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Nights of Light
by: Karone

Show me the meaning of being lonely

Leo Corbett stood in front of the door to Kendrix's apartment, hand posed to knock, but he hesitated, slowly bringing his hand to his side and turned to leave. He sighed inwardly, unsure if he should turn around or just run. He had to see her face, touch her, feel her. . .It seemed like a dream, still...Even after a month. That was his only explanation. She was back. . . Something he had dreamed for. . . Hoped for for months. An unanswered prayer was finally answered.

Finally, he turned on his heel, leaving across the dirt gravel walkway. It would be better left unsaid at the moment. Maybe someday he'd have the courage to tell Kendrix that he loved her more than he loved himself. But for now, he'd be content with being her friend, best of friends. . . He smiled wistfully. But he could dream of more.

So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe
Nights of light so soon become

Kendrix Morgan watched from the living room window as the all too familiar form retreated from the complex. Leo. She brushed her tresses of hair from her face and watched as his form grew farther away.

"Hi Kendrix," A chirpy voice brought Kendrix's view from the window. Maya, the pretty ex-Yellow Ranger, walked into the living room. "What are you doing?"

"I was watching someone." She admitted. "Leo. . ."

Maya stared at her with a knowing smile. "Did he tell you anything yet?"

Kendrix shook her head miserably, "No." She sighed, then glanced to the window again. "He probably was coming looking for you or something."

Maya shook her head, suppressing a giggle. "No, it was definitely you. I bet he was scared and ran. Kendrix, he does love you. I can see it in the way he looks at you. Call it a sixth sense maybe." She added at Kendrix's skeptic look.

"I doubt it. But I can always wish." She glanced wistfully to the window. "But for now, I'm not going to dwell on it."

"Instead, you're going to be miserable hoping he loves you but too scared not to say anything?" She queried.


Maya sighed, then smiled coyly. "I'm glad I'm not a earth human. Now I don't have to worry about being dense." She shrieked as Kendrix tossed a pillow at her and she had to smile. No matter what, Kendrix never forgot what was important.

Wild and free I could feel the sun
Your every wish will be done
They tell me...

"'They tell me show me the meaning of being lonely! Is this the feeling I need to walk with. Tell me why I can't be there where you are, there's something missing in my heart!'" Leo covered his ears in protection as Damon belted out the lyrics to a popular current craze in the world of pop music. The three ex-Rangers were in their shared apartment on the outskirts of Mirinoi. The boom box stereo was set up on the counter, blasting the Backstreet Boys' CD 'Millennium.'

Kai had the same idea, grimacing as he covered his ears. "Damon! Stop! We don't deserve this torture."

Damon paused in his melody, glancing over at his two room mates. "OK, then what do you suggest I sing?"


"See, you don't know. Since you won't suggest anything, hush up and listen!" Damon smiled and Kai rolled his eyes in defeat. Damon went back to humming and belting out the next set of lines. "'Life goes on as it never ends. Eyes of stone observe the trends, they never say forever gaze.'"

Leo sighed, tuning out the crime of so-called singing. His mind wandered, thinking back to earlier that day when he'd almost gotten the courage to tell Kendrix he loved her. He wasn't quite sure what he was afraid of. Probably, if he told her, she'd never talk to him again and he'd be out a best friend. . . Again. He didn't think he could handle that.

"...Leo! Yoo hoo, Leo, wake up!" Leo snapped his eyes open, staring wide-eyed at Damon's hand in front of his face. "You okay, buddy?"

Leo sighed. "No."

"It's Kendrix again." Kai decided once getting a good look at his friend's face. "Just tell her already!"

"It's not as simple as that." Leo muttered.

"Yes it is. Watch." Damon said with a slight smirk. He glanced over at Kai. "You be Kendrix, and I'll be Leo." Kai nodded, a light smile of mirth flickering across his face. "Kendrix, can we talk?" Damon deepened his voice slightly, an all too serious, almost humorous, look crossing his face.

Kai nodded, flashing an all too cute smile, imitating his best friend. "Of course Leo. What is it?" His voice was high pitched, making him sound more like a chipmunk than the original Pink Galaxy Ranger.

"Kendrix... I love you." There was a long pause as 'Leo' waited for 'her' to speak.

"Oh, Leo, I love you too!" It was too much for Leo. He was doubled over in laughter as Kai threw himself in Damon's arms.

"KAI!" Damon gave his friend an almost disgusted look when he found himself with the young man in his arms. He let go of him. Kai, surprised from the sudden release, toppled to the ground, before he too, was shaking with laughter. Pretty soon, Damon was laughing too, the mellow mood soon forgotten.

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart

It was now midnight and Kendrix laid in her bed in her bedroom, mind completely in a jumble of thoughts. Leo was the bulk of them. She'd thought about going and talking to him at that moment, but the idea quickly subsiding when she contemplated the consequences. Never talking again, harsh words. . . There was other things, probably worse then she could come up with on her own.


