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Timeframe: 2 day after "The Secret".

Author's Note: In that series, the Rangers haven't revealed their true identities. Comments are always welcome at zirkon@snafu.de!

As Cold As Ice
by : Vinny

Evilor was resting in his private chambers and formed some wicked plans to invade the planet Earth. His warriors had been defeated by the Power Rangers twice, but he had sworn to destroy the team once and for all.

At the moment, Evilor was observing Angel Grove on a monitor. It was still winter, but teh heat was terrible. The sun stood high above the city, slowly drying it. The citizens were already fed up with that, but there was nothing they could do about it.


Tony and Mark entered the Surf Spot. They wore shorts and T-shirts, but it was still much too hot. The friends looked around to find a seat. But it appeared to be impossible. The Surf Spot was crowded. Numerous people sat at the tables, drinking and eating all kinds of cold drinks and snacks.

"Hey, guys!" someone called.

Mark and Tony looked around and saw two of their temmates. Liz and Wayne were sitting at one of the table, waving at them. The boys gladly took two of the vacant seats.

"Hi." Tony greeted, wiping some sweat from his forehead. "Where are Zhane and Karone?"

"Together, as usual." Wayne replied. "They wanted to go swimming at the beach."

"We thought about that too." Liz added. "But it was just too crowded."


Evilor had watched the conversation.

A wicked grinned and reached out for his handy communicator.

"Lady Coldheart?" Evilor asked. "Can you hear me?

"Clearly." a shrill voice replied. "I am waiting for your commands, my Lord."

Evilor briefly rubbed his ear. That voice was horrible.

"Listen." he said. "You have to go down to Earth for me. I want you to freeze the planet and destroy the Power Rangers."

"With pleasure." the piercing voice shrieked. "I'll immedaitely..."

"Be quiet!" Evilor interrupted. "I haven't finished yet. Meet the Power Rangers unprepared and you'll be dead meat before sun sets! I have a plan. First of all, you must get the only experienced Rangers. Without them, the others are nothing."

"I understand." the monster chuckled. "It will happen as you ordered!"

"I hope so." Evilor muttered in a threatening tone. "Go now."



Zhane walked along the crowded beach.

"Hey, Beautiful, where are you?" he shouted.

The Kerovan man looked aound, but couldn't see his girlfriend. He was searching since 15 minutes. The beach was totally overcrowded, so the young couple had accidentally been seperated some time ago.

Zhane walked over to the back of a high cliff, which was surrounded by numerous palm trees. Surprisingly, that on the groundin the warm sand.

"There you are!" Zhane smiled as he settled beside Karone.

"Oh, great eyes." Karone teased. "What took so long, Sherlock Zhane?"

He opened his mouth and gave her a playful answer. Neither one of them noticed the shiny mist, which was building up nearby. It swhirled around and produced a monstrous female.

Her skin was bluish, as well as her pinned up hair. She wore a skin tight, dark blue dress, which was stiff and partly frozen. In addition, a huge claw out of ice covered the right hand.

"Uhhh... I'm cold..." Karone whispered, rubbing her arms.

"Cold?" Zhane repeated. "But that heat..."

"...won't last any longer for you!" the hellish female laughed in her shrill voice.

The teens couldn't react. Evilor's monster blew a white spray at the young couple, surrounding them with a thick cloak of ice!

"Very well." the female chuckled to herself. "Two down - four to go!"


The remaining Rangers were still talking at the Surf Spot, unaware of the danger.

"Hey folks!" Adelle greeted as she approached the table.

"Hi." Mark replied. "Could you please fetch us four vanilla shakes? We're dying from thirst!"

"Sure." the friendly landlady grinned. "I don't like corpses in the bar, you know."

Adelle left. The teens licked their lips as she filled four big glasses with the foamy liquid.

"Here you are." Adelle smiled as she placed the glasses atop the table.

With that, Adelle went over to another table and the four teens greedly reached out for their shakes. Just then, Tony's communicator bleeped.

