DISCLAIMER: In the USA, the Power Rangers are owned and operated by Saban, while Voltron is owned and operated by World Events Productions. HOWEVER, in Japan, Toei Productions owns the original rights to these shows. Let us imagine what would happen if two legends met... again. In my story, Power Rangers Voltron, you saw the Zeo Rangers reunite to form Voltron. Now, history repeats itself as an old enemy-- as well as some old friends-- returns... The original story featured Zordon, but thanks to the Power Rangers in Space episodes "Countdown to Destruction", I had to rewrite half of my story. There's some elements from "C2D" in there, but it's a Voltron Rangers story. And if you don't know who the three travelers from C2D are, then go see the episode! Rated TV-PG DLV for some suggestive scenes, mild language and rampant violence.

Power Rangers Voltron: The Third Dimension
By Duke Brown

From days of long ago... from the unchartered regions of the universe... comes two legends: The legend of VOLTRON, and the legend of the POWER RANGERS. The Mighty Robot. The Universe's Greatest Heroes. Both Loved by Good. Both Feared by Evil.

As their respective legends grew, peace settled across the universe. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of many solar systems, they maintained peace throughout the universe...

Until a new horrible menace-- a terrible union-- threatened the galaxy.

Voltron and the Power Rangers were needed once more.

This is the story of the super force assembled by Zordon and his allies. Specially trained, and sent by the Alliance to bring back... Voltron.


* * *

"Lotor has escaped," Amalgamus said. The robotic lifeform that was second-in-command of Galaxy Garrison turned to his superior.

"This is most unfortunate," Dimitria said.

"He is a madman," the third man said. "He must be stopped."

"The same can be said for you, Zarkon!" Amalgamus snapped.

"This bickering is pointless," Dimitria said. "The situation is most dire. Contact the Voltron Rangers on Planet Arus."

"The Voltron Rangers?!" Amalgamus could not believe it. That group of ruffians?! "Why not the LightStar Rangers?" At least one of them wasn't a Terran.

"The Voltron Rangers know how to deal with Lotor." Dimitria stared at her lieutenants. "They are our only hope."

Zarkon went to the communications console and contacted Arus.

* * *

Although the roster had remained the same, Power Rangers Voltron had changed. Their colors were reconfigured to match their Lions. The Black Voltron Ranger was now Tommy Oliver. The title of Red Voltron Ranger now belonged to Rocky DeSantos. The Green Voltron Ranger was Adam Park, and Katherine "Kat" Hilliard was now the Blue Voltron Ranger. Only Tanya Sloan-Park kept her original colors as the Yellow Voltron Ranger.

The Voltron Rangers were speaking to Royal Advisor Corran when Princess Allura and her husband and consort Commander Keith Wilkins entered the room. "Team, Galaxy Garrison is online," the Princess said.

The Voltron Rangers ran to the communications room where the face of Zarkon filled the screen.

"Yes, King Zarkon?" Tommy asked.

"My son Lotor has escaped prison," Zarkon said sadly. "He has remodified Castle Doom as a flying fortress. You must stop him-- but please bring him back alive!"

"No promises," Rocky sneered.

Tanya whirled on Rocky. "For God's sake, Rocky-- SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Adam said, "We'll bring him back, Zarkon."

"May the Power Protect You," Zarkon replied. The transmission ended.

"Why should we trust Zarkon?" Rocky hissed.

"I don't," Kat answered, "but Dimitria's running Galazy Garrison now. If she says 'we have to stop Lotor', we have to stop Lotor."

"What if that was your kid?" Adam said to Rocky.

"I didn't think--" Rocky began angrily.

"Damn right," Tanya interrupted.

"Knock it off, team!" Tommy roared. "Lotor is on the loose again, and we must stop him-- together."

"Take care of Johnny for us," Tanya smiled at Allura.

"Your son is in good hands," the Princess smiled back.

"Okay team," Tommy ordered, "TO THE LIONS!!"

The Voltron Rangers ran into their pods. Each pod carried a Ranger to their lion. Once secure, Tommy ordered, "Insert keys!"

The others shouted, "Keys ready!"

The five lions blasted into space, and Power Rangers Voltron once again went off to save the universe.

* * *

On board the Castle DoomShip, Lotor assembled his crew: His consort, Divatox; his lieutenant, Cossack; Divatox's incompetent nephew, Elgar; and of course, the royal magician, witch Haggar.

