DISCLAIMER: In the USA, the Power Rangers are owned and operated by Saban, while Voltron is owned and operated by World Events Productions. HOWEVER, in Japan, Toei Productions owns the original rights to these shows. Let us imagine what would happen if two legends met... Since I liked my MMPR/JLA Challenge, I decided to do another crossover. Oh, and by the by, this fanfic assimilates characters from the three other Saban martial arts shows (VR TROOPERS, MASKED RIDER, and BEETLEBORGS) just to ruin the Rangers' day (I thank my cousin Felix for permission because it was he that brought them all together). Fortunately, for our heroes, it does not affect their standard continuity. RATED TV-PG DLV for some suggestive scenes, mild language and rampant violence.

Power Rangers Voltron
By Duke Brown

From days of long ago... from the unchartered regions of the universe... comes two legends: The legend of VOLTRON, and the legend of the POWER RANGERS. The Mighty Robot. The Universe's Greatest Heroes. Both Loved by Good. Both Feared by Evil.

As their respective legends grew, peace settled across the universe. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of many solar systems, they maintained peace throughout the universe...

Until a new horrible menace-- a terrible union-- threatened the galaxy.

Voltron and the Power Rangers were needed once more.

This is the story of the super force assembled by Zordon and his allies. Specially trained, and sent by the Alliance to bring back . . . Voltron.

This is the story of POWER RANGERS VOLTRON...

* * *

It is a dark time for the Alliance. King Zarkon and his house have entered an unholy alliance with Dark Spectre and his forces. The result was an unexpected invasion of Planet Arus and a sneak attack on the Castle of Lions, killing four members of the Voltron Force. If not for the intervention of the LightStar Rangers, the Castle and the Lions would have been destroyed as well. Now, the survivors and the LightStar Rangers plan the future.

"This is bad," whispered Andros, Red LightStar Ranger and leader of the LightStar Ranger Squadron, alias the Power Rangers in Space. Andros walked over to his friends and teammates, TJ, the Blue LightStar Ranger; Cassie, the Pink LightStar Ranger; Carlos the Black LightStar Ranger; and Ashley, the Yellow LightStar Ranger. The Rangers stared sadly at the scene. The damage was considerable. The casualties mounted.

"This can't be happening," snarled TJ.

"First Zordon," Ashley wailed, "now this!"

"We'll find them," Cassie vowed, "and then--"

"We'll make them pay," Carlos finished.

"Heads up, team," Andros said. The Rangers looked to see three figures approach them. They were Sir Corran, keeper of the Castle of Lions. Princess Allura, ruler of Planet Arus. The final figure, supported by a cane, was Allura's husband, consort, and last survivor of the Voltron Force.

"Commander Wilkins," TJ said, "I'm sorry, sir."

The Commander patted the teen's head. "Thanks, TJ. And call me Keith."

"We have a problem," Allura warned. "Intelligence reports that Zarkon and Dark Spectre have decided to deliver the final blow to Arus."

"Not if we can help it," hissed Carlos.

"NO!" Corran barked. "Your duty is to find Zordon. Without him, we don't have a chance to win this bloody war."

"There's only one way," Andros said. "We have to use Voltron."

"NO," Corran protested. "The Voltron Force is dead. We cannot bring back the dead."

Keith looked at the teenagers. "I have an idea. But to do that, the Rangers must go to Earth now..."

* * *

"It's about time!" Tanya Sloane smiled. Despite the killer traffic, she and her new husband finally made it to the honeymoon suite.

"I've waited years for this," Adam Park smiled. "Time to Cross the Threshold!" Adam picked Tanya up and carried her into the room. Adam stopped dead when he saw what was inside. His limbs went numb, resulting in Tanya falling to the floor.

"OW!" Tanya moaned, rubbing her butt. "Honey, you want me to be a young widow, I'll be more than happy to--" she stopped short when she saw...

No. Not you. Not now.

"Andros, NO!!" Tanya shouted. "Dammit, this is my honeymoon!"

"Our honeymoon," Adam said. "Our time!"

"I'm really sorry, you two," Andros said, "but I need your help."

Tanya began screaming obscenities at Andros as the three disappeared.

* * *

"WAIT!" Katherine Hilliard shouted. Kat ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She had missed three busses into Tri-City. She wasn't going to miss a fourth. The bus stopped, and Kat jumped on. "I made it," she gasped.

