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Power Loss
by : Adam Pearlman

Welcome to the longest few days of my life as a Ranger. The day had all started well when we had gotten together to discuss Paul's birthday party when I began to feel weird. At first I didn't really notice it and we continued to talk.

Jon spoke. "So I was thinking, we should hold a surprise party".

Tina spoke. "That's a great idea".

I spoke. "I don't know, you know how hard it is to keep a..."

Suddenly I felt waves of weakness come over me and I stopped speaking.

Hannah spoke. "Adam are you okay?"

I spoke. "I don't know I felt a little weak for a second, but I feel fine now".

Bradley spoke. "Maybe you should have a lie down".

I spoke. "No, I'm fine, I didn't sleep so well and I guess it was just having a little effect on me".

Jo spoke. "You do look a little pale".

I spoke. "I'm fine, really".

Jon spoke. "You don't look it".

I spoke. "I'm fine, I'm not ill".

Rachel spoke with a touch of impatience in her voice. "Oh for goodness sake, stop being so macho". With that she placed a cool hand on my forehead and then almost immediately pulled it away. "You're really hot, I'm surprised you're even sat up. I think you should go to bed".

I paused before replying, knowing that the girls were not going to take no for an answer. "Okay, I'll go back to bed for a bit".

Rachel spoke. "Good, I'll come by and check on you in a little while".

Nodding, I left the room and headed back to the room I shared with the other boys. When I got there I found Paul still lying in bed. Nodding to him I plonked myself on my bed.

Paul spoke. "So what are you doing back here?"

I spoke. "I wasn't feeling so good, so Rachel sent me back to bed".

Paul spoke. "You don't look so good".

I spoke. "I really feel lousy. I mean I was fine last night and now I feel terrible. It's probably one of those twenty-four hour bugs".

Laying down on my bed I soon fell fast asleep, little realising that I was about to face my greatest challenge so far.

On the moon the forces of darkness watched.

Divatox spoke. "Ah the little White Ranger is sick, what a shame".

Claire spoke. "Exactly as I planned it".

Zedd spoke. "What do you mean Astronema?"

Astronema\Claire spoke. "I mean he is ill because of Neutraliser and when I send my next creation to Earth, the seven other Rangers will be the only ones to respond. He will of course attempt to assist them and then my monster will take his powers".

Mondo spoke. "Surely it would be wiser to destroy the weakest member of the Rangers".

Astronema spoke. "If it were your plan, then you could do so, but it is not. I have observed that the White Ranger may be confident and strong when he is a Ranger, but when he is just Adam Pearlman he is weak, unsure of himself, and not confident at all and that is downfall. You see without his powers he will be helpless and then we will destroy him. We will wait forty-eight hours to allow for the virus to be fully in effect and then we strike".

It was two days later when I woke up, although I didn't realise that at the time. When I first opened my eyes and looked around everything was a blur and the person in front of me was also only a blur. Blinking several times the person finally came into focus and I saw it was Hannah. "Hey Hannah, so what you doing here?"

She spoke. "Keeping an eye on you. So how are you feeling?"

I replied. "A little bit better, but I still feel horrible".

Hannah spoke. "I was hoping you would feel totally better, I mean you have been asleep for the best part of two days".

Looking at her startled it took me a few seconds to find my voice. "Two days, man I must have been ill".

Hannah spoke. "We've all been really worried about you. We even called a Doctor, who said we should just let you sleep, as it was probably just the body's way of healing yourself".

I spoke. "I don't think it has worked. As I said, I still feel ill".

Hannah gave a small smile and then she started to speak, but suddenly appeared to be reluctant to do so and instead turned to leave, but I grabbed her wrist and stopped her from going.

I spoke. "Hannah what is it? What's wrong?"

Hannah spoke. "Nothing's wrong, why would you think something was?"

I spoke. "It just seemed to me that you were about to say something, but changed your mind".

Hannah spoke. "It can keep until you're better".

I spoke. "Obviously it can't and you can talk to me, after all we are friends, aren't we?"

Hannah spoke. "You're right we are friends, but something you said made me think you want to be more than friends".

Looking at her puzzled I spoke. "I don't understand".

Hannah spoke. "As I said you've been asleep for the best part of two days, but during that point, you also became feverish and were muttering things as you slept. Everyone was worried and we all have kept watch over you. When I watched over you last night, you were having a conversation in your sleep with someone called Neil".

I spoke. "Neil, he's one of my friends we've shared a house over the last few years of University. So what were we talking about?"

