Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 2: Arise, Ranger Pretenders!
by Frankie Rodriguez

Previously on PRT: SR MF- As the current group of Power Rangers were looking for Zordon, they found themselves under a full scale attack by Astromena and her forces. Astromena used the Dark fortress to shoot down both Megaships on a planet below. Before the Astromegaship crashed, Andros convinced the other Rangers to leave on the shuttle, leaving him and Alpha 6 to deal with what is to come.

The Rangers land in a mountain plain outside a city. Tj tells the Rangers that there is where they should go. Ashley prefers to find Andros but is convinced to go along with the others. Astromena knows of the Rangers plight on the shuttle, so she sends down Darconda, Elgar and Ecliptor to go and search for the Rangers. Darconda stops in a bar where he meets up with General Havoc, when Tj, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos come in. A battle begins, making the four Power Rangers morph. During the entire fight, the Power Rangers are watched by a hooded figure. Even with the added force of Ecliptor, the Rangers mange to defeat the three villains when Louie Kaboom teleports the villains away.
The villains find themselves in this underground base which Louie tells them of power they could gain if they agree to join forces with him. They agree to undergo the Pretender Process, done by Soundblaster. The Rangers get to know the man while Andros and Alpha finally make their way out of the Astromegaship. A light was seen by Andros while the Rangers get supplies to find Andros. The Pretenders, now named Decepticons, attacked the city with the new powers. When the man warned them not to get into the fight, but go out anyway. . .

Inside a mountain, the Astromegaship is stuck within, and two beings are trying to get out. Andros goes back within the ship to savage a few personal effects. He goes through his quarters. He has the toy that he played with his sister the last time he saw her. He made his way through the torn corridors of what had been his home for years now. His ship , much like his planet is barren now. He walks to what remains of the bridge to see Alpha 6 there. He works on a console that was not damaged. Andros moves towards him but his heat is already breaking as his home is gone; does that mean his friend as well?

"Alpha, any luck in downloading DECA to a Server?" Andros asks this in what maybe the softest voice Alpha's ever heard from his friend. There was worry and compassion in Andros's words. Alpha turned to him but kept his head down.

"I am sorry. This console is in too bad a shape to download DECA. I don't think we can."

Andros face turned to a somber dread. He stood there, not speaking , just brooding for moments. He stopped himself from giving any tears. Walking away, he told Alpha, "Come on! Let's go!"

Alpha took some technology they salvage and followed Andros out. The two went off into the caves and towards the light.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
The four teen walked outside to see the behethoms that the four villains had become. Tall , powerful and metallic. A purple symbol was seen from all four of them. Carlos, Tj , Cassie and Ashley watched their movements as the eight now stood in a face off type stance. The man ran outside to watch, hoping the Rangers do not get themselves killed. TJ steps forward one step.

"What are you guys?"

General Havoc was in a maroon color armor robot form. "You don't approve TJ. I though you Rangers like Surprises."

"Not like this," Tj states to the villain. He looks at all of them. "What are you all?"

"We, small boy, are now Decepticons. What you saw were our original forms with our armor now our Transformer identities. In this form I am Bludgeon," says Ecliptor in a light violet and blue robot form.

"I will keep my name Darconda even though I am told that I am Blood in this form," says a blue robot.

"I was General Havoc but I am now also Gilmer," says the General.

"And I , power brats , am now called Dauros," answers a dark red robot.

"We are now Decepticon Pretenders and you, Power Rangers, are finished." Bludgeon/Ecliptor was very forceful in his speech.

Tj looked at his friends. They all nodded. "I don't think so! Let's Rocket!!" The four teen became the Power Rangers once again. "Okay! Let's get it on!!"

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The four Power Rangers (Pink, Yellow, Black & Blue) ran towards the four Decepticons. Each Ranger tries to knock down their opponent. Pink Ranger faces off against Gilmer for a score to settle for the time he kidnaped her as General Havoc. She twist and turns ,firing her Astro-blaster at him. He shrugs it off like nothing. Gilmer comes down with a fast left but Pink Ranger dodges it with a display of acrobatics. She takes out her Satellite Stunner, throwing sonic vibrations at the Decepticon. Gilmer loses his focus for a second as he kicks her away.

Yellow Ranger took on Dauros/Louie Kaboom. She doesn't know much about him, except that the Zeo Rangers destroyed him long ago. Ashley does her best of stop from being stomped on by him. Dauros attacks in his new form. "Check this out!" He becomes a tank, which takes Ashley completely off guard. Yellow Ranger calls for her Star Slinger to attack the fight back.

"Star Slinger! Take this Kaboom!!" The lasers from Star Slinger have little affect on the tank mode of Daruos. He fires a shot which sends the Yellow Ranger flying to the feet of the man from the bar.

Black Ranger is Basting away at Blood/ Darconda. Darconda/Blood mocks him. "What's the matter? I thought you Power Rangers were tough."

"Tougher than you think Darconda!! Lunar Lance!" Carlos releases his Lunar Lance. Black Ranger jumps, hit spots all over the new Pretenders Decepticon body. Blood gives him a slap with his metal arm, pushing Black Ranger to the ground. Black Ranger tries to get up but a blast sends him yards away.

Blue Ranger faced off against Ecliptor/Bludgeon. Ecliptor reverted to his Pretender armor for TJ. "Here. I ‘ve made it easier for you to fight me." Bludgeon mocking Tj. Blue Ranger shoots blasts from his Astro-blaster. A few caught Bludgeon. Then Bludgeon unleashes black energy from his sword, slashing at Blue Ranger. Blue Ranger is at his feet.

"Give up?" mocks Bludgeon/Ecliptor.

"No way! We will never surrender to you!" Blue Ranger got up off the ground.

Bludgeon laughs. "Don't worry. I wouldn't take your begging anyway."

********************************************************************** ********

On board the Dark Fortress, a ball of light was approaching. Its energy was immense. The scanners of the Dark Fortress alerted Astromena of the energy signatures they had detected. Astromena went to her bridge. There, Quantrons worked to unlock what the energy coming from them was. Astromena checked out some of the scanners herself. Then a voice called to her.

"Astromena. Astromena! Be in me. Be in me!"

Astromena took her staff and posed in a defensive position. She looked around. "Who was that?'

"Be in me! Take in me!" the voice was louder this time. The ball of energy that the Quantrons had detected had appeared on her ship. "Be in me. Take in me."

Astromena was reluctant but asks, "What are you? I sense your power . . .and evil."

"Power to take. Take in Me and know power Astromena." The voice was attentive to Astromena's mood, yet playful. It was seductive at this point. Trying to lure her in, the ball moved closer. Astromena stood their for mere minutes then took the ball in her hands. Energy had lit up her quarters like a sun to a planet. It wasn't blinding to her. It was almost like a sexual tension had built between them and bursted at last. Quantrons entered, check on their monarch. She stood up and smiled. " I am fine. As a matter of fact, I've never been better." As the Quantrons leave, one notices two gold bracelets on her. In the middle, was a symbol he could not make out, a symbol in purple.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Blue Ranger took out his Astro Axe. "Take this! Astro Axe , Power Up!" He begin to spin in speeds unheard of by humans toward Bludgeon. Bludgeon transformed to his robot self and blasted away at blue Ranger, destroying his axe. Bludgeon picked him up and threw Tj at the other Rangers. The other three Rangers and the man regrouped around the Blue Ranger.

"You okay Teeje?" Carlos asks.

The Blue Ranger spoke. "Man, they are too powerful for us. What the heck are we going to do?"

The man spoke to the four Power Rangers. "I have an idea but you need to come with me now."

Ashley objected for the entire team. "But they'll destroy this city."

"And if you do come with me, they will kill you too. Now come on." The man says with assertiveness. The Rangers nod in agreement and begin to retreat. The Decepticons look at them, smiling.