"Noooo..." Liz moaned.

"Duty calls." Tony stated. "We read you, Alpha."

"Rangers, I've located a major disturbance at the beach!" the robot stated. "I'm afraid Zhane and Karone are in danger, because they don't answer the communicator. Please go and checkt taht out!"

"Alright." Tony announched.

The teens quickly left the Surf Spot and teleported away.


Zeltris and Alpha observed the beach from within the Grid Fortress.

"Yoyoyo, I can't find that disturbance!" the robot bleeped.

"It knows how to hide." Zeltris muttered. "But I'm afraid it will leave it's hiding soon enough. Without Zhane and Karone, the Power Rangers might need backup."

"Don't worry." Alpha 6 replied. "I've called T.J. and Cassie. They're boarding the Megaship as we speak."

"Good idea." Zeltris smiled.


The Power Teens had split up into two groups. Liz and Wayne were one team, as well as Tony and Mark. The two groups were currently seeking for the disturbance in the deserted areas of the beach.

"I hope Zhane and Karone are okay..." Tony mumbled, as he walked along the beach with Mark.

"If they are not, Evilor is in trouble." Mark replied.

The two teens didn't notice Lady Coldheart, who was spying on them. She was quick on her feet and very clever. Whenever Mark or Tony came to close, she managed to hide somwhere. But she wasn't willing to hide forever...

"I wonder what kind of creature we'll meet that time." Tony groaned.

Me!" the icey woman shrieked, leaving her newest hiding place.


Mark and Tony spun around and took their fighting stances, but the monster swung its left hand, hurling a bunch of ice splinters towards them. Each of the sharp objects exploded like a bomb, throwing the unmorphed Rangers to the ground.

"Suffer the wrath of Lady Coldheart!" the evil female yelled, breathing a jet of freeze spray at her victims.

Tony had a presence of mind to shove Mark aside, but he couldn't protect himself from the cold spray. The cloud surrounded and froze him, just like Zhane and Karone!

Mark immediately raised his necklace and morphed in a flash of blue light.

"Guys!" he shouted into the communicato, barely dodging another jet of sprayr. "I need help!"


"On our way." Liz replied.

"Let's do it!" Wayne said.

"Ready for the furture!"


The Black and Yellow Ranger appeared beside the morphed Mark in teleportation flashs and stanced instantly.

"Oh, the rest of you!" Lady Coldheart laughed. "How well! I thought, I'd have to hunt you down one by one!"

"Together, we'll make you melt!" Liz announched. "Blade Arm Blow!"

She jumped forwards and raised her right arm, which was already glowing brightly. A single strike threw Coldheart into a group of rocks and Wayne used a powerful uppercut to sent her in Mark's direction.

He caught Lady Coldheart, wrapped his arms around her neck and tossed her into the air. She hit the dusty ground several feet away.


Evilor groaned when he saw that on the screen.

"Devil Warriors!" he shouted. "Attack!"


The three Millennium Rangers were walking towards their enemy, ready to fight.

"Free our friends!" Wayne ordered, pointing the Astro Axe at Lady Coldheart.

Suddenly, a bunch of Devil Warriors appeared in front of the monster. They didn't waste a second and stormed towards the teens.

Mark and Wayne immediately leapt towards the approaching foot soldiers, carrying out powerful flying kicks. Liz fired at the monsters with her Star Slinger, destroying the one by one.

"Alright." Lady Coldheart muttered to herself. "I'm outta here!"

With that, she teleported away in a shiny mist. Seconds later the frozen Tony vanished as well! Karone and Zhane, who had not been found, met the same fate.

"No!" Mark yelled, smashing one of the Devils against a rock. "Tony!"

"That must not happen!" Liz shouted.

Most of the Devil Warriors had been destroyed, but the remaining ones regrouped and teleported away.



Wayne, Liz and Mark demorphed and ran up to Tony's last location. But he was gone.