Hannah spoke, but again she showed an almost reluctance to do so. "You were talking about S Club and more specifically me".

Putting a hand to my forehead I spoke. "Oh no, if I said anything nasty, I'm sorry".

Hannah spoke. "Oh no, you didn't say anything nasty at all, in fact I was very flattered by what you said and I want you to know that if you asked I might not say no".

Looking at her even more puzzled I spoke. "Might not say no to what?"

Before she could reply her communicator beeped and she brought it up and spoke. "This is Hannah".

Zordon spoke. "Hannah please come to the Command Chamber, we have an emergency".

At the mention of the word emergency I started to pull myself out of bed and to my feet, until Hannah reached out and pushed me back onto the bed.

Hannah spoke. "No way, you're staying in bed, you're too sick to help".

I spoke protesting all the way. "But I can help". My protests were weak, as I knew she was right and I lay back down on the bed and watched as she teleported out.

I don't know what happened at the Command Chamber, but was later told by Bradley what happened, and this is what he told me:

Hannah teleported into the Command Chamber in a flash of pink and quickly spoke. "So what's the emergency Zordon?"

Zordon spoke. "Ecliptor, a monster and a group of Quantrons have appeared in downtown Miami, the seven of you must morph and intercept them immediately".

Tina spoke. "We're on it Zordon. Let's Rocket".

Quickly morphing the seven reappeared in the city in front of the group.

Paul spoke. "Hold it right there Ecliptor".

Ecliptor seemed totally surprised by the Rangers arrival. "Welcome Rangers, you're just in time for your destruction".

Rachel spoke. "Why don't you change the record, we've heard that all before".

Ecliptor spoke. "Indeed you have, but this time we have the upper hand, isn't that right Darkonda".

Suddenly the group heard a noise and turned to see Darkonda appear with more Quantrons behind him.

Darkonda spoke. "Hello Rangers, care to give up right now?"

Jo spoke. "Not a chance, bring it on".

Darkonda spoke. "As you wish, destroy them all".

Then the battle was joined as the Quantrons attacked the Rangers. Ecliptor stood off from the battle for a second waiting for the Rangers to be fully involved in the battle and then attacked the Gold Ranger.

Ecliptor spoke. "So prove to me that you are a worthy adversary".

Paul spoke. "I will".

Ecliptor quickly pulled his sword out and struck out at Paul sending him crashing to the floor. As their individual battle raged, the others found themselves divided as four of them found themselves fighting the Quantrons while Jon and Rachel found themselves squaring off against the monster. Meanwhile Darkonda watched from the sidelines all the time laughing as the Rangers fought against overwhelming odds.

On the moon Astronema watched. "Perfect, everything is going according to plan. Soon the Rangers will have no choice but to call for the White Ranger".

Divatox spoke. "That's if the Rangers don't spoil your plans".

Astronema spoke. "They won't".

Then she turned back to watch the battle.

Meanwhile on Earth inside the Command Chamber Alpha watched as the Rangers battled.

Alpha spoke. "Zordon, this isn't going well, the Rangers are in trouble, they need help".

Zordon spoke. "Indeed Dulcea, will you assist the Rangers?

The young woman looked up at him and spoke. "Gladly, it has been too long since I engaged in real combat. Silver Ninjetti power".

Then she was gone leaving the two alone and then Zordon spoke. "I fear that Dulcea's help alone will not be enough. I did not want to do this, but contact Adam".

Alpha spoke. "Right away Zordon".

Meanwhile back at the hotel I was half-dozing and half dreaming when I heard the beeps, picking up my communicator I spoke into it. "This is Adam".

Zordon spoke. "My apologies for disturbing you Adam, I realise that you are ill, but the others need your help".

I spoke. "No apologies necessary Zordon, I'm on my way. Let's Rocket".

Quickly morphing I reappeared in the city and quickly assessed the situation. Seeing that Jon and Rachel were the most, in need of help I quickly ran to their side.

Rachel looked over at me and seemed surprised and then spoke. "Adam what are you doing here?"

I spoke. "Helping you guys out, it seems".

Jon spoke. "But you should be in bed, you're still sick".

I spoke. "Yeah, but you needed my help and the Rangers come first".

The monster saw the White Ranger and smiled. "Welcome White Ranger, I've been expecting you. Prepare to be destroyed".

I spoke. "People keep saying that, but I'm still here".

Monster spoke. "Not for much longer, for I am the Obliterator".

Running towards the monster I was suddenly engulfed in a burst of energy from the Obliterator and when I looked down I saw that my suit had disappeared.

