Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 6: Beware! Demons Run Wild
by Frankie Rodriguez


Steve Cardenas as Rocky/Shooter

Tracey Lynn Cruz as Ashley/Diver

Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie/Phoenix

Christopher Khaymen Lee as Andros/Fortress

Justin Nimmo as Zhane/Cab

Catherine Sutherland as Kat/Minerva

Roger Velasco as Carlos/Lander

Selwyn Ward as Tj/Metalhawk

Melody Perkins as Astromena/Scorpinok


Hilary Shepard Turner as Divatox

Previously on PRT: SRM- The Rangers were enjoying a day off at the park when Quantrons were sent down to attack them. The Rangers, now joined by Rocky and Kat, easily defeated the Quantrons and Chromites in the park but Andros began to worry. In a quick decision, he hurried to the base, and found Ratbat waiting there. Alpha at the same time uncovered a secret base that held a man inside. Andros told Alpha that it was a guy named Zhane, who was a friend to Andros.

Before Andros could cover Zhane up from the others, TJ & Rocky walk in to find Zhane.

Meanwhile, Astromena orders an attack on the planet to lure out the Rangers with her new soldiers, the Seacons. The Decepticon Pretenders strike and succeed in luring the Rangers out to a trap. The Ranger Pretenders were outnumbered by the Decepticons. Back on Fort Max, Alpha, with the help of Kat, Rocky and the mysterious voice, free Zhane from his slumber by giving him, Kat and rocky Masterforce bracelets. The voice leads them to transectors, making them new headmaster Rangers. The new Headmaster Rangers free the pretenders and Andros from the Decepticons; then defeating the Decepticons.

Now the future seems brighter with the Headmaster Rangers around but Astromena has more in mind.


The planet Kodak is outside system 23-Beta four. It is about half a galaxy away from our own. On that planet is the current headquarters for the space pirate known as Divatox. Divatox is a proud woman.

After taking away the powers of the Earth Power Rangers, she is somewhat cocky. Her crew is loyal . . . but not all by choice. Most of the time, her crew is scared of her. Today is no different . . .


"What the heck are you doing here traitors?!" they are the first words out of the lips of the space pirate in seeing her brother and her nephew on her base. Elgar and General Havoc look at her with somewhat cautious looks.

"Sister. We are here on business sent by Astromena," answers Havoc, dusting off his suit.

Divatox turns to him. Her voice cried out in a force that could shatter walls. "Astromena?!?!?! You two DARE to come here and give me some word with Astromena?! What does the brat want now?"

Havoc pauses for a second. He was looking for the right words for what he was able to say. "Um . . . you see sister . . . "

Elgar, in his goofy manner, spoke up. " Auntie D, Astromena was Rygog and Porto to join the Decepticons."

"She wants WHAT?!"

Havoc and Elgar were beginning to get frightened by the look in the eyes of Divatox. Divatox's eyes were bright red, as was her face, in sheer anger. Divatox turned to them yelling, "You tell that little over beached, overused premadonna that she can go straight to hell."

"Oh C'mon Auntie D. You don't need them anymore," Elgar states to his aunt.

"Silence! Rygog and Porto stay where they are!" Divatox yells. A flash of light bursted into the room. Astromena walked out of it in her Scorpinok armor.

"Elgar, Havoc . . . what is taking you so long?" Astromena looked commanding in her armor. Rygog and Porto looked on. Divatox moved to the face of the Decepticon empress.

Divatox stood face to face with her. "Listen you rainbow haired trout. My crew stays with me. If you don't like it, too bad."

Astromena turned to Rygog and Porto. "Rygog, Porto . . . prepares to leave."

The two crewmen looked at each other and walked to the door. They were stopped by Divatox.

"DON'T MOVE!" Divatox turns back to Astromena. "That's it! I have had it with you." Her eyes glowed. In a brilliant light, Divatox fired on Astromena. Elgar and havoc gasped at the sight. Smoke was abundant.

Divatox then ranted. "Well . . . looks like the Decepticons need a new empress."

Suddenly, the smoke cleared. Astromena was unscathed. Her armor was powerful and bright. "My turn!" Astromena shoots a discharge from her spear. Divatox was pounded to the ground. Astromena grabbed Divatox by the neck and began to take energy from her. Astromena then through her to the ground."Say goodnight."

All the energy in Astromena's armor went into her staff. A gun appeared at the end of the staff. Astromena blasted Divatox with the energy. With that, Divatox laid dead. Astromena looked at Elgar and Havoc. Elgar had his head down while Havoc's eyes were in shock. She then turned to Rygog and Porto.

"Now . . . Rygog, Porto, get your things."

(Theme song.)

Zhane arose from his bed feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. It felt odd for him to be going to sleep the night before but Alpha assured him that he needs it. Zhane was fully awake as he looked around in his new quarters. Everything was so new and foreign in his eyes. Zhane took to his closet and began to get dressed. A knock was heard from the door way. Zhane was half dress. His shirt was not on yet.

Cassie opened the door with a surprise. She looked at the bare chest of her new teammate with shock and admiration. A smile curled on her lips as she covered her eyes. "Oh I am sorry. Um . . . breakfast is ready."

Zhane looked at her with curiosity. "Okay . . . I will be down in a minute."

Cassie walked off. A smile stilled plagued her lips. Zhane finished getting dressed and began his journey to the mess hall. Zhane every so often would look around the battle station, impressed by its technology and its size. He walks into the mess hall, finding most of the group there.

"Here's a seat for you," says Andros, pulling out a seat in front of him.

Zhane walks over and plops into the chair. A serving of food is on the table. Oddly to Zhane, he has no idea what was on his plate. "Um . . . Andros, what is this food?"

Andros stopped eating for a moment to answer. "Sausage and pancakes with a side of home fries."

"What is sausage and why would I want to eat cakes made of pans?" Zhane questions his old friend. Carlos and Ashley could not help but giggle. Cassie trades a mean look to Ashley, prompting the laughing to stop.

Cassie says to Zhane warmly, "These are just meat. And pancakes are not made of pans, but flour, milk and water."

Zhane looks at Cassie oddly. He then turns to Andros who says, "Don't worry. The food's good."

Zhane took a bite after he was reassured by his friend. To his surprise, he enjoyed it. Zhane enjoyed the food a lot. The Rangers were eating breakfast happily when Rocky and Kat entered the hall. The two took seats on the table. Rocky drove into the pancakes and syrup in eagerness. Kat took some juice and sipped it softly. She then turned to the Rangers.

"So what is on everyone's agenda today?" says Kat, taking another sip of juice.

Carlos spoke up. "I have soccer practice today. I will be in school for a while."

Tj continues with, "I have a science project due soon. So I am going to work on that."

Ashley then turns to Andros and Zhane. " Well boys, what about you?"

"I am going to conduct a spectral search for any sign of Zordon with Alpha. " Andros returns to feasting.

Zhane s face was blank. "Come on Andros. You can do that in a little."

Cassie smiles for a moment. "Why not go out with us?"

Kat entered her opinion. "That is a great idea. Zhane, why not join us girls today."

Zhane looked at the girls blankly. "I am not sure about this." Zhane felt awkward with being with females after his time in stasis. Rocky then interjects some words.

"You know what Zhane, I can have someone else fill in for me today. I will go with you guys."

Andros announces, "Me too. I will go. Alpha and Twincast can look for Zordon."

Zhane smiled. His new friends are trying hard to making him feel apart of the group. Andros nods in agreement as the Rangers continue breakfast.


Astromena walked around her chamber in anticipation. A door opened , followed by the entrance of three people. The three looked at the Empress of the Decepticons with worry and fear. She turns to them with a smile. Astromena turns to the left of her to grab three round balls.

She looks at the three beings: Elgar, Porto and Rygog.

"These are your master bracelets. You now are my headmaster force.

Your transectors will come to you with a though in your armor form," Astromena says blandly, passing one ball to each being.

Elgar raises his hand. "Thanks boss. I told you that she was better than Auntie D."

Rygog gives a glance at Elgar then follows with, "What do we do to transform?"

"Say Dark Masterforce. When in armor or robot form, you will have another name," Astromena turns to reveal their new transectors. "Elgar . . .You will be the leader of the headmaster force with your transector , Wilder." Astromena points at a metallic bear with bat wings on it.

"Cool. I am in charge!! Hehe!" Rygog and Porto sigh.

"Rygog . . .your strength will be well used as Bullhorn," pointing at the bull transector, Astromena turns lastly at Porto.

"Porto, you will serve me as Cancer," pointing at the snake , robot type transector. "After getting to know your transector, you will go to Earth and carry out my orders."

"Absolutely boss. But . . .we do we do?" Elgar asks enthusiastically.

Astromena snaps a finger. A Barillian bug appears behind her, with Darconda and Ecliptor. " You three will attack and set the Barillian bug free on the people of earth. You will then attack the Rangers , stopping them from any attempt to get a cure for the sting."

The three Decepticon headmasters nod in agreement. Astromena smiles, knowing what is to come will terrorize Earth.


On Earth, Darconda and the new Decepticon Headmasters set up for their attack on the populace of Angel Grove. Darconda takes out three hive, each containing a Barillian bug. He pass one hive to each of the headmasters.

"Remember, take these and put them at the places Astromena told you to around the city."

The three nod. Elgar then says, "but what if the Rangers come?"

"Fool," began Darconda, "Make sure you that you free those Barillian bugs. If the Rangers get in your way, take care of them."

Elgar nods as Porto and Rygog put a hand on their brow. Each of the three new headmaster splits up to accomplish their objective.


Rocky walks along the beach front, heading towards where he plans to meet his friends. He moves by an old tree to find a surprise. Rocky turns to see Rygog planting some kind of hive at a base of Angel Grove Park. Rocky moves close enough to see what kind of hive it is. Rygog's body covers it for the most part. Rygog turns to laugh as Rocky sneezes.

"Uh oh!" Rocky jumps out of the bushes. "Hey what are you doing?!"

Rygog laughs at Rocky. "You will find out soon enough Ranger."

"You better believe I am. It's morphin' time!" Rocky clashes his wrist with his master bracelets together. "Masterforce!" Rocky's armor then appeared. Rocky took a defensive stance. "Now, tell me what are you up to?!"

Rygog smiles. "You think I am scared of you?! Dark Masterforce!" Rygog turned around to see a surge of power come to him. His body is filled with a bright light. The light disappears only to reveal gray and blue armor on Rygog.

"You're not the only one who can transform. Hahaha." Rygog and Rocky ran towards each other. Rocky jumped for a high kick but Rygog used the power of his lasers to bring Rocky to the ground. Rygog then snaps his fingers , bringing in Quantrons into the battle. The Quantrons swarm Rocky, giving Rygog the chance to get to the hive again. Rygog takes out his gun and shoots the hive open. A red and blue bug leaves from it, heading into the Youth Center.

Rocky knocks down a Quantron to see the bug on its way. "No!" The bug is already beyond his reach. Rocky begins to run. "Shooter, power up!" suddenly, rocky's police car transsector appears. He runs towards it in hopes of catching that bug only to find Rygog waiting.

"Not so fast Ranger! Bullhorn, attack!" Rygog's transsector, the metal bull, runs into Rocky, pushing him of the road.

Rocky clenches his fist. " I have had it. Transform. . ." rocky jumps out the car. Both him and his transsector begin to transform. "Head On!" Rocky, in his exo suit, merges with the car, now robot body.

"Funny. Transform . . ." Rygog's transector became a body while he transformed into a head, "Head On!" Rygog/Bullhorn turns to Shooter, with guns ablazing. Shooter jumps and dives the best he can. Bullhorn then lays out a physical assault that damages Shooter. Shooter is knocked to his feet. Bullhorn turns to him, "Sorry Ranger but you are too late! Everyone will soon become Barillian bugs."

Shooter looks at the departing Bullhorn with disgust. Then a thought pops into his head. "I have to warn the others."


Porto moves through the soccer field in Angel Grove high. He does his best not to be seen. He turns to the south of him to see his target, the scoreboard. Porto, in his own way, races to that scoreboard. Porto knows that is it would be better if he does not get caught. He knows it is the best way to accomplish his mission. He moves behind the bleachers; not one of the coaches or students notices Porto. He turns to the right, then left. He sees the final crossing he must make before making it to the signal board.

Carlos is firmly kicking the ball around the lot. He turns to the left to see someone he did not plan on seeing . . . Porto. Carlos turns to one of his teammates, asking to take over. Carlos runs towards the board. Carlos screams, "Hey!! What are you doing here?!"

Porto gets nervous. He grabs a signal device that Astromena gave him.

Porto turns the switch, bringing out some Chromites. Carlos turns to his friends. He motions them to run. Carlos checks if he is alone before the first Chromite reaches him. No one else is on the field but him.

"It's morphin time! Get On!" Carlos transforms into him Lander armor.

He runs towards the group of Chromites. Lander deals them with hard kicks and fast punches, taking them out of the way. Lander flips over some of the Chromites , then sweeps them with his left leg. Porto plants the hive behind the scoreboard. He follows up by looking at Carlos. "Things have changed Carlos."

"What does Divatox want?" Lander/Carlos yells out to the white living scope.

Porto answers, "I don't work for Divatox anymore. I am a Decepticon now. Dark Masterforce." Porto is given a dark pink armor. Porto laughs. "You're not the only one with power anymore."

Lander takes this by surprise, distracted enough to be kick in the shin by a Chromite. The Chromites surround Lander as he fights valiantly against the Chromites. He his then kicked to the side by another Chromite, then tackled by a swarm of them. Out of the field, TJ runs into the battle.

"Carlos! Get On!" TJ morphed into his red Metalhawk armor. He dived into the battle, ready to face against the evils of the Chromites.

With determined fists and feet, Metalhawk scrambles the Chromites away from Lander. They turn to view Porto now in his Cancer armor.

"Rangers you have no idea of the power that you now face. Cancer!!" A snake man transsector comes to his side, tall and powerful with each face. "Transform, Head On!' Porto/Cancer flew to the air, transforming into the Head for the now Cancer transector body. The two linked up with force.

The two Autobot Pretenders looked in awe. Metalhawk and Lander looked at each other and then cry, "Pretender !" followed by their codename.

From where two humans in armor once stood, now stand two Autobots.

Cancer saw his enemies movements, heading for him. Cancer smiled.

"Feel this." Taking out his blaster , Cancer shot frantically at them.

The two Autobots duck the attack. Cancer begins to run, shooting at the school.

"We have to stop Cancer!" says the Pretender commander. The two went on pursuit of the Decepticon. Leaving quickly, they forget the package that was left by the evil Cancer/Porto. It opens, revealing a Barillian Bug. Four members of the soccer team returns to the field, unknowing the horror they were about to face.


The sun shined brightly on the shore. There Cassie, Zhane, Ashley, Andros, and Kat gather for a picnic. Regular shore goers were not far from them, but the Rangers were far enough not to be heard. They sat on a blanket, enjoying the lunch the girls had prepared. At the time, Andros and Zhane were entertaining their teammates with stories of the past.

". . .And their I was. Facing a Turian Guardsmen. It slashed at me with its spear with fire. I was rushed to the group by the fire but I came at it with my Super Samuraizer." Zhane was vivid in his movement while telling the story. Andros puts his hands on the shoulder of his best friend."

"I believe I was the one who rushed in with my Spiral Saber," Andros smirks as does Zhane.

Zhane replies, "Really? Uh . . ."

Cassie, Kat and Ashley giggle"

The group just pauses and laugh it off. A light flashed before them, not too far in the distance. Out of the light, Cassie, Kat and Ashley recognize the figure from it.

"Elgar!" Kat yells.

Elgar turns, dropping the Barillian hive. He looks at the Rangers.

"Uh oh! Quantrons! Get them."

Andros turns to the others. "Ashley, you , Kat Cassie and rocky take on the Quantrons. We'll handle Elgar!"

The group runs towards the Decepticons with determination in their eyes. Kat does a few kicks and bottle punches two Quantrons. Cassie and Ashley double team to get rid of four Quantrons. Andros and Zhane rush to Elgar's side.

"Not so fast Elgar!"Andros says.

Elgar mocks them. "Oh! Are the big bad Autobot headmasters gonna stop me? Oh the horror! Dark Masterforce!" Elgar transformed into his Wilder armor. Wilder/Elgar took his sword to the air, announcing, " Sorry Power Geeks! You aren't the only headmasters anymore!"

