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Timeframe: December 31st, 1999

Author's Note: In this series, the Rangers haven't revealed their true identities.

Turn of the Millennium (2)
by : Vinny

( 3.00 p.m. )

The Astro Megaship, which had deviated from its course, was drifting through the galaxy.

It was dark and silent on the command bridge. Only the low sound of flying sparks could be heard there. Some of the control panels were partly broken and small debris lay around everywhere on the floor. The ship was out of control, but none of the Rangers was able to change that. All of them had passed out during the last fight...

The lifeless body of Carlos lay near a wall, only a few inches away from T.J.. Andros sat on the floor, leaning against a console. His arms were protectively wrapped around Ashley.

Suddenly, the silence was interrupted.

One of the heavy doors slid open, revealing Zhane and Karone standing in the corridor. They were about to enter but the chaos in front of their eyes stunned both of them for some seconds. But then, they discovered their fallen friends and snapped out of their trance...

"Oh my god!" Karone shrieked, rushing into the room. "Guys!"

The Kerovan woman carefully patted her brother's cheek until his eyes fluttered open eventually.

"Ka-Karone...?" he muttered, looking up at her. "The... the attack! What..."

"Shhh." Karone interrupted. "It'll be okay."

"D.E.C.A.!" Zhane exclaimed while he tried to wake up Carlos. "Check the systems and report!"

"Understood." D.E.C.A. replied as usual.

A few seconds passed. Rushing and beeping sounds could be heard, and all the lights started to flicker slightly.

"Oh, man..." Carlos moaned as he awoke, seeing Zhane kneeling beside him. "Zhane? Did you get the number of that truck?"

The Kerovan smiled. Carlos was obviously well.

Just then, D.E.C.A.'s voice rang out.

"Scanning complete," she stated. "The bow and the shuttle are completly destroyed. The Simu Deck, all projectors and the Synthetron are damaged. Main systems are offline."

"Can you bring them back online?" Carlos questioned.

"Yes." the female voice replied. "I am working on it. Main systems will be back online in a few seconds... 5... 4... 3... 2.. 1... Main systems are back online."

"Good work!" Andros announced. "D.E.C.A., set a course to Earth." Then, the young man looked at his three friends. "C'mon." he said. "We'll take the others to the Medical Bay."


Evilor watched the scared civilians of Angel Grove on a huge monitor in front of him.

"Unleash the Devil Warriors." he ordered.

"As you command." one of the numerous controllers bleeped.


A huge hatch at the bottom of the Devil Cruiser opened and countless robots exited the ship.

Their chromium-plated faces looked like skulls. They wore armored suits in silver or gold, as well as black gloves and boots. In addition, they carried small jetpacks on their backs which enabled them to fly.

The hellish Devil Warriors had been turned loose and were headed for Angel Grove!


( 4.00 p.m. )

In the meantime, the damaged Megaship had almost reached Earth.

Andros sat on his command chair on the bridge and looked at the blue orb in space, which came closer and closer.

"So there's a new danger." the Kerovan thought. "Another job for the Power Rangers."

Just then, Karone entered the room.

"Hi." she greeted. "Good news, Andros. T.J., Ashley and Cassie are awake and well. No one is seriously wounded."

Andros sighed with relief. He had already feared the worst.

Suddenly, D.E.C.A. raised her voice.

"Warning!" the computer's voice stated. "The Devil Cruiser has been located near Earth. There are troops of unknown creatures in Angel Grove."

"Oh no!" Karone gasped. "They must have conquered the city!"

"Most likely." Andros sighed.


"Lord Evilor!" one of the controllers said, looking up at the tall man on the hovering platform. "Angel Grove is under your control now. What's your next order?"

"Well..." Evilor grinned. "Send more Devil Warriors down. I want the rest of the world conquered as well. "

"Right away," the controller replied, hitting a glowing button. "The Devil Warriors are leaving as we speak, Milord. The planet will be yours in approximately 48 hours."


"D.E.C.A., stop the engines." Andros commanded and turned around.

All of the Rangers were standing behind him.

"Guys, the situation is extremly serious." the Kerovan explained. "Angel Grove has been conquered by an alien army and D.E.C.A. just told me about more troops, who are attacking cities nearby."

"What can we do about it?" T.J. asked with a concerned look on his face.

"There's only one thing." Andros responded. "We have to fight. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's the only chance we have. We must surprise our enemy. But that's really dangerous and I won't force anyone to go with me."

"Hey, we won't let you down!" Ashley exclaimed, instantly supported by the others.

"Thanks." Andros smiled. "But you, Karone, you have never used your powers before. Do you really want to come with us?"

"Sure!" the Kerovan girl replied. "I'm with you."

"Okay." Andros said. "So... Let's rocket!"

The Rangers raised their morphers and pressed the morphin' code. In flashs of multicolored light, Zhane and Karone transformed into Power Rangers. But the rest of the team remained in their usual form.

"Hey..." Zhane gasped, staring at his friends with disbelief. "Why didn't you morph?"

"I... I don't know..." Carlos stammered. "It... it just didn't work!"

"Well, try to find out." Karone pleaded. "We'll teach those conquerors a lesson!"

The others wanted to protest, but Zhane cut them off.

"She's right." he stated. "We have to do something. See you!"

