.

Sprocket: Dad, dad, there's something important you need to know.

Mondo: Not now, can't you see I'm busy destroying the rangers.

Sprocket: But dad, it's about the po...

Mondo: Later. Now unless you're going to sit here and watch me in silence, leave.

Sprocket put his head down as he teleported back home.

Justin: Billy must have done it.

(SW) Tommy: Then what are we waiting for?

(SW) Kat: Let's see how you like this Mondo.

With that the Megazord launched a full scale attack on Mondo. As Billy had predicted, his sword was about as good as the Damaclese sword.

Mondo: What's going on!

Tanya: You should've listened to your son.

With that final comment, the Megazord took care of Mondo.

Scott was finding the monster an easy opponent.

Monster: You will never defeat me.

Scott: I've all but pulled the plug on you.

Monster: That's what you think.

Scott: Oh really? Watch this.

Scott fought the monster for a few more seconds, but he quickly was able to gain an edge and bring him down.

The cogs that had been fighting the three Zeo Rangers and Billy had been called back after Mondo's defeat.

Carri: Need some help?

Tommy had gotten thrown back a few feet.

Tommy: Join the fight.

Kat: You got it.

As Death had thrown Rocky and Jason off him, Kat and Carri ran up to him and they both kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying backwards. As Jason got up, he held out his power staff.

Jason: Let's see how you like a gold rush.

Death had just stood up, but was blown back once more when Jason came after him.

Jason: That will teach you to mess with me.

Death looked around and noticed he was all alone, and that the rest of the Zeo Ninjetti were coming to join the other rangers.

Death: Looks like my comrades have left me. No use trying to fight in this weakened state. But I'll be back rangers, don't worry.

Death teleported off, leaving the rangers there.

Scott: Way to go guys, let's get back to the Power Chamber.

On the moon, Death was anything but happy.

Death: Where's your father?

Sprocket: That stupid sword you gave him turned out to be just as useless as the Damaclese sword. He'll be gone for a long while. But don't worry, he'll eventually come back.

Death: I cannot believe that Mondo allowed that to happen. No matter, I will just defeat both sets of power rangers on my own.

Sprocket: Is that possible?

Death: Assuming I get my full powers back, yes it is.

The power rangers had arrived in the Power Chamber to be greeted by an extremely happy Billy.

Billy: Congratulations guys. In defeating Mondo, you have destroyed him for the time being.

Tommy: Alright. I knew you guys could do it.

Scott: But what about Death?

Billy: Death is weakened. But there's no doubt in my mind he'll attack again.

Rocky: I don't know, he was pretty weak when we fought him.

Billy: It won't necessarily be now. In fact I don't know when it will be. Maybe now, maybe when he's a little stronger. But it will happen. The answers to our questions will only be found out with time.

The rangers just nodded their heads yes, then they all drifted off into their own thoughts for the moment.

Suddenly Rocky looked up and then spoke.

Rocky: Hey, I've got an idea, if Death attacks at City wrecking size we've got four Megazords, we might be able to take him down.

Justin: If he attacks again and if he attacks at city size.

Scott: He'll attack again little bro. You can count on that.

Tommy: And we'll be ready for him.

On the Moon.

Death: I've got it. Klank prepare every last Cog you have we're going on a little trip to Earth.

Klank: As you command.

The robot quickly scurried off to do Death's bidding.

Sprocket: So what's your plan?

Death: There is an old saying about things coming to he who waits, but I hate waiting and instead I'm going to them with everything I have. Tell some Quadrafighters to prepare to attack.

Sprocket: Attack where?

Death: Why the Power Chamber of course. We're all going to visit the Rangers in their home and tear it apart.

Then he was gone and moments later he and hundreds of Cogs appeared on the desert floor. There arrival didn't go unnoticed.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. We've got visitors.

Tommy: What!!!

Zordon: Rangers observe the Viewing Globe.

The thirteen Rangers quickly ran to the Viewing Globe and what they saw amazed and frightened them.

Carri: Cogs, dozens of them.

Justin: It's happening again.

Billy: What's happening again?

