Power Ranger Transformers
Super Ranger Masterforce
Episode 5: Birth 0f the HeadMaster Rangers!
by Frankie Rodriguez

Previously on PRT:SRMF- Rocky tries to settle in with the new Rangers, sporting the interest of Cassie. Cassie and rocky talk about her predessor, Kat, which is overheard by Ratbat. Ratbat reports this to Astromena, who then in turns targets Kat in a plot to destroy the Rangers. Elgar surprises Astromena with knowledge of where Kat is.

Elgar is sent after Kat but fails to retrieve her. She calls for the help, using her old communicator. Rocky and Cassie pick up the signal and mean to rescue Kat. They gather help from Diver and Twincast, heading out to Kat's location. Kat, meantime is on a plane which is then attacked by the Decepticon Pretenders Blood and Bludgeon , with the help of Frenzy.

With the plane hijacked, the Rangers find Kat's signal and plan a way to save Kat and everyone on the plane. Phoenix , along with Eject and Steeljaw, are teleported from the Power Ranger shuttle to the plane. Phoenix contends with both the pretenders, with some help from Kat. Bludgeon leaves the battle to return with other Decepticons. The rest of the Autobot Rangers join the fray , leaving Kat and Phoenix to contend with Blood and a crashing plane. Kat and Phoenix manage to defeat the evil Pretender, while Diver , Metalhawk and Fortress made sure the plane landed safely.

Rocky and Cassie apologize to Kat who doesn't blame them for the incident and is welcomed back. Meanwhile . . .in a secret chamber, Andros has someone in stasis.


Kat and Rocky were walking along in the park, heading up to meet some of the other Rangers. Cassie and Ashley waved at the two to join the party. TJ, Carlos , Andros and even a radio Twincast were all out in the park. Kat and Rocky joined the others at the blanket.

"Hey guys!" Rocky cried.

All the Rangers replied their greetings. "Hey Rocky. Kat. Glad you could make it," answers Ashley.

Kat smiles at them. "We are glad to be invited. I have to admit, it feels odd to be back with the Rangers, even if I am not an active one."

"Same here," begins Rocky, "I knock I am not as good shape as I use to be but I like being back. I found not being a Ranger boring."

TJ states, "Well, we are glad to have you. Considering all that's been going on in the last few weeks, I am just glad that neither of you were hurt."

"Well . . .I have to say, as much as I enjoy being back, I have a feeling that we are going to have uninvited guests." Kat looks to her left. Suddenly, in front of the Rangers, a bunch of Quantrons and Chromites appeared, all bearing the Decepticon symbol.

"Boy Kat. . .you can really tell that huh," Rocky says sarcastically. Each of the Rangers entered a defensive stance. All of them were awaiting what was to come.

[Theme song.]

The Quantrons and Chromites all headed for the Rangers while the Rangers all ran to their adversaries. Rocky ducked a kick from a Quantron and delivers a fist to the gut of it. TJ jumps over two Chromites and kicks a few to the side. A Quantron comes up from behind but TJ sweeps it with ease. Carlos and Cassie are back to back against each other, both taking out the Chromites and Quantrons coming their way. Carlos gives two of them a side kick. Cassie is then lifted over her head then flipped over the Chromites. She gives them a twin spin kick for their trouble. Ashley kicks a Chromite many times all over his body; then elbows two Quantrons in the gut. She delivers a low blow to a Chromite to the right of him. Andros kicks two Chromites with each foot. He punches three Quantrons in the face and bottle punches them, knocking the Quantrons down. The group of evil adversaries all retreated after the fight.

The Rangers were out of breathe. Twincast says to them, "You guys were amazing!"

"Hey! Why didn't you help us out here, Twincast?'questions Rocky, the 'owner' of the radio.

Twincast muses for a moment. "Like you really need my help at the moment. You guys did great without me. It would have been just a waste of energy."

Rocky folds his arms together. "Lazy robot."

Andros pause for a moment. Then he began to run like the wind away from the others. His heart felt heavy and he needed to know what was going on. Andros got on a bike, made by Alpha as civilian transport. Andros revved the motorcycle up and was off. The other Rangers only looked as he left them behind in the dust. As they turned away, Kat inquired the situation.

'What's with Andros?"


Andros made his way to Fort Max, the Rangers new headquarters. Andros checked around for any Decepticon intruders on the outside. He could not find any. Andros raced in the door , making his way to the bridge. Alpha 6 was no where to be seen . Andros began to worry. Andros walks down the hall. He turns to the left.