"We must talk to Zeltris." Mark said.

So teh three Power Teens teleported into the Grid Fortress.


Lady Coldheart sat on a rock in the quarry near Angel Grove. The three frozen Millennium Rangers were standing nearby.

Suddenly, an image of Evilor appeared before the monster.

"Finally!" Coldheart sighed.

"Shut up." Evilor ordered. "I should destroy you, Coldheart. If I hadn't sent my warriors, those kids would have defeated you."

"Yes..." Lady Coldheart mumbled. "But I've also captured three of the Power Rangers."

"I know." Evilor replied. "That's why you get another chance. Freeze the planet and destroy the remaining Rangers. Right away!"

After that, the projection dissolved.

Lady Coldheart got up and raised her arms. Heavy, black clouds instantly began to cover the blue sky and dark blue bolts flashed straight into the quarry. Every boltproduced a blue wave of light, which covered the entire area in ice and snow.

After some minutes, the extensive quarry was frozen.

"Wonderful!" the monster laughed hysterically. "A world of ice and snow!"


The Power Rangers had arrived at the Grid Fortress in the meantime. T.J. and Cassie were there as well.

"Zeltris, we have to free the others!" Liz stated.

"Sure." the sage replied. "It shouldn't be a problem to locate them. But there's only one way to melt the cloak of ice. Lady Coldheart must be destroyed."

"No problem!" Mark said.

"Yoyoyo!" Alpha interrupted. "We've located Coldheart and her captives! They're at the quarry. But it's completly frozen!"

"That rocky area? Frozen?" Wayne gasped. "That's gonna be rude."

"Right." Cassie threw in. "But the Mega Tank might come through."

"Mega Tank?" Liz muttered puzzled.

"Come with us." T.J. grinned. "We'll show it to you."

"Let the power protect you." Zeltris whisperd as the teens telported out.

"Ahhh..." Alpha sighed. "It's good to hear that again."


The Astro Megship left its hiding place near Earth and flew towards the mountains of Angel Grove. D.E.C.A. was piloting the ship while T.J. and Cassie checked the Mega Tank.

"That's so cool." Liz whispered, stroking the polished steel.

"Did you expect anything else?" Cassie grinned. "How are the driving systems, T.J.?"

"Online." he replied. "What about the weapons and the energy shield?"

"Ready." Cassie stated.

"Alright, let's go." Wayne suggested.

The three Millennium Rangers quickly boarded the Mega Tank, as well as T.J. and Cassie.

"D.E.C.A., open the hatch." Cassie commanded. "Mega Tank - - Power up!"


The massive tank raced off the hatch and blasted straight into a thick wall of ice, shattering it like nothing.

"Here we go." T.J. grinned.

The Mega Tank moved further, breaking through ice and rock. Sometimes, it was extremly hard, but somehow, the powerful vehicle did always came through. Splinters of ice and pieces of rock flew around everywhere.

After some time, the tank raced through a last, extremly thick wall of ice and drove into the frozen quarry! Lady Coldheart spun around.

"You've come here?" she wickedly laughed. "That's your last mistake!"

With that, she blew a stream of white spray at the Mega Tank. The shiny cloud immediately surrounded the vehicle with ice. But the five teens fortunately managed to leap out before the freezing process was finished.

"Okay, let's do it the hard way." Coldheart grinned.

She ran through the quintet, slashing at the teens with her ice claw. The Millennium Rangers were quickly thrown to the ground. T.J. and Cassie tried to protect their friends, but the monster hurled both of them into a wall of ice!

"She's too strong!" Wayne gasped.

"But at the beach..." Mark started. "Hey! I know, it's the coldness. Heat weakens her!"

A bluish blast interrupted the conversation and tossed the teens in different directions. But now, they knew what to do.

The teens quickly rose to their feet and began to circle the monster. After some silent seconds, Mark gave T.J. and Cassie a slight nod... and flipped towards Lady Coldheart, immediately drawing her attention.