Justin: Back when I just had the Blue Turbo powers, me and the four other Turbo Rangers found ourselves facing off against Divatox's army outside the Power Chamber and then the broke in and destroyed the place and our powers. That was when the others went into space. Even though the Power Chamber got rebuilt it still scares me that it might happen again.

(SW) Tommy: It won't.

Scott: Right, let's get out there and kick some butt.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers and may the power protect you all.

Tommy: Alpha open the outer doors.

Then the thirteen ran out of the Power Chamber, as the approached the opening doors Scott suddenly pulled up.

Scott: Guys I've got an idea.

The others all stopped to listen to the idea. On the side of the mountain the Cogs continued their relentless march towards the Power Chamber when at the top the Rangers made their plans.

Cog: There they are, attack and destroy them.

Justin: These guys have really got a great dialogue don't you think.

Scott: No time to be funny, let's do it.

Suddenly the twelve Rangers split up. The five Zeo Rangers gathered into one group and then the five Zeo Ninjetti Rangers did as well, leaving the two Gold Rangers and the White Ranger together.

Zeo's: Zeo Cannon Now.

Ninjetti's: Zeo Blaster power up.

The two commands were given and the two powerful weapons appeared in both groups hands.

All: Fire.

Cogs are tough machines to beat, but when you get hit by the combined force of the Zeo Cannon and Blaster even they've got to go down and even as they still reeled the two Gold Rangers pulled their Staffs and Scott called for Saba.

Jason\Billy: It's Time for Gold Rush.

Scott: Zeo VII. White Lightning Strike.

The three quickly attacked and suddenly the odds had shifted as dozens of Cogs fell to the power of the Rangers.

Once the attack on the Cogs was finished, Death saw his powerful army fall to only a few.

Jason: Come on Billy, I think we can take care of these by hand.

(SW) Billy: Right.

Billy and Jason ran to the last few Cogs and quickly took them out. After the last of the Cogs were destroyed, Jason and Billy went to join the rest of the rangers and they found themselves faced with Death.

Death: You have destroyed the whole Cog army. No matter, I will still destroy you.

Scott: That's what you think.

Death: Quadrifighters, attack and destroy those rangers.

The rangers looked up just in time to notice them being shot at.

Adam: There aren't as many of them as there were last time.

Tommy: Right. Which means only a few of us need to deal with them. The rest will take care of Death.

Scott: The rest of the Zeo Ninjetti and I, plus Rocky, Carri, and Jason will take Death. Can the three of you handle the Quadrafighters?

Kat: You can count on it.

Adam: Same plan as last? Attack with the Super Zeo Zords?

Tommy: For you two.

Kat: But what about you?

Tommy: I have something else I want to show them. Red Battlezord Power now!

Adam: We need Super Zeo Zord Power now!

The Red Battlezord, and the Pink and Green Zeo Zords appeared as the rangers jumped in them and began to take care of the Quadrafighters.

Death: Ten of you at one time? One would think you would only let a few of you get destroyed so the rest of you can have a chance later.

(SW) Tommy: The only one who's going to get destroyed is you.

Death: Whatever you want to believe.

Death then threw three bolts of energy at the rangers, sending them flying in two directions.

Scott: Let's show him our fire power.

Rocky and Carri puled out their Zeo Laser Pistol and Zeo Swords, combining them to make a more powerful blaster. The Zeo Ninjetti pulled out their Zeo Blaster, and the Gold Rangers their staffs and Scott got Saba.

Rocky: Let's see how you like this. Fire!

Rocky and Carri both fired their weapons. They did nothing but shake Death up. Then as soon as he recovered, the Zeo Ninjetti fired their weapon, sending Death flying backwards. Their blast was quickly followed by one from Jason, Billy, and Scott. Death appeared to be down.

Carri: That will teach you to mess with us.

Tanya: Wait a minute, he's getting up.

Death: You silly rangers, you're weapons cannot destroy me.

(SW) Billy: He's back at full strength.

Justin: How do we destroy him?

Jason lifted his communicator to his mouth.

Jason: Good question. Billy, any answers?

Billy: Nothing definite.

Jason: Let us know when you've got something.

Billy: Will do.

Just then Tommy, Kat, and Adam appeared.