"Yup," a female in pink said.

"I know that voice," Kat snapped. "CASSIE?! What's going on?" Kat turned to the Ranger who she turned her duties over to. She was accompanied by Ashley.

"Mierde," moaned Ashley, "we've got a problem, La Gata..."

* * *

Rocky DeSantos was fighting a squadron of Quantrons and RoboSoldiers when Carlos appeared out of nowhere. The two began defeating the monsters.

"Rocky DeSantos I presume." Carlos extended a hand. Rocky shook it.

"How'd you know my name?" Rocky asked.

"Mine's Carlos. Come with me if you want to help Zordon."

"Zordon's in trouble?"

"That's an understatement, amigo..."

* * *

"Uncle Lance is dead." Tommy Oliver looked at TJ. The two were in Tommy's Cabin. "Who did it?"

"An evil Tyrant named Zarkon allied himself with some of the Rangers' enemies, like Divatox and her cousin Count Dregon, Lord Zedd and his brother Grimlord, and Dark Spectre. Dark Spectre was the brother of that creature called Maligore-- the one you killed when you and Justin got the Turbo Powers. Dark Spectre himself killed Lance."

Tommy refused to hold back his tears, yet he did not cry. There was no time to mourn. "Take me to Arus, my friend. Dark Spectre has to pay."

* * *

Meanwhile on Planet Doom, Dark Spectre and King Zarkon overlooked the arena. Zarkon's treacherous son Prince Lotor flirted with Divatox, master space piratess. The new evil villaness, Astronema, flirted with Count Dregon, much to the dismay of his consort Nefaria. Lord Zedd and Grimlord argued with Zedd's wife Rita Repulsa and her brother Rito Revolto. And Zedd's henchman Goldar chased Divatox's nephew Elgar around the room.

Grimlord stared sadly at Lotor and Divatox, his ex-wife. The poor boy doesn't know what he's getting into, he thought.

"So, Lotor," Divatox cooed, "when are we gonna take over?"

Lotor boasted, "As soon as we overthrow my father and Dark Spectre."

Zarkon and Spectre looked at the scene and boomed "QUIET!" All the evil beings stopped.

"The Castle of Lions has been neutered," Dark Spectre boomed. "The Voltron Force has been killed. Victory is ours!"

"Now, it is the time to strike!" Zarkon roared.

"Not so fast, sire," cackled Haggar, Zarkon's resident witch. "The LightStar Rangers have returned from Earth!"

"It is of no concern, Haggar!" Count Dregon boomed. "The Voltron Force is dead! We are unstoppable!"

"Tell 'em, Dreggie!" Astronema cooed. Nefaria growled from behind her.

"Not if the Rangers assembled a new Voltron Force!" Haggar shouted.

"You've said enough, old witch!" Prince Loror yelled. "Let us strike now! Today Arus..."

"Tomorrow the Universe!" Goldar cheered. They all did the same.

* * *

"It's settled," Keith said. "I've laid it all out."

Corran stared over at the five twenty-somethings. "Tanya, your symbol is the Wind. You will pilot the Yellow Lion. Adam, your symbol is the Land and you will fly the Green Lion."

Princess Allura added, "Rocky, your symbol is fire. The Red Lion is yours to command. And Katherine, since water is your symbol, the Blue Lion-- my old lion-- will serve you well."

"Just a minute," demanded Tommy, "why can't I fly Uncle Lance's old lion?!"

"Because somebody has to pilot the main lion-- Black Lion," Keith said, "and I can't do it." Keith pulled up a pants leg and knocked on his artificial leg. "So, Tommy, being as your symbol is Unity, you will fly the Black Lion and lead the team."

"Me?" Tommy asked.

"Lance would have been proud of you," Keith said, "and so am I."

Corran passed the five Terran heroes five keys. "I give to you your Voltron Morphers," he said. "They will activate your lions as well as give you access to your morphing abilities. Together, the five lions will form Voltron."

Suddenly, the alarms blared. "We're under attack!" Allura screamed.

The heroes looked out the window. They saw a fleet of Doom Ships approach the castle.

"I have an idea," Keith said.

* * *

"Fools!" Prince Lotor laughed. The Terran called "Keith" has assembled a fleet of Castle Warriors to assault them.