Rachel spoke. "Adam what's going on, why did you demorph?"

I spoke. "I don't know, hold on. Let's Rocket".

At that I reached for my Morpher on my wrist and then I realised it wasn't there and spoke. "What the, my Morpher it's gone".

Jon spoke. "Get back to the Command Chamber, we'll deal with these goons and meet you there". Even as Jon said that, the entire group of monsters disappeared leaving the eight of us alone.

Hannah spoke. "Adam, what happened?"

I shrugged as I really didn't have an answer and then Tina spoke. "We should get back to the Command Chamber and check it out". The others nodded and teleported away leaving me stand there with a baffled expression on my face. Suddenly I felt the familiar sensation of teleportation and reappeared in the Command Chamber.

I quickly spoke. "Zordon, what happened, why couldn't I teleport?"

Zordon spoke. "I am afraid that is a security protocol we introduced in the security system".

Bradley spoke. "What do you mean, Zordon?"

Zordon spoke. "We have on occasion in the past had intruders in our headquarters, so to ensure it never happens again we introduced a protocol that only allows Rangers into the Chamber".

Jo spoke. "Er, hello Zordon, Adam's the White Ranger remember".

Zordon spoke. "I am afraid at the moment he isn't".

I spoke. "What do you mean?"

Alpha spoke. "I've just scanned you and your powers are gone totally".

Jon spoke. "How is that possible?"

Alpha spoke. "I don't know, it shouldn't be possible, but I think it's something to do with what I detected after that blast from Neutraliser last week".

I spoke. "So how do I get them back?"

Zordon spoke. "At the moment, I believe if the Rangers were to destroy Obliterator, then your powers theoretically should return".

I spoke. "And if they don't?"

Zordon spoke. "Then the White Ranger is gone forever".

Alpha spoke. "Rangers, Obliterator has reappeared inside the city and he's a bit bigger than before".

Rachel spoke. "We're on it Alpha".

Quickly picking up their helmets the seven started to gather back together, however Hannah lingered by Adam's side and she spoke. "Everything will be fine, don't worry".

I laughed. "Who's worried?"

Then they teleported out and reappeared near the monster.

Tina spoke. "Okay, we need Zeo Astro Megazord power".

At the command the five Zords combined and stood before the monster.

Jo spoke. "Okay, Obliterator you're going down".

Obliterator spoke. "Let's see what you've got".

Then the fight began as the two giants exchanged blows and then the Megazord staggered back, on the ground Rachel and Paul watched.

Paul spoke. "They need help. I call on the power of the Gold Zeo Astro Zord".

At his command the Zord appeared and quickly went to the aid of the other's.

Rachel spoke. "Okay it's time to see what my Zord can do. It's time for the Silver Zeo Astro Zord".

At her command the Zord appeared and her Zord quickly joined the others. Quickly the battle was joined once more and soon the fight was over.

Hannah spoke. "Okay, we did it, now let's go and see if Adam has his powers back".

The others nodded and the seven teleported back to the Command Chamber to find me stood around looking miserable.

Bradley spoke. "Did it work, do you have your powers back?"

I couldn't reply and instead teleported away in a flash of light.

Paul spoke. "I think we can take that as a no".

Zordon spoke. "I am afraid, Rangers even destroying the monsters was insufficient to return Adam's powers". Han

nah spoke. "Then can't you just recreate them?"

Dulcea spoke. "I am afraid it is not that simple. The Zeo Astro powers are unique and once they were created the conditions and things used to create them are no longer available. I am very sorry, but the White Zeo Astro Powers are gone forever".

Jo spoke. "No wonder Adam looked like his world was over".

Tina spoke. "We should go and see if he is okay".

The others nodded and quickly teleported back to the hotel. Quickly the seven ran to the room where the four boys were living, only to find it empty.

Rachel spoke. "I was sure he'd be here".

Jon spoke. "We should split up and try to find him".

Tina spoke. "Good idea. Okay we'll all go looking and meet back here in an hour. Agreed".

Quickly splitting up, the seven took different directions and went in search of their missing friend. After forty minutes of searching everyone was beginning to think it was a lost cause trying to find me, until finally Hannah found me.

She spoke. "There you are, everyone has been looking for you".

I replied. "Well, here I am". Even though I hadn't meant it to be, it came out sounding sarcastic, and I could tell that from Hannah's expression she was slightly offended so I spoke again. "Sorry, I didn't mean that the way it sounded".

Hannah spoke. "That's okay".

I spoke. "So how did you know where I was?"