Andros and Zhane looked at Elgar with surprise. The two looked at each other, sharing the same thought.

"It's morphin' time!!" the two friend cried in unison.

Andros cries: "Masterforce!" giving way to his Fortress armor.

Zhane yells: "Masterforce!" , transforming into his Cab armor.

Wilder/Elgar mocked them again. "Ugh! Two Autobot Rangers in armor against helpless little me. Whatever to I to do." Wilder sword let loose a fury upon the two Ranger Headmasters. The two ran quickly to duck the blast, each going to a side. Zhane looked behind Elgar/Wilder in fright.

"Oh man! Andros! They have a Barillian bug!"

"What ?!" Fortress says as Wilder slashes at Fortress's armor. Wilder turns to Cab/Zhane. Wilder blasts at him, but Cab manages to flip over his. Cab takes out his new gauntlet blade from the right arm.

"Let's dance Wilder!" Cab runs to wilder and vice versa. The two exchange powerful blows from their blades to their armors. Fortress gets up, running to get the hive. Wilder turns to fortress, letting out a blast. Fortress is blown back, thrown on a rock. Cab turns to the others fighting the Quantrons. "Guys! There is a Barillian bug hive behind us. Get it. Hurry!"

Wilder moves to the side. He then sweeps the Ranger headmasters.

"Thanks big mouth!"

Each of the other Rangers heard Zhane's words. Cassie reacted, kick a Quantron on the ground. "A Barillian Bug?! We have to stop it." Cassie's voice cracked in fear and in anger.

The Rangers finished with the Quantrons, running towards the Hive.

Ashley is the first one nearest to the hive when explosions hit to her sides. Ashley , Cassie and Kat looked up from the smoke to see Darconda , in Blood form , waiting for them.

"And where do you think you're all going?!" Blood mocks the Rangers.

Cassie gets in front of the others. "It's morphin time. Get On!"

Ashley follows. "Get On!"

Kat cries, "Masterforce!!"

Each Ranger were now in their respected armor. Phoenix and Diver ran, jumping in the air, striking down on Blood. Wilder , threw some blasts at Minerva. Minerva jumped back from the impact of the blast.

Blood took to the air.

"Here Rangers I have a new trick! Sonic Shockwave!!!" Blood let loose an ultrasonic pulse on all of the Rangers. Each Autobot Ranger felt pain from the attack. Wilder turned to the hive.

"Say bye bye to the humans on Earth." Wilder raising his sword.

Fortress looking.

"Nooooooooooo!" Fortress's cry is in vain as Wilder slashs at the hive, releasing a Barillian bug.


Bludgeon appears were Rygog/Bullhorn left the first pod, then slashed it. Emerging , the Barillian Bug targeted the humans of the area.

Bludegon transported to the soccer field. He releases the Barillian bug there, who attacks the four soccer players there.


The final bug flies from the beaches to the populace . The five Rangers look on to the horror at the people getting bitten. Phoenix screams at the terror.

"No! You disgusting monsters!!!"

Wilder and Blood laugh at her. Blood remarks, "It is too late. Soon Earth will be filled with nothing but Barillian bugs. Hahahahaha!" Wilder and Blood then teleported away, leaving the Rangers to ponder there next move.

To Be Continued . . .


NEXT ON PRT:SM- The Barillian bugs run across the city , infecting people like a plague. The Rangers gather together to find a way to cure the bite once more . In the meantime, the Decepticons run like crazy all over the world, trying to stop the Autobot Rangers from finding a cure. Can the Rangers cure this plague in time. Or will Astromena finally win the Earth. Get ready as the headmasters has a showdown on the next Super Ranger Masterforce . . . Infestation.


I did not expect for this to run into a two parter but I think it would be more interesting that way. As for new characters next episode, I doubt that. But I know that after what I did on this episode, I am gonna hear it for sure. So please e-mail your comments to frankiekr@yahoo.com . Plus, I want pictures of the team so far. So contest. The best picture(s) of the team gets an entire tape Masterforce series or Power Rangers in Space/Turbo Ep mode. It can only be the current members of the team. The winner will get the tapes and the picture posted in an upcoming chapter. Enter as much as you like. Enjoy.