Power Rangers Celestial
The Folding Hand, Part Two
Episode 1
by MegaRed & Frankie Rodriguez

Previously on PRCL: The Dark Moon landed on Earth. At the time, the Ancient was gathering people together to fight a powerful evil on the horizon. The Ancient, along with Ryo , gathered Jason and JB to their cause. In the Meantime in Urbana City, the first of the Lunariods attacked the population. Kitta and Emily were caught in the conflict, forcing Kitta to reveal her Celestial Ranger identity to Emily. Katsy, One of the Dark Moon Sisters, appeared, taking out Kitta. But Kitta gave Emily the white Celestial Morpher, making Emily the new White CL Ranger. Can the girls defeat Katsy and the Dark Moon? Find out Next . . .!!!!

Scene 1:
In a secluded forest, three young men will learn why the man known as the Ancient has gathered them.

The four are all walking in the same direction, following the Ancient One.

The Ancient: You three have been brought together to protect this world for powerful evil unlike any you've ever known.

Jason: I got that idea from what you said earlier. What can we do about it?

Ryo: I am not too comfortable with we. You two lack training.

JB: Lack Training?! Listen, I was a VR Trooper long before I saw you.

Jason: And I help form the original Earth Ranger team.

The Ancient: And it is those accomplishments that have made you candidates for this new group.

JB: What new group?

Ryo: The Ancient thinks that a whole new team of Power Rangers are needed for this up coming threat (He folds his arms.) Jason: A whole new team? But their already two of them.

The Ancient: And neither will be prepare to face the type of evil we will confront in the future.

JB (puts arms on his head): What is this evil?

The Ancient stops walking, as does the other guys. The Ancient stabs his staff to the ground. A little appears. The three look at the light seeing a battle between an old woman in pink (Katsy) and Pink and White Rangers that have never been seen before. Jason gasped.

Jason: Two new Rangers?!

JB: Who are they?

Ryo: The pink one is Kitta. The one in White I have no idea.

The three look at each other, not at the Ancient One.

Ryo: I need to get there fast. (starts to run off)

Jason (puts hand on arm firmly, stopping Ryo): Not without us.

JB: Jason's right. You got us into this, we're all gonna to end this.

Jason (Turn towards the Ancient): Ancient, is their any way to teleport . . . (Jason notices the Ancient missing) there?

JB: He's gone.

Ryo: I hate it when he does that.

JB: Wait, I may have a fast way their.


Scene 2:
Urbana City. Just outside the now wrecked Highdive cafe. Katsy and the new White CL Ranger (Emily) face each other in a stand off.

Katsy: Well, well. Another Power brat to sharpen my claws with.

White Ranger: Nice one. Who did your hair? Tom and Jerry.

Katsy: OOh! A feisty White rat! Your costume fits well. It displays your cellulite.

White Ranger (pounding her fist with her other hand): You are witch. But hey, you know . . . that tutu looks at lovely on a butt the size of a gorilla.

Katsy looks at her behind. She pulls her arms up.

Katsy (angered voice): OOOOOhhh!! You are gonna pay for that Ranger!!!

Katsy fires a blast of blue fire at White CL Ranger. The White Ranger gets hit on her side. White Ranger falls back, but jumps back up. She goes for a kick, catching Katsy in the stomach. Katsy starts blasting away when White Ranger hears a guys voice.

The Ancient: White Ranger . . .point at Katsy , yelling Star Bomb.

White Ranger: HUh?! Okay! Star Bomb.

The White Cl Ranger produced an orb of white starfire. She threw it at Katsy, knocking her down.

White Ranger: Oh! I could get use to this.

{Opening Credits and Theme}



Michael Bacon as JB
Bianca Lawson as Kitta
Ernie Reyes JR. as Ryo
Austin St. John as Jason
Leslie Tesh as Emily

Christopher Lambert as The Ancient One

David Boreanaz as Rubius
Maia Campbell as Avery
Charisma Carpenter as Prisma
Alison Hannigan as Birdie
Kerri Russell as Katsy


Scene 3:
The Battle in Urbana City.

White CL Ranger strikes a pose while Katsy gets up. Katsy looks directly at the White Ranger in anger, rubbing dirt from her face. Katsy moves her hand up. Camera follows her.

Katsy: That was a bad move White Ranger.

White Ranger: I don't think so. Come on! I'll kick your butt from here till tomorrow.

Katsy: You are gonna BURNNN!!!

Katsy turns around, blue fire building from the ground up. The blue fire swirls around, growing more intense. Katsy's eyes shifts. Katsy then throws the fire whip at the White Ranger. The fire whip hits the chest of the White Ranger, knocking her down.

Katsy: Stings doesn't it.

The White Ranger holds her chest. The Pink Ranger joins up with her. Katsy stares at both of them.

Pink Ranger: You ok?

White Ranger: I had better. ugh. This real stings.

Pink Ranger: You did good but I deal with miss tutu.

White Ranger: Not without me your not.

The Two Rangers stand up. Both go into defensive stances in front of Katsy.

Katsy (yawning): Boring. (Fires a blue flame blast at them. Two duck)

Pink Ranger: Katsy! You are gonna pay for messing with these people.

White Ranger: That is right! You are going down.

The two Rangers run and attack her with one leg kick. The kick connects, taking Katsy down.

Katsy (from the ground): You are so dead!

Katsy fires multiple blasts at the two Celestial Rangers. The two CL Rangers duck the best they can. After awhile, they were caught by the onslaught of blue fire. Katsy walks over, extending her claws.

Katsy: This is gonna hurt -Lot!!

A flying car moves towards the battle scene. Katsy stands over the White CL Ranger.

Katsy: You first.

The flying car lands near her. Three young men (Jason, JB and Ryo) exit the car. Katsy looks at them.

Katsy: What is this? Are you here to help or to admire me? If it is to admire me, I will be happy to reward such a fine group of hunks but if it is . . .

Ryo flips up and lands a kick on her. Jason and JB get in front of the girls. JB turns to them.

JB: Are you two okay?

Pink Ranger: Peachy.

White Ranger (whispering): Jason?

Jason: Stand back. I was a Ranger before.

The White Ranger tries to stand after hearing Jason's voice but can't. Ryo stands in front of them all.

Ryo: Stay away from my teammates Catwoman.

Katsy: That is Katsy! Guys! You are such pigs! (fires blasts at the three guys)

Ryo: Celestial Blast!!

Ryo has a red morpher like Kitta and Emily's. Ryo does the moves , twirling the morpher to spark red. Ryo then ends up with a Red Ranger costume, similar to the other two CL Rangers.

Red Ranger (Ryo): Okay Katsy!! You have more problems now than you ever had.

Katsy looks around. She sees the the other two guys and other two Rangers surround her. She turns around to look at them all.

Katsy: This isn't over yet. I will make you all pay for this. (Teleports out)

The five all gather together. Ryo looks at them all.

Red Ranger: Let's get out of here.

The other four people agree. They walk into the car, driving to a private place.


{CM break-}

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0:30-Power Rangers: Thunder & Lightning Commercial for NegaRanger Miniseries

0:30-Power Rangers Transformers commercial


Scene 4:
Dark Moon HQ-

Katsy returns and the other three sisters talk with her.

Prisma: Well, well . . .if it isn't the cat who got her claws clipped.

Avery: Katsy, what is up with you? Those Rangers were noting against you but they still beat you.

Katsy: Don't start with me.

Birdie: Come on Katsy. You're the one who said that you can beat them.

Katsy: And I will. I just need more time.

Prisma: Just to fail again Kats.

Katsy (staring at Prisma): Shut up skank! I don't see you fighting them.

Prisma and Katsy have a stare down , with anger in their faces. Rubius shows up behind them, walking past them.

Rubius: Stop the infantile behavior. We have work to do.

the two stop, turning to Rubius.

Rubius: Katsy . . .what happened out there.

Katsy: I did not expect the Rangers to show up. I went from one to three. I needed to regroup.

Rubius: I saw the battle. You were not ready for them. You underestimated them.

Katsy (bowing head): I can get them. I can.

Rubius: How?

Katsy pauses. Prisma goes up.

Prisma: Katsy can't handle this. Let me do it.

Katsy: You little punk! I have this mission. Not you!

Rubius: I want those Rangers eliminated.

Katsy: Oh I'll get rid of them. I call forth . . . Dragonite!

A green and red scaly monster appears with a black crescent moon on his forehead. He is face has a mask like Scorpion from Mortal combat. Katsy slowly struts to Dragonite.

Katsy: What do you think?

Rubius (smirking): Not bad. Not bad at all Katsy.

Prisma: But, she failed already.

Rubius: Prisma, just because she already fought and lost doesn't necessary meant she failed.

Prisma pouts. Birdie and Avery stand behind Rubius.

Birdie: You think that this will really take care of the Rangers Kats?

Katsy: Oh, Dragonite will do the job. And if it doesn't . . .I will.


Scene 5:
Lincoln Park, Urbana City. The five young people have all gathered at the south end, where they can be alone.

All five are gathered around a park table. Ryo, Emily and Kitta have yet to unmorph. White Ranger has her back facing away from Jason.

Red CL Ranger: Well, that went well.

Pink CL Ranger: Don't start Ryo. We were not expecting a threat so soon.

JB: Is the threat that you keep talking about Ryo?

Red CL Ranger: No. This is something else entirely. Something I did not expect.

Jason: You know, we are alone. The three of you can power down.

Red CL Ranger: Very well. But Kitta, you should have waited till give the morpher to the White Ranger. Power Down.

The Red CL Ranger turns back into Ryo.

Pink CL Ranger: Nag, nag, nag. You are a really pain in the butt Ryo. I keep wondering why the Ancient has yet to clean your clock. Power Down.

The Pink CL Ranger turns back into the fair brown skinned Kitta. JB looks at Kitta with a smile, noticing her beauty. The White CL Ranger still has her back turned to them.

Jason: Well . . .what about you White Ranger? Power Down. We're all teammates. We'll keep your identity secret.

White CL Ranger (clenching fist): Like you kept your identity from me all this time Jason?

Jason looks at her surprised. The voice was familiar but he was not sure he could make it out. The White Ranger turned to them.

White CL Ranger: Power Down!

The White CL Ranger demorphs to reveal a shock to Jason. His heart races at seeing the identity of the new White Ranger.

Jason: Emily?!?!

Emily: Why didn't you tell me you were a Power Ranger? Why did you tell me that? After everything we had gonna through, why, Jason? Why?

Jason opens his mouth but Ryo speaks.

Ryo: Can we can the melodrama till later? We have other worries.

Kitta (looking at Ryo): Wow. You're just a sensitive man, aren't you Ryo?

JB: So we are all gathered together to be Power Rangers? What for?

Ryo: There is an evil coming unlike . . .

Jason (angry): We know that. What evil?

The sound of clicking rings on a staff is sounded. All five turn east to see the monk they know as the Ancient.

Kitta: Ancient. I should have known you'd show up now.

The Ancient: Yes Kitta. You fought well earlier. Your training was successful.

Kitta: Thanks Ancient.

The Ancient: I see that you also gathered Emily earlier than expected. (Turns to Emily) You did well in your first battle. You will make a fine Ranger.

Emily: Thank you for the complement but I am not sure I want to be a Ranger. Especially if it has to do with this liar. (points at Jason)

Jason (bowing head) : Emily . . .you don't mean that.

Ancient: I would not be too quick to judge the actions of Jason, Emily. He has been a hero for some time.