Hannah spoke. "It was obvious, if you wanted to be on your own, you would go somewhere quiet. So do you want to talk about it?"

I spoke. "What's there to talk about? The White Ranger is history, kaput, finished".

Hannah spoke. "He's not gone, he's just taking a break".

I spoke. "Thanks Hannah, but we both know that if my powers were going to come back, they would have when you destroyed the monster".

Hannah spoke. "You don't know that they won't come back when you least expect them to".

I spoke. "They're not coming back Hannah, they are gone".

She replied. "You're very negative aren't you?"

I spoke. "I've always been that way. No confidence in myself or my abilities".

Hannah spoke. "You've never seemed that way since we've known you".

I spoke. "You didn't know me before. I've never been confident about myself, people, especially my parents have always said that I can do it and that people see something in me that I don't see in myself, and for the life of me I can't see what they see".

Hannah spoke. "I see it, when I've been feeling down I've looked at you and felt better, because you've looked confident. I mean when we were in that parallel universe and we were fighting together and you were joking about what the weather was like".

I spoke. "That was the White Ranger, Adam Pearlman is an unconfident useless bum".

Hannah spoke. "You're not useless".

I spoke. "I am, I mean I never amounted to much before becoming a Ranger, I couldn't do anything, I never understood anything at university, I couldn't talk to people. I never even had a girlfriend. When I became the White Ranger and the leader of team I was scared but proud. I thought this was great, I was never chosen to do anything like this. But now my powers are gone, I'm a nothing again. I didn't amount to anything before and now that I'm back to that state again, and what's worse I'm stuck in another universe far from home".

Hannah spoke. "Don't think that, you're not useless, you can amount to something, you already have. You've become the White Ranger and fought for what's right. I don't know many people who do that. Just because your powers are gone, doesn't mean you won't be able to help us. Besides Zordon, might find a way to restore your powers or give you new ones".

I spoke. Thanks Hannah, there is one good thing to come out of this, whatever was wrong with me earlier has gone, I guess using my powers got rid of it. Look, thanks for talking with me, but I need to be on my own for a while".

Hannah spoke. "Okay, but we're all here if you need to talk".

I smiled and spoke. "I know".

Placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder she gave me a faint smile and left me to think. High above on the moon the forces of evil watched and plotted my demise.

Zedd spoke. "Perfect, the White Ranger is powerless. We must strike now and obliterate him, before they find a way to regain his powers".

Astronema spoke. "They won't find a way and we attack when I say we do and not before. Is that understood?"

Zedd spoke. "It is, but why wait?"

Astronema "I want him to suffer. And when he is fully immersed in his misery I will destroy him".

Then Darkonda stepped from the shadows and spoke. "And while the White Ranger is being destroyed Ecliptor and I will dispose of the others. Isn't that right my friend?"

Behind him Ecliptor nodded and then the forces of evil turned and continued to watch my misery.

Meanwhile Hannah had met up with the others and was recounting her experience.

Jon spoke. "I had no idea, that Adam was so..."

Hannah spoke. "Stupid".

Rachel spoke. "Hannah!"

Hannah spoke. "He is, I mean I realise that losing his powers is a big deal, but he's acting like it's the end of his world. He's going on about not being anybody and not amounting to anything".

Paul spoke. "To be fair it sounds like he has some things he needs to work out about himself".

Jo spoke. "I think the point is he shouldn't have to do it alone. We're a team and if one has a problem, then we should all try and deal with it".

Tina spoke. "I think in this case, it is something Adam has to deal with himself. None of us can help, unless he asks".

Hannah spoke. "Why can't we help? Adam has a problem and even if he has to deal with it himself, why can't we help him?"

Bradley spoke. "Because he probably sees us as being everything he isn't and it's probably something that is bothering him".

Jo spoke. "You mean he's bothered by us being pop stars. That's ridiculous".

Jon spoke. "It's not, I think I understand what Brad is saying. Even though we have been here for three months now and we're all getting along, there is still one final barrier between us and I think that's one of Adam's problems".

Rachel spoke. "He's jealous of our success?" Jon

spoke. "Not exactly, I think he looks at us and sees people around his own age who are successful and he's looking at his own life and seeing that he's not achieved or done anything and it's getting to him".

Tina spoke. "So that's why he's got low self confidence, he doesn't feel he's achieved anything or going anywhere".

Jon spoke. "Exactly. I think we can help him, he was telling me a while back that while he had friends they never bothered to call him unless they needed something. He also said they never wanted to see if he wanted to go out and when he called them, they were always off out with other people and they never bothered to see if he wanted to go with them".

