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Prelude to the End
by: Adam Pearlman


It was the end of the of the year and the beginning of a new millennium, it should have been a time of celebration for people. However the darkness has overtaken the world and the last bastion of hope and peace is soon to fall.

Inside the Power Chamber with barely any illumination or light a figure stands only with a great force of will. Then his mentor speaks. "Are you sure, you want to do this."

The figure spoke. "Yes Zordon it's the only way. If I... can go back I can warn them of the danger."

The great sage spoke. "Very well Adam go and may the power protect you."

The Green Ranger smiled and then he disappeared in a flash of green light leaving behind his future and returning to his past. Watching him go Alpha Five returned his attention to the console and then he looked up at Zordon. "Zordon there is a wave of energy heading this way." Said Alpha worriedly.

Zordon turned to his little companion. "Do we have any shields left Alpha?"

Alpha looked back at his console and then worriedly looked at Zordon. "Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. No we don't Zordon."

Then before Zordon could reply the wave of fire slammed into the Power Chamber and then when it passed the Power Chamber and it's inhabitants where all gone.

A week ago.

In Angel Grove in a secluded part of the park eighteen teens sit around simply talking or just enjoying each others company, but these teens are no ordinary teenagers in fact all of them possess a secret from the others that either now or previously they defended the Earth from the forces of evil known to the world as the Power Rangers.

Currently four of the teens are walking through the park holding hands with their respective partners. For a while they walk in silence and then the blond haired girl speaks. "Shouldn't you and Adam be practising?"

Scott smiled and looked over at Kat. "We've been practising all morning" he said.

Before he could continue the teen in green spoke. "And besides we deserved a break".

The final member of the foursome spoke with a bit of humour in her voice. "No you don't, I saw you earlier mucking around."

Scott looked across at Adam and grinned. "Busted."

Tanya smiled back at the two. "Well, and truly."

Before either could think of a reply there was a flash of light and suddenly before them there was a Green Ranger. The Ranger staggered and collapsed to the floor. "Oh man I made it." He said.

The four quickly ran to his side and it was Scott who spoke first. "So who are you?"

The Ranger looked up at him and beneath his helmet he smiled. "Scott I don't believe it then I did make it. I'm from a week in the future, I've come to warn you the end is.. coming... Death will..." the words trailed off and the Green Ranger collapsed to the floor and demorphed revealing the battered form of Adam Park and leaving the others staring at each other.

It was a few minutes before anyone moved and then Kat leaned down and checked for a pulse and then slowly shook her head. Then she picked up two items he was clutching in his hand.

Scott was the first to speak. "We should go to the Power Chamber. I don't know what's going on, but I think we're in serious trouble."

The End!!