"Cut them down," Dark Spectre snapped. Ship after ship exploded into fiery pieces, except Keith's ship, which fell.

Lotor, Haggar, and Divatox teleported to the planet to make sure that Keith was dead. When they got there, they saw...

"Where's the body?" Haggar asked.

As if in answer, Keith waved them over. Lotor drew out his blade. "I've been waiting an eternity for this, Commander Keith Wilkins!"

Keith shook his head and pointed at five young Terran humans.

"Uh-oh," Divatox shuddered. "It's them..."

Lotor's jaw dropped.

Tommy looked at his friends. "Okay," he commanded, "LET'S GO VOLTRON RANGERS!" In five flashes of light...






The Voltron Rangers stared straight at the villains.

"Damn you, old witch!" Lotor barked.

"Damn me?" Haggar sneered. "Damn you! You knew the Power Rangers would never allow Voltron to remain dormant!"

"ATTACK!" Divatox screamed. Putties, Skugs, Maggons, Tengas, Pirahnatrons, RoboSoldiers, and Quantrons surrounded the five heroes.


"Spare Tommy!" Divatox shouted, waving her magic staff.

"What?!" Lotor snarled.

"The young man is... very gifted," Divatox smiled, stroking the entire length of her magic staff.

"So am I!" Lotor howled.

"But you're-- er--you're different," Divatox stammered, stroking a very small twig.

Haggar laughed.

"Am I missing something?" Lotor boomed.

The Power Rangers were beating the mess out of the villains until...

"LOOK!" The Red Voltron Ranger pointed at a huge RoBeast. "We need Lion Power Now!"

* * *

Zarkon and Dark Spectre looked and saw five very familiar streaks of light.

Zarkon was heartbroken. It can't be...

* * *

"Alright, Rangers," The Red Voltron Ranger ordered, "let's form Voltron!" One by one...

Black Voltron Ranger: "Activating Interlocks!"

Pink Voltron Ranger: "Dynotherms Connected!"

Blue Voltron Ranger: "Infracells Up!"

Yellow Voltron Ranger: "MegaThrusters Are Go!"


"Form feet and legs!" The Blue and Yellow Lions formed the feet and legs of Voltron under the Red Voltron Ranger's command.

"Form arms and torso!" The Red and Green Lions formed the arms of Voltron, docking into the Black Lion, as did the Blue and Yellow Lions.

"And I'll form the Head!" The Black Lion's head formed the head of Voltron. In a move long overdue, the five lions merged to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Yes, Voltron had returned.

The RoBeast stared and charged Voltron.

"Form Blazing Sword!" Voltron's hands produced a blazing sword.

The RoBeast seemed to mutter "Uh-oh" before dying by the sword.

As soon as they had arrived the Doomships had left.

"They'll be back," Keith said back in the Castle of Lions, "and we'll be waiting."

* * *

King Zarkon howled in defeat on the Planet Doom. "We almost had them! I-- we were so close! Curse those damnable Rangers! Curse that damned Voltron!"

"Calm yourself, old friend," said Dark Spectre. "We will destroy the Power Rangers and Voltron once and for all!" Then Dark Spectre thought, And when they're destroyed, you're next, Zarkon.

"We'll kill them all!" Zarkon roared. Then he thought, And when I do, Spectre, you'll be the next to die.

* * *

"...and this is your quarters," Allura said to Adam and Tanya.

Adam picked Tanya up and carried her in the room. "Take two," Tanya smiled.

Rocky and Kat looked at Corran and Allura. "Where's Tommy?" Kat asked.

* * *

"Sven Jurgenson, Benjamin 'Hunk' Abrahams, Alexander 'Pidge' Jenkins, and Lance Oliver II." Tommy placed flowers on the gravesites of his uncle and his friends. "May you rest in peace, and your deaths be avenged."

"We have to carry on," Keith said. "Lance would have wanted it that way."

"I know. Um, Keith, could you..."

"'Nuff said." Keith walked back towards the castle to leave Tommy alone with his grief. Again, the tears flowed from his face. This time, he cried. But Tommy swore that Lance would be the last. Zarkon and Dark Spectre would fall. I swear it.

Today, two legends had became one. And the forces of evil had received a message: cease their evil ways or fall before the might of POWER RANGERS VOLTRON: DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE.