Introduction: Okay. Welcome to the first of I hope to be many of the spin-off from MegaBlue and MegaSilver's Power Rangers Take to the Skies, Power Rangers Celestial. These takes place over two months since Jason left for Japan. There will be some new faces, some old and some brand new to this story. All will be seen in time. So sit back and enjoy. Disclaimer is at the end of the episode.

Power Rangers Celestial
The Folding Hand, Part One
Episode 1
by Frankie Rodriguez

Scene 1:
Jason is in the woodlands of Japan, practicing the katas he has learn in the last two months. He moves in fluent motion, like water. He is fast, strong, yet graceful. Jason though of the time he was learning to dance with instruction by Kat. He smiled at the thought of her after such a long while. Unknown to Jason, two figures were hiding in the bushes. One was a young man, with long brown hair. The other was a man, covered under his round hat. His face can not be seen for the exception of his mouth and chin. The young one has grown impatient. He wishes to make his move.

The young man: Is it time yet?
The old man: No.
The young man: How long will I have to wait?
The old man: patients.

The older man tries to calm him and to stop him. Unfortunately, the young one waiting no longer as he broke a branch behind him. Jason turned, heading directed for the branch. He was hoping that he would not have Andromeda or her lackeys to worry about but part of him wanted to test his new moves.

Jason made his move, turning over the bush where the young man once was.

Jason: Huh?

As Jason turns around, the young man tackles Jason to the ground. The two engage in combat, countering the others moves. The young man kicks Jason to his side, knocking him to a tree. Jason looks at his attack.

Jason: Who are you?

The young man (revealing his face): Don't worry who I am! It is you that is to be tested!

Jason: What test? (returning into a defensive stance)

The young man: You'll find out soon enough!

And with that, the two run to each other, planning to engage in combat.


{Opening Credits and theme}


Michael Bacon as JB
Bianca Lawson as Kitta
Ernie Reyes Jr. as Ryo
Austin St. John as Jason
Leslie Tesh as Emily

Christopher Lambert as the Ancient One

David Boreanaz as Rubius
Maia Campbell as Avery
Charisma Carpenter as Prisma
Alison Hannigan as Birdie
Kerri Russel as Katsy

Scene 2:
Jason and young man(Ryo) go at it. It is an intense battle as the two are fighting fiercely against the other. As one shot is given to an opponent, the other matches it. Jason is fighting with just about everything he knows but is not pushing himself due to the fact that he is stronger than his opponent due to his time as a Ranger is. The fight continues as they split apart for a moment.

Jason (breathing slightly): Is that . . .the best you've got?

The young man(Ryo): No . . .I can do better.

The two return to battle as the older man walks out from the bushes. He has white hair and is in a monk outfit of some Japanese discipline. He stabs his staff to the ground, shaking the two off their feet. As the two pick themselves off the ground, the young man gives a sarcastic look to the man in white.

The young man: What was that for?!

The old man: Ryo, you were to simply test young Jason, not go into full combat.

Ryo(the young man): I was doing fine.

Jason (scratching his head): What is going on here? Why are you attacking me? What is this test?

The old man: The test was to fine our for sure if you were the chosen from my visions. This was not meant to be a fill assault towards your demise.

Jason(sarcastically) : You could have fooled me.

Ryo: I . . .got carried away. I don't like the fact that the Ancient One is making me get help.

Jason: Help? Help for what? What is this all about?

The Ancient One: You shall learn Jason soon enough. We must gather the others in our quest.

Jason: Quest?

Ryo: To save humanity.


Scene 3:
There is a place where it is dark and filled with mirrors. Out of four of the mirrors, four young women walk, in different outfits of different colors. A couch appears in the middle of this room where one of the women sits.

Girl in pink suit and purple hair(Katsy): Oh I am soo tired. It took us long enough to get to this place.

Girl in blue suit and white hair (Birdie; behind Katsy): Yeah but we're here.

Girl in Green suit and hair with a tan(Prisma): Well, I want to get through with this mission. I have store to shop and people to conquer.

Girl in yellow and red suit with brown skin and hair (Avery): Ain't we a little stuffy?

Prisma: Don't start with me Avery. I just want to get this over with and have some fun.

Katsy: You know it will not be easy to fulfill this mission.

Prisma: We'd be luck to fill your stomach Katsy.

Katsy turns to Prisma with her eyes burning. Birdie moves out of the way while Avery gives a smirk as one more person appears from the mirror. You can hear a guy's voice.

The guy(Rubius): Now , now, you two should fight. You are sisters after all.

The four guys turn to their right to see a guy of a medium build with red eyes and brown red hair.

Katsy & Prisma: Rubius.

Rubius walks towards the four sisters.

Rubius: Now , now . . .you two shouldn't be fighting. You're sisters after all.

Katsy and Prisma pout as Rubius comes closer.

Prisma: Well , she started it.

Katsy: I did not you tanned brat.

Prisma: You're just jealous because you can't accessorize or turn my color.

Rubius: Enough! We have work to do and you two fight like scorpions.

Katsy: Sorry Rubius. You sure that this is the point in which "it" all begins.

Rubius: Yes. This is the center of it all. Thing is, we need to move quickly before any of the Power Rangers get involved.

Avery: Where are these Power Rangers anyway?

Birdie: Supposedly a place called Angel Grove.

Rubius: It doesn't matter. As long as we proceed with the plan, they won't matter at all.

Katsy: Oh, those Power brats are nothing to us.

Birdie: I don't know. They're legends in our time.

Rubius: Legends or not. They won't stop us. Cause it is all ready too late.

Rubius laughs.


CM Break


Scene 4:
CrossWorlds City Park

J.B. has always thought he worked hard. He had been working for years in a Dojo in CrossWorlds City. He studied hard everything he came across, academic or martial arts. He was even a hero for a time. That all changed today. He had been waiting for a letter from UCLA. He had received it today and his reaction as well as the letter's answer can be summed up in one word.

JB: Damn.

He threw the rejection letter from UCLA in the trash. This had bothered him. He turned to mount his bike as he saw a man in a monk uniform. He could not see the monk's but JB tried to see it. JB turned to start his bike then looked back, seeing that the monk was gone.

JB: Man, I must be losing it. First I don't get accepted into UCLA , now I seeing things.

- - - -

Scene 5:
Urbana City; the Highdive ( a cafe place.)

Kitta Daniels sat waiting for a girl. She sits on a table with a soda, tapping her fingers on the table. She sighs as a familiar blonde comes in.

The blonde: Hello. You're Kitta right.

Kitta: Yes. You must be Emily.

Emily: Yeah. Sorry I'm late. I am still new to this area.

Kitta (waves her hand): No problem. Sit down. (Emily sits) Do you want something to drink?

Emily: Nah. Though I am glad you wanted to meet me for orientation at UCC. <Urbana City College>

Kitta: Well . . . that's what I am here for.

Kitta sighs for a second. She thinks that there is more than one reason for her meeting with Emily before the new semester at UCC. Kitta takes a sip of her soda then turns to Emily again.

Kitta: I hear you are into martial arts too.

Emily: Yeah. I learned some from . . . someone special.

Kitta: A guy, huh?

Emily: Yeah. He was special. Still is.

Kitta: Oh , I take it he is not coming here.

Emily: He went off to Japan as a full time Martial Arts student.

Emily sighs. Kitta looks out the window. Cars are passing by. Kitta looks as a brilliant surge of light appears in the middle of the street. Out of the light, a bunch of red and black suited guys walked through. The soldiers wore cloth headpieces, similar to the Red Psycho Ranger's helmet. On the top of the masks lie black half moon symbol.

Kitta: Oh no!

Emily (turns to the people): What?!

The soldiers headed towards the Highdive.

Kitta: Emily . . .duck!!!

The soldiers ran through the window. The red and black soldiers spreaded out through our. One of them took lead.

The soldier: Lunariods! Destroy this place.

Emily: Oh man! I thought I left this stuff behind in Angel Grove.

Lead Lunariod (soldier): Angel Grove. The Power Rangers! You must be one of them. Lunariods-Get Them!

The other Lunariods started attacking the girls. Emily took a breath and started kicking any Lunariods as she made her way out. One Lunariod took Emily's hair and threw her to the floor. Emily crawled to a corner. The Lunariod came at her when Kitta gets in front of the Lunariod, punching him away.

Kitta (holding out her hand): Come on! (Emily takes her hand)

Lead Lunariod: GET THEM!!

Kitta fights through the squad of Lunariods, with Emily to get to the doorway out. Most of the people in the Café were now gone, except them. The Lunariods kept coming back at the two females.

Emily: We're surrounded!

Kitta: Damn! I don't have a choice. ( She kicks a Lunariod)

Emily: What do you mean you don't have a choice?!

Kitta stands tall in front of Emily. Kitta twists her left arm, having a silver morpher appearing. There was a pink symbol on it.

Kitta: Celestial Blast! (a pink component appeared on Kitta's right arm) Pink Sun Power!

Kitta slams her right arm and the component on the left arm morpher. A part of the morpher began to spin. Pink energy sparked, circling around, wrapping Kitta in a Power Ranger outfit. Emily and the Lunariods stood in shock.

Kitta: Okay! Let's dance!

- - -

Scene 6:
CrossWorlds City

JB walks around as he heads out the dojo. JB does see where he was going as he saw the monk once again. JB starts to run after the monk. JB runs as fast as he could but was not able to catch the monk.

JB: Wait! Man, what is it about today?

JB start after the monk once more as he was stopped by two guys, Ryo and Jason.

Ryo: Hello JB.

JB: Okay. What is this? I see a monk twice. I run after him but bump into the two of you.

Jason: It is not by accident.

Ryo: We need you JB.

JB: Wait a minute! I don't even know you and you're asking for help.

Jason: Actually, we have a mutually friend, Ryan.

JB: You know Ryan? Well, that I can take but still- what is with the chase?

Ryo: We need your help. Come with me.

JB looks at Jason as the Jason nods in acceptance. JB follows Jason and Ryo as the three meet up with the monk, the Ancient One.

The Ancient One: Hello JB. Ryo and I will make you understand why we came to you soon enough.

_ _

Scene 7:
At the Dark Moon's headquarters

Rubius and the Four Sisters were watching the fight with the Lunariods through one of the many mirrors that surrounded their headquarters.

Rubius: Well, it looks like some Power Rangers have come to us after all.

Katsy: How? We have had no real contact with the Earth till now.

Prisma: Katsy, you are such a dumb girl. The Rangers probably have some kind of tracking systems that alerted them as soon as the Lunariods showed up.

Katsy: Shut Up, Prisma. I can kick your butt any day of the week.

Birdie: Shouldn't we worry about the Rangers interference to our plans?

Avery: Who cares? We can destroy them easily.

Rubius (smirking): Really Avery?

Katsy: Of course we can. We have the powers of the Dark Moon at our side.

Rubius walks closer to the mirror projecting the battle.

Rubius: Then Katsy, show us how it is done.

Katsy (startled): What?

Rubius: You heard me, go down there and destroy that Pink Ranger.

Katsy pause for a second. The other three sisters looked at her. Prisma and Avery were smirking. Birdie simply stared.

Katsy: Fine. I'll destroy the Pink Ranger. That should be no problem.

Prisma: You're sure.

Katsy: Remember you're place, little sister. I am the oldest of us. Watch your step or I'll burn you alive.

Prisma began to pout as Katsy teleports away into Battle.


{cm break}


Scene 8:
At the Highdive, in the battle.

Pink Ranger (Kitta): These guys are pretty tough.

The Pink Celestial Ranger kicks, punches and does everything she can to defeat the evil Lunariods. Emily, offers some assistance. Emily takes down four Lunariods all on her own. Then a purple light appeared behind the Pink CL Ranger. It was a woman with pink tights , purple hair and tutu.

Emily: Kitta Look out!

Katsy appears, with extended fingernails and slashes at the Pink Ranger. Katsy kicks her to the wall by Emily.

Emily: Who are you?

Katsy: I am Katsy from the Dark Moon. You're friend is about to die so move it or join her.

Pink Ranger: Listen you peacock! You don't mess with a friend. I'll take you on , just you and me.

Katsy (smirking, raising her hand): Um, let me think about it! No!!! (blast fire at the Pink Ranger, knocking her to the ground) And I though you Rangers are suppose to be tough.

Kitta lies on the ground. The fire had stung her. Katsy was closing in. Emily jumps behind Katsy, knock her to the ground by her face.

Katsy (getting up): Why , you . . .little punk!!! You're gonna pay for messing with my face.

Katsy is about to fire at Emily when Kitta jumps in front, taking a powerful blast from the Dark Moon Sister. Kitta collapses to her knees after the blast. Emily runs to her side.

Emily: Oh Kitta. I am so sorry. I wish it were me.

Kitta (holding her chest in pain) : ugh! You may just get your chance. (pulls out a morpher similar to hers except where it was pink, there was white.) Take this! You saw how I morphed. Just say White Star Ranger Power. Then kick her butt.

Emily: What about you?

Kitta: I will be fine. I join ya in a little.

Emily moves in front of Kitta. The morpher has been attached to where Kitta had it on her arms.

Katsy: What is this?

Emily: You're worse nightmare. (does what Kitta did to morph.) White Star Ranger Power!!!

Emily goes through the morphing sequence like Kitta and transforms into the White Celestial Ranger. Katsy looks on, shocked.

White Ranger: Okay Katsy! (turns into defensive position) Let's dance!!

To be continued . . .

Next on Power Rangers Celestial: The girls take on Katsy as they learn about their new powers. Plus the guys catch up with the girls, planning to stop the Dark Moon when the Dark Moon sends a monster to defeat. Can the team be formed in time to stop Katsy and the Dark Moon? Find out in an all new episode.

The suits for this show are from the sentai, Changeman. All Power Ranger stuff belongs to Saran and their owners, Sailormoon stuff to hers and the actors to them selves. Hope you enjoy this spin off to Power Rangers Take to the Skies/Thunder & Lightning.