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Timeframe: December 31, 1999

Author's note: In that series, the Rangers haven't revealed their true identities.

Turn of the Millennium (3)
by : Vinny

( 7.15 p.m. )

"What does that mean?" Zhane stammered. "The power can't be lost!"

"It is." Andros sadly sighed. "You know, when the Devil Cruiser attacked, we tried to morph. But those missiles hit and interrupted the process. That made our connection to Morphin Grid collapse."

"But... wy can Zahne and myself still transform?" Karone questioned, obviously confused.

"Because your morphers weren't active when the missiles hit the ship." Carlos explained. "Power can't be build or destroyed but there are several ways to lose it. And that happened to us."

"But someone must stop that Evilor-dork!" Tony stated.

"You're right." T.J. said. „Don't worry. We won't leave the planet down."

"Hey, wait a sec!" Zhane interrupted. "You don't think about fighting, do you?"

"We do." Cassie replied. "We have lost our power - But we are still the Power Rangers!"


Evilor had left the control room.

He was resting in his private chambers aboard the Devil Cruiser. Everything went well. Angel Grove already was in his mercyless grasp and other cities would fall as well soon.

"It will be an easy task to conquer that underdeveloped world." Evilor whispered to the air.

Just then, a holographic projection suddenly appeared in the center of the room. It showed a tall man, who was cletched in a long dark cloak. His face was hidden under a hood but Evilor saw threatening eyes, which glowed bright red.

"Evilor!" the hologram roared in a dull voice, which echoed from the walls. "Report!"

Evilor bowed before the mysterious appearence.

"My first target was the city Angel Grove." he said. "Many villains failed in conquering it, but it was no challenge for me."

"How long will it take you to conquer the entire planet?" the projection asked without a single word of praise.

"About 48 hours." Evilor replied.

"Very well." the cloaked figure chuckled. „Call me as soon as the world has fallen."

With that, the hologram disappeared, leaving Evilor behind alone.


"Is there no chance to regain your... errr... power?" Tony asked, looking around amazed. "I mean, with all those computers..."

He carefully laid one hand on a control panel.

"Please do not touch that!" D.E.C.A. pleaded. Tony jumped backwards startled.

"Well, there might be a chance." Cassie mused, voicing her thoughts. "But it could take years to make out a possibility."

"Yo-yo-yo!" Alpha 6 announched, interrupting the conversation. "But we don't have years! Washington, Peking, Hongkong, Berlin, Paris and several other cities are under attack!"

"What?" Carlos chocked. "Man! How many of those foot soldiers serve that Evilor?"

"Obviously lots of them." Ashley sighed.


Liz and Wayne ran through the allies of Angel Grove. The Devil Warrios were about everywhere, but they hadn't occupied the side streets. Yet.

The two teens were on their way to the park.Liz's little brother James and his friends had left to play there in the noon, but neither one of them had returned after the attack...

"We have to find him." Liz muttered worriedly.

The way to the playground wasn't that long, but Liz and Wayne had to walk on secret paths to avoid the patrolling monsters. It took a long time, but the teens finally arrived at the extensive playground in the park.

The looked from the big climbing frames to the slides and to the swings. But the area was deserted.

"JIMMY!" Liz shouted. "Jimmy, please show yourself! It's me, it's Liz!"

"Jimmy, c'mon!" Wayne added. "We'll take ya home."

Some moments passed, but then a skinny, blonde-haired boy left his hiding place behind a group of trees. Several other kids, boy and girls, shyly followed him.

"Liz!" the blonde-haired boy yelled with relief as he leapt in the open arms of his sister. "Liz, there was that attack... and... and all those flying guys and we... and..."

"It's okay." Liz interrupted carefully. "We'll take you home now." Then, she turned to the remaining kids. "Come on. You can't stay here."

The children quickly ran up to their friend and the two teens.

"Can we go, can we go?" a frightened girl asked, pulling at Wayne's sleeve.

"Sure." the Afro-American smiled.

"Come on." Liz added, turned around - and was stunned.

"Nooo..." a little boy whimpered.

A squad of armed Devil Warriors has surrounding the place quickly. They were obviously not willing to let the humans go...

"Build a circle." Wayne ordered the terrified children. "As soon as we are involved in a fight, you follow Jimmy home. Understood?"

The kids could only nod.

"Okay..." Liz whispered. "One... two..."

"THREE!" the two teens yelled in unsion and ran towards the surprised Devil Warriors. The children immediately fled, leaving the duo behind.

"Get the young ones!" one of he Devils screamed.

He tried to run after James and the kids, but Liz stopped the monster with a powerful punch in the mid-section.


( 8.00 p.m.)

"Attention!" D.E.C.A. said. "The conquerers are attacking two people in the park!"

A picture appeared on the viewing screen. It showed Liz and Wayne, who furiously fought the Devil Warriors.

"Them?" Andros asked surprised.

"Oh no!" Karone gasped. "They need help!"

"Let's go." Carlos stated.



Wayne defeated two of the armed Devils with a swift flying kick. Another monster took a crushing sidekick as the teen landed. The next attacker was quickly tossed into a dumpster.

Liz did some quick flick-flacks, which puzzled the Devils. Then, she leaped high into the air and strechted her legs out sideways, kicking a duo of opponents to the ground. After that, Liz flipped backwards, slamming both of her legs in the stomatch of another Devil.

But the villains finally gained the upper hand... Two of them grapped Wayne by the waists and twisted his arms on the back. He was open for further attacks now and another warrior immediately used his chance...

The same happened to Liz only seconds later.

Just then, two figures happened on the scene: The Silver and Purple Ranger. Their powerless teammates quickly followed them and so did Mark and Tony. They instantly freed Wayne and Liz and started to fight the Devil Warriors.

But there were just to many monsters.


"The rebels are back." one of the controllers reported, bowing before Evilor.

"They dare to disturb me again?" Evilor hissed. "They must be tired of their lives." He turned to the bowing controller. "Wipe them out."


"Oh, no!" Ashley moaned, as she discovered another Devil Squad, which was approaching them.

The fight went on and on and on. It was frustrating. There was no end of monsters. Some of them could be beaten, but new soldiers always popped up to threaten the teens.

The humans were running out of energy. They wouldn't be able to stand their ground against the opponents much longer...

But suddenly, white bolts decended from the sky and struck the ground. The Devil Warriors were knocked back, while the teens remained unharmed. Crackling bolts in different colors flashed over their bodies.

"What the heck's going on?" Liz yelled panic stricken.

Just then, the shiny bolts hit the palm of their hands, producing necklaces in different colors.


( 9.00 p.m. )

"Milord, a strong force has been located in Angel Grove!" a controller announched.

"What?" Evilor asked. "This is impossible! Haven't you scanned everything before we attacked?"

"Yes, but..."

"No buts!" the humanoid exclaimed angrily. "Destroy that power!"


Liz, Wayne, Tony and Mark, who had gotten the mysterious necklaces, glared at each other puzzled.

"What happened?" Tony muttered.

"Did you feel that strength?" Mark questioned. "It was... icredible."

*Ready for the future*

"What?" Liz stammered, looking around. "Did... did you hear that?"

"Yes..." Wayne slowly replied. "It said..."

"Ready for the future!" the six teens yelled, automatically raising the necklaces.

The four teens were bathed in blinding light. Suits and helmets in four different colors instantly wrapped themselves around them, transforming the humans into Power Rangers!

They wore armored uniforms in their individual colors. A white triangle covered the armored chests and backs. The gloves and boots were outlined in gold, as well as the triangular visiors and a hand held blaster was attached to each silver belt.

"I don't know what's going on..." Zhane muttered to Karone. "But something tells me we should join them."

With that, the two Astro Rangers rushed to the aid of the four others.

"Power Rangers!" the six teens yelled in unsion.

That happened to be the release. White bolts ran over the arms of the new Rangers, producing transparent copies of the Astro Weapons in their hands. The remaining Astro Rangers quickly drew their own weapons.

"All right!" Zhane grinned. "Let's do it, guys!"

With that, the Power Rangers took their fighting stances

"Silver Ranger - Ready!" Zhane announched.

"Red Ranger - Ready!" Tony shouted.

"Blue Ranger - Ready!" Mark exclaimed.

"Purple Ranger - Ready!" Karone yelled.

"Yellow Ranger - Ready!" Liz announched.

"Black Ranger - Ready!" Wayne yelled.

A calm voice mentally spoke to the puzzled Power Rangers. It told them what to do as the Devil Warriors attacked...

"Spiral Slash!" Tony yelled.

The Red Ranger ran towards a squad of Devils and swung the Spiral Saber, causing it to light up red. He raced through the monsters like a rocket, slashing all of them with a single strike. A brief moment of silence passed. Then, the monsters fell over and vanished with in a fierice mist.

"Blade Arm Blow!" Liz shouted.

