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by : Adam Pearlman

During my time as a Ranger, we've all seen very strange things and the latest of those has to be when we didn't exist. Well, that's not true, we did exist, but we were not together as Rangers.

It all started a few nights ago when I had gone out with Jamie and we had been talking, when she suddenly stopped and looked at me.

Jamie spoke. "Do you know that we have been going out for three weeks now and I don't know a single thing about you except what you do and your name."

I spoke. "Well, I've always tried to be tall, dark and mysterious".

Jamie spoke. "No, really I would like to know who you are?"

I spoke. "There isn't really much to tell. I'm 22 years old; I was born in Kingston upon Hull, which is in England. I've been in full-time education since I was four. I've had a few little jobs such as working in a fish factory, or selling newspapers. Really interesting."

Jamie spoke. "So how did you hook up with S Club?"

I spoke. "We met some time ago and we've been friends since then. When the opportunity came to study in America, they decided to come with me, see if they could make it big here in the States."

Jamie spoke. "Do you know people who don't talk about themselves are often hiding from themselves?"

I spoke. "I'm a very private person. I've never really talked about myself. Personally I tend to write it all down in stories. Sometimes the characters are me, but not. If you see what I mean."

Jamie spoke. "You like to write."

I spoke. "Yeah, it's the one thing I'm good at. I tend to right sci-fi stories such as what would happen if you existed, but not in the life you knew."

Jamie spoke. "Sort of like you've lived a different life, but you were still you."

I spoke. "Guess it sounds stupid."

Jamie spoke. "No, in fact it sounds very interesting. Look I have to go. I forgot I promised to meet some friends from class in half an hour."

I spoke. "Oh well, I should be getting back anyway. I'll see you tomorrow?"

Jamie spoke. "Perhaps."

Then she was gone and almost outs of my earshot when she muttered to herself. "Or perhaps not." If I had watched her go I would have seen her turn into an alleyway and then transform her image to that of Claire. "So the White Ranger likes to write about reality changing. Well, his fantasy is about to become reality." Then she disappeared and moments later reappeared aboard the Dark Fortress where Rita and Lord Zedd were stood.

Zedd spoke. "You sent for us?"

Claire spoke. "Yes I did. I have a plan and this is what I want you to do."

Returning to the Hotel I found that the group had just finished a set and I walked over to join them.

Bradley spoke. "You're back, so how was your date?"

I spoke. "It was fine."

Jo spoke. "Oh it was, so we want the full details and don't leave out any of the juicy bits."

I spoke. "There is nothing really to tell. We saw a movie, grabbed a bite to eat, and went for a walk. She had to go, so I came back."

Paul spoke. "So you didn't get any further."

I spoke. "Nope. Every time I try to kiss her, she pulls away or says she has to go."

Tina spoke. "Maybe she want's to take it slowly."

I spoke. "Perhaps, but we have been going out for three weeks now."

Rachel spoke. "A typical guy, if he hasn't gotten anywhere then there has to be something wrong."

I spoke. "I didn't actually say I minded. Frankly this is the first relationship I've been in and if she wants to go slow that is fine by me."

Jon spoke. "That's the spirit, I'm sure it will all work out".

I spoke. "I hope so, I really like her and I don't want to blow it". At that I yawned even as I tried to stop it and then I spoke. "Look, I'm going to go to bed, I've got a class first thing and I don't want to fall asleep again. Man, I never thought I would miss Middlesex and my infrequent hours."

As I walked off I heard the others laugh. Settling down on my bed I picked up the book I had been reading and within minutes I had fallen asleep.

The next thing I remember is hearing the phone ring and falling out of bed. Then I heard a shout from my flat-mate Neil calling me to the phone. Getting up I headed downstairs and took the phone. When I answered I instantly recognised the voice on the end, it was one of my friends from University ringing to check up on something with me. After helping my friend out I went into the kitchen and started to make myself a cup of tea. I was miles away when I heard someone talking to me and I turned around. "Sorry, what did you say Emily?"

Emily spoke. "I just asked what you're plans were for today?"

I spoke. "I don't know, thought I might listen to some music, read, watch some TV. I really don't know I just feel a little bit strange today."

Emily spoke. "You're not coming down with something are you?"

I spoke. "I don't think so. It's more of a feeling that something is not right with me and everything around me. It ... I don't know perhaps University is getting to me I just feel like I'm not supposed to be here."

Emily spoke. "Sound like you need a holiday."

I spoke. "I could definitely agree on that. Maybe that is all I need, a break from reality. Either that or I need a girlfriend."

Emily smiled and left me to my thoughts. I didn't really pay much attention to what I did for the next hour or so. After attempting some reading I decided that I needed to take a walk and clear my head. So I grabbed my keys, my Walkman, and putting on my jacket I headed out in the direction of Enfield Town. As I walked I listened to the radio and was listening to a song and then I had the weirdest sense of deja vu as I heard it. The strange thing was I knew that I had heard it before, but I couldn't place it at all. I was so puzzled by it that I wasn't paying attention and went crashing into a lamp-post. Later I came back to the house and tried to put it out of my mind. But I couldn't for some reason the song was stuck in my mind and I couldn't get it out of mind. Throughout the evening the song plagued me and no matter how I racked my brains I couldn't remember who sang it or where I had heard it before.

When Neil returned home I immediately spoke to him. "Neil, I was wondering have you heard of a song called 'Two in a Million'?"

Neil looked at me and spoke. "You're kidding aren't you?"

I spoke. "Why would I be kidding?"

Neil spoke. "Adam, you have a copy of the song on your computer, you have the single as well."

I spoke. "I do, that's not possible, I would have remembered having this song or hearing this group before."

Neil spoke. "Don't tell me you've forgotten that you like this group, don't you remember their songs, 'Bring it all Back', 'S Club Party'? This is the group that has been all over magazines, all over the television. You have their album and several magazines. You said you fancied one of the girls and would love to meet them."

I spoke. "When did I say any of that?"

Neil spoke. "Did you hit your head or something? Because you sound very strange."

I spoke. "It does sound strange, but I don't remember them and what's weird."

Neil spoke. "Maybe you're just having a bad day."

I spoke. "You are probably right, I think I will get some sleep."

Neil muttered a goodnight, but I didn't hear him I was too preoccupied by whatever was wrong with me. My sleep was pretty disturbed, throughout the night I had dreams of people I thought I knew, but didn't, of places where I had been, but I knew I hadn't. All in all it was a pretty bad night for me, and I woke up feeling as though I hadn't slept at all.

Going downstairs I noticed that it was earlier enough that programmes like Live and Kicking and SMTV: Live was on TV. Switching on the television BBC One came on and it was like a thunderbolt as S Club 7 appeared on the screen. Suddenly I remembered who they were and I smiled as they played their song 'Two in a Million'. After that I felt better and went on with my day. After having breakfast I headed for University to use the Internet. When I got there I checked my messages and found a few from friends and one from Jamie saying that she would be in London this afternoon and could I meet her. For some reason this message disturbed me, it was almost as if she shouldn't be here. Shaking my head I went back to my surfing of the net.

Meanwhile across London in the BBC Building the members of S Club 7 had just left the building and were finishing signing autographs. Tina looked across at Hannah who was staring distractedly in front of her and then Tina spoke. "Hannah, are you okay?"

Hannah looked a little startled but then she spoke. "Yeah, I just didn't sleep well last night."

Tina spoke. "It showed, you were really flat on one of the choruses and when we were answering questions you seemed very distracted."

Hannah spoke. "I don't know, I just feel as if something is wrong."

Tina spoke. "Wrong, how?"

Hannah spoke. "I don't know, that's the trouble. Forget it, maybe I just need a good night's sleep".

Tina nodded and climbed onto the mini-bus next to Jo and watched as Hannah took a seat and while she seemed to be okay, Tina worried for her friend. Glancing across at the boys who were chatting she noticed that both Bradley and Jon had the same distracted look on their faces that Hannah had as well. Shaking her head she worried because she was also feeling a little bit out of sorts as well, as if something was wrong. Later after going to a local radio station to do a show the group split up and headed for home.

As Hannah got home and put a key in the door to her flat she stopped and looked around, for a moment she felt as if she was being watched but could see no one there, shaking her head she went inside.