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Timeframe: 1 day after "As Cold As Ice"

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Day of the Beasts
by : Vinny

The Power Teens entered the Zoo of Angel Grove and looked around. Some signposts stood there, showing the visitors where to go.

"That was a great idea, Wayne." Liz smiled. "That's exactly what I need after those battles."

"C'mon, let's see the apes." Zhane suggested. "They remind me of Karone."

"Hey!" she giggled, playfully smacking him. "I think we all know who's the ape of that team!"

"Yeah, it's you, sis." a male voice teased.

The six teens turned around to see Andros and Ashley walking towards them with Carlos.

"Don't listen to Andros, Karone." Ashley grinned. "Big brothers always tease their little sisters."

So the eight teens walked over to the ape cages.


A muscular monster bowed before Evilor, who stood on his hovering platform.

The drolling wolf-creature had pointed ears, dark red eyes and sharp, dirty fangs. Black, shaggy fur covered its body.

"Are you ready, Hell Wolf?" Evilor questioned.

The monster, unable to speak, just raised its big, sharp clawed paws and roared.

"You know the plan." Evilor said. "Don't fail me - or I'll have wolf steak for lunch today."

Again, the beast roared and teleported out in a cloud of black sparks.


The eight teens looked at the apes, who hopped around, played and gabbled. Fortunately, it wasn't allowed to take the animals home; otherwise Karone would have taken them all.

Later, the teens walked over to the crocodiles and alligators, which Ashley didn't like that much.

"Well?" Andros teased his girlfriend. "Want one of those for birthday?"

"Yeah, sure." Ahley grinned. "I'll train it to eat you."

In the meantime, Carlos retired to watch the African elephants, who were stamping around nearby. He really loved the gray giants.


Hell Wolf appeared atop a massive mounatin, which was located in the extensive lion arena. It was the best place to launch Evilor's latest plan.

The wolf clenched its paws and shook them, roaring loudly. The deafening noise shattered windows, which were located miles away and drove the civilians of Angel Grove crazy. Bu not only them...

The animals in the zoo suddenly began to trash around, trying to break out. Several walls and fences collapsed, making way for the wild animals. They destroyed the remaining barriers and windows of bulletproof glass, freeing the others animals as well.


Carlos screamed, as the furious elephants stormed towards him. Tony quickly leapt forwards, shoving him aside. The two teens rolled over the ground as the elephants stamped past them.

"Carlos, are you alright?" the Latino asked.

"Yeah, thanks." he gasped, rising to his feet.

Countless visitors ran out of the zoo horrified, with furious animals hot on their heels.

Carlos and Tony hurried around a corner. Their eyes wided as they saw Ashley and Andros dodging a wild bear. Liz and Mark were surrounded by "laughing" hyenas, who slowly circled their victims.

"Where's Wayne?" Carlos gasped.

His pale friend pointed at a snack bar. Wayne jumping and flipping around, trying to escape the sharp fangs and claws of three roaring lions. Carlos's eyes moved over the wrecked place and the free animals.

"You gotta use the power!" Carlos stated. "That's Evilor, no doubt!"

"Alright." Mark replied, looking around.

There was no stranger in sight.

"Guys!" he shouted. "We meet at the souvenir shop!"

With that, he teleported away with Carlos, followed by his friends.


Evilor watched the scene as usual.

"Great work, Hell Wolf!" he laughed. "Great work!"


The Power Teens and their friends teleported into the big souvenir shop, which literally was the heart of the zoo. But today, it was vacant and partly destroyed.

"Gosh..." Liz moaned, sliding the ground.

"Are you hurt?" Wayne asked worriedly, kneelingd own beside her.

"No." she weakly smiled. "I feel just a bit weak."

"Alright." the Afro-American muttered, settling down beside her. "So what are we going to do?"

"Good question." Tony pointed out. "Evilor obviously made those animals wild, but we can't just blow them up - They're no monsters."

"The whole city is in danger" Mark stated. "Perhaps..."

Suddenly, one of the walls burst open and Hell Wolf rushed into the room, knocking the Caucasian aside with a strong paw.

"Now, that is a monster!" Liz yelled, dodging one of the strikes. "Ready for the future!"

The Millennium Rangers transformed and fell upon the growling Hell Wolf. They tried to wrestle it down, but after a brief fight, it shook his opponents off.

"Hey, try me for your size!" Mark yelled, flipping towards the monster.

But Hell Wolf easily dodged the flying kick. Mark crashed into a wall lined with shelf units and tumbled to the ground.

Karone slashed at Hell Wolf with her daggers, but it quickly wrapped it huge paws around her, squeezing her ribs... The Purple Ranger gasped and struggled, unable to break free.

Zhane drew the Silverizer and jumped into action, finally seperating Hell Wolf from his girlfriend. But the Silver Ranger couldn't stand his ground against the mad monster...

Wayne turned to the powerless teens.

"You'd better leave." he suggested.

"But..." Carlos started.

"He's right. Ashley interrupted. "We can't do anything here."

Andros sighed, realizing the truth in her statement. So the former Rangers telported to the Grid Fortress.


The three teens hurried into the control room.

"Yoyoyo, Zeltris!" Alpha 6 bleeped. "There're wild animals in Angel Grove and the Rangers are fighting a monster in the zoo!"

Zeltris looked at the monitors worriedly. Elephants stamped over cars, squeezing them like nothing. Other animals, like monkeys, crocodiles, tigers and bears moved through the streets, attacking everything within range.

"This is indeed a dangerous situation." Zeltris pointed out. "Alpha, call the Millennium Rangers. They have to split up."

"But Zeltris!" Carlos protested. "Even together they can barely handle the wolf creature!"

"There is no other way." the Grid Guardian sighed. "If nothing happens, Angel Grove is doomed."

"Alright." Alpha whispered sadly, pushing a red button. "Power Rangers, this is Alpha. Numerous animals are wrecking Angel Grove. You ahve to stop them."

"Understood." Wayne replied through the communicator. "But that's gonna be difficult."


"Guys, we gotta stop the attacking animals." Tony announched.

"Alright, hurry up!" Zhane replied, kicking Hell Wolf backwards. "I'll deal with that oversized puppy!"

"Okay." Karone muttered. "But Zhane - Please be careful."

"Sure, Beautiful!" he stated, blocking a powerful blow of the wolf. "But now go!"

As his friends teleported out, Zhane pointed his Silverizer at the groaning monster again.

"Alright, buddy! Now it's just you an me."


The other Millennium Rangers reappeared in Angel Grove downtown.

"Remember, don't kill them!" Tony yelled, as they split up and ran in different directions. "It's Evilor's fault they go bezerk!"

Liz faced a rhino. It stamped towards her, but she gracefully flipped onto its back. The animal trashed around wildly, but the Yellow Ranger didn't fall off. The rhino ran straight into a wall, almost cracking it.

"Calm down, pal." Liz ordered, as dust and stones flew past her.

Of course the rhino didn't listen. It still tried to rid itself of the Yellow Ranger, trashing around even wilder.

"How long will it take to throw me off?" Liz quietly wondered.

But not only the Power Rangers had bad problems.

Nearby, a couple in the mid-ages was caught in a dead end. Behind them stood two terrified kids. They glared at the growling tigers, who were slowly approaching the family.

"Stay quiet, kids." the man whispered. "Don't speak or move."

The tigers came closer, baring their sharp fangs. The man's eyes wided with terror, as one of the animals jumped... The children screamed. But suddenly, a purple shadow hit the jumping tiger! The animal crashed to the ground along with the mysterious figure, who turned out to be the Purple Ranger.

"Run!" she shouted, as both of the tigers attacked her.

The family quickly fled. Just then, Wayne happened on the scene. He summoned the Lunar Lance and joined Karone. They fought the angry tigers, dodging claws and fangs.

Mark and Tony were fighting eagles, falcons and hawks, who were furiously attacking everything within range. Unfortunately, there was no way to stop them without wounding or even killing the beautiful birds.

"Man, that's terrible!" Mark groaned, as he jumped aside to avoid the long beak of a hawk.


Zhane slashed at Hell Wolf with the Silverizer in sword mode. Some blows hit and caused small explosions, others were blocked. After dodging one of the strikes, Hell Wolf manged to grab Zhane, swirled him around - and hurled him through one of the big windows!

But the Silver Ranger landed on his feet, switched the Silverizer to gun mode and shot at the approaching monster. Hell Wolf stumbled backwards as sparks and smoke errupted from his body. But it didn't fall and spat a jet of slimey, greenish droll at Zhane.

The foamy liquid splattered over the suit of his chest, causing a small, but powerful explosion.


"Yoyoyo, Zeltris, they're in trouble!" Alpha yelled.

"Calm down, Alpha." the guardian pleaded. "Have you analysed the wolf's energy signature yet?"

"Will be complete in ten minutes." Andros replied.


Liz struggled, as the rhino wrecked another car.

"I'll soon fall off!" she thought. "And then - I gonna be a puddle of mud!"

The animal ran into a big shop window, shattering it to pieces. It stamped through the mall, destroying everything in its way in the process. But Liz somehow managed to keep the upper hand.

Mark and Tony were still trying to hold up the crazy birds, but whenever they managed to grab one, another one attacked, quickly freeing it. The two Millennium Rangers felt beaks and claws touching them. The suits wouldn't protect them much longer from beeing harmed, but there was no way to escape.

The birds were everyhwere.

The hungry tigers mercylessy attacked Wayne and Karone. The Rangers were growing weak and stumbled around, trying to protect themselves without hurting the animals. But the teens would most likely not be able to harm the tigers - Not anymore...


Hell Wolf pushed Zhane against a thick tree trunk - and drilled his monstrous fangs into the power suit. The Silver Ranger briefly screamed and tried to break free. After a few seconds, he finally managed to throw the monster over his back.

Hell Wolf tumbled and rolled down a steep hill, but Zhane unfortunately fell with him.


"Analysis complete!" Ashley exclaimed.

"What does it say?" Zeltris inquiered.

"The animals are indeed under the control of Hell Wolf." Carlos explained. "He actually is a part of them. If he dies, all the animals will die as well!"

"But... how can we free the animals without killing them?" Andros gasped.

"Well..." Alpha mused. "According to that analysis, a well balanced hypershockwave should break the spell and send the animals asleep for a while..."

"Alright, let's adjust the instruments." Andros suggested.

"That will take time..." Zeltris said. "But it's our only chance. I hope the Power Rangers will hang on long enough..."


Zhane and Hell Wolf circled each other in a flat lake. The Kerovan's wounded shoulder hurt teribbley and sparked slightly, but he ignored that.

Hell Wolf dove towards the Silver Ranger, trying to use claws and fangs again. But this time, Zhane was able to duck. The monster crashed onto a meadow, but it quickly rose to its feet again.

"Silver Star Shock!" the Ranger yelled, hurling the glowing orbs at the wicked creature.

They hit Hell Wolf's forehead, knocking him several feet away.

"Silverizer - sword mode!" Zhane shouted.

He charged at Hell Wolf with his weapon and manged to hit him several times. But then, the monster regained its self-control, blocked another strike and kicked Zhane in the stomatch, which ssent him off the meadow flying.


"Testing hyper frequency now!" Andros stated, slowly turning a rotary switch.

"Looks good." Ashley muttered. "Adjusting the weapon systems... now."

"Yoyoyo, we have to hurry!" Alpha bleeped, looking at the viewing screen. "The Rangers are in trouble!"


Liz was tossed off the rhino's back and crashed into a car. The angry animals rushed towards her, but she managed to jump over the massive creature and looked back as she flew through the air. The rhino ran into the car, crashed the metal and pushed it through a solid wall.

"That could have been me!" Liz shuddered, landing atop a truck.

One of the tigers was holding Karone down in the meantime. Others were surrounding her slowly.

"Lunar Strike!" Wayne yelled, raising his transparent lance.

He swung the weapon and knocked the tigers off of Karone with the blunt end of his lance.

Mark and Tony had taken cover behind a dumpster. The attacking birds circled above, ready to attack.

"We have to do something!" Mark moaned.

"But what?" Tony asked. "We can't use our weapons without riscing the lives of those animals."


"All systems adjusted!" Carlos announched.

"Alright, now we have to hit the correct location!" Alpha murmured, looking at the holographic map. "The Atlantic Ocean. That's it!"

Alpha told Andros the right coordinates. The Kerovan quickly adjusted the weapon systems and - fired.

A light white ball of energy left the Grid Fortress and headed for Earth. It hit the surface of the Atlantic Ocean and exploded, sending an ivisible shock wave in every possible direction.


"Hey, what's that..." Liz mumbled to herself, as the rhino collapsed.

The tigers didn't do any better. Their roars and groans extinguished and they fell over, leaving two puzzled Power Rangers behind. The same happened to the birds, who slowly spun towards the ground.

Bears fell asleep, as well as lizards, wolves, apes, monkeys, snakes, hyenas, crocodiles, alligators, lions, elephants, bats, raccoons, foxes and all the other animals...

When that happened, Tony's communicator went off.

"We read you Zeltris." the Red Ranger responded. "The animals are all down... What's up?"

"We used a hyper frequency to break Hell Wolf's mind control and send the animals asleep." the Grid Guardian explained. "But Hell Wolf has to be destroyed now. Please go and help Zhane!"

"On our way!" Tony exclaimed, as the others joined him. "Let's go!"

With that, the five teens teleported off.


They reappeared before the weakened Zahne.

"Don't worry." Mark said. "We take care of that wolf now."

With that, the five Rangers charged at Hell Wolf, kicking and punching. The monster fell back to prepared another attack. But Tony quickly fell upon the Hell Wolf with his saber.

"You won't threat innocent people again!" the Red Ranger yelled, slashing his saber across Hell Wolf's chest, which flung the evil creature off its feet.

Karone leaped towards the struggling beast and brought her daggers down, slashing them across the hairy shoulders. After that, Liz fired a blow at Hell Wolf with the Star Slinger.

The monster screamed, groaned and stumbled forwards. At thsi point, the weakened Zahne moved into action again. He threw a mighty uppercut at the monster, sending it to the ground, where it burst into flames!


Later that day, Alpha looked at Zhane's wounded shoulder.

"Don't worry." the little robot said, bandaging the gash. "It's not too serious. You'll just have to be a bit careful in the future."

"I'll make sure he does." Karone threw in.


Evilor watched, as the animl were brought back to the zoo.

"That can't be happening." he snarled to himself. "The Overlord won't be happy... But next time, I'll win..."

The End

And... next time in PR 2000: It begins like a usual battle - and it ends with the rise of the Titants!

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