Kat: I don't think we have to worry about the Quadrifighters any more.

(SW) Kat: Now we just have him to deal with.

Death: And when I'm finished with you, you will wish you only had the Quadrifighers to deal with.

Tommy: Is that a threat?

Death: More like a promise.

Jason looked over and made eye contact with both Billy and Scott.

Scott: Let's go after him.

Jason: This is the last time you will mess with any of us.

Both Gold Rangers and the White Ranger ran towards Death, getting ready to jump up and kick him and knock him over. However the Earth started shaking just as they started their jump, and they were thrown backwards and onto the ground. After the shaking was over, the two sets of rangers looked up to see a giant sized, even more powerful Death.

Death: Now I shall crush you like ants.

Tommy: That's what you think. Let's use Rocky's plan.

Rocky: Wait a minute your going to go with one of my plans.

Adam: What's the problem?

Rocky: If we die I'll never hear the end of it.

Ignoring Rocky, Tommy turned to the rest of the team.

Tommy: Adam you and Carri take the Zeo Megazord, Kat you and Rocky the Super Zeo Megazord, I'll take the Red Battlezord.

All: Right.

The orders given the five commanded the Zords to appear and then the five separated.

Scott: Okay guys, you call on the Zeo Ninjetti Megazord, Billy and I can take the Turbo Megazord.

(SW) Kat: Good luck.

(SW) Billy: To all of us.

Then the five were gone leaving Billy and Scott alone with Jason who had already called for the Golden Power Staff and was disappearing inside Pyramidas.

Scott: Ready Billy. Shift Into Turbo.

The Turbo Morphers appeared on their arms and then doing the arm movements the two were transformed into the Gold and White Turbo Rangers.

Billy\Scott: We need Turbo Megazord Power Now.

In seconds the five Zords of the other Turbo Rangers had appeared and formed the Megazord and then it strode to join the other Zords facing Death.

Death: Don't you think this a bit of overkill for one person.

Tanya: Not when that person is you.

Death: Very well, time to die Rangers.

Then Death attacked, his quickness was his advantage as he side-stepped a blow from the Red Battlezord and struck the Zeo Megazord and before Pyramidas could even get a shot in he had already moved causing the blast to strike the Super Zeo Megazord.

Scott: Aw Man this is getting out of hand, if we don't come up with a definite way of beating this guy we're going get totaled.

(SW) Billy: Well, let's fly then.

Scott: Right, Turbo Jets activate.

Activating the full power of the Megazord it flew towards Death.

Scott: Turbo Megazord Spinout now.

Touching one of the buttons the Megazord began it's final movement and struck Death with such force it sent him reeling.

Kat: We need Super Zeo Zord Saber now.

The Sword was in the Zords hand and then it struck and even as it pulled away both the Red BattleZord and Zeo Megazord struck. Death staggered back and looked at them angrily.

Death: This isn't over Zeo Ninjetti I will destroy you one day. Count on it.

Then he was gone and all the Rangers breathed a sigh of relief. Back on the moon.

Death: Those blasted Rangers, all my plan destroyed. I think it's time I headed back to my own dimension.

And then he was gone leaving the Machine Empire to pick up the pieces of his visit.

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers celebrated their victory.

Zordon: Congratulations Rangers on your success, once more you have saved this world and indeed this dimension.

Tommy: Thanks Zordon, although we couldn't have done it without the Zeo Ninjetti Rangers help.

Scott: It was no trouble and anytime you need help, just give us a bell and we'll be there.

Rocky: And vice versa.

(SW) Billy: Okay guys let's go home.

Billy hit a button and then the portal appeared and the seven Zeo Ninjetti Rangers disappeared into it. Then the Zeo Rangers and Billy said their good-byes to Zordon and Alpha and also went home.

Several days later back in Scott's dimension, he was walking through the park when Kat called out to him.

Scott: Hey Kat.

Kat: Hey yourself, so how are things?

Scott: Fine, sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days, I had some things to do.

Kat: If you don't mind me asking what?

Scott: No, I just went back to Seattle to visit my Parent's grave, you know with it being my Birthday a few days ago.

Kat: You could have told me. I worry about you.

