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Coming of the Zeo Ninjetti
Part Three
By: Adam Pearlman

As the seven rangers streaked towards home the destruction continued unabated. At the Power Chamber the former Rangers watched unable to do anything.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. The Zeo Megazord and the Red BattleZord are heavily damaged one more hit and they could be destroyed.

Dimitria: Teleport all the Zords back to the holding bay.

Alpha: Right, I just hope I'm not to late.

Touching the controls as fast as both of them could the Zords were quickly returned to their hiding place.

Six: The Zords are safe.

Skull: Yeah, but now what do we do?

Before anyone could answer an explosion rocked the Power Chamber.

Trini: What was that?

Dimitria: It appears the Quadrafighters have now turned their attention to destroying us and they have sent Cogs to the Holding bay.

Jason: If they get in there, then they'll be able to get in here.

Zack: We have to get down there and stop them.

Dimitria: That is inadvisable Zachary. The Cogs are tougher than Putties and only those with Ranger Powers have been able to stop them.

Bulk: That's not exactly true Zordon. When we got pulled into Gaskett's prison we faced the Cogs and stopped them. Maybe if we don't face them one on one, but use a bit of trickery and then we can defeat them.

Dimitria: It is a good idea, but I am still not sure about putting yourselves in danger.

Jason: We've done it before without powers Dimitria.

Dimitria: Very well, but be careful I would never forgive myself if you were injured.

Zack: We'll be careful.

Dimitria: Alpha teleport them to the Holding Bay.

Six: Already on it.

Then the five teens were gone leaving the main chamber empty except for Dimitria and the two Alpha's. Suddenly Dimitria's form stiffened and both Alpha's looked at her concerned.

Alpha: What is it Dimitria?

Turning to look at the two Robots she smiled.

Dimitria: It is good news.

On the moon.

Death: Damn those Power Rangers they are on there way back to Earth and when they get there they will stop the Cogs.

Zedd: Goldar get down their and assist the Cogs and take some Tengas with you.

Goldar: As you command Lord Zedd.

The Tengas quickly ran to Goldar's side and they vanished.

Death: Excellent, even when the Power Rangers return they will find a destroyed headquarters and their friends dead. This is all going according to plan.

Rito: Yeah right!!!

Rita: Shut up Rito.

Rito was about to speak and then he saw the look on Death's face and wisely shut up. Back in the Holding Bay. Goldar appeared beside the Cogs and they slowly started to make their way through the Holding Bay unaware they were being watched.

Zack: What's the plan Jase.

Jason: Just find a way to delay them and maybe they will get fed up and go away.

Skull: Yeah and maybe in the next few seconds we'll all wake up in our beds and realise this was just a bad dream.

Trini: There was no need for that and this is just what they would like, to have everyone at each others throats.

Jason: Quiet here they come.

The group fell silent and then taking up positions the five prepared to jump from their hiding positions and take them when they suddenly heard a shout and a couple of crashes.

Jason: Now.

Moving out of their hiding places the group breathed a sigh in relief. For stood there were the Zeo Rangers.

Justin: Don't tell me, this is a surprise party.

Tommy: I guess it was, but our invitation was lost in the mail.

Goldar: You can not stop us Zeo Rangers.

Tanya: For your information we're not Zeo Rangers anymore.

Gaskett: Funny you look like the Zeo Rangers to me.

Zack: We really need to get the locks changed.

Scott: Let's do it guys.

All: Power Rangers: Zeo Ninjetti

Goldar: Destroy them.

The Cogs and Tengas advanced on the Rangers and then they attacked. The Rangers found themselves hard pressed as the Cogs and Tengas were now more powerful than before, but with their new powers the Cogs were taken apart and the rest of the evil-doers disappeared.

Justin: So much for those clowns.

Adam: Yeah they're no match for us now.

Scott: The Power Rangers are back.

Jason: And we are glad to see you.

Tommy: We're glad to be back.

Billy: Come on we've got to get to the Power Chamber.

The group quickly teleported and reappeared in the Power Chamber moments later.

Dimitria: Welcome home Rangers and congratulations on gaining your new powers.

Tommy: Thanks Dimitria. Now what?

Scott: We kick Death's butt back to whatever rock he crawled out from under.

Dimitria: Rangers may I suggest you go to the shelter and see your families. I suspect they are worried about you.

Billy: Dimitria is right, we'd better see if our parent's are okay.