Hannah spoke. "It sounds like he's lonely. I mean who does he talk to if his friends are never around or he never sees them? We have to help him".

Paul spoke. "Definitely, I mean we can make him feel like he has friends and that he is needed".

Tina spoke. "What do you have in mind?"

Paul spoke. " A party. I know you were organising one for my birthday, but I think Adam needs it more than me".

Bradley spoke. "That's a great idea and while you lot are organising the party, Jon and I will find Adam a girl".

Rachel spoke. "Not to sound stupid, but why?"

Jon spoke. "Adam has never had a girlfriend and maybe having one will cheer him up".

Suddenly Hannah blurted out. "But you can't do that I..."

Bradley spoke. "Why can't we and what's you're problem with it? I mean it's not like your interested in him are you?

At that Hannah looked away from the others and an uncomfortable silence seemed about to follow before Tina spoke. "Okay, Bradley you Jon and Paul can do that. The rest of us will get the food and the rest of the party together".

The others nodded and the group split into two both intent on their tasks. High above them Astronema watched and plotted. "This could ruin my plan. We attack tomorrow morning. Rita while he sleeps you will transport the White Ranger to the pocket dimension. Then when the others awaken they will find a note from him saying that he has decided to leave. Before they can do anything Ecliptor, you and Darkonda will attack".

Ecliptor nodded. "As you wish".

For me the rest of the night was pretty boring, I sat around and wallowed in self-pity for a while before heading back to the hotel. When I got there the S Club tried their best to cheer me up and if I had been feeling better about myself it would probably have worked. However, I did notice that Hannah seemed to be going out of her way to avoid looking at me.

Anyway after a while I turned in and went to sleep. I'm still not sure what really woke me, I think it was the breeze and turning over onto a rock. Sitting up I looked around and found myself on a rocky floor with not much greenery around and mountains as far as the eye could see. In a panic I reached for my communicator and then remembered I had left it on the table before I went to bed. Picking myself up I picked a direction and started to look around for some clue of where I was.

Meanwhile my disappearance had not gone unnoticed. Paul was quickly shaken awake and he turned to see Jon staring at him.

Paul spoke. "You know, I don't mind being woke up, but seeing your face first thing in the morning isn't what I had in mind".

Jon spoke. "Get up we've got a problem".

Paul spoke. "A good morning would be nice". But then with a moan Paul jumped off his bunk. "What's wrong?"

Jon didn't reply and instead passed a piece of paper to him, which Paul took and read.

Paul spoke. "Oh this is great. Have you told the girls yet?"

Jon spoke. "No, I just found out a few minutes ago and woke the two of you".

Bradley spoke. "Well, come on then, let's tell the girls and go find him".

The other two nodded and quickly headed out of the door towards the girl's room. Knocking once the three boys entered to find the girls all still in bed.

Paul spoke. "Everybody wake up".

Raising her head from the pillow Jo spoke. "Go away".

Bradley spoke. "No can do. We've got a problem".

At that the four girls came fully awake.

Tina spoke. "What's wrong?"

Jon spoke. "Adam's gone".

Hannah spoke. "What do you mean gone?"

Jon spoke. "I woke up this morning and found a note on the desk next to his communicator". Even as he said that he held out the note for the girls to see.

Rachel reached out and took the note and then started to read it out loud. "Dear all. As much as I don't want to do this, I have to leave. Without my powers I'm not much help to you in the fight against evil and let's face it I'm not much use to anyone anyway. So I've decided to leave and find my way. In a world where no one knows me, that shouldn't be too hard. After all, here, no one knows what a loser I am. Maybe I'll drop you a line when I get settled somewhere. Adam".

Jo spoke. "I don't believe this. How could he just chicken out on us?"

Hannah spoke. "Adam wouldn't do that. It has to be a joke".

Before anyone could reply the communicators they wore beeped.

Tina spoke. "This is Tina, go ahead".

Zordon spoke. "Rangers Darkonda and Ecliptor have appeared in downtown Miami and are causing havoc. You must go there and stop them".

Tina spoke. "Zordon, we're on it, but we have another problem. Adam has taken off. We woke up to find a note saying he was leaving".

Zordon spoke. "That is odd. I will have Alpha scan for him and bring him back".

Hannah spoke. "Thanks Zordon".

Tina spoke. "Okay guys, let's rocket".

Hitting a combination of numbers the seven were quickly transformed from normal people to Power Rangers. Moments later the group reappeared in the city centre in front of Darkonda and Ecliptor.

