Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 3: The Decepticon's Manhunt
by Frankie Rodriguez

Previously on PRT: SRM- The Power Rangers were attacked on the AstroMegaShip by Astromena and her forces. Astromena's forces, thanks to the Dark Fortress, had damaged both the Astro and Delta Megaships.

Before the AstroMegaship crashed, Andros ordered the other Rangers to leave on the shuttle. They did reluctantly. They all landed on the planet fine. Suddenly, Ecliptor and Darconda, ordered by Astromena attack the four Rangers, with General Havoc. They had failed.

In retreating, the villains agreed to go under a new process that would make them more powerful. Louie Kaboom convinced the three villains to join him. It was revealed that it was Soundblaster who did the Pretender Process on the villains. The new Decepticon Pretenders, Blood/Darconda, Dauros/Louie, Gilmer/Havoc and Bludgeon/Ecliptor attacked the four Rangers. But a mysterious stranger helped them, making TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley Pretenders themselves. Andros and Alpha 6, in the meantime were stuck in a cave but freed with the help of a new battle station they found , which was at least four times bigger than the Megaship. Now a new twist has been put into the battle between power rangers and evil and the Autobots and Decepticons. . .


A battle station is propelling itself through space. The red, white and blue marvel is floating in space. Inside are a group of extraordinary individuals called the Power Rangers. In the last few days, the group had changed yet again. This time it was something more. Something that had changed the Rangers more than ever before. Four of the Power Rangers were now called Pretenders. Pretenders are beings with the abilities to pass through in three different modes - -regular human, shell or armor in the Rangers case and a robot. The weird thing is that the robot is the humans that transformed into it. The four new Ranger Pretenders were awestruck by their new found abilities.

While the four new Pretenders were enjoying their power, Andros felt left out. He did not received new powers. He did not even had his old ones, which were absorbed into the new station that was now serving as the Rangers' headquarters. Andros did take the time to go through some of the areas in the station. The battle station had given him a smile but did not fill the void of lost powers. He was now stuck as a non combatant with no way of becoming a Pretender himself. Andros sits on the bridge, turning controls. Carlos walks into the bridge in his armor. Carlos notices his demeanor.

'Hey Andros! Um . . .we will be landing soon right,' noticing that Andros is piloting the station through Earth's atmosphere.

'Yeah. Where should we land,' Andros inquires his friend.

Carlos paused to think. 'Behind the mountains, just outside Angel Grove. The station should be hidden there.' Andros nods as him motions Alpha to help with get the correct coordinates.

'Andros . . . what's wrong,' The question had taken Andros by surprise.

He did not think that his problem was that transparent. Andros looked away for a moment. Carlos continued.

'It's about losing your powers, isn't it''

Andros puts his head up. He knew that he could not avoid the answer anymore than he has in the last several days. 'Yeah. But it is everything. We lose the AstroMegaship. Astromena almost defeated us.

And now, you guys have new powers but I am left in . . .what's the expression, sitting in the sidelines.'

Carlos patted the back of his friend. 'It is not the powers or the zords that make you a Power Ranger but what is inside. You have fought beside us for a short time but learned that we are a team. With or without powers, that is not going to change.'

'Yeah, but without my powers, I can't search for my sister.' These were Andros's last words as the station land outside of Angel Grove in the mountains. He walked out the door , heading for another room.


Within the confines of Angel Grove, Rocky DeSantos walks along the street heading for his dojo. He had been eating lunch with Penny, who is now his girlfriend. It seemed old for him, after all his years as a Power Ranger , that his life was normal. He enjoyed the time he's been sharing with Penny. Rocky has never missed a class in his new dojo.

Thing was though, something bothered him.

He was very bored during his days off. Sometimes, he would insist on some of his classes to stay longer because of his own boredom. Sure, Rocky enjoyed a normal life but it as rather dull at times. Lately, it was becoming more and more dull. Rocky knew that his back injury had taken his out of the Rangers but now, he wished he was just starting Angel Grove High again and becoming the Red Ranger. He passed by a electronics store with a boom box on sale. It was oddly big. It was blue with silver colored speakers. Rocky was instantly attracted to it.

He looked at the price. It was about $75. Rocky was in luck. His bills were all payed and he did have some money to burn. Rocky smiled as he entered the store.

