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timeframe: Two days after "Terror!"

Revelations I : The Dark Secret
by Vinny

Zhane sat on his bed. He felt weakk and hid wounds still hurted. Some days had passed since the large-scale attack of the evil forces. Zhane's friends had been captured and the Power Chamber had been destroyed.

"It's hopeless!" Zhane thought. "Our enemies are simply too strong. Their are better - The've won!"

Ashley looked around. It was dark and foggy so the young woman couldn't see anything. But that wasn't a real problem because there was nothing to see. No trees, no buildings, no cars and no people. There was simply nothing... Ashley had walked for two days without finding anything!

"That's horrible!" she thought desperately. "Where am I? Why does the way never end?"

Ashley was totally down. She felt weak and tired after the long walk and besides she had been injured in the last fight. The power teen had woken up in the dark area two days ago. The Psycho Rangers had probably taken her there but they weren't still around...

Suddenly Ashley heard soem voices from the fog.

"Ashley!" they shouted. "Ashley! Can ya hear us! Ashley!"

"Yes!" she yelled. "I'm here! Follow my voice!"

The young woamn kept yelling until she discovered four figures. Four figures she reconized. Andros, Cassie, T.J. and Carlos!

"Guys!" she happily laughed. "You're all right! Oh, I was so worried!"

"I... We were worried about you, too!" Andros smiled, hugging his girlfriend tightly.

"But... what kind of place is that?" she asked.

"Well..." T.J. started. "That's... a timewarp! The... he wants to get rid of us, ya know?"

"Sorry," Ashley replied. "But who is he?"

Cassie suddenly lowered her head and bit her bottomlip, trying to hold up the tears. Carlos softly laid a hand on her shoulder but she didn't respond. Ashley looked at her friend puzzled. Nobody said a single word and a moment of total silence passed. Cassie finally lost the fight against her feelings. She broke down and started to cry loudly. Streams of tears ran down her beautiful cheeks and fell to the ground.

"Cassie..." Ashley gasped. "It's okay! We'll get out of here! It's okay!"

"No!" Cassie screamed. "Nothing is okay! You... you want to know... who.. who he is? It's the Phantom Ranger!"

The mastermind behind the mysterious attacks sat in her magnificent throne room and mused about about her dark plans, when a threatening thunder rang out. Humans would have been scared in death but the evil woman not even moved. A black flash hit the ground. Dark flames shot up and extinguished again to reveal a figure in a black armor.

"Hello, Phantom Ranger!" the beautiful woman said.

The black Ranger kneeled down and lowered his head in respect. It was completly silent extensive room until the cruel woman slowly nodded. The Phantom instantly stood up, when he noticed her small gesture.

"Report!" the woman ordered.

"I've captured five of the Rangers." the Phantom started. "There're locked up in a timewarp. Zhane is the only Ranger who's still free. But his powers are lost, so it will be easy to take him down, my Queen."

"No!" she interrupted. "That's not my plan. I could have captured all of them at once. But I wanted to hurt the others, I wanted to drive them crazy! And I won't give that up yet! Stay back from Zhane!"

"Yes, my Queen!" the Phantom Ranger answered. "What's your order now?"

"Do whatever you want." the woman grinned. "Get some rest, or torture the prisoners, if you want to."

"Oh..." the Phantom murmured. "Sounds great..."

The black Ranger teleported out with a burst of laughter. The woman in the long robes leaned back and closed her eyes.

"Soon, my Darling!" she thought. "Soon you'll be back and we'll take over the universe!"

Cassie sat on the ground, her knees tightly pulled against her chest. She was still crying and her friends, who sat around her, weren't able to cheer her up. Cassie didn't talk to them, she just cried, whined and trembled. Suddenly a dark flash crashed into the timewarp and the Phantom Ranger appeared in front of the powerless teens...

"One, two!" he shouted. "One, two Phantom is coming you!"

The villain quickly raised his blaster and shot some destructive beams at the surprised teens! They cleverly got awaybut the Phantom kept shooting.

"Well, well!" he taunted. "Let's do some sports!"

The black Ranger had lots of "fun". He fired countless blasts at the teens. Sparkles flew around, energybeams exploded and flames flickered about everywhere... The five teens tried to fight back but the Phantom Ranger was mighty enough to beat all of them. Cassie struggled and fell to the ground when the villain had beaten her. He pionted his blaster on the young woman - and fired!

"No!" T.J. screamed.

Cassie dodged away, but the mighty blast slashed across her right shoulder blade! It ripped her shirt and blood splattered up... Cassie's eyes got huge when the pain went through her body and made her shriek. Tears fell from her eyes. She wnet limp and hit the ground...

The other teens forgot the Phantom Ranger in his fighting stance. They ran over to Cassie and examined her carefully. The black Ranger just stood in front of them and watched the scene. He automatically lowered the blaster. His hand suddenly got heavy and he dropped the lethal weapon. His whole body turned heavy. The Phantom feel to his knees and stared at Cassie, who was still lying on the ground.

"No!" a voice in the Ranger's head yelled in panic. "No! Not Cassie!"

The lips under the black helmet slowly formed a word. A word which was very important to the Phantom Ranger since he had arrived in Angel Grove. The word - the name of a good friend. The word - the name of Cassie. The word - the name of the Phantom's great love.

"CASSIE!" the black Ranger shouted.

He ran towards the teens, struggled, stumbled, pushed the others away and kneeled down next to the young woman. He shook his head in horror, stroke her cheek softly and whispered something. The other teens spoke to the black Ranger but he totallyy ignored them. He not even unterstood a word they said.

Suddenly Cassie's eyes flattered open.

"Phantom Ranger!" she panted weakly.

"Shhh." he whispered. "Cassie, I'm so sorry.

The Ranger slowly laid his hands on the black helmet. The teens gasped but he ignored them. A soft hissing sound rang out when he the mask off. The black helmet fell down. Cassie now looked into the face of a young man. He had short brown and the bluest eyes Cassie had ever seen. But at the moment streams of tears ran over the Phantom's face.

"I don't deserve you!" he whispered. "I've fired at you."

"It-It's okay." she replied. "Phantom, what's you real... arghhh!"

"Desro." he told her. "My name's Desro of Eltar."

"Desro." she smiled. "Desro... I... I love ya so much. I'm so glad..."

Desro whispered something and hugged Cassie. She happily laughed and wrapped her arms around his body. Both of them laid on the ground, laughing, crying, whispering. The others just stood by and looked at the two people. They seemed to be happy together and the others didn't disturb them. It took about ten minutes but both of them finally got up. Desro took the Power Ruby from his chest and raised it to the sky. It started to glow and red sparkles flew across the area like small dancers.

The evil mastermind watched the scene on a holographic projection.

"No!" she shrieked. "He has broken the spell! But you won't trash my plans, Desro! I'll hold you up"

The ruby was turned bright red. Thin waves of energy waved over their bodies and the six guys started to flicker. Suddenly three bolts of light hit the ground. They danced across the area and around the teens.

"Look out!" Desro shouted. "That's our enemy! That's ..."

The bolts came together and exploded in a burst of fire. A beautiful brown haired woman appeared. A woman, the teens reconized.

"No..." T.J. whispered in shock, while staring at the figure in the white robes. "That can't be you!"

"DIMITRIA!" Ashley cried.

The End... for now

to be continued in Revelations II - Fight of the Phantom...