"Nice digs, sweetie," Divatox cooed. "I can't believe Castle Doom is finally ours!"

"NO!" Lotor roared. "Castle Doom is mine."

"Testy, aren't we?"

"I control Castle Doom!" Lotor crowed triumphantly. "Soon, I will have the Castle of Lions too... And Allura!"

"If you mention that bitch's name one more time..." Divatox screeched.

"Err... Allura will be my slave! She will... marry Elgar!"

Elgar grinned. "Aww, you're too kind, Lotor!"

"Has the Princess of Arus wronged you that badly?"

"Speaking of Arus," Haggar cackled.

"What is it, old witch?" Lotor stormed up to the window.

"Arus has sent us their welcoming committee!" Haggar sneered as everyone saw five lions streaking towards them.

"NOT THEM!" Divatox hissed.

"The Voltron Rangers!" shouted Lotor.

Divatox hissed, "Let's send them a warm welcome they'll never forget!"

Lotor roared, "FIRE ALL WEAPONS!!"

* * *

"We're under attack!" The Yellow Voltron Ranger cried.

"Lock cannons and return fire!" The Black Voltron Ranger commanded.

As the cannons blared and the missiles raged, the Voltron Rangers found themselves in front of two RoBeasts.

"That's a pair of butt-ugly monsters," the Red Voltron Ranger barked. "Time to trip one up!" The Red Lion detached a wire from its tail and caught the hook on the first RoBeast's leg. Circling around, the Red Lion tied up the feet of its adversary and-- after detaching the cable-- sent him flailing into space.

"One down," the Green Voltron Ranger said, "one more to go!"

"That monster looks tough!" The Blue Voltron Ranger said. "He'll pick us off one at a time as long as we remain in these modes!"

"Then let's even the odds!" The Black Voltron Ranger commanded. "Prepare to form Voltron!"

Yellow Voltron Ranger: "Activating Interlocks!"

Blue Voltron Ranger: "Dynotherms Connected!"

Green Voltron Ranger: "Infracells Up!"

Red Voltron Ranger: "MegaThrusters Are Go!"


"Form feet and legs!" The Blue and Yellow Lions formed the feet and legs of Voltron under the Red Voltron Ranger's command.

"Form arms and torso!" The Red and Green Lions formed the arms of Voltron, docking into the Black Lion, as did the Blue and Yellow Lions.

"And I'll form the Head!" The Black Lion's head formed the head of Voltron. Once again, the five lions merged to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe. And the Power Rangers had him.

"Form Blazing Sword!" Voltron formed his sword just as Lotor's DoomShip launched a fleet of missiles. The blast hit Voltron in the right arm, badly damaging it. Voltron's sword dematerialized as the RoBeast and the DoomShip retreated.

"MY BACK!" The Red Voltron Ranger screamed. "NOT AGAIN!"

* * *

Lotor turned around to see Divatox and Elgar disappearing.

"HAGGAR!" he boomed. "If you've done anything to Divatox, old witch..."

"I didn't do it," Haggar said, "much as I would have liked to."

Suddenly, Ecliptor's face appeared on the view screen. "Dark Spectre and Darkonda are dead," he told Lotor. "Astronema is the supreme ruler!"

"Supreme what?!" Lotor barked.

"All shall bow down before her." Ecliptor stood like a proud father.

Lotor was furious. He would not bow down to anyone, let alone a teenage space brat, who happened to be the sister of a Power Ranger. "PRINCE LOTOR BOWS DOWN TO NOBODY!!!" he screamed before turning the viewer off. Lotor turned towards the navigation desk. "Get to Terra immediately!" he roared. "We are going to put that space brat in her place!"

* * *

Back at the Castle of Lions, former Power Ranger Justin Stewart and a group of MediBots analyzed Rocky.

"He's gonna be fine," Justin said sadly. "but his back will be out of commission for a while."

"History repeats itself, huh?" Rocky smiled. Even in his current condition, Rocky was still wisecracking.

Suddenly, Corran burst into the room. "The Dark Fortress is attacking Earth! Lotor is on his way there as well! I've summoned Andros and the LightStar Rangers, but they're going to be outnumbered!"

Tommy, Tanya, Kat, and Adam turned to Rocky and tried to speak, but Rocky spoke first. "Well, you guys heard Corran! That's our planet they're trying to wreck!"

Justin started to go out with the group, but Tanya whirled on him. "History's not going to repeat itself today, you understand?!"

"But--" Justin began.

"Tanya's right," Kat said. "I don't count on any of us coming back. You're staying here."

"I'm not gonna endanger any more lives than I have to," Tommy snapped. "LET'S GO VOLTRON RANGERS!"

* * *

As the Black, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lions soared towards planet Earth, the mechanic informed Corran and Rocky that the Red Lion was repaired.

"That means nothing," Corran said sadly. "Who's going to pilot the lion?"

Rocky turned to Justin. "Justin, Tanya said that history wasn't gonna repeat itself. Well, I think that she didn't mean Voltron..."

"Here we go again," Justin smiled.

* * *

Earth was in chaos. While the LightStar Rangers were on Earth, Alpha VI was piloting the Astro MegaShip with a crew of Terrans who were former Power Rangers.

"REPORT!" Alpha turned to his four comrades.

"The left wing is shot!" Zack Taylor cried.

"We're losing power by the scores!" Trini Kwan howled.

"How the hell are we supposed to keep this thing going?" Kimberly Scott yelled at her husband. "How come Billy's not here?!"

"Billy's helping the Aquatian Rangers!" Jason Lee Scott said.

Jason turned to the comlink. "Jason to Andros. Come in!"

The face of Zhane, the Silver Ranger, filled the screen. "We're taking a beating down here too!" Zhane looked at his friends.

"Today's a good day to die," Jason said.

Zhane looked at the sky. His Terran friend was right. "You promised Andros," he said simply.

"I know," Jason moaned. "Zack, prepare for ramming speed and set a course for the Dark Fortress' bridge."

"What?!" Kimberly, Zack, and Trini said in unison.

"You heard me!" the former Red Ranger ordered.

"Not so fast," TJ, the Blue Ranger broke in. "Sensors indicate four ships coming in! It's the Voltron Rangers! The cavalry's here!"

"About time!" Zhane said. "Did you say four?"

* * *

As soon as the four Lions entered Earth's atmosphere, they were caught in a tractor beam. Aboard the Dark Fortress, Astronema giggled with glee.

"Too bad all five of you aren't here," Astronema smiled. "Destroying Voltron--"

"IS MINE!!" Hearing that roar unnerved Astronema. She whirled to see...

"LOTOR!" she whined. "What the hell is this?!"

"Voltron is mine!" he howled. "Damn you, you have no right, you insufferable galactic space brat!!" Lotor was about to fire on the DoomShip when Haggar stopped him.

"Perhaps if Voltron is to be captured," Haggar said, "he would make a powerful asset."

"That's why I didn't atomize Voltron," Astronema said.

The Voltron Rangers were forced out of their Lions. But they quickly escaped into the human crowd.

"Dammit!" Astronema hissed. "The Voltron Rangers--"

"At least we have the Lions," Haggar cackled.

Lotor tapped Haggar. "No, I have the Lions," he snarled.

* * *

Thirty minutes earlier, the LightStar Rangers were defeated by the forces of evil. Now, it was night. Earth had until the morning to surrender the Power Rangers, or everyone would die.

Zhane, TJ, Carlos (Black), Ashley (Yellow), and Cassie (Pink) had met up with Tommy and his crew.

"We lost this Earth," TJ said. "Now we have to take it back."

"Or die trying," Tommy said.

"I have an idea," Zhane said.

* * *


Bulk and Skull led the charge. The Power Rangers had save them countless times. Now, it was time to return the favor. Or die trying.

"We'll never surrender!" the city of Angel Grove demanded.

"Then so be it," Lotor roared.

"STOP!" The Voltron Rangers looked up to hear that voice. They saw...

"Oh, no..." Adam groaned.

"We're the Power Rangers!" TJ yelled, putting Zhane's idea into effect.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Tommy roared.

"This is our world," TJ yelled. "And we're taking it back! LET'S ROCKET!" In five flashes of light, the LightStar Rangers attacked the forces of evil.

Bulk and Skull ran up to Tommy, Tanya, Adam, and Kat. "Did you see that?!" Skull said.

"Those guys are the Power Rangers?!" Bulk cried. He couldn't believe it.