Kendrix's head tilted to the side at a light sound. What *was* that? She sighed, Now I'm hearing things. I really need to go to sleep.

"*scratch, scritch*"

There it was again. This time, she sat up in bed, her eyes sliding to her windows. She almost screamed, spying a pair of bright eyes in the window. Moonlight spilled in, illuminating them to be a bright yellow. Her mind flashed back to the horror movies she and Kai had spent hours watching as little kids. Serial killer, night stalker... Visions floated from her memory. Hesitantly, she stood up and walked to the window. On the way, she picked up a baseball bat from the ground, hiding it at her side as she walked. Reaching the window, she timidly opened the curtains wider. Holding the bat tighter in her grip, she opened her window.

"Leo!" She cried in surprise, dropping the bat immediately when she saw her friend. "What are you doing here?!"

"I needed to talk to you." He admitted softly.

She leaned closer to the window, pulling the blinds all the way up. She opened the window, and he crawled through it, smiling lightly at her.

"Do you always sleep like that?" He asked bluntly. Kendrix glanced down at her clothing of a T-shirt to her knees.

"I was too tired to bother changing." She admitted with a blush. "Sooo what did you want to talk about?"

"I...uh.. I.."

"Yes?" She prompted. She sighed inwardly at the look of confusion on his face.

"Um, if someone were…okay. There's this guy, let's call him…Liam. And he likes this girl, um…Kathryn. How would you suggest Liam tell Kathryn how he feels?" His eyes met hers.

"Well," Kendrix said slowly. "I think, maybe, that Kathryn feels the same way that Liam does, so he doesn't have to.." With that, she leaned over and kissed him. The two held the kiss for what seemed like minutes, then finally came up for a breath.

"Wow.." Leo breathed. "Kendrix? Did you mean it? Do you…feel the same way?"

"I didn't know we were talking about us, Leo," Kendrix said innocently, her eyes wide. "What about Liam and Kathryn?"

"They can solve their own problems." Leo shrugged.

She nodded, and smiled shyly at him, "But yeah, I do..." They kissed again softly, everything else forgotten in the world but each other.


Life goes on as it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze
Guilty roads to an endless love
Alone on her bunk in her room, Maya stared up at the ceiling, her eyes blinded with tears. She had woken up at the sound of Leo coming into Kendrix's room hours before. She had gotten up, to check to see what the commotion was, and had stopped inside Kendrix's open door. She'd heard the whole conversation between them. She was happy for them, really, she was.

"I can never tell him." She whispered out loud. Maya sighed, sitting up on her bed. She loved Leo, she always had. It wasn't on purpose, anything but that.

She had been wary when Leo had continued on as the Red Ranger. From what she could sense, there wasn't a whole lot of friendly atmosphere when she had appeared, or rather fell, in front of the GSA Officers and Leo. But, as time went on, they grew close in their searches for Mike and adventures as Rangers. Soon, friendship turned to a crush, to now a growing love.

Laying against her pillow with a sigh, she closed her eyes, thinking back to one moment, months ago. . .

*** Flashback ***

Leo and Maya stood side-by-side in a back room of Terra Venture, their gazes both staring out into the mile spreads of stars. They had nothing to say to each other. Just glad to be together in the silence that they were in.

Finally, Maya broke the silence, "So, do you think we should head back to the MegaShip now?"

"I...Yeah." He nodded, turning his gaze to her. "Thanks for staying here with me."

She smiled, "It's not a problem. I'm glad to stay with you. If you ever need anything.."

"What's wrong with me?" He suddenly whispered. "No one seems to like being around me. I've heard girls whisper about me. 'He's such a show-off,' 'He snuck aboard the TerraV, how much more Loser can you get?' and other remarks. No one seems to be able to see *me* for who I am."

"Oh, Leo," Maya sighed. "All people will say remarks about you, but your true friends will always stick by you."

"I'm not so sure..."

"Leo, I promise. You'll find that one girl who wont care what you did to get here. Or what you might do to someone."

"I think... I already did." Leo whispered softly.


Leo smiled lop-sided at her, and traced a finger across her cheek. Maya watched him wide-eyed, not sure what she should tell him. His smile turned genuine and her eyes slipped shut as their lips met in a slow kiss.

Several moments later, they pulled apart, both staring at each other in wonder and almost shock.

Leo sighed, breaking the awkward silence, "I'm sorry Maya. I shouldn't have done that...."

Maya nodded, "I know. You love Kendrix."

"How did you....?"

"I could just sense it." She admitted, "But I know you're scared to tell her."

He nodded, "I am sorry though. I know..."

"Shh, it's okay. A kiss between friends."

"Right." Leo agreed with a faint smile. "A kiss between friends..."

*** End Flashback ***

"...If only, I had told him what I felt then." She sighed.

There's no control
Are you with me now
Your every wish will be done
They tell me...

"But I am happy for him." She repeated to herself. "And for Kendrix. They belong together. They went through too much for me to but in." With that thought, Maya drifted into a restless slumber.

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart