Revelations II : Fight of the Phantom
by : Vinny

A brown haired woman in shiny white robes stood in front of the Rangers. A woman they all knew. It was Dimitria. She evily stared at the six teens with a cruel smile on her lips.

Di-dimitria!" Carlos whispered, shocked and confused. "That's not true..."

"It is!" Dimitria shouted and fired a blast of white light at the humans. "I can tell you everything now. No masks, no tricks and no games! Just you and me - how we really are!"

"What are you talking about?" Ashley asked.

"Well..." she responded. "I am the Queen of Darkness, wife of Dark Specter. I've only pretended to be one of you! My Darling wanted me to keep you, Zordon's friends, busy until the wizard's down. And I did a great job, didn't I?"

"You... You've betrayed us?" T.J. gasped. "You've betrayed and tricked us...?"

"Right." she simply replied. "But you've destroyed everything - even me! But I'm no simple monster, I'm a spirit and that enabled me to return! I've put a spell on Destro and ordered him to rebuild the Delta Megaship, as well as the Psycho Rangers and Piranhatrons."

She turned to the Phantom Ranger.

"But it seems that your stupid kind of love enabled you to brake free! Love - Ha! You humans are so underdeveloped, you no even have to right to speak about love! Well, Destro, you'll die now!"

She let out bursts of laughters and disappeared in a firework of lights. The timewarp suddenly started to wobble, as well as the prisoners. Everything broke down and whirled around, towards a white gate in the form of a circle. The teens yelled and tried to get away, but the suction was to hard. Five of the priosoners flew through the mysterious gate but not Destro. The gate suddenly got smaller and finally exploded!


The Phantom Ranger laid on the ground. He slowly got up and looked around. The timewarp was gone. Destro was in Angel Grove now, on a flat roof. But the other prisoners, the other teens were not around. Destro sadly sat down and pressed one of his communicator's buttons.


Zhane's comunicator bleeped.

"Yes?" he asked into the little mike. "Who's speaking?"

"It's De... The Phantom Ranger!" a male voice replied. "Zhane, please come and see me. We have to think up a plan. Our friends are in the clutches of Dimitria!"

"Dimitria?" Zhane said. "But she's..."

"She's the wife of Dark Specter!" Destro interrupted. "I'll explain everything, but please - hey!"

Zhane heard some metallic sounds and a loud explosion through the communicator. He asked for Destro, but the Phantom didn't reply.

"Oh man..." Zhane whispered. "The guy's in deep trouble."

Then he teleported away.


Zhane soon arrived on the flat roof of a mall in Angel Grove's shopping quarter. Destro laid on the ground - unmasked. Zhane noticed it but there was no time to wonder about that. The Phantom Ranger was surrounded by five persons in metallic armors. The Psycho Ranger had returned again!

"Hey!" Zahne shouted. "Leave him alone!"

The Psychos turned around and stared at him.

"You again?" Pink Psycho asked.

"A nice kind of suicide..." Yellow Psycho commented.

The evil Rangers started to attack the powerless human with neverseen brutality. zhane soon fell but the robots showed no emotion, no mercy, no sign of human nature. Zhane was down, unable to move or to talk but the Psychos still kicked and punched. Suddenly somebody laid a hand on Red Psycho's shoulder and spun him around. It was Destro. He slammed his fists into the robot's face and kicked him!

"Let's go!" Destro yelled at the other Psychos. "You want me? Come and get me!"

The Psychos were ready to kill their foe. Zhane still laid on the ground and watched the desperate fight of Destro. The Phantom Ranger fought with all his might but the Psychos were very powerful. Destro was barve and able to protect himself for a while. But the Psychos finally got the upper hand.

Psycho Blue slashed his axe across the Phantom Ranger's chest. Destro stumbled backwards and Psycho Balck fired a blast of energy into his back... After that, a flying kick of Psycho Pink took the Phantom Ranger down!

"Let... go of him!" Zhane sighed.

The Psychos didn't reply. They watched the Phantom Ranger, how got up again. Psycho Yellow raised her special weapon, the Psycho Star Slinger, and pointed it on the helpless Destro.

"Okay..." she murmured. "Let's have so fun..."

SLASH! A blast of energy hit Destro's bare face! He let out a cry of pain but the Psychos just laughed. The next blast crashed into the Power Ruby on Destro's chest. Sparkles flew from his armor and he fell to his knees... But the Psychos still showed no mercy. The following beams also hit Destro. He desperately tried to get away but there was no chance. His armor was dirty, melted and trashed.

"LET GO OF HIM!" Zhane shouted and stumbled towards the Psychos.

"Oh, shut up!" the Yellow Psycho Ranger yelled - and fired a blast towards Zhane.

It would have killed him. But Destro bravely jumped into the destructive beam. That did it. He feel to the ground, with his armor on fire. He trembled and cried, completly beaten now. Zhane looked at the defeated Ranger in shock. But the Psychos had fun and taunted.

"Okay, Zhaney!" Psycho Red hissed. "Over to you..."

"No!" Destro whispered. "You'll not get him!"

The Psychos stared at the Phantom Ranger in surprise, as well as Zhane. He got up and cletched his dirty, melted fists. Destro weakly struggled towards the Psycho Rangers. They were unable to move until the Phantom Ranger wrapped his arms around Psycho Red . He angrily slammed his fist into Destro's face and knocked him down, into the circle of the Psychos. Parts of Destro's armor exploded.

"Thanks... for getting... so close..." the Phantom Ranger panted. "Power Ruby - ... Star blast!"

The dirty ruby began to glow - and a heavy explosion blasted from the inside out! It hit Destro and the Psycho Rangers. They vanished in the flames and Zhane weren't able to see them anymore. Countless exploins rumbled over the roof and hot flames shot up to the sky! But the fire didn't reach Zhane.

"Phantom Ranger!" he shouted, unable to hear his own voice because of the noise.

Suddenyl he discovered Destro - A black figure, who fell off of the roof in a stream of fire!

After some seconds the hell on Earth was over. It was silent. Only the flames crackled and flickered. Zhane noticed some trash on the ground. Metal. Arms, trembling hands and the head of Psycho Red. Remains of the Psycho Rangers. But Zhane wasn't interested in them. He carefully looked over the edge of the roof - and saw the Phantom Ranger. He didn't move.

Zhane sadly shook his head and teleported down.


Destro laid on the bare ground. His face was scorched and covered by blood. His eyes were swollen and the armor was totally broken. Destro's right leg was unnaturally twisted.

"Phantom." Zhane said. "Can you hear me?"

"Y-yes." Destro answered weakly. "Ple-lease take me to - arghhh - to my base; the Star Outpost beneath that city. The coordinates are 3X-00H... "

"Of course!" Zhane responded.

Then both of them disppeared in streaks of light.


The two guys appeared in an extensive, bright room. There were many control panels at the walls, as well as some screens. And in the middle of the room there was heavy, round table with a hologram projector on it.

"Where can you lay down?" Zhane asked Destro.

But the Phantom Ranger couldn't answer.

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" a tiny voice shrieked. "Destro! Oh no, Destro!"

Zhane spun around, ready to fight and discovered - Alpha. An Alpha-unit with a small "5" on its chest.

"Alpha 5?" Zhane murmured. "Weren't you Zordon's assistant?"

"Yes!" the robot eplied. "But there's no time for explainations now. Please follow me!"

Zhane did. He carried Destro into a seperate room and laid him down onto a kind of campbed. Alpha quickly activated some machines and pluged cables into Destro's body and his trashed armor. Zahne sat down next to the injured Ranger.

"Zhane..." the Phantom Ranger whispered weakly. "Take my ruby. It owns the mighty Star Power and enables you recruit new Rangers. You'll need their help to free our friends and protect Earth."

"No!" Zhane interrupted. "Keep the ruby! You can't survive without it!"

"Ruby or not." Destro panted. "What... What difference does it make? I'm dying. You know it, as well as I do."

The Phantom Ranger weakly removed his Power Ruby and handed it over to Zhane. Destro went limp and his voice slowly faded when he whispered the last words of his life:

"Please, tell Cassie that I love her! Good luck, Zhane..."

The End... for now
to be continued in A New Beginning...