Jo spoke. "Okay, hold it right there".

Paul spoke. "You know we really should come up with a better catchphrase to announce our arrival".

Darkonda spoke. "Okay Rangers so good to see you. Oh, wait a minute, there is only seven of you. Don't tell me you misplaced the White Ranger".

Hannah spoke. "Shut up you monster".

Darkonda spoke. "Struck a nerve did I?"

Ecliptor spoke. "Enough talk, let us destroy the Rangers. Quantrons attack".

Then the Rangers didn't have time to think as Quantrons surrounded them.

Meanwhile at the Command Chamber, Alpha as requested was scanning for me.

Alpha spoke. "Zordon this can't be right according to my scans Adam is not in Miami".

Dulcea spoke. "Alpha, could he have already left Miami?"

Alpha spoke. "Perhaps, I will try a wider scan, to encompass outside of Miami". For a few minutes there is only silence as Alpha works. "Oh no Zordon, I still can't find a trace of him. It is as if he has vanished from the face of the planet".

Zordon spoke. "Alpha begin scanning every hidden dimension that we know of. If Adam is not within this area then perhaps he didn't leave, he was taken".

Alpha spoke. "I'll get right on it".

As Alpha hurried to do this task I was finding myself in the middle of nowhere and not having much luck.

Half talking to myself I muttered out loud. "Well, this is a fine mess you've got yourself into AJP. So what do I do?"

Suddenly I heard a voice. "Well, you can die".

Turning I saw a monster flying towards me and I dived out of the way just in time. Rolling to my feet I came up to see Goldar stood before me.

I spoke. "I guess that answers my question of where I am. So where am I?"

Goldar spoke. "You're in a pocket dimension. You've been brought here so I can destroy you".

I spoke. "Dream on Goldar".

Goldar spoke. "I don't have to dream, human germ. Without your powers and without your friends you are nothing. Look, they don't need you, they've never needed you".

Turning I saw the city of Miami and the fight as the Rangers fought with the Quantrons, Darkonda and Ecliptor. Watching for a few minutes I knew that Goldar was right as the Rangers fought well and were defeating the Quantrons without me.

Goldar spoke. "You see they don't need you. Give up and let me finish you off. I will make it quick".

I couldn't speak, and the feeling of not being able to do it or being able to do anything was so overpowering and I collapsed to the floor.

Meanwhile back at the battle the Rangers were finding things quite tough.

Bradley spoke. "Guys, we're really in trouble. The Quantrons just keep coming".

Hannah spoke. "We have to keep fighting".

Paul spoke. "What I wouldn't give for the White Ranger to appear right now".

Jo spoke. "Well he's won't. So we have to do the best that we can".

The seven quickly continued to fight and then for a second the wave of Quantrons parted and both Ecliptor and Darkonda appeared in front of the Rangers. Before anyone could react the two fired bursts of energy sending the Rangers crashing to the floor.

Darkonda spoke. "Don't tell me you've had enough already".

Rachel spoke. "Not hardly, bring it on".

Ecliptor spoke. "As you insist. Shall we do it?"

Darkonda nodded and moved in front of Ecliptor and the two sent out a burst of energy as suddenly where both Ecliptor and Darkonda had stood there was only one.

Hannah spoke. "Who is that?"

The combined creature spoke. "I am Darkcliptor, I am your destroyer".

Bradley spoke. "One target is better than two". Then Bradley leapt towards Darkcliptor who merely raised his sword and struck out sending Bradley crashing back to the floor in front of the other Rangers.

Bradley spoke. "Guess it isn't going to be as easy as I thought".

Jo spoke. "What ever gave you that clue?"

Then Darkcliptor was upon them and the Rangers found themselves battling hard to stay alive.

Meanwhile at the Command Chamber Zordon and Dulcea watched the fight as Alpha continued to work.

Zordon spoke. "Alpha, have you had any success locating Adam?"

Alpha spoke. "Not yet, wait a minute I've found him. He's in another dimension and Goldar is with him".

Dulcea spoke. "Can you teleport him here?"

Alpha spoke. "I've tried, but I can't".

Zordon spoke. "Hopefully Adam will find a way to get out on his own. We must have faith in his abilities".

Dulcea spoke. "Even if he has no faith in himself".

Zordon spoke. "Even if that is the case, I believe he can do it".

Meanwhile even as Zordon believed in me, I was despairing of believing in myself or even getting out alive.

Goldar spoke. "So Adam, any final words before I destroy you?"