"Alpha! Alpha!!" Andros cried out to him. Andros walked down the corridor towards the generator room. He saw Alpha on the floor, trying to sway away Ratbat. Andros clicked his wrists together to his master bracelets.

"Masterforce!" Andros had morphed into his armored form. His transector came to him. The air tank began an assault on the Decepticon cassette. It fired the tank laser cannons at the Decepticon. Ratbat was maneuvering his way around the blast. Andros flipped and kicked Ratbat to the ground. Ratbat began to fire back, hitting a console to the left of the generator controls. A secret door opens to the south of Alpha. Alpha ran into the doorway, down an unknown hall. Andros forced Ratbat to retreat when Andros hears a yell.

"What?! Andros?!"

Andros runs in. He feels nervous. It seemed that Alpha had found something he was hiding. Andros turns as Alpha reveals his findings.

"What or Who is that Andros? What's going on?" Alpha cried.

Andros bowed his head in silence. " It is a friend of mine. He was hurt. Hurt badly."

"Why is he in that chamber?" Alpha 6 inquires.

Andros takes a deep breath. " He was hurt in a battle with Ecliptor a long time ago. Alpha , don't tell *anyone* about this. No one has to know about . . ."

"No one has to know what Andros . . .?" interrupts the voice of TJ, as he and Rocky enter the room. Andros looks down for a second. TJ comes up to Andros . "Who is that guy? And why didn't you tell us about this?" TJ's eyes were in fury, wanting answers.

Andros began to walk slowly around the room he was in. Rocky looked at the chamber. A guy was in it, sleeping peacefully. " Man . . .he looks so peaceful but also so still."

"His name is Zhane. He was my friend . . .my teammate."

Tj and Rocky looked at him. "What happened?"

"We were in a big fight with Ecliptor. Me as the Red Ranger and him as the Silver Ranger," Andros began. He was interrupted by Rocky.

"Whoa! You mean this guy was a Ranger? Man, there are more of us than I ever thought."

Andros continues. "Ecliptor had gotten the upper hand on Zhane when we were separated. When I found him, he was a mess. He was so hurt that he would have died if I didn't figure out a way to help him. That is when I decided to put him in stasis. That way, one day, I would cure him with enough power and he would be free."


On the Decepticon Fortress, Astromena meets with her guard, plotting a way to get back at the Rangers. The Decepticon Pretenders as well as Soundblaster were all there. Ratbat came into the hall, leading on the shoulder of Soundblaster. Soundblaster relays the information Ratbat gathered to the Decepticon Empress.

"It seems that there is something of value among the Rangers that is of importance. The security on the base is better than expected."

Astromena waves her hand. "What about the defense systems? Anything on that?"

"No" shakes the head of the Decepticon. "But what ever the Rangers are hiding, it has mass importance to the one named Andros."

Astromena smiles. "Really? That maybe useful. Though we need to destroy the Rangers. Any ideas?"

Ecliptor moves forward in his original form. "The Rangers have pounded us too many times to think of them as weak. I think perhaps we should do something with the Rangers on the outside. Away from that battle station. Then we would really have a chance."

Astromena's lips curve again in delight. Darconda moves up to make a suggestion. "The Rangers are not to be underestimated. We can outnumber the Rangers easily, my queen."

Ecliptor grew angry. "You fool. We tried to outnumber them with the Quantrons. That did not work. In their new forms, they would make easy work of Quantrons."

"I wasn't talking about the Quantrons you fool! I was talking about a group of Decepticons me and Soundblaster found recently. My queen, allow me to introduce to you the Seacons." Darconda turned to his left with the main door way opening at the same time. The Decepticons looked at the doorway to see who was coming in. A metallic squid entered. Following it was a piranha of some kind, a flying sting ray, a crab and a sea turtle. The sea turtle came forward and transformed into a robot.

The robot bowed before Astromena's feet. "Empress! I am Snaptrap, leader of the Seacons. We are at your disposal."

Astromena nodded in acceptance. "Excellent. Are you sure you can handle the Rangers?"

"My queen! We now outnumber the Rangers in Transformer form. We will simply lure them out near the ocean to fall into our trap," states a proud Darconda.

Astromena looks to them. "Darconda! Take the Pretenders and the Seacons and set up a trap for the Autobot Rangers. Make sure you don't fail."