"You can run all you like but you will soon be finished!" Bludgeon/Ecliptor announces to the five running humans. The villains look at each other . "Transform! Return to the lab!"

The man gather the Rangers into an rundown alley. The four walk through it , following the man. Cassie breaks the long stemming silence that had been in place. "Um . . .not to be ungrateful and all but where are we going?"

The man smiles at them. "You will see soon enough Power Rangers! Trust me!"

"Trust you? We don't even know your name, pal?" Cassie replies. Her three friends look at her with a blank expression. Ashley nudges Cassie in her stomach.

"Cassie?! The guy just saved our life. I think that is grounds to trust him," Ashley voices her opinion. The other two guys remain silent.

The man looks at her, grinning again. "I understand Ashley. My name is Spike!"

Ashley starts again. " I hope that Andros is okay."

Spike tells her, "I am sure your friend is fine if he is anything like the four of you. You have a lot of guts to take on those guys."

"It is our responsibility," Tj plain answers. They continue to walk towards a dead end.

"I am glad to hear that. Maybe you are ready for the process." Spike searches for something in his pocket.

Carlos is confused by Spike's words. "What do you mean we're ready? For what Process?"

Spike clicks a button from a control from his hand. A door appears from nowhere, filled with white light. "I can give you new powers. Ones that will make you be able to take the Decepticon Pretenders on, by becoming Pretenders yourselves."

The group turns to each other in awe.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Andros and Alpha 6 are walking towards what seems to be light within the cave they are trapped in. Now the light is getting brighter as they near it. The two go towards the source of the light. They find rock that is glowing brightly. Andros and Alpha investigate with some hand held scanners that they found.

"According to the readings, there is something under this rock," Alpha tells his friend. Andros takes out his Astromorpher. He morphs into the Red Ranger. He then calls for his Spiral Saber. The Red Ranger motions Alpha to move as he breaks through the rock with three concentrated shots to it with his weapon. The two fall down to a cavern. Alpha is the first to look up.

"Andros . . .Andros" Alpha says in a distance voice.

"Man this cavern is huge," Andros surveys the area in front of him."Yes Alpha. What is it?"

"LOOK!!" Alpha yells this to the Red Ranger. Andros turn around to get an eyeful. It is a giant size station. It was white, red and blue. There seemed to be cannons all over it. The main tower was at least 60 to 70 stories. Their was also a striking red symbol on the tower. The two run to find an entrance into it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Spike stood in front of the doors of four hyper chambers that will make the Rangers Pretenders. He had been waiting for the Power Rangers to make a choice. "This is a one time deal. I can make you Pretenders so you can defeat the Decepticons."

Ashley was nervous about this. "What will happen to us if we do this? We won't be human anymore!"

"Yes you will. Though, undergoing the Pretender process will infuse you with a new armor. It will also binary connect you with a Transformer. You will, in essence have two forms, Human and Pretender armor is one, and the Transformer is the other. You can feel pain in your transformer but are a way more powerful."

"I don't know," Cassie says, "I love our zords but never dreamt of being one myself."

Tj slammed his fist to the wall. "We don't have a choice. If we don't stop the Decepticons or whatever they are, they will not only take over this planet but Earth as well. We'd be running away from our responsibility as Power Rangers. I am tired of running . I am in."

Carlos steps forward next to TJ. "So am I .'

"Well, TJ is right. We have to stop them. And I want to get back at Havoc. Count me in." Cassie brace herself forward.

Ashley was all that was left. She thought about it. Would she really still be human is the one that crossed her mind a lot. Then she looks up at her three friends. " Okay. Let's do it!"

The four teen entered a chamber that Spike designated for them. Spike want over to a machine in a balcony overlooking the chambers. Then all the doors closed shut.

********************************************************************** ********

The four Decepticons had made their way back to the Dark Fortress. They all gathered into Astromena's throne room in their Pretender shells. Astromena stood up from her throne with an enchanting grin on her face. Then she asks them a question. "What has happened to all of you?"

Astromena stands in front of her most trusted man, Ecliptor. He is in his Bludgeon form which revealed his face. "I wish to tell you that we have grown more powerful, my queen. We are now able to destroy the Rangers with ease. With our new powers, we will be invincible."

Astromena had a sparkle in her eye. "Did you make the Rangers beg for their lives before you killed them?"

"My Queen . . .they are no match for us now. We defeated and humiliated them."

Astromena's face grew angry. "You didn't kill them?!! You fools! They should be dead by now!!"

Gilmer replies, "who are you to give us orders? We are stronger than you now."

"Yeah," starts Dauros/Louie Kaboom, "We can kill you just as easily as anyone now."

Darconda chuckles under his breathe as Ecliptor took a defensive position. Astromena laughed in their faces. "Wrong , you idiots! I am far more powerful then any of your Decepticon bodies!!" She telekinetically lifts the two and throws them through a wall.

Darconda gasps that she knows of what had transpired. He thinks that he will have to cover his tracks now. "My queen, forgive us. We will humbly search and destroy the Rangers once and for all."

"See that you do." Astromena tells him. "I'll be watching boys."

The four Decepticons teleport out of the Dark Fortess. Astromena goes to her cargo bay. A tall black root stands. At the presences of Astromena, he bows.

"Lady Astromena."

Astromena nods then gives an order. "Soundblaster! Send Ratbat to watch the battle. I want to see if they do there job."

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

Meanwhile in the battle station underground found by Andros and Alpha, the two look around inside. They had made there way to the bridge. The two had some energy packs, at least to power the lights within the station. Alpha looks over the comm system. Andros checks the controls. Both are impressed by the tech with in the station. Alpha reports his finds.

"Looks like this place hasn't been used in a while. It is huge. This place is four times the size of any megazord . Heck, it is the size of an island."

Andros looks over the console again. "This place would be great for us but their seems to be no way to get this place up and running with out more power." The lights dim. Andros moves to the left trying to reach Alpha but trips over another console. This console opens, revealing two bracelets in it. Andros takes them out. He senses energy from it. He puts them on with an unexpected reaction. The station powers up to full. Andros's Astromorpher is lifted from him and enters the console. Alpha and Andros are shocked. " Oh man. We are lifting off!"

The station is beginning to emerge from the ground it was trapped in.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

The Decepticon Pretenders began a relentless assault in the city they were in before. This was an attempt to bring out the Power Rangers. Bludgeon blasted building with his sword. Blood and Dauros ripped apart the bar they were in earlier. Gilmer was attacking the population of the city. This reign of terror was all pointed to bring out the Power Rangers. Then the four teen came out, unmorphed and unarmed.

"Well well well. At last, you've come to seal your fate." Gilmer poses to the four teens.

Bludgeon/Ecliptor laughed. "What? You're going to fight us like that." The other three Decepticons joined in laughing.

"I don't think so," TJ says. "It's morphin time!! GET On!"

Ashley: "GET ON!!"

Carlos: "GET ON!!"

Cassie: "GET ON!!"

All four of the teen were then endowed with armor. The four Decepticons were surprised. The four Ranger Pretenders looked at them with anger. Tj's armor was red and blue. Carlos's armor yellow and blue. Cassie's was red and black. Ashley's was blue and black. They all had a red symbol on the side.

Tj goes up. "Games up." He and the other rangers began to fire guns at the Decepticon Pretenders. The Decepticon Pretenders were fighting back but not winning. Bludgeon started getting mad. "That's it. Pretenders . . .robot form now!!" All four of the Decepticon Pretenders had revealed their robot forms. "Transform!!"

Bludgeon transformed into a tank. Gilmer transformed into a submerging airplane. Blood into a jet fighter and Daruos to a advanced tank. The Rangers grinned.

Tj shouts, "It's our turn!," dodging missile fire. "Pretender . . ." clasping his wrists together, " MetalHawk!!" Tj had lost his armor but stood as a yellow and blue Autobot.

"Pretender," screams Ashley, "Diver!!" Ashley had morphed into a navy blue robot.

"Pretender . . .Lander!" Carlos exclaims. Carlos was a Light blue-green and red robot.

"Pretender . . .Phoenix!!' Cassie yells." Cassie became a Red and black Robot.

"Transform!" All of them transformed . Metalhawk and Phoenix took to the air as jet fighters. Lander and Diver were on the ground.

Metalhawk clashed with Bludgeon. Bludgeon's blasts seemed to miss their target. Metalhawk transformed and gave him a kick. Bludgeon returned to robot mode The two began to battle. Lander and diver teamed up to face Dauros and Gilmer. Gilmer was shooting from the sky but Diver had brought his down to Earth with a blaster to his rear. Lander transformed into a car but back to a robot . He took a shot to the arm but gave a kick to Dauros in retaliation. Phoenix and blood were fighting side to side in the air. Phoenix transformed then twirled blood to the ground.

Metalhawk and Bludgeon were facing each other off with a sword fight. The two were blocking each of their opponents attacks. Bludgeon moved back to blast Metalhawk but Metalhawk just jumped to the sky. Bludgeon brought him down with a drop kick.

"I am at least killing on of you Power Brats today." Bludgeon said with metal hawk on the ground. Then a shadow came over them. A huge station had resting in the sky with the same symbol as the Ranger Pretenders.

On board Alpha gave Andros some news. "You won't believe this but the yellow and blue guy is Tj and the Purple and Blue he is fighting with is Ecliptor."

"What?! I have to stop him from killing TJ." Andros pushes a button , releasing laser fire all over the ground. The Rangers ducked as the shot got the Decepticons. Bludgeon stood up.

"Decepticons, Retreat!!" He and the three other Decepticon Pretenders transformed and left. The Rangers looked up in the sky.

"What is that thing?" Lander? Carlos inquired. His answer surprised them all.

"Guys it's Andros! Get inside. We have to talk."

********************************************************************** ********

later , aboard the ship, all the Rangers had met in the conference room. All of them happy to be reunited with Andros and Alpha. Ashley looked over her shoulder to stare at Andros for a second. The teens sat inside a room where a table had been set up. Each of them telling the story of their adventures.

"So, Spike did this. Can he do this for me?" Andros asks. With his morpher a part of the ship, he felt left out compared to the new powers.

Tj reassures him. "Of course he can. We will get to him right now if you want."

Carlos stops him. "Sorry TJ before he left he left me a note. He said that he was off to the Denab system. I guess we can't make Andros a Pretender. "

Andros mutters, "That's okay. We're together again and that's all that matters."

Tj says, "He's right! To the Power Rangers," putting his hand out. The other four teens put their hands on top of TJ's.

All together, "To the Power Rangers!"

On the planet below, someone smiles as the battle station heads for space.

______________________________________________________________________ _______

NEXT ON PRT: SR MF- Andros feels left out without powers, so Carlos tries to cheer him up. In the meantime, the Decepticons Pretenders attack Earth. With the new powers, the Rangers join in but have to face off with Soundblaster as well. Plus the return of two beloved characters . . .the Second Blue Ranger and the foil for Sound blaster on the next Ranger Masterforce.

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A special note: This is the beginning of what will be my own masterpiece. Their will be Rangers old and new in the series. To understand everyone so far, I will give you, the translations between the Japanese and American transformers. In this first segment, here are the Rangers.

METALHAWK - only in Japan; fighter jet. In robot form, TJ is yellow and blue.

DIVER- Waverider is American version. A seacraft. In robot form, Ashley is totally navy blue.

LANDER- Landmine in the United States; A all terrain battle car. In robot form, light blue green color.

PHOENIX - Cloudburst in the Us. A fighter jet. Cassie, as an Autobot is Red and Black.

There will be more as time progresses.