Tommy shrugged. "They're right," he conceded, "it's our world. Let's get them the hell off it! LET'S GO VOLTRON RANGERS!!" Four more flashes of light:





The Voltron Rangers charged into battle, with Bulk and Skull in the lead.

"He's right, Bulkie!" Skull shouted. "It's our world too!"

"Not theirs!!" Bulk yelled. "GET THEM!!"

As the Power Rangers and Earth battled the villains, the Voltron Rangers pressed a stud on their wrist communicator. The Voltron Lions sprang to action and attacked the DoomShip, freeing the Astro MegaShip. The Voltron Rangers and the MegaShip shot down spacecraft after spacecraft.

* * *

As time went on, something unexpected happened. A yellow beam of light emanated from the Dark Fortress, atomizing Dark Spectre's forces, but it also enabled Lotor time to open a jar. The jar released a purple ooze, sweeping Lotor, Haggar, and the DoomShip off Earth.

"They're getting away!" the Black Voltron Ranger cried.

"Go!" Jason and TJ said in unison.

"We'll take care of this," Zhane said. "Get Lotor!" The four Lions blasted off into space.

* * *

The Red Lion journeyed to a desert planet. The Red Voltron Ranger noticed three lifeforms. The Red Lion swept down and landed. The Red Voltron Ranger walked towards the three.

"I'm taking you home," he said.

* * *

The Red Lion made it to Earth. The Red Voltron Ranger walked towards the people.

"Ivan Ooze is back," a young girl said, walking arm-in-arm with Andros, the Red LightStar Ranger.

"How'd you know?" the Red Voltron Ranger said. "Who are--"

"Meet my sister Karone," Andros said.

"The Rangers are in trouble! Let's go!" In the Red Lion, the Red Voltron Ranger went after them, with the Astro MegaShip and the newly-rechristened Power Fortress right behind.

* * *

A million ships were attacking the four Voltron Lions. Aboard the DoomShip, Lotor and Haggar turned towards their new guest: the ooze had taken human form.

"Well, well, well," Ivan Ooze growled, "so Zordon is no more, eh? That's too bad! The universe belongs to Ivan Ooze now! All shall bow before me!"

Lotor did not like this turn of events at all. "You backstabbing slime!" he roared. "You're supposed to be working for me!"

Ivan Ooze snorted. "I work for nobody." And with that, he wrapped Lotor and Haggar in ooze and flung them out to Planet Doom. "Now, that they're out of the way," Ooze grinned, "let's get ready to rumble." Suddenly, the Dark Fortress appeared. "Ahh, the cavalry!"

* * *

"It's the cavalry," Green Voltron Ranger said sadly. They noticed the Dark Fortress open fire... right past the Lions and hit two of the ships.

"What the--?!" Yellow Voltron Ranger stammered.

"YAHOO!" The Red Voltron Ranger cheered over the intercom. The Red Lion led the charge with the Astro MegaShip and the Dark Fortress, rechristened the Power Fortress. The LightStar Rangers were back on their own ship. The four former Rangers flew the Fortress. And the Red Voltron Ranger had a crew: The three stowaways, and Bulk and Skull.

* * *

"Who needs the cavalry?" Ivan Ooze snarled and grew 100 feet. "I'm my own man!"

"Andros to Tommy," Andros said over the intercom. "We're gonna form the Astro MegaZord--"

"Like hell," Black Voltron Ranger hissed. "You guys kicked space alien ass already-- you've all earned your rest. Now it's our turn! Alright Rangers: Prepare to form Voltron!"

Yellow Voltron Ranger: "Activating Interlocks!"

Blue Voltron Ranger: "Dynotherms Connected!"

Green Voltron Ranger: "Infracells Up!"

Red Voltron Ranger: "MegaThrusters Are Go!"


"Form feet and legs!" The Blue and Yellow Lions formed the feet and legs of Voltron under the Red Voltron Ranger's command.

"Form arms and torso!" The Red and Green Lions formed the arms of Voltron, docking into the Black Lion, as did the Blue and Yellow Lions.

"And I'll form the Head!" The Black Lion's head formed the head of Voltron. Once again, the five lions merged to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe. And the Power Rangers had him.

Ooze had charged Voltron. "This time," Ooze hissed, "you're gonna join Zordon in death!"

Bulk and Skull grabbed the intercom from the Red Voltron Ranger. "Kick him in the jimmy!" they grinned.

"Make it hurt!" Bulk grinned.