Scott: Why don't you guys go on ahead I'll catch up to you.

Kat: Okay just don't do anything stupid.

Scott: Who me?

Kat gave the teen a quick kiss on the cheek and then the six quickly teleported out. On the moon Rita observed their arrival near the shelter.

Rita: Zedd those Power brats have gone to one of the shelters.

Death: Excellent, they are in the open and once they are inside we can attack and they will be destroyed as they cannot morph.

Zedd: Send down the Eliminator.

Back in the ruins of Angel Grove in one of the shelters a group of humans huddled together as the bombardment continued. It was then a noise was heard from the entrance to the shelter.

Kim: Something is at the top of the stairs.

A voice spoke up echoing what they all thought it was.

Man: Maybe it's the aliens.

Rocky: I hope not.

Then the door was flung open and Rocky, Kim and Aisha dropped into defensive stances which they immediately dropped when they saw who it was.

Rocky: I don't believe it.

Adam: Well, you didn't really think we were dead did you?

Rocky: No, I just knew you'd survive Frog Boy.

Adam: Who you calling a Frog Boy, Ape Face.

Aisha who had moved to join Tanya watched this and commented to Tanya.

Aisha: Why can men never express their true feelings?

Tanya: Because they're stupid.

Adam: Hey we're standing here.

Tanya: Did someone say something?

Adam gave Tanya his best attempt to look annoyed with her and as usual it failed and he started to laugh. The other three also started to laugh and for some unknown reason the bond that the past and present Rangers shared, it suddenly seemed as if everything was going to be all right.

Then a shout made everyone look around.

Eliminator: Come out humans and face your death with honour or be killed when I rip apart your shelter.

Rocky: Oh great, we stay here and die or we go out there and die. Good choice's.

Hank Cranston: Well, I am going out there, I refuse to die without seeing my opponent.

There was a murmur of agreement from the other people in the shelter and then as one the whole shelter left to confront the Eliminator. As they were forced out of the shelter Kat leaned across to Billy and spoke to him.

Kat: I didn't know you're Dad could be so...

Billy: Heroic, or stupid, take your pick.

Kat: I was actually going to say I could see where you get your courage from.

Billy: Thanks, I think.

Nothing else was said as the group reached the surface and the collective gasp that arose from the group as they saw the destruction of the city they called home.

Eliminator: So you humans have some backbone. I like that, it still won't save you though.

One of the children in the shelter picked up a rock and threw it at the monster who turned his attention the child.

Eliminator: If you wanted my attention little one you have succeeded.

Boy 1: I'm not afraid you, the Power Rangers will save us.

Eliminator: They are gone child and now I will destroy you.

The monster strode forward and the group stepped back when a white figure landed in front of them.

Scott: Take one more step towards them and I'll tear you apart.

Eliminator: I'm so scared.

Scott: You should be.

Eliminator: We shall meet again Ranger count on it.

Then he was gone leaving the humans alone. A collective sigh of relief ran through the group and then they clustered around the White Ranger.

Boy 1: Where are the other Rangers?

Scott: They're okay, they are just checking something out. Look I have to go now, but remember the Power Rangers are back.

Then he was gone. The other Rangers watched him go and then they and the three former Rangers found a secluded spot and teleported. Arriving at the Power Chamber the Rangers were greeted by the sight of a grinning Scott.

Tanya: Okay, I'll bite what's so funny?

Scott: Nothing, I just figured out a way to bring Zordon back in body and put his spirit back in his body as well, cos. I don't mind telling you I really don't like the fact I've got someone else's mind in my head.

Zordon\Scott: For your information it's no picnic for me, being stuck in a Teenagers body. All those emotions and disgusting thoughts.

Adam: Did I hear correctly Zordon, just made a joke.

Billy: Excuse me, can we get back to the matter at hand.

Scott: Oh yeah. I remembered what you guys told me about Ivan Ooze and what happened last time, so I checked the records and talked to Alpha and figured out using the power of Ninjetti we...

Kat: Can bring him back.

Scott: Exactly.

Justin: What do we do?

Tommy: Form a circle around Zordon's tube and concentrate. The power will do the rest.

Acknowledging that the seven took positions round the tube and raising their hands to into the air so that all their hands were touching. Then as Dimitria, the Alpha's and the former Rangers watched the Ranger's Ninjetti suits appeared on them. Glancing across at Justin the other saw he had now grown to nearly the height of Tommy. Look at them Rocky whispered the words Dulcea had said to him and five others almost three years ago.