With that, the two Rangers leaped into the jump tubes and flew down to Angel Grove on their Galaxy Gliders.

"Good luck." Cassie whispered.


( 5.00 p.m. )

The Devil Warriors quickly discovered the flying vehicles which were approaching them.

But the monsters were unable to react. Zhane flew through a squad of Devil Warriors at high speed, slashing some of them with the Super Silverizer. Karone did the same with her special weapons, the sharp Space Daggers.

Suddenly, one of the Devil Warriors pulled out his blaster and shot at Karone, who was just flying past. The energy blast hit her chest and scorched the purple suit, tossing her off the glider.

"Karone!" the Silver Ranger yelled.

Just then, a Devil Warrior leaped onto his glider from a roof. Zhane almost instantly tumbled off, along with the monster. As soon as the Ranger hit the ground, the Devil Warriors started to attack him. Zhane had no chance. The monsters punched and kicked him mercilessly.

One of them finally tossed the weakened man into a deserted corner. Only seconds later, Karone was thrown into that corner by her enemies as well...

The monsters quickly surrounded them. In their hands they held blasters, swords, daggers, lances and spears. Zhane automatically pushed Karone backwards and covered her. The Devil Wariors glared at the Rangers like hungry animals.

"We were foolish to face them alone!" Zhane scolded himself quietly. "These guys are serious!"


The remaining Rangers examined their Astro Morphers in the meantime.

The small apparati lay on a cold table, underneath a large scanner. Additionally, some wires connected the morphers to the control panels. The Rangers and Alpha 6 were waiting for the test results. But they feared the worst...

"Rangers!" D.E.C.A. exclaimed. "The tests are compete. Your Astro Morphers are undamaged. But there is problem."

"What is it?" Cassie asked worriedly.

"The Morphin Grid." D.E.C.A. said.


The Devil Warriors circled Zhane and Karone, laughing evilly.

The Rangers looked at their enemies' lethal weapons.

"Zhane, we can't beat them all!" Karone whispered with a scared look on her face, which was hidden under her helmet. "There are too many of them!"

"You're right." Zhane whispered back. "We have to get out of here!"


( 6.00 p.m. )

"Milord, we've caught the rebels in downtown Angel Grove." one of the control robots exclaimed, bowing before Evilor. "What shall we do?"

"Kill them." the young man replied indifferently, just as if he was ordering a steak. "Their deaths will be a warning to everyone else."

"I'll call the Devil Warriors." the controller stated.


Seconds later the telepathic command shot through the Devils' mind. They instantly left their places and ran towards the Rangers, furiously swinging their weapons.

Suddenly, a big trash can flew through the air and hit one of the warriors, shoving him aside... The remaining monsters spun around in surprise, as well as the Rangers. They discovered two teenage males who were standing atop a wrecked car.

One of them was a white-haired Latin-American. His friend was a tall Caucasian with blonde hair, which came down to his shoulders.

"What the heck..." Karone stammered as the two boys jumped into action and started to fight off their foes.

The Silver and Purple Ranger were stunned for a few moments, but then they joined the strangers and began to fight once again.

"Who - yah! - are you?" Zhane asked, kicking one of the monsters backwards.

"Tony!" the Latino yelled, punching a Devil.

"Mark!" the Caucasian added as he tossed another foe over his shoulder.

The four teens fought with all their strength, but couldn't beat the superior numbers. Five more always appeared to take the vacant place of every defeated warrior...

"Karone, let's retreat!" Zhane shouted, trying to get rid of the numerous monsters that were attacking him.

"All right!" she yelled in reply, fleeing from the Devil-squad she was fighting.

"C'mon!" the Silver Ranger shouted at their unknown helpers.

The four humans immediately ran off, chased by the Devil Warriors. They hurried through the sidestreets and alleys, hearing the hellish laughter and cries close behind them... Some balls of destructive energy hit the ground, causing terrible explosions.

Burning cars flew high into the air, along with several other objects. A few of them even crashed down some fleeing people...

Finally, another spectacular explosion erupted, tossing clouds of smoke and dust high into the air.

The Devil Warriors laughed cruelly, expecting to find four burnt corpses. But they were wrong. The humans were gone...


Evilor watched four streaks of light leaving Angel Grove.

"Damn!" he yelled, crushing the head of a controller with a might punch.


( 7.00 p.m. )

The lights blasted onto the Megaship's bridge, producing the Silver and Purple Ranger as well as Tony and Mark.

Ashley turned around and looked at the visitors in surprise.

"Who..." she started.

"They helped us." Karone explained. "The monsters would have killed them."

"I understand." Cassie muttered.

"So... you people are the... Power Rangers?" Tony questioned.

"Yes, they are." Alpha answered as he walked up to Tony and Mark. "I am Alpha 6, robot assistant of the team."

"Uh... err... Hi!" Mark murmured. "I'm Mark, and that's Tony."

"Sorry, don't wanna be rude, but there's no time for that yet," Andros said. "We've got a real problem. It's the power."

"What's wrong with it?" Karone asked, biting her bottom lip worriedly.

"Well... The power's lost." Andros whispered. "Once and for all."

To be continued...

And... next time in PR 2000: Evilor appears as the winner. But then, something really unexpected happens.