The Yellow Ranger leaped skywards, rasing her right arm which was glowing brightly. During the touchdown she hit one of the Devil Warriors, electrocuting him along with his squad. A small explosion marked their end.

"Lunar Strike!" Wayne announched.

The Black Ranger flipped forwards and used the Lunar Lance to surround himself with dark streaks of energy. They blasted around as he lowered the lance, destroying a group of monsters within seconds.


"Controller, what's happening down there?" Evilor screamed.

"That... that force destroys our Devil Warriors!"

"What?" Evilor gasped. „I said, eliminate it!"

"Yes, Milord." one of the controllers replied.


( 10.00 p.m. )

"Axe Twister!" Mark announched.

The Blue Ranger crossed his legs and started to spin around, thwirling forwards like a blue tornado. The Devil Warriors instantly dissolved when the Astro Axe hit them...

"Blade Blast!" Karone yelled.

The Purple Ranger crossed the blades of her Space Daggers, releasing a bright energyblast from the point of intersection. The powerful blow caused the destruction of another Devil Squad.

"Okay, now me!" Zhane exclaimed. "Silver Light Shock!"

The Silver Ranger flipped high into the air and crossed his arms, forming a silver ball of energy in the palm of each hand. He landed atop a roof and tossed the glowing orbs in the direction of a big Devil Squad. They circled each other briefly, combined and built a single ball.


The energyorb hit the ground. A gigant explosion erupted, destoying every Devil Warrior within range!


"Lord Evilor, 10% of the Devil Warriors are down!" one of the controller reported.

The man on the hovering platform looked down at his servant angrily.

"What did you say?" he whispered. "10% in 8 minutes? You fool, that's impossible!"

"It's the unknown force." the controller bleeped. "Shall I start another attack?"

"No!" Evilor muttered. "No, get them back. All of them."

"But what..."

"This is my decision!" the humanoid screamed. "I don't need advice from a walking trashcan! The situation has changed, so we retreat!"

"As you command." the robot replied.


"Hey... What's going on?" Mark murmured as all the Devils took off to leave the city.

They flew skywards and directly through the big clouds. Like a swarm of hellish bees.

"They're leaving." Andros whispred.

"Yes!" Liz shouted, jumping up happily. „We made it!"

"We drove them away!" Wayne shouted.

"We kicked their butts!" Tony snickered.

"Great work!" Zhane smiled as he removed his new helmet. „But I think we got to talk."

"Yeah, guess you're right." Wayne replied.

"Let's go." Ashley suggested.


( 11.00 p.m. )

A little while later, a meeting took place in the mountains of Angel Grove.

Andros, T.J., Ashley, Cassie and Carlos stood before Zhane and Karone, who were surrounded by the four newcomers.

"Okay, guys." Andros started. "We don't know how it happened, but you've becomePower Rangers."

"You are choosen." Cassie added.

"But no one forces you do that job." Carlos stated. "You can have lots of fun. But beeing a Power Ranger also means to risc your life."

"But if you decide to do the work, we'll support you as much as possible." T.J. promised. "Besides you would have to experienced Rangers, Zahne and Karone, to lead you."

"So what's your decision?" Andros questioned.

The four newcomers looked at each other for a minute without speaking a single word. Then, they grinned and turned around to face Andros.

"We accept the power!" they stated in unsion.

"Very well!" Zahne smiled. "Good decision, guys!"

"I knew you wouldn't let us down!" Karone smiled.


( 12.00 p.m. )

Angel Grove had been saved once again and the inhabitants happily greeted the new millennium. It was a special evening for all of them. But especially for four teens, who looked down at the bright city from the top of a steep hill.

They didn't know what was waiting for them in the future. But there was one fact they knew for sure: Their life would never be the same again.

"It's beautiful." Karone whispered to Zhane, as she looked down at Angel Grove.

The young couple was standing near the new Rangers, enjoying that evening together.

"I told you it would be." Zhane gently smiled at his girlfriend.

With that, the experienced Rangers joined the newcomers. They stood in one line now and raised their crystals skywards.

"Ready for the future!"

With that, the six teens morphed into Power Rangers one again..

"Look out, Evilor!" Zhane yelled. „We won't let you destroy peace and freedom!"

"We'll always fight you!" Karone added. „We'll always fulfil our duty, because we are the..."

"Millenium Rangers!" they all yelled in unsion.

The End

And... next time in PR 2000: The Rangers learn about their powers and meet a new friend! They'll need their knownledge because Evilor isn't willing to quit...

All that and much more in the next episode of PR 2000!