Just then, Cassie and T.J. grabbed her arms and twisted them onto her back.

"Hey!" Coldheart screamed. "Let go, humans!"

She blew freeze spray in every direction, but the Millennium Rangers cleverly dodged.

"Millennium Blasters - power up!" they yelled, drawing their laser pistols.

With that, the three heroes opened the fire. The glowing blasts streaked torwards the struggling Coldheart and struck her stomach, causing several small eruptions.

"No!" the monster screeched, struggling wildly. "It's too hit!"

A last explosion occured and Coldheart was tossed backwards. She crashed into a wall and slid to the ground.

The thick ice, which was covering the quarry almost immediately disappeared like a shiny mist. After that, the ice crust around the Mega Tank and Coldheart's captives started to crackle...

"Yes..." Liz happily whispered.

The ice crusts exploded, freeing the frozen teens and the tank!

"What the heck?" Zhane whispered.

Just then, he discovered Lady Coldheart, who rose to her feet with a furious roar.

"Let's rocket!" he shouted, raising his morpher.

"You'll pay!" Lady Coldheart screamed, storming towards the reunited team.


"Hellmouth, open up!" Evilor yelled.


Red bolts of energy opened a deep pit before Lady Coldheart. She tumbled straight into the flaming hole and a big explosion occured, enlarging the ice monster.

"Errr... guys?" Cassie mumbled. "Do you have zords?"

"What?" Tony asked.

"Oh, great." T.J. moaned, as a streak of bluish energy hit the mountains.

Heavy pieces of rock were hurled into the quarry, but the eight teens managed to dodge. But Lady Coldheart didn't quit and released several bolts from her eyes. They streaked fowards and exploded, taking the heroes down !

"Alright, that's it!" Tony yelled, swinging the Spiral Saber. "Spiral Slash!"

The Red Ranger started his special attack, but Coldheart simply kicked him backwards with her giant foot.

"We gotta do something!" Zhane yelled. "Karone, you take the behind, I take the front."

"Okay!" the Purple Ranger shouted, flipping onto a hill behind Coldheart. "Blade Blast!"

"Silver Star Shock!" Zhane announched, jumping towards Lady Coldheart.

Both of them released the energy at once. Karone's blow hit Lady Coldheart's back and Zhane's prohectille raced straight into her stomach. She instantly blew up, sending a shower of ice splinters in all directions!


Evilor sighed and put his head down. Another warrior was beaten.

Suddenly, a distorted projection appeared before the conquerer. He instantly reconized the cloaked man and paled.

"Evilor..." the hologram hissed. "You failed me. Several planets have already fallen, but you can't invade that underdeveloped world!"

"Please let me explain..." Evilor started, but the cloaked figure stopped him with a wave of his hand.

"Don't say a word." the projection commanded. "I don't want explainations, I want that planet under my control. You should better not fail me again. This is the final warning, Evilor. Remember: I can... replace... you whenever I want."

Evilor eyes widened in fear and horror. Beeing replaced would mean his death...

The projection dissolved, leaving the terrified conquerer behind...


The demorphed Millennium Rangers walked into the Surf Spot, along with T.J., Cassie and Carlos, who had lately joined them. They sat down at the usual "team table", which was fortunately vacant.

"Hey, can you teach us how to drive that tank?" Tony asked the former Rangers.

"Sure." Carlos grinned.

"I think you have a lot to teach us." Tony sighed.

"Not so much." Karone replied. "You already know a lot!"

"Do you mean it?" Tony asked.

"Sure." the Kerovan girl smiled. "Hey, without you, we would spend the rest of our life as ice sculptures!"

"One thing's sure." Zhane threw in. "I'll never complain about the heat again!"

The End

And.... next time in PR 2000: It was planned as a quiet day in the zoo... But thanks to Evilor, it becomes a horror trip!

All that and much more in the next episode!