Darconda answers, "As you wish my Queen."

Ecliptor grew angry at Darconda as the Decepticons began to leave the hall.


Back at Fort Max, all the Rangers and Twincast all sat in a conference room. Andros sat quietly as the meeting started. TJ took control of the meeting.

"Andros . . .we want to help you and your friend."

Andros was surprised. "Thank you."

Cassie continues, "We would have helped sooner if you just trusted us in the first place. When are you going to learn that we are all in this together." Andros looked ashamed.

"Look . . . we understand what happened. Now, we have to find a way to help Zhane," Ashley says in Andros defense.

Twincast comments, "Well, how long has he been in stasis?"

"Over a year or more," Andros says.

Carlos was in deep thought for most of the meeting. He then stood up. "Why don't we try to infuse him with the Masterforce? I mean it is powerful."

Everyone stopped to think for a minute. TJ then broke the silence. "But what can we use to infuse him with the power. We might even hurt him if we try that."

Andros says, "We have to do something! We can't just stand here and let Zhane die!" Alarms sounded with ferocity. Alpha yells over the intercom.

"Rangers! The Decepticon Pretenders are attacking the Warehouse district."

Kat is in thought for a minute. "What is it about the Warehouse district that attracts bad guys?!"

The Ranger Pretenders stood up, along with Andros and Twincast. Rocky and Kat follow the team to the hangar bay with the shuttle. Kat and Rocky were gathering gear when Tj and Andros noticed them.

"You two can't come along on this mission," orders TJ.

Rocky and Kat in unison, "What?!"

"Tj is right. You two can't go with us. If you two got hurt like Zhane, I would never forgive myself. Just stay here and help Zhane," Andros pleaded with intense sincerity.

The two former Power Rangers look to each other. Both of them turned away with Kat saying, "Ok. Just be careful."

With that, the Ranger Pretenders and Andros were off.


At the warehouse district, the Decepticon pretenders, in monster form, were terrorizing the citizens of Angel Grove. Blood/Darconda enjoyed the screams of the people he was tormenting. Gilmer ripped into an abandoned warehouse with the assistance of Dauros. Bludgeon gazed upon the destruction. From behind, Blood landed to his side.

"Why Ecliptor, Are you not enjoying yourself? You should enjoy this, for wee will soon take care of the Power Rangers once and for all," Blood comments proudly, knowing that he was "pressing Bludgeon's buttons."

Bludgeon turns to him with hatred. "Watch yourself. I am still second in command."

Blood snickers, "But for how long. Seacons!" The five Seacons appear to the right of him. Snaptrap moves forward in his sea turtle form. "Is all in readiness?"

Snaptrap nods. "The rangers won't know what hit them till it is too late."



Back aboard the shuttle, the Rangers prepare for battle. Each of them brace themselves as they reach their destination. The five Rangers look to each other as TJ informs them of the situation.

"The Decepticons are attack the district. The people are running for their lives. We have to stop them before anyone gets hurt. Good thing we outnumber them by one. They are in monster form so we'll go in as armor form."

Andros continues, "Everyone morph. We are here!"

Tj: "Get on!" Tj is then given the powerful Metalhawk armor.

Cassie: "Get on!" Cassie transforms to her Phoenix armor.

Carlos: "Get On!" Carlos morphs into his Lander armor.

Ashley: "Get On!" Ashley changes into her Diver armor.

Andros: "Masterforce!!" Clasping his wrist together to gain the power of his Fortress armor.

The Power Rangers dispatch themselves quickly on a rooftop of one of the buildings. They look down at the Decepticons. Fortress steps up to speak.

"Hey you Decepticon trash! You'll pay for what you did to these people."

Blood and Bludgeon were amused by the action of the Headmaster Ranger. Bludgeon speaks. " Why Fortress, you are so pathetic. The Decepticons will rule the universe."

Metalhawk comments, "We'll see about that!"

Phoenix continues with, "You guys can't beat us. We outnumber you."

Blood and bludgeon begin to laugh. "Oh really," starts Blood, " I disagree."

From behind the Rangers, Tentikil and Seawing attacked. Tentikil grabbed on to Diver , while Seawing knocked down Metalhawk and Lander. Fortress and Phoenix turn around to see the two Seacons attack, but were too late as they were knocked to the ground by a giant metal crab. The two stumbled to their feet as Snaptrap and a big piranha came to them. The two Autobot rangers jumped out of the way.