A few moments later, he was walking out of the store with the boom box, which, oddly enough, came with four cassettes. Rocky turned on the music and let himself be lost in it. One thing he did not notice yet was the red symbol that was now apparent in the tape deck.

[Theme song. Actually, I am still trying to do that. If anyone has any song suggestion, let me have them]

The Dark Fortress was making it's final approach to Earth's orbit. The new Decepticon soldiers entered the halls of Astromena's chamber. The four Decepticon Pretenders all stood in line, bowing before Astromena.

She stood defiantly. Darconda, in his Blood form, stood first.

'Astromena . . .was are approaching Earth. Allow me to go and find the Rangers and their new base.'

Astromena looked at Darconda. 'Excellent idea but I have one. I want you to find them, and destroy their new headquarters. That battle station may prove to be a bigger problem than we think.'

Then Louie Kaboom, in his Dauros form, snapped, 'hey! Why should we have to listen to you'! You're not a Decepticon!! You're just flesh!'

Ecliptor yells in his Bludgeon form, 'Why you traitorous ...!'

Blood smiled at the notion. Astromena's eyes turned red. Two bracelets appeared before her. She turned to the left to signal a robot to leave the shadows. Soundblaster revealed himself.

'Even with Soundblaster, their are more of us than you ,' Louie proclaimed to Astromena. She smiled.

'Dark Masterforce!!' Astromena yelled these words and then appeared in armor. She was not as big as the Pretenders but was just as powerful.

She snapped her fingers to summon her new toy; her scorpion transector.

It moved out and was at least bigger than any of the Pretenders. Words were sounded again.

'Transform!! . . .' the scorpion transformed into what seemed to be a headless body. 'Head on!' Astromena, in her armor, had morphed and united with the body as the Head. Her voice, somewhat more powerful in the robot form, began to speak.

'So . . .You think you can take my throne. Please take it, if you can.'

The four Pretenders were in awe. 'Did you actually think I wouldn't be prepared for this' Fools. I am the new Empress of the Decepticons. You work for me! Betray me . . .' A Huge spear had appeared from nowhere.

It was glowing Purple energy. 'And I will kill you a second thought!

Soundblaster, have Ratbat find the Rangers and their new battle station.'

Soundblaster did what he was told. Ratbat launched himself from Soundblaster's tape Deck and headed for Earth. Astromena looked at her Pretenders. 'Ratbat will seek out the Rangers. When the Ranger Pretenders are away from the battle station and Ratbat locates it, the Quantrons will act as a decoy while I take the station. Prepare yourselves.'

'Yes empress!!'


Back on the Power Rangers new battle station, the Rangers are enjoy their return to Earth. TJ walks out to see the bright sun. Ashley and Cassie follow. They are in regular clothes, soaking up the sun.

Ashley and Cassie run around with their backpacks. TJ smiles at the girls. Carlos and Andros watch them all being happy. TJ starts, 'Well, I think we need some food. I am starved.'

'Yeah. It is a shame that this thing does not have a food replicator like the Astro Megaship did,' Cassie comments. Andros looks down for a second. He follows up the comment.

'I savaged some stuff from the AstroMegaship. I have the food replicator and will install it soon.'

TJ smiles again. 'Yeah! But till then, I am looking forward to Adel's fries with a big burger.'

Cassie and Ashley nod in agreement. Carlos joins the group outside.

'You coming Andros?'

Andros shakes his head. 'No. I have a lot of work to get done here. I want to know what this place can do. You are going to need all the help you can get.'

'You mean we, don't you,' Cassie says to Andros.

'Yeah . . .we.' With that the Ranger Pretenders depart, leaving Andros alone on the battle station with Alpha 6. In some rocks above, a metallic bat watches the whole display , then heads for space.


Rocky is in his dojo, finishing up a class. He bows to his students, ending the class. Rocky grabs a towel to wipe off the sweat off of his face. His students all say their good-byes to Rocky as they head out the door. Rocky brings out his new boom box and begins to play some music.

He begins to do a fast pace kata. He moves with the beat. He does a few flying kicks and punches. As he performs the kata, a voice can be heard.

'Hey. . .hey!'

Rocky turns around in a fighting stance. He felt weird. He use to do that as his time as a Ranger. Why is he doing it now'

'Hey! Some phat beats man!'

Rocky looked around the room. There wasn't anything there. All he could see his radio on a bench. Rocky calls out, 'Hey! Adam, is that you' Tommy' Guys, if this is a joke, it is not funny.'

The voice yelled, ' Down here pal!' Rocky looks at his boom box. He scratches his head.

'It can't be,' Rocky questions if it is the radio talking but continues to think otherwise. 'Tommy, Adam, come on out. You guys got me good.'

'It ain't Tommy or Adam pal. It's me.' The radio shouted, turning off the music. 'Thanks for getting me out of that store.'

Rocky pinched himself. It had stung, so he was not dreaming. 'A talking Radio. Man, I thought I saw it all. Are you some monster from Divatox?'

'Divawho' Nah, man. I am a radio with a few surprises. You see my red symbol''

'Yeah.' Rocky answers the boom box slightly confuse. He did not see it before. 'What does it stand for.'

'Press it and find out.' Rocky presses the button. To his surprise, the boom box turns into a 15 ft robot. 'Ah . . .free at last. It was about time too. Hey Rocko, the name's Twincast. We have to talk.'

'Oh this just gets better and better.' Rocky says with his hand on his face.


The Rangers make it to the Surf Spot. Tj, Carlos and the girls have a seat. Adel comes to their table with a batch of her fries. Adel smiles at them. 'Andros called. He told me that you were on your way here. Since I know you boys love my fries, I prepared this order for you.'

'Thanks Adel.' TJ grins as he picks up a fry. Carlos and the girls all order sandwiches. Cassie then talks to the group.

'That was nice of Andros. But what's eating him''

Carlos looked to see if anyone was close enough to hear. He found that the group was secluded enough to speak. 'Andros is upset about losing his powers.'

Ashley shook her head. 'Why' I am sure we can replace his powers somehow.'

'He feels out of place again. Plus, Andros feels he will not be much use to us,' Carlos says.

Tj and Cassie we taking bites out of their food. Tj says, 'man, if only we can find Spike.'

A loud boom was heard outside. The people inside the Surf Spot hurry out of the building. The four Rangers exit the other side of the building. As they head outside, a group of Quantrons, Blood/Darconda and Glimer/General Havoc are there causing chaos and destruction. The four teens go to a secluded place to transform. Tj looks around the corner. People are running away and not one can see them morph.

'It's morphin' time! Get ON!' TJ cries.

The others cry , 'Get on!'

Each other them were now endowed with armor and weapons. Now in Pretender armor, the Power Rangers headed into battle. Phoenix/Cassie took out a few Quantrons with some kicks. Lander/Carlos punched a Quantron to the wall. Diver/Ashley back kicks two Quantrons, then flips one over her arm. Metalhawk/TJ bottle fisted one with his left and gut punched another with the right. Blood and Glimer joined the Quantrons on the ground.

'Well, well. Ranger Pretenders , so good to see you again,' says Gilmer with a sarcastic voice.

Blood continued with, 'You Autobot Rangers are such a pain. But you will not be for much longer.' Blood took out his Darconda sword, blasting away at the four Pretenders. The Power Rangers scattered quickly to avoid the blasts.

Glimer yells, 'You are finished Rangers.' Glimer reveal his Decepticon robot form. He then transformed to a subcraft, attacking the Rangers with laser blasts. Blood did the same, transforming into a fighter jet.

Metalhawk yells, 'Let's take care of them. Pretender . . .Metalhawk!'

Phoenix: 'Pretender . . .Phoenix!'

Diver: 'Pretender . . . Diver!'

Lander: 'Pretender . . .Lander!'

The Ranger Pretenders all revealed their robot forms. Phoenix and Metalhawk both ran and yelled, 'Transform!!' flying after Blood, while the other two Rangers fought on the land.


At the battle station, Andros and Alpha 6 were looking over the station more. Exploring each of the hallways. Andros stayed quiet most of the time. Alpha 6 talks a look at all the technology their, thinking of way to use it to help them find Zordon. Andros enters the bridge again. A red light flashes. Andros pushes a few buttons. On the view screen was an odd sight. It was a guy in blue with a boom box. Andros also found the actions of the guy weird because he seemed to be talking to the radio. Andros called Alpha 6 to meet him in the exit.

Alpha was the first to open the door. The guy looks at Alpha 6 with a smile. 'Oh Alpha . . . it's great to see you but can you tell me what's going on. What are you doing here anyway''

'Um . . .you are confusing me with the old Alpha. I am Alpha 6. What are you doing here . . .Rocky is it?' Alpha 6 asked him with a curious tone.

Rocky nods. 'Yeah. I need to talk with the Rangers. Twincast has some stuff he wants to talk about.'

Andros comes out. ' The other Rangers are in town. What can I do.'

'And you are . . .?' asks Rocky looking at Andros. Rocky thinks to himself, hmm, another Tommy but with streaks.

'Andros . . .the Red Ranger.'

Rocky looks at him blankly. 'I thought some guy named TJ is the red Ranger,'

'Long Story,' Andros says.

Twincast shouts, 'Enough with the pleasant stuff. We have work to do.'

Rocky gives a sigh as Andros notices the red symbol on Twincast.

'You're . . .'

Twincast finishes, ' an Autobot! Looks like you found Fort. Max.'

Andros and Rocky look up at the Autobot with confusion. Then something else interrupts the conversation. 'Too bad you won't be able to us it.'

Andros, Rocky and Twincast look up. They found themselves with Astromena, Soundblaster and the other two Decepticon pretenders, Bludgeon and Dauros.

Astromena announces with an evil grin, ' Now . . . to business.'


Bludgeon and Daruos step forward . Andros runs to face Bludgeon/Ecliptor. 'You won't take us down that easy.'

Bludgeon mocks Andros. 'You can't face me with my new power.' Andros did not care. He jumped to kick Bludgeon. He connected but it did not faze Bludgeon in the slightest. Andros was standing , preparing to kick again. Bludgeon dodge , then slaps Andros away with his left arm.

Twincast began to fire his gun at the Decepticons.

'Rocky, get Andros inside. I'll cover you,' Twincast orders Rocky.

Rocky runs out to bring Andros, running into Quantrons. Rocky defends himself well , reaching Andros. Dauros rams into Rocky, who falls to the ground. Andros goes to his side.

'Are you okay?' Andros asks.

Rocky sarcastically answers, 'Just peachy!'

Andros lifts him up , beginning to fall back. Soundblaster looks at the retreating guys. He presses a button, releasing four tapes. All the tapes transformed: Frenzy, Rumble, Ratbat and Laserbeak. Laserbeak and Ratbat took to the air while Frenzy and Rumble were shooting on the ground. Andros and Rocky were feverishly trying to dodge the laser fire. Twincast look at them with worry.

'Okay, Soundblaster! That how you wanna play, that's fine by me! Eject, Rewind, Steeljaw, ramhorn . . .Show your love to the Decepticons.'

The four Autobot cassettes were released , giving cover fire to the two Rangers. Rocky and Andros made it in. Alpha 6 was in the bridge, activating the dense systems. Some guns were release from their hiding places and began to blast away at the group of Decepticons. Rocky made it to the bridge with Andros.

'The defense system are up and running,' Alpha tells Andros.

Andros goes to a console followed by Rocky , who is curious. 'Man, those are the Decepticons?'


Rocky continues. 'Why didn't you morph and call your zords?'

Andros looked away from rocky. 'I have not powers and we have no zords.'


Outside , a bright purple light appears, with some one walking out of it. Andros recognizes the Face. 'Astromena.'

Rocky, Andros and Alpha 6 watch as Astromena walks forward. Astromena smiles at Twincast. 'Dark Masterforce!' Astromena was now in her armor. A big metallic scorpion walks up behind her. 'Transform! . . .' the scorpion becomes a body, 'Head on!' Astromena transforms becoming the head.

'Power Rangers . . .fear me! I am Scorpinok!'


Metalhawk and Blood were clashing swords as Phoenix dealt with the Veloci-fighters in the air. Lander and Diver had their Hands full with Gilmer. Blood blasted a bolt of energy at Metalhawk. Metalhawk did some aerobatic work , dodging the blasts. He then came down hard with his sword. Blood and Metalhawk were face to face.

'You won't win Blood. Whatever you and Astromena has cooking, it won't happen today,' Metalhawk announces to the villain, smuggling to make sure that Blood does not get the upper hand with his sword.

Blood laughs at Metalhawk. 'TJ, you fool. You really think that attack the city was our objective. Astromena wanted you to think that as she and the others destroyed your new base.'

'What'!' Metalhawk's reaction leaves him open for a knee to the gut by Blood.

Blood laughs as he transforms into his jet mode, taking off. Dauros transforms to his seacraft , taking off. Leaving the other Rangers confused. The four Ranger Pretenders regroup on the ground.

Phoenix says, ' Good. We driven them away.'

'Yeah! At least we stopped what ever Astromena had planned,' Diver comments.

Metalhawk says, ' Wrong! This was a diversion. They are after the battle station.'

Lander replies, 'That means . . . Andros! We have to get back their.'

Metalhawk commands, 'Transform and move!!'


Twincast, the Autobot cassettes and Alpha 6 were doing their best to fight off an attack on the battle station. Scorpinok/Astromena was blasting away at the base with the other Decepticons. Alpha 6 voiced his concerns.

'We can't keep this up! Their has to be more defenses in this thing,' Alpha 6 says.

Andros comments, ' I'll look in the main generator room.'

Andros goes down the hall. In the meantime, the defense are running out of power, leaving the Decepticons open for the chance to soon enter the station and destroy it. Andros enters the main generator room. He walks up to a console to do a dianogstic on the generator. He finds an anomaly that is covering up energy that the station needs to full activate all the stations defenses. He punches in some codes .

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a compartment opens. It has a sphere.

Andros opens the sphere to reveal two gold bracelets with the Autobot symbol on it. A voice, one he does not know, begins to speak.

'This are master bracelets. Put them on and yell Masterforce.'

Andros looks around to find the source of the voice. He does see anyone their. He puts on the bracelets. 'Masterforce!'

Andros was filled with energy that morphed into armor. It was black and yellow with the red symbol on the chest plate. He smile, observing his new armor. The ship began to light up some activating the generator. A type of air vehicle appeared. Andros looked at it. The voice was heard once again.

'Now say Transform . . .head on! To become Fortress.'

Andros took a deep breathe. 'Transform . . .' the air vechine that looked like a replica of the station transformed to a body. Andros flipped, beginning to transform in his armor, becoming a head. He connected to the body. 'Head on!'

The station was then filled with energy. Alpha 6 checked the console with Rocky.

'I can't believe it. We have full power to everything. Andros did it.'

Fortress/Andros appeared outside. He had a black gun in his hand, joining Twincast. 'Okay, Decepticons. You're going to learn not to mess with the Rangers.'

Twincast adds, 'Or the Autobots!'

Alpha 6 launched all types of missiles at the Decepticons followed by laser fire. Scorpinok complained to her lieutenant, Bludgeon. 'I thought they did not have defenses!'

'I am sorry my queen.'

Then Blood and Glimer crashed in front of Scorpinok's feet. The Autobot Pretenders showed up, with guns a blasting.

Soundblaster says frantically, ' We are being overwhelmed!'

Scorpinok nodded, 'Decepticons, Retreat!'


The Pretenders, Twincast and the cassette all gathered around the bridge with Fortress coming in. Lander goes up to Fortress. 'Andros, is that You''

'Yeah Carlos. I am a headmaster!' Fortress/Andros says proudly.

Twincast adds, 'Not just any headmaster. But an Autobot commander.'

'What is an Autobot exactly?' Cassie says.

Twincast smiles. 'Boy , I have a lot to fill you in with.'

Ashley goes up to Rocky. 'So Rocky, are you going to stay?'

'I am not sure. I just bought Twincast and now, I would like something for my money. But I guess my being an old time Ranger can give you some pointers.'

Everyone laughed. Today, Andros found power and found that he is not alone. His mission and powers may change but he will always look for his sister. With the Autobots and the Rangers behind him, he is now more sure than ever he will find them.


NEXT TIME ON PRT:SRM: Astromena wants to get the Rangers back for the defeat this past issue. So she sends the Decepticons to terrorize people on planes. Then she finds out about Kat returning to angel Grove and makes her their primary target.

Rocky is wondering if he should stay for a while with the Autobots.

The team finds out about the Decepticons hunting Kat, making Rocky and Cassie lead the charge to save the former Pink Ranger. Will they do it'

Find out in the next Super Ranger Masterforce.