"For all the times we hurt!!" Skull cheered.

And in unison, "And make it hurt bad!!!"

The Yellow Voltron Ranger was happy to oblige. Voltron kicked Ooze "in the jimmy". "FORM BLAZING SWORD!" The Red Ranger commanded. They formed the sword, and they didn't cut him. They hit Ooze with the sword. Ooze went flying into the path of a comet.

Not again, Ooze thought, and that was the second to last thing that he thought before the comet hit. The absolute last was, I hate those Power Rangers, and that Voltron too.

Heat. Blazing pain. And the darkness...

* * *

Lotor and Haggar, ended up back on Planet Doom. Somehow, the DoomShip survived intact. "Mark my words old witch," Lotor snarled, "The Voltron Rangers will pay for this! Prince Lotor never accepts defeat."

"Accept it or not," Haggar cackled, "defeated you are!"

* * *

"Good shot!"

The LightStar Rangers and four of the Voltron Rangers were amazed to see Rocky walking, assisted by Corran.

"Wait a minute," TJ said, "if you didn't fly the Red Lion--"

"--then who did?" Trini finished.

"I am the Red Ranger." Bulk strolled out of the Red Lion with a big grin on his face.

"He's lying," Skull grinned. "I am the Red Ranger."

"No," an Asian woman snapped. "I am the Red Ranger!"

"No, my wife," a red-haired man beamed, "I am the Red Ranger!"

"No way!" A raven-haired woman in white said, "I am the Red Ranger!"

"Don't believe them." The real Red Ranger walked out of the Red Lion. "Here's the Red Ranger." The Red Ranger demorphed.

"JUSTIN?!" TJ and Tommy said in unison.

"I knew it!" Adam said. "Justin's back!"

"Justin is a Power Ranger again!" TJ said. "Pay up, Carlos."

"He saved our asses again!" Cassie snapped. "Unbelievable!"

Kat and Tanya strolled over to Justin. Instead of smiling, they exploded in fury.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" Tanya roared.

"You could have gotten yourself killed!!" Kat yelled.

"Wait a damn minute!" Zack roared in disgust.

"Ingrates," Zhane snapped.

"He saved them!" Ashley yelled.

"I'm sorry that I didn't listen," Justin said, in tears, "but if I stayed, they would have taken over the universe and you would have been killed, and I couldn't let that happen-- because I love you all!"

"Well he did disobey," Tommy said, "but if he hadn't disobeyed us, we'd all be dead by now. Thank you, Justin."

Kat and Tanya broke down in tears and hugged Justin.

"First they're angry," a confused Andros said, "then they're sad, then they're happy? All in less than a parsec?!"

"Women," Jason and Zack snickered.

"I HEARD THAT!" Kimberly and Trini yelled.

"Promise that you'll never do that again," Tanya said.

"Never ever ever," Kat said.

"That's one promise that he's not gonna be able to keep," Rocky said. "Corran's been sent to Galaxy Garrison as Arus' Ambassador in Allura's stead. I'll be staying on KO-35."

Adam added, "And since Allura and Keith are having twins, Justin has to be the new Red Ranger."

"I promise to be the best Power Ranger I can be," Justin said. "Is that okay?"

Tommy dragged Adam, Kat, and Tanya into a huddle. They broke the huddle and approached Justin again.

"There's only one answer for that," Tommy said. LET'S GO VOLTRON RANGERS!!" In five flashes of light:






As Power Ranger Voltron stood renewed, everyone erupted into thunderous applause.

"And the crowd goes wild," Rocky grinned.

* * *


* * *

Back on Arus, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, Adam, Justin, Zack, Kimberly, Jason, and Trini stood in the Graveyard of Lions. They said a prayer for those fallen in battle.

The three strangers that Justin rescued were around too. The minister stared at the three strangers and said, "You did not know what you were doing. Brainwashed and spell-bound, you caused destruction. But now, you ask for forgiveness. You are forgiven. Go, and do good."

Justin took his three charges back to the Castle of Lions. One by one, the Rangers walked away. Tommy was the last one.

"Thanks, Uncle Lance," he whispered, and walked off.

As one road ends, another begins. Although Dark Spectre is no more, evil does not rest. Prince Lotor still lives. But as long as there is evil, good will never turn away. And so, another chapter begins in the continuing saga of Power Rangers Voltron: Defender of the Universe.