Blood and bludgeon mock the Rangers. "What's the matter? You don't like the odds?" Mockingly asks Blood.

Metalhawk and Lander joined Phoenix and Fortress while diver was stuck in the clutches of the Seacon squid. Bludgeon takes out his Ecliptor saber and begins to attack the four heros on the ground. Gilmer and Dauros did the same with their weapons. Fortress looked around.

"We are completely surrounded?"


Inside the hidden room on the new Power Rangers' battle station, Kat looks down at the slumbering Zhane. Her heart goes out to him for all his pain. Rocky walks into the room with Alpha 6 . Rocky stands by Kat.

"Do you think he will be okay?" asks Kat, giving a question that Rocky took by surprise. Rocky looks at her. "I am not sure. I still think that Carlos's theory on the Masterforce might have worked. They should have tried it."

Kat notices Rocky's demeanor and the edge on his voice. "You want to be in action, don't you Rocky?"

"Is it that transparent? Everything of the last few days has been a roller caster. We should be out there with the Rangers , helping them fight and find them." Rocky was very blunt, yet passionate with his words.

Kat comments, "Is only we could get Zhane out? That would at least lift the Rangers spirits."

Alpha was using a scanner on the chamber which house the slumbering Zhane. He made all his calculations on the scanner in hope to help Zhane be free. "I think that the Masterforce would help Zhane be free. It would have to be an intense amount though."

The ship's lights began to flicker as a mysterious voice was then heard in the chamber. A part of the ship opens revealing three bracelets. " Take these bracelets . Put a pair on Zhane and the other two of them on yourselves."

Kat and Rocky looked at each other with surprise. "Who is that?" inquires Kat.

"A friend." Alpha puts on the master bracelets on Zhane. From the ceiling, intense energy was filling the room and into Zhane's body. Kat's bracelets, as well as rocky's began to glow defiantly. Zhane's chamber was bombarded with energy. A brilliant light flashed , making seeing impossible for a few moments.

Kat , Rocky and Alpha look to the chamber. The voice says one last thing, "Go and help your friends."

As the three of them look up to find the source of the voice, A hand can be visible from the chamber than kept the dominate Zhane. Kat, Rocky and Alpha watch in amazement as Zhane has awaken before them. Zhane touches his head. "What . . .what is going on? Who . . .are you? Where's Andros?"

Kat goes up to Zhane. "He is in trouble. We have to help him."

Zhane is a little reluctant but looks for his old morpher. Surprise that it is gone, Zhane says, "My morpher is missing. I can't morph."

"Oh yes we can! These bracelets are like Andros's. Do you think . . .?" Rocky exclaims.

Kat says, "It is worth a shot. Masterforce." Kat is given red armor.

Rocky follows her lead. "Masterforce!" rocky has gained blue armor.

Zhane looks at the two people he does not know. The odd thing was that he felt that he could trust them. "Masterforce." Zhane shouts , morphing into white and red armor.

Twincast comes in running. "The Rangers are outnumbered . . .woooh! Who are you guys? Kat, Rocky . . . that you."

Rocky takes the lead. "We can talk on the way to the warehouse district. Let's go!"


The Rangers all stagger to the ground as the Seacons surround them. The Decepticon Pretenders transformed into robot form , joining the Seacons. Blood had a huge smile on his face.

"This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The destruction of the power Rangers." He and the other Decepticon Pretenders laugh as laser fire strikes the sides of the Seacons. The Pretenders look up as they see Twincast riding on a red fire truck, with a police car and an sports car with a medic insignia on it. The Rangers were looking on curiously. Twincast got off the red fire truck and exclaimed, "You don't be messing with our friends Decepti-creeps!"

Bludgeon came forward. "You and what army Autobot?!"

"Us!" Rocky in his armor walk out of his car. The same with the other two. They all looked at the Decepticons. Zhane felt anger and pain at seeing Ecliptor more powerful than ever. As he looked to his left, see that Andros was in danger pushed his fears away from him. Andros and Zhane met through the contact of their eyes.

Andros cried out, "Zhane?! That's Zhane!"

Metalhawk continues with, "And the other two are Rocky and Kat."

"You Autobot Rangers are really pathetic. You can't stop us!"

Zhane smirks for the first time in ages. "You wanna bet. Transform . . ." Zhane in his body twist and turns into a head. "Head on!" His red fire truck transforms into a headless body. The head and the body merge.