Scott: I should have told you, but I didn't and I'm sorry I didn't and I should be thanking you anyway.

Kat: What for?

Scott: For being the person you are, because if you weren't I wouldn't have been able to recover from the last years events.

Kat: I'm here to help.

Scott: I know you are and I love you for it and I always will.

Scott leaned forward and pulling Kat towards him he gently kissed her. Now let us leave this private scene and travel to the universe were their latest adventure took place.

Carri and Kat had been sitting at a table talking to Billy, while Rocky, Adam and Tommy were sparring.

Billy: You know, that was probably the difficult thing that we ever encountered.

Kat: What, Death? How did we get on that topic?

Billy: Yes, and I was just thinking about it. And how quiet it has been since then.

Carri: But quiet is good, right?

Billy: Sometimes. I don't know, maybe I'm worrying too much.

Kat: You probably are. I wouldn't concern myself too much about it.

Billy: You're right.

Just then Rocky, Tommy and Adam came and sat down.

Carri: Are you guys not going to shower first?

Rocky: Are you kidding, we got quite a workout. We need water first.

Tommy: Yeah, that was one of the most intense workouts in a long time.

Adam: Of course, we this is the first time in a while we have had a chance to get a workout like that in.

The last member of the team walked through the door and came to join his friends.

Jason: Hey guys.

Kat: Hey, how's Emily?

Jason: She's fine. She's ready to get out of her room though and get back to work.

Carri: That doesn't surprise me.

Jason: She says to tell you all hello.

Tommy: We'll have to go by and visit her later.

Adam: Now that we're all together, and Ernie is behind the counter by himself, let's go talk to him.

Jason: Good idea, we need to know what he knows.

The seven of them jumped up and walked over to the counter. Rocky, Carri, Kat and Tommy sat on the stools and Adam, Jason and Billy stood behind them.

Rocky: Hey Ernie.

Ernie: Hi kids.

Tommy: So, did you hear, the power rangers saved the world again.

Ernie: I know, and it doesn't surprise me, they're a great group.

Billy: You make it sound like you know them.

Ernie: Better than you think.

Jason: What, do you actually know the identity's of the power rangers?

Ernie: I've known from day one.

Adam: But how...

Ernie: The teleportation spot. My office is right below it and I can hear every word you say through the ventilation system. And the color coding helped me figure out who was what ranger. Don't worry, nobody else has access to my office.

Kat: Who would have thought that all this time you knew.

Ernie: Yup. I've seen people come and go. Kimberly, Trini, Zack, most recently Tanya.

Ernie walked away to serve his other customers.

Tommy: Well, that settles that.

Rocky: How about I go shower then we can go out.

Carri: Sounds good.

Kat: Are we still on for tonight?

Tommy: Yeah, we are, just let me shower.

Jason: Hey, there's a new action flick out, you two want to come with me?

Adam: Sure.

Billy: Why not.

And the Zeo Rangers got on with their peaceful afternoon.

On the moon, things were not as peaceful. The Machine Empire was under a massive attack, and without Mondo around, they were being slowly destroyed. They were getting shot at, and eventually the whole place was on fire, leaving nothing of the once mighty Machine Empire. Out of the smoke, the Space Skull appeared with several fighter ships around it.

Zedd: Ah, I can see the Lunar Palace from here.

Rita: Thank you daddy for destroying the Machine Empire for us.

Master Vile: Death did the hard part by getting Mondo destroyed. Crushing a defenseless Machine Empire was easy.

Zedd: Death was quite a fighter and an evil genius. And lucky for us we were able to trace his dimension portal back to his home planet. We will have to go pay him a visit someday, if we discover that we need an extra hand in the destruction of those power punks.

Rito: Or we can just go there and have fun destroying another Earth.

Zedd: For once you have a good idea.

Goldar: I plan on destroying those rangers with my bare hands.

Rita: You'll get your chance.

Rito: Hey Ed, when we get home can I go torture the rangers?

Zedd: You know, I'm not even going to get mad at you this time.

Rito: Why?

Zedd: Because, we're back!

And then Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Rito Repulso, Goldar and Finster teleported to the Lunar Palace to work on new plans for the conquest of Earth.