Rocky: To those who are Ninjetti anything is possible.

In the silence of the Chamber the words carried and the seven Zeo Ninjetti repeated them and then their animal totems started to glow and in the brilliance of multi-coloured light the remaining damage to the Chamber was gone and Zordon was back in his tube looking healthy and alive. Dropping their hands back to their sides the seven clustered around and in front of his tube.

Kat: Zordon you're okay.

Zordon: I am thanks to you.

Billy: Will there be any residual effect from Scott carrying your consciousness.

Zordon: I don't think so Bro.

Everyone be they machine, human or spirit glanced at Zordon.

Dimitria: It would appear you have taken part of Scott's language and possibly his experiences with you.

Zordon: Indeed, I seem to recall a curious limerick which Scott clearly remembers. There was a girl from Venus, her body was...

Scott: Thank you Zordon, if you remember we have a monster to deal with.

Justin: I want to hear the rest of the limerick.

Adam: Maybe when you're older.

Justin: That's what you always say.

Alpha: Rangers the Eliminator is back in the centre of Angel Grove.

Tanya: I think it's time to see what these new powers can really do.

Scott: Right, let's shift into Ranger power.

At Scott's command the seven brought their arms together and.

Kat: Zeo Ninja Ranger I. Pink Butterfly.

Tanya: Zeo Ninja Ranger II. Yellow Owl.

Justin: Zeo Ninja Ranger III. Blue Monkey.

Adam: Zeo Ninja Ranger IV. Green Frog.

Tommy: Zeo Ninja V. Red Falcon.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power. Golden Wolf.

Scott: Zeo Ninja Ranger VII. White Lion.

Then the seven were gone and moments later they appeared before the Eliminator.

Eliminator: Well, look what we have here. The Power Rangers. I am so scared.

Justin: Yeah, and now you are going to tell us how you are going to tear us apart and we can't stop you.

Eliminator: How did you know I was going to say.

Justin: You might be different monster, but you have the same lousy dialogue. You would think one of you would come up with something original.

Eliminator: How about I'm going to let the Cogs tear you apart.

Justin: Boring!!!

Eliminator: That is it, I'm going to grow and squash you flat.

Justin: Heard it all before, change the record.

Eliminator: You really know how to hurt a monsters feelings don't you.

Justin: What now, you'll tell your Mommy.

Eliminator: I am out of here. I do not have to stand for this, I am a monster.

With a snort the monster teleported and the young Blue Ranger turned to look at his companions who were just looking at him.

Scott: Let's get back to the Chamber.

Touching their belt buckles the seven teleported and as they did Justin swore he could hear the others begin to laugh. His suspicions were confirmed when they appeared in the Chamber as the six Rangers along with everyone else including Zordon and Dimitria began to laugh.

Rocky: Did you see the poor guys face, he looked like he was going to cry.

Scott: God that was funny, I don't think someone will ever deal convincingly with a monster again.

Zordon: Good work Rangers.

Adam: We didn't do anything, it was all Justin.

Zordon: Very well. Justin good work you showed great ingenuity in dealing with the monster and I am certain he won't be back soon.

Tanya: You know I really feel sorry for the poor guy. A fourteen year old has battered his self confidence and Death's going to yell at him.

Scott: You did good kid, I'm proud of you.

Justin: Thanks...

It was then alarm went off again.

Dimitria: Observe the Viewing Globe.

Zordon: He's back.

The Rangers turned to the Eliminator back in the centre of Angel Grove.

Adam: Let's get out there and finish him.

Scott: Back to Action.

The seven teleported and again they reappeared before the Eliminator. Before they even had a chance to examine the situation six of them were blasted from their feet, leaving Justin the only one left standing.

Eliminator: Well, little Ranger it's just you and me.

Justin: You don't scare me.

Eliminator: You should be. Now give me your best shot.

Justin: If you insist.

Producing his laser pistol the Blue Ranger fired it at the monster only for the energy to reflect off and back towards him. Holstering his pistol, he produced the Arm Blades and flew towards the monster and caused some damage. Only for the Eliminator to shrug them off and then with lightning quickness he grabbed the Blue Ranger and held him off the ground. As Justin struggled for breath he was vaguely aware of a red blur appearing behind the Eliminator only for Cogs to appear and drag him away. Then all Justin felt or saw was the fists of the Eliminator as they continually pummelled him. Then as it all went black he vaguely heard someone call his name.

Unaware of Justin's plight the Rangers struggled with the Cogs and then as suddenly as they had appeared they were gone. Looking around the Rangers suddenly heard Scott's cry and the five turned to see the White Ranger by the unmorphed and battered body of the Blue Ranger.

Kat: Oh god.

Tommy: We have to get him back to the Power Chamber.

The words were barely out of his mouth when the group was teleported back to the Chamber.

Zordon: Rangers quickly get him on the scanning table.

Carefully picking him up Scott and Tommy placed their young friend on the table and watched as Alpha Six scanned the boy.

Tommy: Well?

Six: The kid has lost a lot of blood.

Adam: Do you know what type he is? Maybe we can go to a hospital and get some.

Six: He's A Positive.

Kat: Well, let's go get some.

Scott: We don't need to. I'm A positive.

Zordon: Scott, Justin has lost a lot of blood, far more than a simple transfusion of blood you could give him.

Scott: There isn't a choice to be made, I'm not going to let my little brother die and maybe if I give him a couple of pints it will be enough to get him to a hospital.

Billy: We don't have a choice Zordon, he won't survive another teleport without more blood.

Zordon: Then we don't have a choice. Alpha prepare a transfusion kit.

Alpha: Right Zordon.

The droid vanished and moments later reappeared with the kit. Scott sat down and then Alpha inserted a needle and then connected the IV up to Justin. The Rangers watched for many minutes as Scott's blood was transfused into Justin and then Alpha Six pulled the IV needle from Scott and went to check on Justin.

Scott: How is he?

Six: The blood's helped and if my scanner's right his body is healing itself.

Zack: What how is that possible?

Billy: Our Ranger powers, they've always kept us from serious harm, or healed an injury, they must have been working on Justin, but they couldn't replace the blood he'd lost and when that was replaced the power took the rest into it's own hands.

Scott smiled and started to stand up, he had only got a few metres off the chair when Kat forcefully grasped him by the shoulders and slammed him back onto the chair.

Kat: Sit down.

Scott raised an eyebrow at the forceful tone in her voice and instead of arguing as he usually would have, he sat there.

On the Moon the evil-doers had watched the defeat of the Blue Ranger with glee.

Rita: Oh that was priceless, did you see what happened to the little twerp.

Death: He will be back, the Ranger powers will heal him. Therefore we must attack again. Eliminator you have got rid of one of their number, now go and destroy the rest.

Eliminator: As you command.

Then he was gone and reappeared once more in the ruins of Angel Grove. In the Power Chamber.

Billy: The Eliminator's back.

Scott: We'd better get back out there and stop him.

Quickly on his feet Scott immediately sat down as the wave of dizziness took him.

Scott: Perhaps you guys should go on. I'll be along once my head stops spinning.

Tommy: Back to Action.

Then the five were gone leaving the Blue and White Rangers behind.

Scott: Guess we're out of this fight kid.

Justin: Appears that way.

Surprised that he had received a reply Scott almost fell out of his seat.

Kim: Justin how are you feeling?

Justin: Like someone used me for a punching bag.

Rocky: Someone did.

Justin: Where are the others?

Jason: Gone to face the Eliminator.

Justin: Scott why didn't you go with?

Scott: At this moment in time, I can barely stand. I'm the same blood type so I had Alpha hook up an IV to you and me and perform a transfusion.

Justin: I lost a lot of blood.

Six: Not that much kid, but your tank needed filling up, so Scotty was happy to oblige.

Justin didn't reply instead he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep. Meanwhile the other Rangers had appeared before the Eliminator.

Tommy: Okay Eliminator, this time we're going to take you down.

Eliminator: Very well Rangers, attack and be destroyed.

The five complied with the Eliminator request and battle commenced.

Death: Cogs get down there and help the Eliminator.

Moments later the Cogs appeared and began to approach the Rangers from behind.

Adam: Guys we've got company.

The five turned their heads and all groaned simultaneously.

Tommy: Great outnumbered, thirty to one odds in their favour.

Billy: They don't stand a chance.

Tommy: Right. Okay this is what we'll do, Billy and I will deal with the Eliminator and the rest of you take the Cogs.

Adam: We'll have those metallic toasters, wrapped and be back for you know it.

Tommy: I hope so, cos. this is one time I really want to see the cavalry appear.

Adam: Good luck.

The five quickly separated into two groups and went their own ways.

Tanya: Okay you Cogs are scrap.

Without another word Tanya leapt into the air and landed in the middle of the Cog army and with a spinning kick, started to lay into the Cog's. She was quickly followed by her two team-mates. On the moon Death watched as the five split up.

Death: Perfect, they have been weakened even more. Eliminator destroy those two and then finish the other's.

Down on Earth the Eliminator attacked the Red and Gold Rangers with a fury unseen by the Rangers and soon they fell back from the onslaught.

Eliminator: So you fall before my power.

Tommy: We're not beaten yet.

Eliminator: You are, you just don't want to admit it.

Scott: Hey monster, do not adjust your television we control the horizontal, we control the vertical.

Eliminator: What the...

The rest of the monster's words were not spoken as he was slammed to the floor by the booted foot of Scott Crane who landed alongside the two Rangers with the Blue Ranger close behind.

Billy: Man am I glad to see you.

Tommy: Tell me about it, nice timing.

Justin: We aim to please.

Tanya: Good to see your up.

Justin: It's good to be here.

Adam: Cogs are gone.

Scott: Then let's take down the Eliminator.

Tanya: How he has already withstood our best moves?

Scott: It's time for a little firepower. Zeo laser pistols.

The five pulled their laser pistols from their belts and the Gold Ranger pulled out the Golden Power Staff while Scott produced Saba.

Scott: All together, fire.

The seven energy burst struck the onrushing monster who fell back from the power. On the moon.

Death: Time to finish this. Eliminator grow.

Suddenly when their power had the monster on the ropes, he had grown and their weapons became useless.

Kat: I think we need the Zords.

Tommy: Let's see what the Zeo Ninjetti Zords can do.

All: We need Zeo Ninjetti Zord power now.

Then from the sky seven Zords appeared and the Rangers teleported aboard.

Justin: Oh man this Zord is incredible.

Kat: Fantastic.

Billy: And why shouldn't it be, they possess Zeo and the Ninjetti technology we used individually before, but now they are more powerful.

Scott: Guys we'll have time to chat and find out what these Zords can do, I want go straight to the Megazord.

All: Zeo Ninjetti Megazord power now.

Five of the Zords came together and formed the Megazord with the Wolf and Lion Zords stood either side of it in the ruins of Angel Grove.

Eliminator: Fancy new toy. You two stay there I'll finish the Megazord and then you.

Tommy: Not in this lifetime. Power sword now.

The power sword dropped in to the Megazord hand and then Eliminator produced an exact copy and attacked.

The White and Gold Rangers watched as the Megazord and monster squared off against each other.

Eliminator: Try this on for size Rangers.

Then before their eye's the Rangers watched as energy seemed to flow from everyone and head towards the sword and then with a suddenness not seen before the energy left the sword and struck the Megazord. The first shot was followed by another and another and soon the monster could not see his opponent for all the smoke.

Eliminator: Master the Megazord has been destroyed and the... Oh no.

Looking across the Eliminator saw the Megazord in one piece completely unharmed.

Justin: Surprised to see us in intact.

Scott: He's going to be more surprised in a moment. Zeo Ninjetti MegaLionWolf Zord power up.

The two other Zords attached themselves to the Megazord and before the stunned Monster could react they struck and the monster exploded in a ball of fire.

On the moon.

Death: I don't believe it, I had those Ranger beaten and now look what they've done.

Zedd: If you're going to be around for a while, I would get used to it.

Death: No matter I have achieved a small victory, their precious city is almost totally destroyed and when the time comes I will destroy the Power Ranger utterly.

Back at the Power Chamber the mood was more fun.

Tanya: Man those Zords are incredible.

Zordon: Indeed they are Rangers. Now, I have more good news. Your Super Zeo Zords and the Zeo Zords are still at your command. You can still call them when you are morphed Zeo Ninjetti Rangers. However, you can also still call upon the Zeo power separately as well as your Ninjetti powers. Unless you fight Death do not call upon your Zeo Ninjetti powers.

Scott: We understand Zordon.

Zordon: Although you have won a victory today, Death will return.

Justin: And we'll be waiting.

Adam: Because the Power Rangers are back.

Scott: Let's do it guys.

Holding his hand out in front of him the others put their hands on top of his.

All: Power Rangers.

The End... for now