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Power Rangers JLA: The Return of Parallax
By Duke Brown

"It's not fair!" Justin Stewart howled. He remembered the words that Ganthet had said to him:

"The power was not meant for you, young one. The new power would destroy you, for your changing body chemistry is not prepared for that much power. And to send a child off into such a situation would be dishonorable."

The reasons didn't seem to matter to the thirteen-year old boy. He called me a child. I'm not just some mere kid! I WAS A POWER RANGER! Then he screamed, "I can handle it!"

"Sure you can," a voice said. Justin turned to see...

"Uncle Hal!" Justin leapt into Hal Jordan's waiting arms. "You're alive!"

"Never better," Hal smiled. Hal's grin fell. "Justin, the Guardians tried to stop me from rebuilding Coast City. You can handle the power. I know it. Reach out to me. Together, we can teach the Guardians a lesson." Hal held out his hand. As soon as Justin reached it, he knew his life would never be the same...

* * *

"Hall of Justice?" Zack Taylor moaned. He stared at the new construction that was built for the Power Rangers JLA by the company he ran, Wayne Enterprises. "Bruce spent good money for a potential deathttrap?"

"Zack's right," Tanya Sloane-Park hissed. "Why don't we just put a sign on the building that says 'Villains Attack Here?'"

"Or send out invitations," her husband and her museum co-curator Adam Park added.

Jason Lee Scott, Daily Planet Reporter and Tommy Oliver, Top Comic Book Artist, looked at the group of friends.

"There has to be a way to assemble the team," Jason grumbled.

"At least a dozen," Tommy said.

"But why like this?" asked Kimberly Ann Hart, UN ambassador to Themyscira.

"To let them know," Trini Kwan said. Then the architect added, "to let everyone know."


The TroubAlert!

Jason gathered his friends around. "Yes, Dulcea," he answered.

Dulcea sounded upset about something. More than usual. "Rangers, report to the Watchtower immediately! Something terrible has happened!"

"On it."

* * *

Soon surrounded by police scientist Billy Cranston, grad student Rocky DeSantos, florist Kat Hilliard, and bodyguard Aisha Campbell, the members of Power Rangers JLA were assembled.

"Rangers, Parallax has returned," Dulcea said.

The room was silent. Everybody knew who Parallax was. A fallen Green Lantern who turned evil and succeeded in betraying and murdering the JLA.

Tommy broke the silence. "We gotta stop him."

Jason then said, "We may not come back from this, you know?"

Rocky then sneered, "Oh, well! We knew the risks."

"Rocky's right," Kat said. "We have to save the world."

"Come what may," Aisha added.

"Okay then," Jason said solemny, "POWER RANGERS JLA ASSEMBLE!" In multiple flashes of light:

Jason: "SUPERMAN!"


Zack: "BATMAN!"

Trini: "ISIS!"

Kimberly: "WONDER WOMAN!"

Billy: "FLASH!"



Aisha: "HUNTRESS!"

Adam: "HAWKMAN!"


The Power Rangers JLA raced off into battle. Ganthet snapped at Dulcea, "Why wouldn't you let me tell them?"

"Parralax must be stopped," Dulcea said sadly, "no matter the cost." She was unable to control the emotions building up inside her, though she did so while the League was present. Now that the teens had left, she was free to express her emotions.

For the third time in her life, Dulcea cried. As Ganthet did his best to console her, her wails echoed through the Watchtower.

* * *

"Was it me?" Green Lantern asked Superman privately, "or did Dulcea and Ganthet appear to be hiding something?"

"I have a bad feeling about this," Superman replied. Their thoughts was jolted by...

"There he is!" Batman snapped.

Sure enough, Parralax was destroying cities, sending a message to the PRJLA, obviously. Hawkwoman wondered, Is it me, or does Parralax seem a bit small?

The JLA Rangers landed behind the villain. Firestorm snarled, "Been a long time, Parralax."

Parralax replied, "Too long. Long time no see, guys."

The JLA Rangers gasped. They didn't know which was worse: the words, or the voice speaking them. When Parralax turned around, the Rangers were horrified.

"No way!" Wonder Woman gasped.

"This doesn't look good," Huntress moaned.

"It--" was all Hawkwoman could say.

Isis frowned as the Flash whispered, "Damn you, Hal..."

"It can't be!" Hawkman said.

"No..." Superman said over and over.

Green Lantern was heartbroken. How could this happen?

Batman was furious. Not at this turn of events, but at the reaction of his teammates. "What are you waiting for?" The Batman was no less heartbroken, but he rallied himself. He had no choice.

Green Lantern roared, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS, GODDAMMIT?!?!"

Justin Stewart, now calling himself Parralax, smiled at the JLA Rangers. "Did you miss me, Tommy?" he sneered. "Well, I missed you too." The new Parralax fired destructive energy out of his hands at his former friends. "WELL, I WON'T MISS THIS TIME!!"

"Justin, why?!" Green Lantern demanded. "For pity sakes, why?"