I shook my head and awaited my fate. It was then it happened as I let all the tension drain from my body I saw people I had known throughout my life telling me I could do it ,and I saw my parents saying the same thing. I saw the letter from university saying I had been accepted without condition and last of all I saw Hannah telling me that I am someone and I have done something worthwhile. Then for absolutely no reason the song I had heard in on of S Club's TV specials called 'Reach for the Stars' popped into my head and suddenly it was there. Looking up I saw Goldar bring his sword around and bring it down towards me and at the last second I dived out of the way and came into a fighting stance.

Goldar spoke. "So the human has a little spark of fight left in him. Good, I like my prey to fight before I kill it".

I spoke. "I have more than a spark left Goldar. For the first time in my life I know whom I am and what I have to do. If I hadn't been feeling so sorry for myself I would have seen it earlier".

Goldar looked surprised by my words, it seemed to me that he thought I was helpless. Seeing his hesitation I pressed my advantage and attacked with everything I had, knocking his sword from his hand. For a few minutes we clashed and then using his superior strength he flung me away.

Goldar spoke. "Human, you may have won this battle, but your friends will still die".

He said it with such savagery that I lunged for him even as he disappeared in flames leaving me alone.

I spoke to myself. "Great, now what do I do. I've no communicator and no one knows where I am. So it looks like I am stuck here". Even as I said that I felt a sudden tingling in my hands and all over my body and then to my amazement my Zeo Astro Morpher appeared upon my left hand and I spoke in surprise. "My Morpher, but how did it get here?" Shaking my head I spoke again. "Well, I'll figure it out later, but now Let's Rocket". Calling upon it's powers I was transformed into the White Ranger and then with a laugh I teleported away.

Back at the battle the seven Rangers were not having a good time as Darkcliptor was knocking them around like they were nothing.

Darkcliptor spoke. "This is pathetic, why you seven were chosen I don't know. Before you die, you could at least put up a fight".

Jon spoke. "We're not going down".

Darkcliptor spoke. "Face it Blue Ranger you can't defeat me. Now I think it is time to end this fight once and for all".

Watching from my position above them I spoke out. "How right you are and you're going down".

Everyone turned and for one second I felt every set of eyes on me. Then without further comment I dropped to the floor neatly kicking Darkcliptor down and giving the others chance to get up.

I spoke. "Surprised to see me Darkcliptor?"

Darkcliptor spoke. "Not at all White Ranger, it just means I have the pleasure of defeating you in one on one combat".

I spoke. "Just how I like it".

Then he ran towards me and I met his charge with my sword. We fought for many minutes with neither of us gaining any ground. Glancing back over my shoulder at the others I turned and looked at Darkcliptor. "Well, this has been real fun, but now it time for this fight to end".

Darkcliptor "Indeed, White Ranger, and I shall be the victor".

Tina spoke. "I don't think so pal. Adam move".

I didn't even bother to respond and instead dived out of the way as Darkcliptor turned his attention back to the other Rangers and stared in horror at what he saw.

Tina spoke. "Zeo Astro Blaster fire".

Using their combined weapons five of them had formed the weapon and we all watched as the energy struck Darkcliptor, who toppled to the floor and then exploded. When the dust cleared we saw that only Ecliptor was there, who was staggering to his feet. "You shall pay for this Power Rangers. Mark my words" he said as he teleported away".

Then I turned to see the other Rangers running up to me and all of them were speaking at once until I raised a hand. "I will explain at the Command Chamber".

Quickly teleporting away we reappeared in the Command Chamber powered down. I didn't even have the chance to say a word as the pink flash next to me threw her arms around me in a hug and I quickly spoke. "Hannah, I'd like to breathe. If that's not too much trouble".

Sheepishly looking around she quickly let go and spoke. "Sorry, just pleased to see you... I mean get your powers back".

I gave a small smile. "Thanks, it's good to have them back".

Bradley spoke. "How did you get them back?"

I spoke. "I don't really know. I mean one minute I was in a pocket dimension facing certain death and powerless and then, I had my powers back. I guess whatever I got hit with only had a limited time to run and after it had run it's course my powers came back".

Jo spoke. "Well, they couldn't have come back at a better time, I mean Ecliptor and Darkonda on their own are pretty bad, but both of them as one".

Rachel spoke. "At least Darkonda is gone".

Zordon spoke. "I am afraid not Rangers. Darkonda is a creature with multiple lives".

Paul spoke. "Meaning?"

Jon spoke. "He'll be back".

I spoke. "And we'll be waiting".

Hannah spoke. "You mean, no running off to deal with problems on your own".

I spoke. "Don't know what you mean. After all we're in this together, right?"

Tina spoke. "Right. Now let's get out of here, we've got a party to plan".

I spoke. "I guess it's not a surprise anymore".

Paul spoke. "Hate to tell you this Adam, it was never a surprise, after all this lot couldn't keep a secret if they tried".

Bradley spoke. "Besides the party is as much for you as it is to celebrate Paul's birthday".

I spoke. "For me?"

Rachel spoke. "Yeah at the time you needed some cheering up".

I spoke. "I don't know what to say".

Jo spoke. "Thank you might be a start".

Nodding obediently I spoke. "Thank you. Come on let's go then".

Teleporting away and back to the hotel Jon quickly spoke. "Well, Bradley, me and Paul should go and do our errand".

Tina spoke. "Okay, you sure you know what you're doing?"

Bradley spoke. "Have we ever let you down before?"

Rachel spoke. "Should we answer that or should we just glare?"

At that I couldn't help but chuckle and I also couldn't help but wonder what the lads were up to. I didn't have long to find out. As the party started I found that there were a high percentage of guests to be girls and immediately knew what the three had been up to when I noticed one girl in particular looking at me. Walking over to her intending to start a conversation I felt my brains dribble out of my ears and found I couldn't think of anything to say. Fortunately Jon was watching and spoke up. "Adam, this is Jamie".

Giving a silent thanks to Jon I began to talk. "Jamie that's a nice name".

Jamie spoke. "Now that's an original line".

I gave a small shrug. "Sorry I'm not very good at talking to girls".

Jamie smiled. "Well, you're honest, I'll give you that".

I spoke. "Always try to be honest".

Jamie spoke. "You can relax, I don't bite. Well, not right away, anyway".

I spoke. "Glad to hear it. So how did you get invited to this little party".

Jamie shrugged. "I don't really know, one minute I was minding my own business and the next these three guys came up to me and asked what I liked in a guy".

I gave a small moan and spoke. "I'm sorry, I can't believe they did that".

Jamie spoke. "I take it you know the three guys?"

I spoke. "Yeah, they are friends. I think they were trying to do me a favour".

Jamie spoke. "Well, I think it worked".

I spoke. "Yeah I think it did too. Oh, here we go, they're about to perform".

'When the world leaves you feeling blue
You can count on me
I will be there for you.

When it seems all your hopes and dreams
Are a millions miles ways
I will reassure you

We got to all stick together
Good friends there for each other
Never ever forget that
I got you
And you got me

So reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams all come true

Don't believe in all that you've been told
The skies the limit you can reach your goal
No one knows just what the future holds
There ain't nothing you can't be
There's a whole world at your feet
I said Reach

Climb every mountain


Reach for the moon


Follow that rainbow
And your dreams will all come true

Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your hearts desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true.'

As the evening progressed I found myself enjoying Jamie's company more and more and by the time she left we had agreed to go out the next evening. After the party the others gathered around and Paul was the first to speak. "Well, how did it go?"

I spoke. "A good performance tonight guys".

Tina spoke. "Thanks, but we want details".

I spoke. "Okay, her name is Jamie, she is studying at Florida University a degree in Psychology and we're going to meet again tomorrow".

Jon spoke. "Good on you".

I spoke. "Thank you".

Bradley spoke. "No problem, just call us the matchmakers".

I spoke. "Not for that, for earlier".

Jo spoke. "What do you mean?"

I spoke. "For not giving up on me when I had lost my powers. I have to say I really thought it was the end for me when I faced Goldar. Thanks to you I got my powers back".

Hannah spoke. "I thought you said they just came back".

I continued. "All I could see is what a loser I had been and then for no reason, everyone who's had confidence in me was there telling me that I could do. Then last of all was you Hannah telling me I am somebody and then the song 'Reach for the Stars' popped into my head and suddenly I knew I could do it and I fought Goldar and my powers came back".

Rachel spoke. "It sounds like you had a busy day".

I spoke. "Try a busy couple of days and I don't know about you, but I could do with some sleep".

Then from out of nowhere Howard appeared. "Don't even think about it. I want this place cleaned up before you lot go to bed".

Then he disappeared almost as suddenly as he had appeared. Looking at each other we all groaned and got to work. Even as we worked I suddenly realised that I felt better about myself than I had in a long time. I had friends, a possible relationship, university and best of all I had my powers back. Shaking my head I got back to work, knowing that our fight against evil would still continue.