JB: So Ancient, why are the five of us together? We'd all like to know.

Emily: I don't. (throws morpher at the Ancient's feet) I want NO part of this.

Emily begins to walk off. jason grabs her arm.

Jason: Don't do this. We need you. I . . .need you.

Emily: Shut up. You are nothing but a liar. Now let go. (breaks free of Jason's arm)

Kitta: Girl, we need you on the team.

Emily: I have my own problems. I'll talk to you later Kitta. The rest of you . . .leave me alone.

Emily walks off. She then finds the Ancient in her way.

The Ancient: Before you go. I have something to show you .

Stabs staff into the ground, making a loud ring be heard. A picture is shown.

The Ancient (narrating): The evil that you and these other four must fight is older than time. In a time of darkness and hatred, came forth the Dynasty. It is the Dynasty that you must fight. You are among the chosen to fight to save the world from that evil. For when the Dynasty is free . . .the world may fall into total darkness.

Emily ( hand on back of head): I don't know. This is just too much.

JB: Look Emily. there seems to be a lot at stake. I would like it if you stayed.

Ryo: Looking at what is to come reminds me that as skilled and powerful as I am, I can't take on the Dynasty myself.

Kitta: We need ya girl. More than you know.

The Ancient: You proved that you have a heart of a hero stepping up in your fight against the Dark Moon earlier today. All to save Kitta, a person you barely even know. No matter your feelings about Jason, the world needs you. And you know that.

Emily looks at the other four people who just pleaded with her. Then she looks at the man who lied to her. That lie hurt with every fiber in her being. But she knew that the stakes were higher than her own feelings.

Emily: Okay. I'll stay . . .for now.

the Ancient: Thank you Emily. Now to prepare you. (turns to JB) JB, you will be the Blue Celestial Ranger. The powers are the skies above you and the heavens. (turns to Jason) You will be the Black Celestial Ranger. Your powers are the shadows that breathe on Earth and the void of space. ( to Emily) Emily, you have the powers of the white stars and their nova fire. (to Kitta) You have the power of the Sun in you. (to Ryo) and you have the power of the Red Comets. Together you will be a team of Power Rangers.

The Ancient hands the Blue and black Celestial Morphers to JB and Jason. Then a picture appears of Katsy and Dragonite destroying the city.

The Ancient: You must leave now. The Dark Moon is attacking once again.

Ryo: right. Let's do it.

Jason: It's morphin . . .

Kitta: Uh un. That is not the phrase.

Ryo: This is- Celestial Blast!

Kitta: Pink Sun Celestial Power!

Emily: White Star Celestial Power!

JB: Blue Heaven Celestial Power!

Jason: Black Void Celestial Power!

Ryo: Red Comet Celestial Power!

Each of the five young people transformed into the new Celestial Rangers <Changeman suits> Ryo became the Red Celestial Ranger. Kitta Became the Pink CL Ranger. Emily the White CL Ranger. Jason the Black CL Ranger and JB, Blue Celestial Ranger. Jason and JB examined their suits.

JB: This is awesome.

Jason: Man, I can feel the power.

Ryo (Red CL Ranger): Let's do it!

The Ancient raised his staff, making the other Rangers disappear.


CM Break

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0:30 sec promo for Power Rangers Celestial

0:15. promo for "Countdown to Destruction" for Power Rangers in Space

1:00 commercial for milk, starring Melody Perkins


Scene 6:
Business District of Urbana City. Katsy and Dragonite are burning things everywhere.

Katsy: Oh what a lovely day for destruction and death.

Dragonite: I having fun toasting these buildings. (Fires a flame blast at an apartment building)

Katsy (twirling fingers through her hair): I wish those Rangers would hurry up and get here already.

A voice (Ryo's): Be careful what you wish for cause . . .

All the Rangers flip, camera on them flipping one at a time. They all stand and pose, with Red CL Ranger taking lead.

Red CL Ranger: . . .You just might get it.

All (striking a pose): Hyiai!!!

Katsy (looking at them): It's about time. My heels were starting to kill me. Dragonite . . .the Power Rangers. Power Rangers . . .Dragonite. Destroy them all.

Dragonite (bows to Katsy): As you wish!

Dragonite turns to the Rangers, throwing fire bombs everywhere. All the Rangers duck them the best they can but all get hit by some fire bombs.

Black CL Ranger (Jason): Egh! We can't take much more of this.

Blue CL Ranger (JB): He's right!

Red CL Ranger (Ryo): Fine! ugh.

The Red Ranger jumps at Dragonite. The two begin a physical confrontation. The two lock in combat as the other Rangers head to join the Red Ranger. Katsy, hovering above them, looks at them.

Katsy: Stop right there. (Throws her blue fire at them)

Blue and White Rangers get hit by the fire.

Black Ranger: Emily!!!

Pink Ranger: Stop worrying about her. Let's get to Ryo!

Black Ranger runs to the White Ranger, holding her.

Black Ranger: You ok?

White Ranger (pushing him away): I . . .ugh, am fine.

Katsy: Not for long! Dragonite Dragon Spear!!!!

Dragonite (ducking a punch from Red CL Ranger): As you wish.

Dragonite pulls our a spear. He starts slashing away at Ryo. Ryo rolls to the other five.

Pink Ranger: Ryo! You all right?

Red Ranger: Fine! Now let me finish him.

Blue Ranger: No! We have to fight him as a team.

Black Ranger: JB is right. This needs teamwork.

Dragonite slashes at the Rangers relentlessly. The Rangers all fall to the ground after that assault.

Blue Ranger: Damn he's strong.

White Ranger (getting UP): I hold him back while the rest of you get ready to hit him.

Black Ranger: How are you gonna do that?

White Ranger: A little trick Kitta taught me.

White Ranger collect white energy from around her, collecting it as a ball. Dragonite throws blast at her, but do not make their mark.

White Ranger: Star Bomb!!! (Throws the star bomb)

Dragonite (falling back): Ughhhh!! (hits ground)

Pink Ranger: Wait! We have weapons to use against this creep. Let's use'em.

Red Ranger (sarcastic): Fine!

Black Ranger: What are our weapons!

Pink Ranger: Your helmets will tell you.

All the Celestial Rangers access their weapons from their helmets data banks.

Pink CL Ranger: Sun Shield!

Black Ranger: Void Sais!

White Ranger: Star Firebow!

Blue Ranger: Heaven Staff!

Red Ranger: Comet Star Saber!

All the Ranger struck a pose with their weapons. Katsy looked at Dragonite.

Katsy: Dragonite! Attack them now!.

Dragonite: Say good bye Rangers!

Blue Ranger: In your dreams!

The White and Pink Rangers attack with their weapons first.

Dragonite: Ugh!

Blue and Black Ranger attack next with their weapons.

Dragonite: Hahhhhhhh!

Red Ranger Slash down with his charged Comet Star Saber!

Dragonite: UuuuuuuuuGGGGGghhhhhhh!!!!

Dragonite falls to the ground in pain. Katsy stands over him.

Katsy: Get up and fight!

Dragonite: Uuugh!

The Rangers position to attack again as the Dragonite slow gets up but hear the voice of the Ancient One.

The Ancient (in their minds): Rangers . . .unity within your power is the way to defeat this beast. Use the source of your powers to stop the monster.

Black Ranger: Whoa! What does him mean.

Blue Ranger: I think we have attacks like Emily's. combine them and we beat Dragonite.

Red Ranger: You're right! Let's do it!

All Rangers: Right!

The Rangers run towards Dragonite.

White Ranger: Star Bomb. (White energy orb is thrown)

Pink Ranger: Sunset Rain! (Strobe light of pink energy attacks, joining the star bomb)

Blue Ranger: Heaven Shatter! (blue energy is thrown)

Black Ranger: Shadow Breaker! (Shadows twirl around Dragonite, trapping him)

Red Ranger: Comet Starfire Thrust! ( A comet of red energy turbos its way to Dragonite)

All five attacks hit Dragonite, incinerating him to a pile of dust.

The Rangers: Yess! We did it!

Katsy (screaming): You . . .you! Your gonna pay for this Rangers!! I promise you that! (disappears)

The Rangers Pose


{Cm Break}


Scene 7:
Outside Urbana City on a Mountain. all five Rangers celebrate.

JB: Well, we did it.

Ryo: I guess . . .we did.

Kitta: Chill out Ryo. You know this is right.

Ryo: I guess so.

Emily: That was incredible.

JB: Yeah I like being a hero again.

jason: Me too.

Emily walks away from the group. Jason follows.

Jason: Listen Emily . . .

Emily (puts hand up): Don't talk to me Jason. We maybe teammates but that doesn't mean we have to be friends. (Walks away)

Jason (holding arms out); Emily!

Emily (walking): No Jason! No!


Scene 8:
Dark Moon HQ

Rubius looking in the mirror at the two of them.

Rubius: Oh how sweet a lovers quarrel. Well, they'll have a lot to argue about later on. If you Rangers thought that we'd go away, you're wrong. And boy . . .Do I have plan for you!

Rubius starts to smirk evilly

The End

Next time on Power Rangers Celestial: The Dark Moon starts a nasty offensive as they attack Urbana City College during their orientation. The Rangers try to adjust as a team when they encounter monster from the Dark Moon. Plus what happens when the Rangers need to fight a monster 50 feet tall. Can the Celestial Rangers get a Zord of their own. Find out next time on PRCL.


Scene 9:
Dark Moon HQ-

Katsy returns and the other three sisters talk with her.

. . .

Katsy: And I will. I just need more time.

Prisma: Just to fail again Kats.

Katsy (staring at Prisma): Shut up skank! I don't see you fighting them.

Prisma: Skank?! Oh no you didn't you. B****!

Katsy/as Kerri: Wait up! That wasn't in the script.

Prisma/ as Charisma: You just called me a skank.

Kerri: Chill out Char.

Charisma: You chill, you perioxdie looking slut.

Kerri: That is it! Whore!

The Director: Skank was in the script Ms. Carpenter! The B**** comment was not.

Kerri laughs as Charisma walks out. David, Alison and Maia just stare.


White CL Ranger: Power Down!

The White CL Ranger demorphs to reveal a shock to Jason. His heart races at seeing the identity of the new White Ranger.

Jason: Emily?!?!

Emily: Why didn't you tell me you were a Power Ranger? Why did you tell me that? After everything we had gonna through, why, Jason? Why?

Jason (looking at emily with an evil smirk): Because I wanted to skew Kat and you!!!

Everyone stares a Jason/Austin St. John.


Ryo: right. Let's do it.

Jason: It's morphin . . .

Kitta: Uh un. That is not the phrase.

Jason: It's morphin time sounds better than Celestial Blast.

Ryo: Our morpher activate by Celestial Blast.

Jason/ as Austin St. John : It's morphin time is way cooler, man.

Kitta/ as Bianca Lawson: What is with you? Celestial Blast.

JB/as Michael Bacon: Maybe we should use Trooper Transform!!

Austin, Ernie, Bianca and Leslie: No!!!



The Weapons for the Rangers.

The Sun Fans look like those used by Katana in Mortal Kombat: Anhilation.

The Void Sais look like two of tommy's old Dragon Dagger, but now there are two and in Black.

The Star Firebow is exactly like Kat's Turbo Windfire from Turbo.

The Heaven Staff is like the Lunar Lance but with a curved blade mounted on Top.

The Comet Star Saber is similar to the old Thunder Megazord Saber but has a red handle and a ruby in the middle.

copyright 1998.