Rocky and Kat follow in unison. "Transform . . .head on!" ; this revealed three new Autobots to the Decepticon Pretenders, who were surprised.

Rocky in his new form came up next to the other two new Transformer Rangers. "Let us introduce ourselves. Call me Shooter."

Kat walked up next in her red and white Autobot form. "The name is Minerva!"

"And you can call me Cab." Zhane cries out to the Decepticons.

Bludgeon laughed. "You think you will change the outcome of this battle. How foolish of you to think that you can defeat me now after I defeated you then!"

"Okay Ecliptor, it is time for a rematch but this time you'll be the one in pain!" Cab/Zhane races to bludgeon , knocking him to the ground. Kat/Minerva and Rocky/Shooter fired their weapons to give Cab cover. Twincast used sonics to get the Seacons away from the other Rangers momentarily.

"Getta movin' guys! The catch of the day won't be affected for long." Twincast is yelling out to the other Rangers surrounded by the Seacons.

Fortress moved forward. "Transform!!!"

The four Autobot Pretenders cry in unison, "Pretenders . . ."





Fortress ran forward in his battlesuit. "Head ON!" ; twisting and turning into a head for his transector body.

Minerva flips over , kick Tentikil and Seacrab away from the Ranger Pretenders. Fortress follows with kicking Snaptrap. Snaptrap got up , going at Fortress again to find himself facing off against Twincast. Twincast blasted at Snaptrap frantically , pushing him away from the others. Shooter took on Dauros. Shooter punched Dauros with a left but Dauros struck back with his sword. Dauros lumed over Shooter with his sword when Lander delivers a kick from behind, taking the Decepticon down.

Diver went for the water. She made her way to the sea, with the Seacon piranha after her. Diver blasted it with a powerful whirlpool blast. Metalhawk face off against Blood leaving Fortress and Cab versus Bludgeon.

Bludgeon transformed into a tank, firing aimlessly at the two Autobot headmaster Rangers. Cab ducked out of the way while fortress took a hit to the side. Cab screamed out to Fortress. Cab turned to Bludgeon.

"The last time we fought , you ended up in a coma."

Cab turned to his left to see a few gas tanks behind bludgeon. Cab smiled. "Well . . .you won't get me this time." Cab fired at the gas tanks with a laser to his side. Bludgeon was blasted to the sky. Minerva and Shooter joined up with Fortress and Cab. Fortress orders, "Everyone, guns out." Each Headmaster put their guns out in front of them . The four headmasters concentrated their energy at Snaptrap and Tentikil. "HEADMASTER CANNON BLAST!!!"

A cannon blast struck the two Seacons , destroying Tetikil and injuring Snaptrap. Blood looks around. The Autobot Rangers had been winning. Blood moves his hand up.

"Decepticons Retreat!"


Andros and Zhane are alone on a cliff outside of the city. The two watch the sun go down. Zhane looks at the sun's light with hope and confidence. He smiles . Andros also smiles in pure joy. "I am glad that you're okay."

Zhane chuckles under his breath. "Thanks Andros. This world is wonderful. The Rangers are good people. You have made good friends."

"Yeah I did. But I am happy to have my best friend back, better than ever. Welcome back Zhane." Andros shakes his hands as Cassie, Rocky, Tj , Kat, Carlos and Ashley go behind them. Tj says, "This is a celebration. Not only is Zhane back but Kat and Rocky are active Rangers again."

Kat says, "Thanks."

Rocky comments, "Well, the experience ones should always be valued."

Kat and Cassie punch Rocky lightly on his arm. Zhane smiles at the collection of his teammates and new friends. Kat moved forward one step.

"To a new beginning." Her arm and hand were out in place. On cue it seemed, Rocky put his arm atop hers. The other Rangers joined in leaving Andros and Zhane. A few moments later Andros joined in and says to Zhane, "Are we back?"

Zhane paused for a second. He placed his hand on with the others. The group was complete with the final words. "Power Rangers!!!"


NEXT TIME ON PRT:SRM- Astromena is not a happy camper. She decides to even the odds as she gathers her own headmasters. She also begins a wild assault on Earth, with dire consequences. Plus Zhane tries to fit in on the next Power Ranger Transformers . . . Beware! Demons Run Wild.

Introducing Justin Nimmo as Zhane/Cab