"You and your precious Guardians treated me without pity," Parralax spat, "so why should I show his pathetic slaves any?" Parralax then produced chains which tied Batman up. "Ganthet and Dulcea tried to stop me, but they can't! Now, the POWER IS MINE!!!"

* * *

Meanwhile on Apokalypz, Hal Jordan laughed. Divatox was concerned. She didn't like the Power Rangers, but the kid he chose to kill them was-- dammit, he was a kid!

"So what?" Hal barked.

"He can't handle that kind of power!" Divatox roared. "Jordan, he'll die within months!"

"I need my dear nephew for only a few days," Jordan hissed. "After that, he's on his own, and the mantle of Parralax will be mine again."

"Will you at least spare the one called Tommy Oliver?" Divatox cooed. "The boy is... gifted..."

* * *

Parralax headed off into deep space. The JLA Rangers looked dumbfounded, except for Batman. He was furious to extremes.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Batman roared at his teammates.

"That was Justin," Hawkwoman screamed. "You cold hearted son of a bitch! We can't--"

"We have a job," Batman snarled. "If you won't do it, then I will!"

Green Lantern decked Batman. "Don't you hurt him!" Batman returned the favor. The JLA Rangers separated the two.

"How can you be so cold?!" Green Lantern roared.

Batman shoved his teammates off him, then he stormed off.

"I'll talk to him," Superman said. Then he turned to Green Lantern and said, "Tommy, take the others back to the Watchtower."

As the rest of the team disappeared, Batman turned on Superman. "Look, I'm just as saddened and angered at this as all of you! But we are the Power Rangers JLA! We gotta take him down. No matter what."

"Granted, buddy," Superman said, demorphing into not-so-mild-mannered Jason Lee Scott "But he's also Justin. We have to save him if we can."

"That's how the original League was killed," Batman said, demorphing into Zack. "I have no intent on history repeating himself."

Jason sighed. How can we stop this when the team is falling apart?

* * *

"Why didn't you tell us?" Tommy asked Dulcea. The two were secluded in the Watchtower.

"This is your greatest test," she said sadly. "You have to stop him before he destroys the universe."

Later, Tommy walked out. He looked out into the sky. The Hawks' door opened, and Tommy heard the wailing of Tanya and Kat. Adam walked out and shut the door.

Adam looked at Tommy. Justin's like a son to the kid. Hell, to us all. We may have to fight him to the death. Maybe his. That knowledge is eating him up inside.

"Tommy--" Adam began.

"I'm fine," snapped Tommy and walked away. I have to be, he thought. Adam, I know that you wanna comfort me, and I thank you, buddy, but I can't give in to my feelings, or I'll shatter. I HAVE to be in control! For all our sakes!

* * *

"DAD! CASS!" Justin came running into the living room. James and Cassandra Stewart looked up. "You'll never believe who I found!" Jim and Cass came in to see... yes it was his first wife's brother.

"Get away from my son," James hissed. The last time James saw Hal Jordan was when he succeeded in killing Oliver and the rest of his friends.

"Dad?" Justin was confused.

"Cass, go get the bow--" Jim stared Hal down as Cass ran into the bedroom and brought back a green bow and arrow. Jim took the bow and arrow and said, "Justin, step away."

"Dad, it's Mom's brother!" Justin got upset.


Furiously, Justin sent an energy bolt from his hands that sent his father and stepmother flying. "YOU'RE ALWAYS TRYING TO KEEP MOM BURIED! I WON'T LET YOU!" Justin screamed.

Dumbfounded, Cass gasped, "You monster! What have you done to my son?!"

"I'm not your son!" Justin barked.

Hal smiled. "He never did like you."

Cass took a step when Hal was suddenly backhanded by...

"Green Lantern?" Hal laughed. "Pathetic!"

Justin, turning into Parallax, teleported Hal away. Someplace safe. "I won't let them take you away from me! You're all I have left of my mom!"

"Hal Jordan is dead," Green Lantern snapped. "That monster is NOT--"

Justin wouldn't hear it. He attacked his former friend with lethal green energy. "I thought you were my friend, Tommy! But you're NOT!! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE MY MOM AWAY!!!"

Nine other members of the JLA Rangers attacked Parallax, but the boy formerly known as Justin Stewart fended them off. I count only 10 rangers! Where is--

Batman then backhanded Parallax and grabbed Jim Stewart's bow and arrow.

"What are you doing?!" Cass screamed.

Everyone is holding back, Batman said, but Dulcea is right. And I am right! I have to end this, the only way I know how. He pointed the arrow at Parallax's head. Batman choked back tears as he whispered, "Forgive me, kid."

"Do it," Justin said, "while the human part of me is in control. Justin doesn't want to hurt you--" But Parallax took over-- "But Parallax does!"

The Batman was thrown into his teammates. Angrily, Batman shouted, "For an instant, Justin was back. I- I-couldn't--"

Hawkwoman patted him on the shoulder. "That's why we stopped you. Zack, Justin's still in there."

Green Lantern started towards Parallax. Hal appeared behind them. GL pleaded with the youth. "Remember who you were! You're a Power Ranger!"

Hal then shot at GL. "TOMMY!" Parallax pushed GL out of the way, but the blast caught Jim and Cass full blast.

"You promised!" Parallax screamed.

Hal snickered. "I altered our agreement. Now, you have me!" Parallax charged Hal Jordan, but Jordan fired his own energy blast. Parallax reverted into Justin Stewart. The boy doubled over in pain. Hal Jordan just laughed. "Remember when I said you can handle great powers? I lied." And with that, Hal disappeared.

Flash and Superman picked up the Stewarts and rushed them to the hospital.

* * *

All eleven JLA Rangers stood outside the Stewarts' doors. The doctor came out and spoke to them. "Justin has developed a miraculous healing gift," the doctor said, "so he's going to be OK. His parents were bleeding internally. The mother was DOA. There is nothing we can do for the father. His father wants to speak to Green Lantern."

Green Lantern walked in the door. "Yes?" he whispered.

"Tommy," Jim said weakly. "Make sure Justin gets that bow and arrow. He'll know what to do. You... have to take... care of him... tell Zordon... I'm sorry..."

A few minutes later, Green Lantern walked out. He took the bow and arrow from Batman and placed it in the sleeping boy's room. Your dad said you'd know what to do. I hope you don't have to do it soon. As for you, Hal, you're gonna pay for this. I swear it.

* * *

Back at the Watchtower, nine of the JLA Rangers returned to discover...

"Where's Tommy?" Adam asked.

As if in answer, Rocky turned on the news. "Hey, look!" Rocky said, feasting on popcorn. "Tommy's fighting Parallax. He'll be killed." A few seconds later, Rocky jumped out of his chair. "I'm going after him! FIRESTORM!"

"Rocky, no!!" Trini screamed.

* * *

Tanya remained at the hospital to look after Justin. Why would Hal use that dear sweet little boy like that? HIS OWN NEPHEW?! Tanya turned and went into Justin's room. The boy was gone. So was his bow and arrow set. She went to a nurse and asked, "Where did Justin Stewart go?"

A guard eating donuts and drinking coffee belched. "Little brown haired boy carrying a bow and arrow?"


"Oh. He's running towards the big battle--" The guard realized what had happened. "DAMN! SECURITY ALERT!"

Angry, upset, and heartbroken at the same time, Tanya ran to the roof and jumped off. "HAWKWOMAN!" Soon, Hawkwoman flew after the boy. Despite her best efforts, she lost track of him.

* * *

"BRING THEM ON!" Parallax laughed. He noticed the rest of the JLA Rangers sans one of the Hawks assault him. Parallax laid them down one by one. Only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Green Lantern were left standing.

"Stay back," GL snapped. "I'll take this son of a bitch."


The remaining members of the JLA Rangers turned to see...

"JUSTIN!!!" Batman shrieked. "STAY BACK!"

Parallax turned to face his nephew with the green bow and arrow. But his nephew was dressed in green, like Oliver when he was the Green Arrow...

"You told me only lies, Uncle Hal," Justin hissed and shot the arrow. The tip plunged into the heart of the former Green Lantern. Hal took a step back, knelt, and disappeared in a blaze of fire.

The JLA Rangers were shocked.

"Perfect shot," Black Canary whispered.

Just then, Hawkwoman landed. demorphing, Tanya stormed up to Justin and started yelling.


Justin quietly said, "I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to--"

Tanya hugged him. "Don't you ever..." she whispered over and over. Then she started to cry. So did Justin. As the JLA Rangers recovered, they looked at the scene and smiled.

* * *

After the funeral for Justin's parents, Justin was arranged to live with Tommy's parents. Ganthet and Dulcea shook their heads.

"No wonder his body rejected the powers we tried to give him," Dulcea said. "They were already there."

"But we cannot endanger his life," Ganthet snapped.

"There were twelve in the original Justice League," Dulcea said. "There has to be twelve in this."

"Then so be it," Ganthet said, handing Justin a morpher. "Welcome to the Power Rangers JLA, Green Arrow."

"Thank you," Justin smiled.


The TroubAlert blared. The twelve teenagers raced to the screen.

"There's trouble in Gotham!" Commissioner Gordon barked. "Arkham Asylum has been blown up, freeing the villains!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Jason yelled. "POWER RANGERS JLA ASSEMBLE!" In twelve flashes of light:

Jason: "SUPERMAN!"


Zack: "BATMAN!"

Trini: "ISIS!"

Kimberly: "WONDER WOMAN!"

Billy: "FLASH!"



Aisha: "HUNTRESS!"

Adam: "HAWKMAN!"


Justin: "GREEN ARROW!"

The Power Rangers JLA raced off to save the world once more. Now that there were twelve, the circle was complete. Now, everything was right.